Dongguan: photovoltaic home Department seal?

Polaris solar PV net news: When can say subsidies? Installation of power equipment, you need to determine property rights, find which Department seal? Yesterday afternoon, the Development Council held in Dongguan, Dongguan city policy of distributed solar power projects promotion, some users raised a lot of questions and photovoltaic power generation enterprises, shows Dongguan of distributed PV households still have a lot of problems need to be sorted out.

Installed property rights recognized, questions

Hundreds of people took part in the promotion. From the reaction of participants, PV household, whether business or residential users are looking forward to. But the first step of installation of solar power equipment has a problem. As a rule, installed before the network, you need to first determine the installed property right in real estate, in order to avoid dispute after the machine.

But only said, needs to seal of the village of 220 volts, 380 Volt need to seal of the Department at the town level.

User submitted, sector specific Department at the town level? This is really stuck sitting in the front row of the leaders. It is understood that the town street is now the postal Office, some planning Bureau, and so on.

Development and reform Council, a leading proposal, various town streets are now determining the PV project contact information phone, you can call to confirm. Next, determine which Department is in the city.

Business representatives also raised, confirmed there is a problem of property rights, is now building up the city “green” building design contains the PV power generation projects, said building a House, installed on one side. Certainly does not have the certificate of the property cannot be determined.

Whatever, it also made a number of standard professional issues, such as how to determine the power needed electricity, then straighten out development and reform Department to solve.

Subsidies, long

In accordance with a previous release of subsidy programmes, created January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016 during the fiscal policies of energy saving model city, municipal development and reform Bureau made of distributed solar power projects, grants can be obtained.

Development and reform Council of the parties, on the use of distributed solar power projects owners of various types of buildings and structures, Dongguan will be 250,000/MW of installed capacity for one-time grants, individual project maximum subsidy does not exceed 2 million Yuan, has enjoyed the national “Golden Sun” and “BIPV” benefits of PV power generation projects, will no longer grant. On non-owned residential construction distributed PV power project of various investors as organ institutions, and industrial, and commercial, and school, and hospital, and residents community,, by actual electricity grants 0.1 Yuan/kWh, continuous 5 years for grants; on using owned residential and the in owned residential regional within construction of distributed PV power project of natural investors, by actual electricity grants 0.3 Yuan/kWh, continuous 5 years for grants.

When the subsidies will be issued? These people say, you first need to press procedures apply, but the process is relatively long.

Original title: Dongguan: photovoltaic home Department seal?

Wing technology: inverter “leader” to “leader”

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Chen Yanqing) in June this year, the National Energy Board, the Ministry and CNCA jointly issued a circular on promoting Advanced photovoltaic technology application and opinions on industrial upgrading. The opinions and put forward the “photovoltaic leader scheme” aimed at promoting photovoltaic technology advancement and industrial upgrading. The guiding spirit for the implementation of its views, provides reference for PV equipment selection and tender, scale Certification Center announced in July the first grid-connected photovoltaic inverter “leads” list.

Directory is the scale Certification Center China under CNCA/CTS0002-2014 the PV inverter efficiency technical requirements of the certification test, including Sun power, Huawei, wing technology 7, inverter company selected 15 of these products. This time, not only is the quality of the products must also provide a platform for enterprises to promote their brand.

Leader of “upgrading”

Recalling the PV inverter industry development, you can use the ebb tide to describe, from the hundreds of companies a few years ago now only dozens of homes. However, survival of market competition, there are still enterprises affected by the lure of profit, in terms of price battles the mud begging, confused the market with quality products, low quality products. In such a situation, adhere to technological innovation, adhere to the business bottom line business is a remarkable achievement.

Shenzhen forever technology is the “innovation + holding” companies. Yong Lian Zhu Jianguo, Chairman of science and technology, told reporters that in recent years, wing technology constantly increase input, training a team of doctors, Masters lead, strong capability of independent innovation, product development and experienced research and development team. With advanced technology and outstanding product quality, wing gradually ranks among the leaders in technology.

Files from the State to local opinion, policy-level support for PV continuous. However, macro-policy “benefiting” and before there is no tilt somewhat to advanced technology enterprises. The “leader plans” require all items to choose leading technology products, provides leading companies with a exclusive gala dinner.

“Leader” hard power

According to the energy efficiency plan, so-called leader, are comparable within the technical excellence of product, company, or organization, its significance is higher demands on technology products, to some extent, to the latest PV product technology and business application mode set the reference benchmark, this also means that to enter leader plans the company has strong technical strength and product.

The scale grid-connected photovoltaic inverter test evaluation, Chinese efficiency PV inverter power become important indicators of efficiency, it considered the combined effect of climate factors in China, accurately reflects the PV inverter in actual operation performance of high and low, can better assess the inverter parameters for use in China.

In this scale certification directory published in the wing joint technology YLSSL-500U series inverter won China “efficiency” efficiency class a certification rating represents the highest technological level of China’s photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. According to Zhu Jianguo introduced, YLSSL-500U type inverse variable device is its star products YLSSL-500 models of upgrade, “u” products by representative of products volume more small, power density more big, the products used advanced of MPPT algorithm, makes machine site run of dynamic MPPT efficiency more high; its improved of vector sent wave method, effective inhibit the times harmonic, machine performance index more excellent; the models also get has CGC, and t u v, and CE, and BDEW and many other domestic and international authoritative certification test report. High reliability, high power density, the failure rate is small, cost-effective advantages, such is the premise of the inverter successfully appeared.

In the field of PV inverters, wing technology mastered a number of core technologies. Have complete independent intellectual property rights, and has made nearly 30 national invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights, and participated in the drafting of a number of national standards of the photovoltaic industry.

Zhu Jianguo said the selected value “leader” list, is sure to product quality, also encouraged yonglian technological advancements. “Always innovation, joint development” is eternal Union development philosophy of science and technology, the company will focus on technological innovation, through the mirror of the market, and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of their products, providing customers with high quality products and services, promote the development of industry-wide. “The ‘ leader ‘ background, yonglian science and technology from a single device manufacturers successfully turned around systems integration specialists and experts in investment and construction of photovoltaic power plants. “Zhu Jianguo said.

At present. Wing technology has produced products including grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, smart mine combiner box, smart mine DC distribution cabinets, small wind and solar (solar energy) controlled inverter machine, relay device, one megawatt photovoltaic grid-connected inverter with completely independent intellectual property rights, reach the world advanced level. Meanwhile, YLSSL-500U models serviced by grid-connected power station in Yunnan, Ningxia, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Hainan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin and other regions have more than more than 50 more than 2GW of capacity. And Yong Lian PV technology to provide solutions is obtained from well-known large State owned enterprises (SOEs) spoke highly of it. Outstanding performance in the market also established a wing joint technology in the PV industry and later being placed on the location.

“Leader plans” reshape the market landscape

On August 3, “national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi solar demonstration base” investment projects signed, marking China’s first photovoltaic industry “leaders” planned landing. But this is not the only base in the future, more demonstration base will be completed. Which leader to fully open up market opportunities, will usher in the industrial upgrading of the photovoltaic industry on the basis of “leads” companies will reshape the market.

The industry believes that, “leader plans” introduced will help to change the photovoltaic industry “big but not strong” status, eliminate backward production capacity, provide opportunities for advanced technology products enter the market, as well as “Thirteen-Five” and more long term quality and efficiency of PV industry and achieve “good manufacturing” provide market protection.

Zhu Jianguo of the points mentioned above agrees that “excellent enterprise has always been committed to efficiency gains, they’re boosting efficiency in cost control and can do better. Although small businesses also will work in this direction, but they could face lack of access to sustainable order to support efficient product sales and cost disadvantages, profits will be lower after the bid. ”

Bragging PV companies to “pay taxes”

Polaris solar PV net news: everyone knows that, bragging is taxed.

However, for listed companies for the PV industry, from now on, the old principle may not apply.

Here’s the thing, a few days ago, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a stock exchange second Board in Shenzhen 3rd–guidelines on information disclosure of listed company in the PV industry chain related business. This specification for dedicated solar enterprise information disclosure document, of solar or photovoltaic business of the listed company’s listed companies–including upstream manufacturing and power plant investment and raw materials–information disclosure requirements, is detailed.

