Moderate development: PV industry not to blindly speed

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, according to the National Energy Board published 2015 years of PV installed capacity data, media expects China’s PV industry this year is expected to reach an overall objective of 17.8GW.

It is reported that China’s lower-than-expected domestic GDP growth in the first half, but the PV industry the situation is improving. National Energy Board releases data, 2015 new PV installed capacity of 7.73GW in China in the first half, in which new PV installed capacity 6.69GW, new distributed solar PV installed capacity 1. 04GW。

Stakeholders believe that PV installing peak occurs in the second half, in 2014, growth in grid twice in the first half of this year more than doubled. Expected 2015 PV industry in China is expected to complete the overall objective of the 17.8GW, even up to 20GW.

Although the PV industry is looking good now, but for future development of the industry we can really “safe”?

PV industry difficulties associated with

Renewable energy has become a way of solving the energy crunch in the future, solar energy as an important component of renewable energy, the Government will be as an important industry for development. And more strong development of solar photovoltaic industry to flourish.

PV industry as a new industry, which is inseparable from the way of developing industrial upgrading. Upgrade PV technology in China has made a lot of efforts.

In June this year, the National Energy Board, industry and information technology Ministry, CNCA jointly released for the promotion of Advanced photovoltaic technology application and opinions on industrial upgrading, which is a leading PV technological progress and industrial upgrading, improve photovoltaic product market access standards and will implement the “leader”.

Escort of the national policy, although the development of PV industry difficulties, but does not affect the substantial trends.

Xiamen University, the Innovation Center for energy economic cooperation said in an interview with the China economic times Lin boqiang, photovoltaic industry reached 17. 8GW total installed capacity target is achievable, but want to be 20GW is more difficult.

“In 2015 to reach this goal is one of the reasons why excess PV equipment, led to its low prices, while businesses are installing equipment; the second is the development of photovoltaic industry by the Government subsidies policy encourages enterprises to advance the goal of complete. “Lin boqiang said.

Lin boqiang, said the lack of development of electric power industry in the period, serious oversupply of power led power corporate profits lower, then the development of solar and other clean energy becomes a way of promoting the development of power industry. Due to low PV equipment prices and Government subsidies both positive, although profit trends in photovoltaic power generation, but “better than none”, photovoltaic power generation was able to slightly better than other forms of renewable energy, and progress in difficulty.

He believed that if the power industry sustainable development of thermal power generation, perhaps still in profit, but as time goes by the thermal power industry profits will eventually left, and even cover overhead needed thermal power enterprises themselves. Although China’s coal-fired power plants at the stage of serious oversupply, but was unable to meet demand in all regions. Once there was a shortage of electricity in some places, photovoltaic power generation should be part of the solution.

Development Research Center of the State Council development strategy and regional economic researcher on Xuan Xiaowei told reporters that although the PV industry development faster, but the rapid development has in the past. Meanwhile, distributed PV but never really developed.

Xuan Xiaowei believe that PV industry slowed due to differences in enthusiasm for different subjects. Distributed in photovoltaic PV industry as an example, under the State’s call for energy saving and emission reduction, the local government is willing to promote large-scale distributed PV, but, in contrast, grid, enthusiasm was not enough.

“If it is in the power of place, local grid, enthusiasm is high. If it is not short of places, as local power companies to promote distributed PV meter needs to be replaced, the wire, you must also purchase electricity produced by photovoltaic, time and material costs without bringing more benefits, leading to its promotion of distributed PV lack drive. “Xuan Xiaowei further explanation.

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