For example, for Silicon products manufacturer, not only require the publication of minority carrier lifetime of its Silicon products, silicon wafer thickness, integrated solar cell conversion efficiency, energy consumption and unit costs of production and other data, or even to illustrate one of the key changes in specification and reflect changes in the level of, and reasons for changes and its impact on corporate performance.

Power plant investment companies were required to disclose key data including electricity, grid-connected electricity, electricity revenue, business profits, had sold power trading, trading profits, and so on.

As a new industry, but transcends many industries “distinguished” ranks of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange letter document with standard 3rd, of which there are two possibilities, or is the regulator for the industry too much focused attention, either exaggerated publicity has made this industry regulators to bear.

It seems, belong to the latter of the photovoltaic industry. This industry to make a product “sold to Mars” joke is exactly what Enterprise digital fraud, exaggerated publicity results in the industry.

Of course, the “brag” propaganda with immediate benefits to the enterprise, is very tempting. Especially in a popular concept on the capital market, companies with exaggerated imagination, more attractive to investors of all ages.

However, for an industry, if the constraints on the information disclosure of listed companies like this, the lack of supervision of non-listed companies are probably more optimistic, the whole industry disclosure of exaggerating the situation is also not hard to imagine.

Transitional means of publicity, data are most vulnerable to fraud. Perhaps, that is why SSE so detailed reasons for companies to disclose key data is explicitly required.

Value assessment as a decision-making tool and ruler, data fraud risk is obvious. As I wrote earlier, ranking data is not spelled in the face says, both for the business and industry managers, if the decision is based on distortion of statistical data, its pertinence and effectiveness of strategies or policies, and no doubt will be undermined or even diametrically opposed.

More important is, in the face of a coming age of big data, regardless of the business, and all aspects of social life–including energy – the normal operation of the system, are increasingly dependent on accurate data, precise information as the basis.

In such an era, if false data or information as a general phenomenon, the consequences will be unthinkable. In such an era, to become the key support for photovoltaic energy Internet development, “brag” price, will be phased out.

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Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (8.3-8.7)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Changsha on speeding up the implementation of distributed PV applications

For implement implementation State on promote PV industry health development of several views (country sent (2013) 24th,) and Hunan Province Government Office on advance distributed PV power development of implementation views (Hunan political do sent (2014) 118th,), spirit, further speed up I city distributed PV power application, promote PV industry Health ordered development, by City Government agreed, now proposed following implementation views. �

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2. about creating solar energy application, zaozhuang city model city implementation plan

A few days ago, zaozhuang City Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission, issued jointly by the municipal science and Technology Bureau and nine departments on printing <, zaozhuang city, about creating a solar energy model city implementation plan > notice, further increase the solar energy industry leading support, seeking to “Thirteen-Five” at the end, solar energy demonstration building in zaozhuang city became an important urban and industrial development. In recent years, the solar industry is booming in zaozhuang city, the city a total of solar thermal and photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprises 25, annual output of vacuum tube solar water heater 40.9 million, machine 2.2 million units, with PV module production capacity of 800 MW; completed solar photovoltaic generation capacity of 59.5 MW, years when the power 60 million-kilowatt.

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Market review

1. photovoltaic industry asset-light financial trader can become copied template?

From 2013, to get involved in photovoltaic power plant investment, operation by 2014 PV power station installed capacity reached 572 megawatts, photovoltaic power station installed capacity in July this year to break through 1952 MW, joint owned by PV power station lineup was expanded. Reporters found that differs from the traditional photovoltaic companies, combined PV focus on acquisition and operation of photovoltaic power plant, the model for “acquisitions–– to buy” the financial cycle. In the photovoltaic industry facing excess capacity, the background of international trade protectionism, the PV power station financial model can be copied template?

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2. the guide will expire polycrystalline silicon processing trade policy selection dilemma

Last August, for the protection of domestic polysilicon industry healthy competition and the smooth development of trade considered vulnerability and further sealing China’s trade relief measures, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued a “58th of the text” (a moratorium on solar-grade polysilicon processing trade imports notice) and polysilicon manufacturers one-year reflection period of processing trade.

Recently, part of upstream calls for the complete closure of processing trade in China while at the same time, many have called for the middle and lower reaches of enterprises continue to delay the processing trade policy. Side is the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise in order to reduce the cost of calls for continuation of processing trade; foreign enterprises through processing trade export to China’s foreign trade and processing of polysilicon companies, increasing competition on the domestic polysilicon, faced with this dilemma, processing trade policy and how to choose?

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3. renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou: “herd daily” study new road

The State Council recently approved the demonstration zone of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, China renewable energy development plan, agreed to set up renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou, marking China’s first comprehensive renewable energy demonstration project approved by the State Council official landing. Experts say there are a number of institutional obstacles for renewable energy development, the urgent need by pioneering and innovation in local region, exploring new models and mechanisms to expedite renewable energy development.

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4. the PV allocation and management of resources “, Jiangsu sample”

Jiangsu is China’s economic province in the East, and also the load one of the larger provinces. Over the years, the adjustment of energy structure in Jiangsu Province quality of renewable energy development and lead the country for a long time. At present, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council, our decentralized renewable energy projects to the local implementation of the file system. File system is difficult, how in the course of operation, make rational allocation of limited scenery resources, science has always been decentralized government and PV industry pays attention to issues around. This year, Jiangsu innovation, establish a science of photovoltaic resource configuration evaluation system, was considered a major PV management innovation, can be used by other provinces and territories to learn from.

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5. “Thirteen-Five” solar PV targets raised a few final am still controversial

Authors from a number of sources informed that the “Thirteen-Five” plan new energy targets raised confirmed, widely expected, related industries objective than “Twelve-Five” planning perspectives (by 2020 wind power 200 million-kilowatt, solar 100 million-kilowatt) numerical growth, solar power is expected to reach 150 million kW, 250 million to 280 million kilowatts of wind power, but increase is controversial.

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Enterprise version

1. Yingli sells photovoltaic power plant to sell overseas assets to solve the debt crisis

After selling idle land, Yingli resold overseas photovoltaic power plant. Yingli Green energy holding company limited yesterday announced that the company has been located in the United Kingdom a 18.8 MW power project sold to NextEnergySolarFund company. The industry believes that is debt Yingli over 90%, coupled with continuing losses, finance, debt service burden, selling idle land, United Kingdom PV can relieve debt pressures.

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2. China Merchants brewing industry within five years IV impact of new energy industry leader

At present, China Merchants group has three main business, finance, transportation and real estate sectors, respectively. China Merchants group is very concerned about new energy business, support is also very big wants to cultivate it as a fourth business in the future. The evening of August 3, new energy investment group limited’s joint PV Group Limited announced that the bid “national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi solar demonstration base” 100 MW unit PV power plant project, this also means that PV industry in China’s first “leader” official landing.

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3. PV companies collectively in the first half, “stand up”

Under the policy guidance and market pull, PV enterprises gradually bottom out in the first half of this year the collective “roll over”, shipments increased, profitability is greatly improved, most of the profit is realized. The industry is expected to demand strong technical lead, global PV market will continue to grow rapidly in the second half, merger and reorganization of enterprises to accelerate at the same time, industry concentration will rise.

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4. Dragon photoelectric by thousands of large contracts party insolvency concerns

Dragon photoelectric recently announced, the company signed an agreement on July 31, intends to Sheng-Crystal furnace Nagy PV sales in Inner Mongolia, the contract amount of 18.15 million Yuan. Worth noting is that Sheng Nagy, business situation is grim in Inner Mongolia, is now insolvent. In addition, the relationship between the company and Dragon optical links, in fact, accused Zhou Jian to actual controllers of listed companies Zhou Rongsheng, Gu Yizhen son.

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5. the commercialization of new energy micro-grid Eve ATP first to test the waters

On July 22, issued by the National Energy Board’s guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion pointed out that new energy micro-grid energy represents the future development trend is the Internet “+” innovative applications in the energy sector. Qian Jing jinko global spokesman, new energy micro-grid grid let go of a specific way of placing the lateral social subjects, in line with the direction of thrust of the electric power system reform in China, especially for new energy distribution energy creating huge development space.

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Comment article

1. the solar agricultural problems

PV agricultural projects in the past two years have been developing broad, concrete forms are varied, in a broad sense agriculture includes agricultural greenhouses, open PV photovoltaic PV agriculture, complementary, animal husbandry and fisheries complementation, energy-saving photovoltaic PV agriculture, ecological agriculture, get the PV industry and agriculture both in the field of attention and support. However, the must see that the PV agricultural development so far, policy environment, on the edge of non-uniform construction standards, individual PV-enclosure which has faced more questioning, resulting in many problems, even a dissenting voice.

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2. the energy Internet ≠ “Internet + energy”

Since the “Internet +” concept, the “energy Internet” suddenly a fashionable Buzzword. Many people have begun “energy Internet” hype of the concept. In the hype, most people confuse a concept, that is “energy Internet” or “Internet + energy” equivalent. In fact, energy and now the Internet “Internet + energy,” not only is not the same thing, and 108,000 miles between the two.

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3. brag PV companies to “pay taxes”

Everyone knows that, bragging is taxed. However, for listed companies for the PV industry, from now on, the old principle may not apply. Here’s the thing, a few days ago, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a stock exchange second Board in Shenzhen 3rd–guidelines on information disclosure of listed company in the PV industry chain related business. This specification for dedicated solar enterprise information disclosure document, of solar or photovoltaic business of the listed company’s listed companies–including upstream manufacturing and power plant investment and raw materials–information disclosure requirements, is detailed.

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4. How do I look at renewable energy subsidies were removed, problems?

United Kingdom the Government has announced further cuts in subsidies for renewable, in the United Kingdom domestic caused quite a stir. In fact, in April 2014, the European Commission has issued new rules phasing in solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy industries of State subsidies, and beginning in 2017, all EU Member States are forced to restrict subsidies to the renewable energy industry. United Kingdom the initiative can also be seen as a response to new EU rules.

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5. cool looking at oil giant “abandoned” renewable energy

Back down on the oil giant in the world of renewable energy development, not enough to shake China’s determination to develop renewable sources of energy, diversification of energy structure, remind us in renewable energy development must be both positive and safe. China not as international as big oil and energy companies, driven by capital profit, investing in renewable energy back down on, for this we must have a sober understanding.

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Character articles

1. Wang Bohua: photovoltaic power generation costs can be lowered after five years of 50%

PV industry in 2015, significant positive development, but over the years, photovoltaic excess production capacity, product quality is uneven, high cost of power generation such as public attention to the problem and question. China PV Industry Association Secretary General Wang Bohua has told the media that, with technological advances in PV industry chain link, by 2020 PV prices decline 50% and thus to achieve parity is possible.

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Reading United States market YieldCo models

Polaris solar PV net news: YieldCo is short for Yield Corporation, and REITs (real estate investment trusts), MLPs (master limited partnership), belongs to income (yield-oriented) financial instruments. Created as an innovative financing model of financial instruments, from the United States market sprout growth, has spread to the European markets. In developed countries, the YieldCo model is increasingly being used to solve the problems of financing the new energy industry. At present, there are many trading YieldCo.

YieldCo is short for YieldCorporation, and REITs (real estate investment trusts), MLPs (master limited partnership), belongs to income (yield-oriented) financial instruments. Created as an innovative financing model of financial instruments, from the United States market sprout growth, has spread to the European markets. In developed countries, the YieldCo model is increasingly being used to solve the problems of financing the new energy industry. At present, there are many trading YieldCo.

YieldCo was established by the parent company, holding a certain project assets, operating independently, and publicly traded entities. Different from traditional companies, YieldCo did not emphasize profitability and expansion of the company, most of its assets, in the form of dividends paid to shareholders on a regular basis. Although investors receive equity, stable cash flow, making it and the reliability of claims.

In the United States market, YieldCo as equity, cost about 5%. Sponsoring companies (project developer), in addition to lower financing costs, completed project assets independent of the listing, you can quickly recover huge inputs of the early stage of project development, accelerate the process of development of new projects, improve the efficiency of capital use. YieldCo investors, listed companies held by the original developer of project assets, and completely independent shareholders is a pure, stable financial instruments.

Note: the CAFD2015 market in June has been the publication of the first report

Now, as you can see, more and more renewable energy industry companies are YieldCo models. In China, the GCL new energy is to build solar plant YieldCo financial platform, preparing to go to the United States market. If all goes well, GCL is expected to become Asia’s first renewable energy company to use YieldCo mode.

In addition, it should be noted that YieldCo is in the United States market under the background of more quantitative easing. Now widely expected, will be opened at the end of this year or early next year, the Federal Reserve interest rate hike cycle. YieldCo due to their structural characteristics, reflecting claims tool property, has a certain interest rate sensitive. YieldCo as a new thing, their health at a high interest rate environment, there is a lack of historical data references. The problem, it will be for future market to test.

Original title: the United States market YieldCo models

Key technologies of energy Internet

Polaris solar PV net news: to realize energy interconnection, involving a large number of applications. Different from the traditional power grid, energy is formed by the micro-interconnection of the Internet. Within each micro-grid and power generation (various forms of power generation), energy storage, users, transmission and distribution as well as grid-connected systems. Therefore, the energy involved in Internet technology should be broader than traditional power grid. For example, the collection of energy conversion, energy, power and Internet integration, energy storage, and many other aspects. For your convenience, we divided into smart microgrids and wide-area energy Internet related technologies introduced in two parts.

A key technology, smart microgrids

Cells as an energy source to the Internet, a large number of construction and operation of power grids is the basis of energy Internet. Many of the key micro-grid technology with existing grid technologies vary.

(A) all kinds of new energy power generation equipment

As a micro-grid power, other renewable energy sources are the following:

Solar power, wind power, small hydro power plants, biomass power plants (mainly methane power generation and can be combined with waste treatment, production of organic fertilizer), use natural gas microturbine.

That various forms of new energy technology has now matured, but in terms of how to improve energy efficiency there are many possible areas for improvement.

(B) energy storage technology

Micro-grid of storage can system to meet following three species situation of requirements: 1) in power or grid accident situation Xia, storage can system can quickly alternative power; 2) in micro-network within large load started Shi, due to current often number times Yu run current, need storage can system provides instantaneous big current; 3) in PV and other grid power insufficient Shi, up to for micro-network within load power of function.

At present, the mature technology of lead-acid batteries for energy storage, but have a shorter life expectancy and lead contamination problems. Can be applied to smart PV energy micro-grid energy storage systems are the following: vanadium flow batteries, flywheel energy storage, supercapacitors. These kinds of new energy storage systems have their advantages and disadvantages, as the industry matures and trust that will substantially enhance the quality, performance, stability, and cost can be significantly decreased.

(C) micro-network control technology

Different from the traditional power grid, smart microgrid network has multiple power supplies, and multiple loads. Changes in load, power supply fluctuations, need to be adjusted through energy storage systems or external power. The power adjustment, switching and control is done by a micro-network control center.

Micro-grid control centers in addition to monitoring each new energy systems, energy storage systems and load power parameters, switches, and parameters of power quality and energy, but also energy-saving and improving the quality of electric power.

(D) the smart micro grid systems

In normal operation, the micro-grid, usually taken with a backbone grid running. Micro-grid control systems within the needs and the backbone of power dispatching information communication system, to be in the power supply or when the load changes, the information communicated to the main power grid, and to the main power grid to schedule sufficient time, so that you can guarantee the stability of the power supply and the mains.

Micro-grid and primary network for real-time information exchange, this is done through the micro-grid information system, micro-grid information system can also help micro-grid interconnection between and dispatch to each other so that contribute to the main power grid stability, reduce the supply pressure of mains. Information system is a micro-grid base station information interaction with the outside world. It not only can greatly reduce the volatility of micro-power generation can also be adapted to local conditions, make full use of micro-grid renewable sources of energy and resources in the region.

These four major categories of technology micro-grid technology involved. In addition, micro energy network of comprehensive utilization of energy, also involving waste management, biogas and organic fertilizer production technology, even heating system technology, refrigeration technology, geothermal, and so on.

Second, the energy of the Internet wide area technologies

More than one micro-grid interconnection of energy Internet. Therefore, wide-area technologies mainly refers to the micro-grid energy Internet internetworking and key technology of integrated design of various energy forms.

(A) transport-related energy interconnection technology

Micro-grid power through the grid, but more is needed to build new transmission lines. In addition to cables, new transmission materials such as room temperature superconductor energy long-distance transmission technique in the study of the direction of the Internet. To achieve recovery and power effectively in a low-voltage transmission, full use of the distributed power energy acquisition and production units of the power grid, using room temperature superconductors can greatly reduce transmission losses.

In addition, is a high-voltage or a low-voltage, AC or DC, micro-grid may be built on existing technologies to new selections.

(B) the interconnection of information technology

Energy Internet information exchange can take advantage of existing information on the Internet. However, as mentioned earlier, for very high real-time requirements of control signals, you may need more reliable information transmission. Using network load frequency signal information and communication, is currently a hot topic of research.

To data classification, often real-time data, is not a huge amount, and the large amount of data such as video, real-time requirements are not high. Therefore, real-time database and data classification is necessary.

(C) integration of multiple energy technologies

Electricity is the main form of energy, but it is not the only form. For residential and industrial, except as a form of energy, and demand for heating, cooling, gas. If home heating, may run out of heat-driven air conditioning than photovoltaic energy more efficient. In addition, domestic gas if gas, how to ensure stable supply of biogas quality and energy issues to consider the Internet. For the charging of electric vehicles, also taking into account new technical means. When multiple energy integration, there are also many complementary to each other will increase the efficiency of each other. These need to be used in the process and solution.

In short, energy Internet involves a wide range of technology, not just power professional technology. Given that a large number of technology is a mature technology has been applied in other industries, but in the framework of this new energy Internet needs to find new ways to achieve.

Original title: energy key to Internet technologies

Commercialization of new energy micro-grid Eve ATP first to test the waters

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Wang Shasha) micro-grid are in commercial operation in China the night before, the new business model is expected to be born.

On July 22, issued by the National Energy Board’s guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion pointed out that new energy micro-grid energy represents the future development trend is the Internet “+” innovative applications in the energy sector.

Qian Jing jinko global spokesman, new energy micro-grid grid let go of a specific way of placing the lateral social subjects, in line with the direction of thrust of the electric power system reform in China, especially for new energy distribution energy creating huge development space.

New energy micro-grid is based on local distribution network construction, wind, light, and other types of natural gas distributed energy can be complementary, a higher proportion of new energy power access, may be achieved through energy storage and optimal allocation of local energy production and can load balance, according to need and public electric power network flexible interactive and independent operation of smart energy comprehensive utilization of local area networks.

According to the opinion, new energy micro-grid project could rely on the existing distribution network-building can also be combined with the construction of new distribution networks; can be a single new energy micro-grid, can also be an area more new energy micro-grid micro grid group. Encourage new energy micro-grid construction, according to the energy concept of the Internet, the use of advanced Internet and information technology, energy production and use smart match and work together, participate in the electricity market to new formats, formation of high efficient clean energy carrier.

While, views also pointed out that, networking type new energy micro-grid priority select in distributed can renewable energy penetration rate high or has more can complementary conditions of area construction; independent type (or weak joint type) new energy micro-grid main for grid not cover of remote area, and island, and only by SHP power of area, also can is on transmission to Xiang or no electric area power construction has built but power capacity insufficient of village level independent PV power station of transformation.

New energy micro-grid demonstration project which aims to explore the establishment of up to high volatility of renewable electric power transmission (with) storage with integration of local power system, power energy services new business models and new formats, promote the innovation and development of electric power market of more dynamic, new energy micro-grid technology formed a sound system and management system.

Learn from the United States, Europe, Japan and other international experiences, Qian Jing considered early in the development of new energy micro-grid, the Government should pay attention to the interests of micro-grid distribution system, cost recovery mechanisms, such as the formulation of related policies, to ensure that the interests of investors.

Qian Jing said, as early as 2014, the national people’s Congress, jinko CEO Chen Kangping at the time the “two sessions” on the proposal was “should be built on local micro-grid distributed generation,” focusing on distributed PV and the difficulties faced, recommended the establishment of local micro-grid photovoltaic distributed power generation.

Prior to that, in the case of policy is unclear, apt has been explored. In recent years, under the leadership of CEO Chen Kangping, apt set up a design and Research Institute, actively engaged in research on micro-grid, including Xinjiang and Tibet in remote villages without electricity, post, Islands, as well as demonstrated on a residential building in the city. By virtue of the operation of control and energy management, and other key technologies, maximize the use of photovoltaic distributed generation, to improve power supply reliability and power quality and more efficient use of distributed solar power.

This year the “Army Day” before the army, and Division of power as Taizhou Islands donated some troops stationed on the island and is responsible for the implementation of a micro-grid energy storage photovoltaic power plant project, projects include the 50kW solar power system, support of the energy storage systems, micro-grid operation control systems, energy management systems, micro-grid protection and security system and other subsystems.

Before the construction of the project, troops stationed on almost all rely on diesel power, power costs and transportation costs not only expensive, but also has some negative effects on coastal environment. While making full use of local solar resources, projects, protecting the environment, helped push up power intelligent upgrade from there to improve the quality of power supply. “The project as sitech power” Army Day “gift, thanks the troops stationed on their guards, and also as a micro-grid demonstration projects, so that more people understand and know, experiencing new energy micro-grid. “Qian Jing said.

Early development of some new technology projects have to rely on incentives to support, and new energy micro-grid investors and operators are required to focus the application of new technology and its effect evaluation. Apt as a first step into new energy micro-grid areas of enterprise, more emphasis on using demonstration projects to start the market, cultivating the industrial chain of choice. Qian Jing said, micro-grid topic has is high of heat is is good of phenomenon, at least industry not blindly put new energy of development return accountability for grid absorb capacity enough, but implementation in each a a responsibility body of company, brainstorming will micro-grid as distribution grid and distributed power of ties, makes distribution grid without directly face type different, and belonging different, and number huge, and dispersed access of (even is intermittent sex of) distributed power, reduced intermittent sex distributed power to distribution grid brings of impact and effect.

Through participation in the actual project experiences, Qian Jing told reporters, the development of new energy micro-grid there are still a lot of problems, such as critical equipment, including storage systems, energy management systems, control system integration issues, micro-grid protection system, as well as how to further reduce costs, make it more economical. However, with the development of distributed renewable energy, micro-grid construction is imperative, in the current state policy, the economy and new energy technologies and market environment under multiple good opportunities, micro-grid construction will usher in opportunity.

How renewable energy subsidies were removed, problems?

Polaris solar PV net news: United Kingdom Government announced further reductions in renewable energy subsidies, in the United Kingdom domestic caused quite a stir.

In fact, in April 2014, the European Commission has issued new rules phasing in solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy industries of State subsidies, and beginning in 2017, all EU Member States are forced to restrict subsidies to the renewable energy industry. United Kingdom the initiative can also be seen as a response to new EU rules.

Subsidies for renewable energy industry, with certain public interest from the start color. In global climate variable warm, and fossil energy tension of big background Xia, how more has efficiency to using can renewable energy, is States pursuit of common target; and and of phase contradictions of is, this always is a development degree enough, and profit capacity not strong of Sunrise, thus various offers policy, and subsidies only will came into being, its initially purpose is attract more social funds into this a industry, encourages enterprise development related technology.

From a long-term perspective, blood transfusion is blood in order to make renewable energy industry with self-hematopoietic function, step by step to be able to sustain their own development, and stronger. Enterprise development that much, then consider a gradual reduction or even elimination of subsidies.

Perhaps some people may say, subsidies and other economic policies is not a long-term solution, is not conducive to creating a fair market environment. Germany world of renewable energy support model. Since 2000, since the implementation of the law on renewable energy, renewable sources increased from 6% in 2000 to 2013 25%. However, the heavily subsidized renewable energy lead to electricity price increases too fast. Germany government reforms of the renewable energy sources Act, cut the renewable support policy, control the size and subsidy growth trend, breaking the existing “excessive support” State. Considering the increasing financial burden of electricity consumers, the Czech Government has put an end to all new subsidies for renewable energy projects.

However, the undeniable is that as long as the renewable energy industry development without major leaps, expedient, for quite some time, I’m afraid, should also have its raison d ‘ être.

At present, many of the nation’s renewable energy industry is still in its infancy stage, without government subsidies, otherwise the operation will be very difficult. Developed countries such as the United States also need incentives, United Kingdom then came to reduce subsidies, companies continue to worry about, but there is a lot of struggling to survive in other countries clean energy businesses? Like the infant toddler parents one, may be about to fall.

Therefore, it can be seen, reducing or even eliminating subsidies is a trend, and ultimately the timing is the issue. In the context of the current global economic downturn, for some countries, renewable energy subsidies have become a heavy burden on the Government and taxpayers, reduce subsidies, probably just for this. However, renewable energy companies, like a bolt from the blue. When the Government decided to cancel the subsidies, you should consider whether it dealt a severe blow to many new construction, national emission reduction targets can be achieved, whether a subsidy exists also within the scope of the affordability of the people.

Thus, any introduction of a national policy to take into account various factors in a comprehensive, balanced the interests of all parties to make a prudent decision. According to all economic levels and stages of development, and constantly adjust and improve its renewable energy policy.

Original title: Elimination of subsidies is a problem?

India Solar installed capacity target back to 20GW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to India media, the business standard newspaper reported on August 6, India recently drafted a report for submission to the United Nations reports indicate that India Government commitments completed by 2022 100GW solar capacity goal, instead emphasizing that strive to achieve “Nehru’s solar plan” set 20GW of capacity objectives. Report also reviews the India Government on the slowed the “greenhouse effect” and the measures taken to reduce air pollution and results.

Under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, the State party should submit every two years a progress report, which is India’s first report submitted, held to be organized by the Ministry of environment and forest, when passed by Parliament, will submit to the United Nations.

Original title: India the repatriation of solar installed capacity objective to 20GW

3D printing solar panels as thin as “paper” or change the energy structure

Polaris solar PV net news: solar panels are gradually changing our approach to energy access, especially when considering self-powered next-generation housing, in order to achieve this dream, researchers worldwide are actively trying to use additive manufacturing technology to optimize the production of solar panels. This includes a team of Australian research team of 50 scientists.

The team of Australian scientists in the past few years have been developing an organic printable paper-thin solar panels, it can even provide energy for an entire skyscraper. Developers want to be able to in the near future, with low energy as a starting point towards the commercialization of this new type of device manufacture. This technology can effectively reduce dependency on traditional energy sources in developed countries, meanwhile, can also provide developing countries with an economical and viable source of electricity.

Unlike traditional solar panels is, these solar cells can include paper glasses and roofs are printed directly on the actual housing location. In addition to use in large buildings, developers have tried to use these units for small objects, such as bodacious iPad. If this vision can be achieved, then the surface of the iPad, laptop backpacks and cell phone case will not only serve as a package, they also function as energy collectors, provide power for these removable devices.

Currently researchers use 3D printer has been successfully improved solar ink each organic solar cell unit is reduced to the size of a coin size, this solar cell paper is very cheap, and ways of working with traditional silicon based solar panels are different. The University of Melbourne and Monash University, consisting of cooperation agencies have even begun thinking about how to apply this technology to the world with almost no electricity in remote areas.

Next, the researchers hope to get support from the Government, and to extend this technology to public places. In our view, if the technology to large scale, we won’t have to worry about energy insecurity, but also alleviate the problem of environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels, I believe that given the current pace of development, so that a better future will be coming soon.

Original title: 3D printing solar panels as thin as “paper” or change the energy structure

Zambia’s first public utility solar projects are supported by IFC

Polaris solar PV net news: International Finance Corporation IFC has confirmed will be Zambia’s first utility-scale solar project finance support to help Zambia deal with domestic power shortages.

At present, Zambia’s Industrial Development Corporation IDC and IFC signed two financing agreements for solar power station, power station installed capacity of 50 MW.

It is reported that Zambia Industrial Development Corporation plans to build 600 megawatts of utility-scale solar power generation facilities to overcome national power crisis. Due to the recent sharp drop in rainfall, hydroelectric plants operating as expected and that Zambia is facing 560 MW power deficit.

Zambia is very dependent on the hydropower resources of the country. Zambia’s energy and climate change issues weaknesses begin to emerge. Although Zambia to develop bio-energy, but still not conducive to the national economic and social development needs, therefore, Zambia plans to diversify its energy structure and increase the percentage of other renewable power generation, solar power is an important one.

The International Finance Corporation said, utility-scale solar projects in Zambia in line with the company aimed at stimulating private investment in African Solar markets Scaling Solar Initiative program, which will have a positive effect for solar energy development in Zambia, so as to further enhance the reliability and stability of energy of Zambia.

Original title: Zambia’s first public utility solar projects are supported by IFC

Small power India Solar market Darling

Polaris solar PV net news: power shortage is a long-standing India issue and India coal is the main source of electricity supply. Due to the weak growth in domestic coal production, India had to rely on more coal imports to ensure power supply. However, this will not only increase the financial burden of the Government, nor to emission reduction. Therefore, the development of renewable energy has become a spectacular programme to solve the problem.

Small power plants springing up

In India a rural area, a small solar power station is providing power for signal towers on the ground. Today, the small power stations also shoulder responsibility for power supply to local residents. Power shortage in India economic backwardness in rural areas even worse. And solar power can help alleviate the problem in these areas.

In order to catch up with India’s mobile revolution, many India small dealers started buying more electricity to supply traffic to remote areas. Most of these power from small solar, wind or biomass power station.

Due to the long distance electric power transmission is not only costly, there is still a risk, so some firms like Omnigrid Micropower began to experiment with new models, namely in signal tower built near some small solar power station. In this way, under the premise of safeguarding the interests of the company can also provide electricity to local residents, birds.

Local residents are gradually accepted by solar power. 34 years, Kamlesh Kumar is a grocer. See local small solar power stations could provide reliable power for his store to open in the evening, and the prices are acceptable then started buying solar power. “In the past because of lack of electricity, my shop only closes very early, because at night it will become dark. Now have electricity, we can open till very late. ”

Omnigrid building small power plants for example is India a microcosm of vigorously promoting the development of renewable energy. In order to enable electricity to remote rural areas, India small renewable energy power producers have an indispensable role. Goldman Sachs Group reported that some 40 companies have begun in India doing business in rural areas, through the construction of small renewable energy power station to provide electricity for the local population, for more than 100,000 families bring light. India renewable energy industry continues to develop, the number will be expanded to millions more.

The electric companies want replicated through solar power India’s mobile revolution. For those in remote areas, renewable energy may indeed can bring about similar effects. Because it implements a “sold, without long distance power transmission, so there is no need to power transmission towers and infrastructure for up to hundreds of kilometres of wire to avoid India power infrastructure problems.

Potential popularity

Communications company has become a potential customer in this business, especially those small and emerging businesses. With the popularity of mobile phones, telecommunications companies need to create a large number of signal towers, covers the entire India. In order to make the 24-hour operation of the signal Tower, they need a stable supply of electricity. However relying on fossil fuel power generation is not only costly and would cause environmental pollution.

Omnigrid company has decided to close to the signal tower built their own small solar power station, size 50-kilowatt. This scale has been enough to guarantee the normal operation of local signal Tower, there is spare capacity to provide electricity for around your home or business.

Omnigrid AnilRaj President says: “India electricity demand growth soon, especially in remote areas. Our mini solar power stations not only for communications services, but also to provide electricity to local residents. ”

At present, Omnigrid company has to power 70 towers, and help local residents to improve the power shortage problem. They want the future to be in India spread in rural areas, which can greatly alleviate India’s power shortage problem. Earlier this year, Omnigrid announced United States SunEdison plans to set up a joint venture, in India building more than 5,000 small power stations in remote areas, investment will reach $ 500 million.

In addition to the communications company providing reliable power, Omnigrid mini solar power stations in India State power company does not supply a few hours a day to provide consumers with electric power, bringing great convenience to the local population. Omnigrid also has a separate transmission lines, to safeguard power supply to the home. According to users in charge monthly fees ranging from $ 2 to $ 11. Users are usually cheaper to buy kerosene lamps or candles used for light, and most importantly more convenient and reliable.

India Solar ambitions can be fulfilled

For the seniors who live in remote areas, they almost all his life and “dark” to accompany him, never even enjoyed the light from light. Although the Government has these areas with wiring, but I can’t provide electricity. Residents of these areas, their day jobs, life is going to end with the coming of the night, almost back to the primitive times of Sunrise, sunset and rest.

With the promotion of small solar power station, a great change in their lives. Even at night, the village can lights. India has an ambitious plan for solar energy development plan the Government hopes development of solar energy industry to reduce its dependence on energy imports. India hopes to achieve 100 gigawatts by 2022 solar power.

The plan has received positive response from many power companies, they want to be in Government with the help of the production and distribution of renewable power to resolve the troubled India power shortage problem. In addition to-Omnigrid company, SunEdison plans to invest 15 billion dollars in India to build scale up to 15 gigawatts of solar and wind energy power plants. India BhartiEnterprises company, Japan SOFTBANK Group will jointly invest US $ 20 billion, for India Solar market growth. Goldman Sachs Group’s private-equity arm are already India solar and wind energy power generation company ReNewPower invest more than $ 400 million.

Smart Power India is India an organization carry out the power grid. The Organization has come up with more than $ 75 million Fund to help the development of small enterprises of the power station would like Omnigrid, because they believe that the development of small power stations is the India solution best way to disadvantage in remote areas. Smart Power Jaideep Mukherji, Chief Executive, said: “this is a great action, countless India people rescued from the darkness, to economic development in rural areas has also been a great help. ”

However, although small solar power stations have a rising trend, has been favored by many businesses, but the problems still exist. First is business promotion has some difficulty, this makes the business’s prospects became unclear.

In addition, subject to government regulation, India imported solar panels is also more difficult. In addition, as a competitor of solar power, coal price advantages are still evident. Thus, if India continues to expand the scale of coal-fired power, then it will squeeze the living space of the solar power generation business.

Original title: small power India Solar market Darling

BIPV: a new concept United Kingdom Romag solar manufacturers latest Intecto photovoltaic tiles

Polaris solar PV net news: United Kingdom leading solar manufacturer Romag has recently proposed a new concept of BIPV, rooftop PV combination of aesthetics and architectural design, building no longer look. This novel Intecto photovoltaic tiles and closely fit standard residential and commercial roofing tiles, colours and roof coverings that are very close.

New Intecto PV tiles for architects, home builders and roofing contractors provide an effective programme of rooftop PV: on the premise of energy output is not reduced, continues to maintain the buildings original appearance.

Frameless Intecto photovoltaic tiles and traditional concrete, clay and ceramic tiles can firmly installed directly on the roof of wood lath, and can provide a whole roof photovoltaic system. Lighter weight reduces the load on the roof, eliminating the previous top of the need to reinforce worries makes buildings in CodeforSustainableHomes and receive higher evaluations in the BREEAM rating.

This blend of design and aesthetics of a particular tile, also can be applied to specific plans. For example, heritage or Greenbelt areas. They need a PV system can be maintained in the local environment, as well as the integrity of the building.

Intecto tile like Romag PV products, using high quality batteries. They can in addition to the traditional tiles and wind and rain, protection measures, can also produce renewable energy. Romag’s technical director Kevin Webster said, “at present, against the many-pointed the finger at the aesthetic issue of solar panels, and color design will reduce the effectiveness of solar PV. ”

But Intecto managed to overcome these difficulties, while guaranteeing the appearance of the power output into the roof, to protect local environment and architectural integrity provide an effective solution. “Intecto PV tiles add to the architectural attributes of renewable energy while also reforming roofing and architectural design, which brings new BIPV products instead of traditional materials. “KevinWebster emphasized.

At present, Intecto black, grey and Brown is optional, in line with the IEC and MCS certification, in full compliance with international and European construction industry standards and performance criteria for roof. (Translation of Diana)

Original title: new concept of BIPV: United Kingdom Romag solar manufacturers latest Intecto photovoltaic tiles

Stop loss of sharp increase in outsourcing of PV modules

Polaris solar PV net news: sharp energy solution business sales performance in the 2015 fiscal year dropped more than 30%, to that end, the company decided to increase the outsourced production of solar modules, through more price competitive products continues to occupy Japan domestic market.

PVTech foreign media reports, the sharp consolidation of solar industry into energy solutions, but sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 have plunged over last year 46.6%, from $ 555.2 million fell to $ 296.1 million, also caused losses of about us $ 313 billion.

According to the report, the main cause of loss of up to 2.2 billion yen (about 17.7 million US dollars) of polysilicon long term contracts. Polysilicon spot prices from 2015, continued to fall, make it impossible for sharp price reaction lower spot prices in a timely manner, resulting in component production cost is higher than the spot market price. Sharp energy solutions for the 2015 fiscal year year earnings forecast for 180 billion yen, lower than a year earlier, to 33.5%. If profits this year, profits are expected to be at around US $ 40.2 million Yuan, is not high.

Original title: curbing losses and sales decline sharp increase outsourcing of the component capacity

Spell “political legacy” Obama announced United States the most stringent emissions reduction plans

Polaris solar PV net news: while not much time left during his second term, but United States President Barack Obama’s initiative was all the more “ambitious”. Local time on August 3, Obama unveiled what he called a history of the fight against climate change “the most ambitious and important” step–the plan of clean energy (CleanPowerPlan), the final version would reduce United States dependent on coal, and the further development of renewable energy such as wind and solar. This is last November during Obama’s visit to China, Sino-US jointly published climate commitment in a statement. Media estimate that in order to achieve this goal, hundreds of coal-fired power station is to be closed.

December United Nations climate change conference to be held in Paris this year. Obama announces new initiatives during the meeting, would make him more likely to compete for a concerted global effort to reduce emissions.

But analysts believe that Obama’s real problem is at the door. According to United States politics in General play, controlling Congressional Republican backlash and raised a question to support thermal power of interest groups intend to go to court to stop emissions, several Governors have said that new rules being ignored.

Emission reduction efforts unprecedented

The Obama administration announced in June last year of the clean energy program of the proposal, for the first time imposed restrictions on power plant emissions, requires power plants to carbon emissions by 2030 in 2005 on the basis of 30%. The final version of the clean-energy projects that target increased to 32%.

White House officials said that after the implementation of the new programme will enable United States renewable energy generating capacity increased to total capacity of 28%.

Under the clean energy plan State power plants must reduce carbon emissions goals, but allowed States to set plans, first editions of the State plan must be made in 2016, 2018 final version.

Emphasis on the States to set their own plans, but the new legislation clearly encourages States to use State-by-State between “cap-and-trade” (Cap-and-trade) system, which is to create a carbon trading market.

In Obama’s first term pushing “cap-and-trade” Bill, but was not successful. But if he’s clean energy plan can be carried out, many States target the easiest and cheapest way is through carbon trading.

Obama said in a speech at the 2nd video, power plant is the United States largest source of carbon dioxide emissions, while the Federal Government has so far not taken any restrictive measures.

According to what Obama said, addressing climate change, not to leave the problem to the next generation. “For our children, for the health and safety of all Americans, have to make a change. ”

He also said United States “led the world in saving the Earth” and therefore should be in action before the December United Nations climate change conference in Paris this year.

Carbon dioxide emissions from power plants accounts for United States total emissions of approximately 40%, while carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas blamed for climate change.

United States Department of energy data showed, in 2014, the coal-fired power stations account for United States around 39% of electricity. Director of environmental protection is Gina ˙, McCarthy said, if the clean-energy projects were implemented, the proportion of coal-fired power generation in 2030 will be reduced to 27%, the share of renewable energy will increase.

McCarthy said that State-building plant will receive financial support. Current nuclear power generation accounts for United States around 20% of electricity. The Obama administration estimates that to achieve the emission reduction targets, requires an investment of 8.4 billion dollars a year.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Obama plans to praise, and 4th in Washington meeting with Obama. Ban Ki-moon said the demonstration effect of Obama’s leadership, which is also involved in other major countries, ensure the December climate conference in Paris this year reached broad, lasting and meaningful agreement is critical.

Encounter multiple resistance

Reducing carbon emissions is a United States political sensitive issue, many Republican politicians did not accept the theory of global warming, others don’t think warming is due to human factors, the new regulations will lead to a wide range of legal, legislative and political backlash, many proposed by the State, companies and business groups for telling.

Coal enterprise and its Republican allies accused the Obama administration of “declared war on coal”, is accused of making them more weight, the Obama administration requiring greenhouse gas reductions will be greater than last year’s proposal, is likely to lead to more coal-fired power plant was shut down.

Republicans say the clean energy plan, “gone”, “too harsh”, will give the United States economy “devastating consequences”.

Republican presidential candidates, former Florida Governor Jeb ˙ Bush said Obama’s emissions cuts lead to higher electricity prices, “throw thousands of people out of work.”

Another Republican presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco ˙ Marco Rubio said that in addition to higher electricity prices, plans of measures for power plants was “catastrophic”.

In the Senate, the Republican majority leader Mitch ˙ McConnell instigated by some Republican Governors said, Obama plans to cut emissions is not performed. More than 10 State Attorneys General have proposed to tell, experts estimate that there are 25 state lawsuit, ultimately will be decided by the Supreme Court. Cheaper economy depended on mines and coal States, such as Wyoming and West Virginia took the lead.

EPA Director McCarthy, emissions reduction plan “reasonable” and “complete”, States according to their respective circumstances and gradually implemented.

It is understood that if States refuse to report the State’s cuts will have the right to enforce the Environmental Protection Department EPD’s version of the programme. McCarthy said that the Environmental Protection Department will be published for all States of the example program.

United States National Mining Association, said in Federal Court to block implementation of the emission reduction schemes. Association President Hal ˙ Quinn said, Americans will pay higher electricity costs and reduced reliability of the power supply network.

2nd in his video address, Obama said, in the long run, his plans would allow Americans to enjoy low prices, new regulations will allow United States average family expenditure reduction of $ 85 a year. New regulations in the field of renewable energy to create jobs and provide more reliable energy services will also reduce air pollution can cause asthma, lung disease.

Spell “political legacy”

Tackling climate change is Obama wants to stay, “legacy”. When he pays a State visit to China in November last year, both the publication of the Sino-US Joint Declaration on climate change, where the United States by 2025 was first proposed in 2005, based on the emission reduction from 26% to 28%.

Climate change is one of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign promise that, but he soon abandoned this approach. Generally agreed that the greatest achievements in domestic affairs after he took office was health-care reform bill.

The end of this year, the United Nations climate change conference will be held in Paris, at that time, the international community will strive to 2020 global climate action after reaching a new agreement. The Kyoto Protocol will expire in a year.

Due to opposition to the Obama administration to cut greenhouse gases promised the Republicans now in control of Congress, any bill on greenhouse gas emissions is difficult to pass, Mr Obama has had to use administrative powers to bypass Congress to implement emission reduction.

In March, Obama signed an executive order that requires federal government agencies to 2025 in 2008 based on the emission reduction 40%, including an increase of zero-emission and hybrid cars in the “bus” ratio.

It is understood that the United States has also been submitted to the United Nations in accordance with the Sino-US joint statement on climate change to develop emission reduction plans, such as greenhouse-gas emissions in the energy sector, such as 30%, enhancement of medium and heavy duty truck fuel and emission standards through energy-saving measures in the construction areas, to achieve cumulative carbon dioxide emissions of 3 billion tons by 2030.

United Kingdom broadcaster said, Obama hoped that new initiatives will be the climate change aspects of his “heritage”. Obama’s choice of face book published, apparently also to attract United States young.

A senior White House official said: “for the President, few issues are more important than this. He would take action on climate change as a moral, economic and national security obligations. ”

In addition, Obama’s term nears its end, the clean energy plan implementation and submit emissions reduction in all States all have years “in transition”, the emissions cuts will be the main party for the start of the next President.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton ˙ Clinton has backed Obama’s plans, saying it was “an important step forward.” She also criticized the Republicans cannot come up with viable alternatives.

Original title: Obama announced United States the most severe emissions cuts to fight the “political legacy” will have multiple resistance

Counting stars of solar roof

Polaris solar PV net news: both in Hollywood and in the domestic entertainment industry, and now, Star eyes not on the latest jewelry, but in the more important cause of environmental protection. For example, many old and new stars have solar on their roof components, promote green energy. They hope that by its own environmental choices and attitudes, and make the world more beautiful.

1. Leonardo ˙ DiCaprio

“I’ve been driving electric cars, I am roofing with solar modules. “Little Li had told reporters. In addition to environmental protection in the House, who has been the star of growing pains along the way also created its own environmental protection organizations, including global warming, clean water protection, disaster relief and rescue, biological diversity, environmental protection and public welfare undertakings. In addition, the inception of shooting bases rely on solar power.

2. Kate ˙ Blanchard

Kate is not blue, jasmine, the best actress Oscar to his award-winning role of Jasmine is more sober-minded and more long-term view. In addition to install solar panels on his roof, she has also been promoting solar energy and even invested in a solar company. “As a mother, I am concerned about the cause of environmental protection, which is the source of my courage. If I can’t make personal power to do something, I have no face to my children. ”

3. Pierce ˙ Brosnan


Life, James ˙ James Bond also loves technology. His house in Malibu, California is one of the most eco-friendly houses, roof-mounted solar panels, rainwater can be recycled. Since 2010, Pierce and his wife and two sons live in here.

4. Julia ˙ Roberts

The romantic beauty will be solar enthusiast, her Malibu House has a lot of solar panels in the abundant California sunshine, enough to meet the energy needs of the family.

5. Johnny ˙ Depp

When you are not looking for undersea treasure, Captain Jack in support for solar power generation. Through the solar panel, the “pirates” are all Paradise Island become self-sufficient. Yes, Depp’s island located in the Caribbean Sea.

6. Brad ˙ Pitt

Pete and his wife are also active advocates of environmental public welfare, when anjilila ˙ Julie to care for refugees in Africa, Brad ˙ Pitt United States promoting solar roofs. He founded the “MakeItRight” green building organizations in rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, has a roof with solar panels also will be in Montana in an Indian State housing reconstruction, building more solar roofs.

In using solar energy retrofit houses, Orlando, Hollywood has ˙ Broome, gold ˙ Kerry, Tom ˙ Hanks, and Rachel ˙ McAdams star. Entertainment in the country, there are a lot of stars at the roof-mounted solar modules.

7. Wang Fei

Diva Faye Wong has been keen to good causes, in the hope that his efforts to help others. In addition to “the smile Angel Foundation”, but she also flood in 98 and 99 of the Taiwan earthquake, “SARS” and lend a helping hand before the Wenchuan earthquake and other disasters. Asked about the reasons, Wong said: “love is in our hearts, people feel good to the world. “In terms of environmental protection, days after Chinese thin-film solar energy system was installed this year.

8. Jiang Kun

Jiang Kun, only crosstalk master, also has been dedicated the cause of environmental protection. Many years ago, the precedent of his stars first appeared in public service announcements in recent years, for his “Blue Ribbon” marine conservation plans do the talking, more environmental themes into their own comic dialogue works. This year, he gave his reconstruction on the environment, Chinese thin-film solar energy system installed, clean energy into everyday life.

9. Huang Zhen

Singer/songwriter Huang Zhen, not only in music on the road all the way to move forward, keep “running”, but also leading the way in energy-saving environmental protection. Recently, the pop up on his roof to install a set of Chinese thin-film solar power generating equipment. Huang Zhen for his decision with enormous pride. “Environmental problems have plagued my life, so I think I start from, start from the dribs and drabs. The future, I think we will soon be the new energy product knowledge, if you are using, and the sky is up. ”

In addition, penchant, Teng Shichu deyi both skilled artists not only on the pursuit of artistic excellence, also lived on the environmental protection, Chinese thin-film solar roof installed to eliminate haze, great China contribute their efforts.

PV industry asset-light financial trader can become copied template?

Polaris solar PV net news: from 2013 to get involved in photovoltaic power plant investment, operation by 2014 PV power station installed capacity reached 572 megawatts, photovoltaic power station installed capacity in July this year to break through 1952 MW, joint owned by PV power station lineup was expanded. Reporters found that differs from the traditional photovoltaic companies, combined PV focus on acquisition and operation of photovoltaic power plant, the model for “acquisitions–– to buy” the financial cycle. In the photovoltaic industry facing excess capacity, the background of international trade protectionism, the PV power station financial model can be copied template?

PV asset-light operator

Combined PV photovoltaic electrical contractor has not stopped buying. Recently, the joint subsidiary combined PV PV (Changzhou) announced the acquisition of Hubei sunstart photovoltaic power held by 100 MW solar PV power station, now combined PV installed capacity of power station have also been breakthroughs.

Public information, joint gold poly photovoltaic formerly known as new energy, originally a photovoltaic cell manufacturing enterprises listed in Hong Kong, 2013 through a share swap to absorb investment was injected in the form of new energy, solar power platforms became owned by China merchants, the main industry changed to photovoltaic power plant investment, operation. Despite a late start, but combined solar expansion makes people speechless. On May 11 this year, combined PV to 1.9 billion yuan were purchased by State power 5 photovoltaic power project, with a total installed capacity of 210 MW, started this prelude to acquisition of large power station. Just two days after United Solar also announced that the price of 8.8 billion yuan, another big acquisition hareon 930 MW of PV power plant project.

As of July 30, 2015, combined PV total bought 45 solar power station in China, 1952-megawatt of capacity, with acquisitions hareon 930-megawatt power station is the largest. Combined PV pointed out, will continue to invest in solar power stations in the future.

Combined PV in just two years is behind the rapid rise of business models are special. A security analyst told reporters, although the combined PV engaged in photovoltaic power plant acquisitions, operations, financial capital but its core operations rely on the power of steady income, cash flow, mortgage, debt financing and acquisition of power plants, continue to do large-scale.

New energy investment group Senior Vice President Liu Weijun said, according to the power station financial models, this model is a type of financial product, very stable. “I do is a type of financial product, not for the power plant and power station. Goal is to make the global PV power station carrier eventually becoming financial products through financial instruments, funds up and running. ”

Power plant yields success

Although joint PV financial model in the industry to rise, but the acquisition of power plant can guarantee reasonable earnings, so as to ensure the chain is not broken is becoming the greatest test.

“The biggest risk to this model is the enterprise for power station acquisitions, operations are unable to refinance, if earnings are not up to, power station will not be stable cash flow to support the follow-up of financing instruments such as asset securitization, power station operator has no financial capacity for the next link to buy, leading to this model in financing-buy links broken. “Investment adviser Hsiao, a researcher at the new energy industry letter said.

Lin boqiang, Director of the Centre for energy economics research at Xiamen University, said these acquisitions PV looking to be on line and reasonable earnings forecasts, but in reality, there may be some risk is more sudden, such as electric power market due to over-capacity abandoned wind increased, even if power grid, but there may be no one to buy the embarrassment.

National Energy Board recently released data show that when the national cumulative PV power 19 billion-kilowatt the first half of this year, abandoned when optical weight of about 1.8 billion-kilowatt, resulting in economic losses of nearly 900 million Yuan. One experts to Beijing business reported reporter revealed, in electricity volume load declined of situation Xia, electric of capacity is excess of, PV power and thermal power will occurred interests conflict, and thermal power the province are has plans power, guarantees fire power of hours number, and PV power no this aspects requirements, in competition Internet in the often in adverse status, future a time within abandoned light rate also has may further rose.

In addition to the abandon rate increases this year, and Government subsidies are also an important factor affecting power corporate earnings expected. Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said in first half of 2015, China PV industry development seminar on prospects for the second half, said data compiled 15 photovoltaic power station operators total photovoltaic subsidy amount has surpassed 10 billion yuan in arrears.

One person close to United Solar told reporters, because government subsidies the timeliness of payment are relatively poor, and subsidies for PV power plant profitability is important subsidies added to the difficulties companies issued convertible bonds. Journalists further understands that in order to minimize risks, combined with photovoltaic power stations acquisition has developed a series of assessment criteria, firstly, acquisition must have achieved the solar power grid-connected electricity generation and, secondly, plant internal rate of return (IRR) to reach 9%, and sellers want to have effective power purchase contracts and provides electricity secured.

Can copy surviving controversy

China’s photovoltaic industry is still in a State of overcapacity, and of trade protectionism trend in Europe and America, in this context, joint PV high hopes this novel mode of being.

Yingli Wang Zhixin, head of the propaganda Department said current PV financial model of this kind is very welcome, although the means used is the capital, but in the end you might have real PV power station, power plant demand, will attract businesses to build, driven PV-related components, and the upper and middle reaches of industry, is undoubtedly good for photovoltaic production enterprises.

But another PV companies heads to the Beijing newspaper said joint promotion of the photovoltaic mode does not at present, funding to the maximum restrictions. “In recent years while the PV in policies to encourage business conditions had improved, but many PV companies debt ratios are high, can not have so much money to buy power plants. Overall, this model is suitable for a certain rich fund strength and strong financing ability of large companies. “This person said. Siew also recognized that other companies to copy this model itself should meet the high criteria, which have good projects and money in banks and capital markets capabilities.

“Apart from financial factors, quality of PV power station project is a factor restricting this pattern. If the grid-connected PV power stations have, and have a good income, why do companies willing to sell you our power stations, unless cash flow more difficult. If more companies adopt this model, high quality photovoltaic plant is the main object of competition may further become scarcity of resources, resulting in rising cost of acquisitions, earnings declined. “Lin boqiang said.

In the joint head of the photovoltaic, high quality power station project is the extreme lack of. “Taking into account the risks, the joint acquisition of PV is mainly the subject of trimming the PV power plant. Company plans to annually buy 2-3GW power station, power station of the China quality rate is only about 70%, picking good plant is not very easy. ”

Original title: photovoltaic industry asset-light financial trader can become copied template?

Zaozhuang city create a solar energy model city implementation plan

Arctic star solar PV network news:, zaozhuang city, by letter Board, and city NDRC, and city Technology Council, and city finance, and city land resources Council, and City Planning Council, and city live built Council, and city EPA, and city energy-saving do, nine sector joint issued on issued <, zaozhuang city, on created solar application model city of implementation programme > of notification, further increased solar application industry guide support efforts, towards to “Thirteen-Five” late, put, zaozhuang city, construction became domestic important of solar application model city and industry development Highland.

In recent years, the solar industry is booming in zaozhuang city, the city a total of solar thermal and photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprises 25, annual output of vacuum tube solar water heater 40.9 million, machine 2.2 million units, with PV module production capacity of 800 MW; completed solar photovoltaic generation capacity of 59.5 MW, years when the power 60 million-kilowatt.

In order to further promote large-scale applications of solar technology in the city, defined the objectives and tasks of the programme, by 2015, use of solar energy capacity of 3% per cent of total energy consumption in the city, 2020 at 8% about in 2015, the new scale of solar thermal utilization area of 1 million square meters in 2020 to reach 3 million square meters in 2015, solar PV cumulative installed capacity of 200 megawatts in 2020 and 600 MW. Following is the notification text:

Original title:, zaozhuang city, the Commission issued to create solar application model city implementation plan

Liu Qi: seize the coordinated introduction of solar thermal demonstration project pricing policies

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation is an important emerging industries of strategic importance. Press Conference July 31, learned from the National Energy Board, the Bureau will in the planning guide, demonstration projects, electricity price support policies, technical research four aspects to promote solar thermal power generation.

National Energy Council Deputy Secretary Liu Qi introduced, a to continues to deepening perfect solar hot power of resources survey evaluation work, do solar hot power “Thirteen-Five” planning, proposed guide sex of development target, to industry development enhanced confidence; II to as soon as possible started a model engineering, early started, and early exploration, and early accumulated, for industry of mass development lay solid based; three to hold Coordination introduced related support policy, especially model project of electric price policy; four to focused solar hot power key technology, national with enterprise platform And the integration of various resources, organizational strength in core technology research, efforts to occupy commanding point in solar thermal power technologies international competition.

After more than 20 years of research, international solar thermal power generation entered a period of industrialization development in recent years. Data provided by the National Energy Board, in 2014, the global solar thermal power installed capacity 1.1 million-kilowatt, Spain and the United States, and India and other countries build a commercial-scale solar thermal power engineering. By the end of 2014, global solar thermal generation capacity built 4.53 million-kilowatt, under construction reached 2.7 million-kilowatt, more and more countries new energy solar thermal power as a strategic industry.

According to the National Energy Board, the “Twelve-Five” period, China’s accelerated industrialization of solar thermal power technology research and tests were carried out. In the control technology group in Qinghai delingha built independent development of 10,000-kilowatt test power station; in the wide nuclear solar company in Qinghai delingha construction has solar hot power test field;, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing yanqing built solar hot power laboratory; country electric voted group and United States bright source company and the Shanghai electrical group cooperation, has completed introduction localized manufacturing of technology programme, will in Qinghai construction single capacity 130,000-kilowatt of solar hot power engineering.

Liu Qi said that solar thermal power generation potential in the field of industry in our country, seize market opportunities can seize the strategic high ground, in the year 2020 before the formation of a strong international competitiveness. Solar thermal power output adjustable stable and controllable, is expected to serve as base-load supply and peak tasks can make significant contributions to the adjustment of energy structure in China.

Original title: China will take four measures to promote solar thermal power generation