Photovoltaic plant data farewell “lamp black”

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the newly released guidelines on information disclosure on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company involved in PV power plant business, need semi-annual, annual report more detailed disclosure of its development by the PV power plant project-specific data. Including, power station installed capacity, project location, own products supplied in the project, has been operating power stations, wind power generation, grid-connected electricity, tariff revenue and operating profit, and so on.

For listed companies into the scope of such disclosure, disclosure of more power station operation index, will allow these enterprises are faced with investors and from all walks of life view like a magnifying glass.

Operational data transparency

“First, investors may be the generating capacity of the power station project in the same area are compared. In this case, if a company announced electricity than other enterprises, may give rise to the outside world for its photovoltaic power plant construction, daily operation and maintenance of various questioned if there is a problem. Especially for those who ‘ sold ‘ model of business, these questions may spread to the upper reaches of its cells, components, and even the Silicon material quality. “Brokerage analyst reporter said.

However, insiders believe that a PV power plant generating capacity, the amount is determined by many factors, both photovoltaic components and the entire system of quality-related, also associated with the existence of the power station during the operation and maintenance. And for those who have built plants, to further improve, and work only with regard to operation and maintenance.

“This can be achieved by intelligent maintenance system. A is can through real-time of, and high precision of data acquisition, more accurate of assessment a PV power station of power capacity what in what level; II is through big data, and real networking, technology, can on PV power station the component and whole system of equipment State, and power load, data, for analysis mining and forecast, carried out precision scheduling, and fault judge and forecast sex maintenance, improve energy using efficiency and security stable run level, to improve electricity. “The insiders said.

Although the letter with the new rules issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is limited to listed in the growth enterprise market, but as more non-gem-listed companies involved in photovoltaic business, this new regulation could be gradually extended to all listed companies.

However, another point of view, full financing of the hardship of PV power station, through the use of technologies such as smart operations to increase its transparency in the investment process to some extent solve the financing problems faced by a capital-intensive industry, and to promote more investors ‘ enthusiasm, is the trend, is a more realistic option.

“Homegrown” model “hurt”

Integrated letters with guidelines rules of this announcement of listed company’s business will be affected, including availability of products in the power plant project, power station size and location, operating power plants, wind power generation, grid-connected electricity and so on. Publication of these data, will help the outside world by means of comparison such as vertical, horizontal, known PV of listed company of real electricity, upstream and downstream enterprises in the upper reaches of the real profit.

“For example, with the PV power station in Golmud in Qinghai province, if a company power plant generating capacity gaps as compared with other companies, particularly obvious gaps, you can be sure there is not the normal place. “The insiders said.

Compared to electricity, the most popular is undoubtedly the “selling” of the enterprise.

The past two years, domestic production of photovoltaic manufacturing companies will own the batteries, components for their investment and construction of photovoltaic power plants, is becoming one of the most popular models in the industry.

However, for these businesses, this model should the capital chain tension problem, on the other hand from time to time by the industry of its component systems, such as questioning the quality of the product.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange letter of the new rules, and regulators undoubtedly a response to this question.

In a letter released at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the new rules, with particular reference to the requirements of photovoltaic companies own products in the power supply. This also means that if an enterprise application products of PV electricity is not like other enterprises in the area of photovoltaic power stations, it will inevitably suffer more questions.


Listed companies to question the most important coping, is able to give a reasonable explanation, professional.

“The power station’s output gap occurs in the same region, which may be due to innate factors in PV power station construction, can also be acquired factors, such as some intelligent maintenance system in power plant and some power plant did not use this system, disparity will eventually reflect on the electricity. “One has a photovoltaic plant three years operating experience in the telecommunications industry, told reporters.

Intelligent mainstream PV power station operation and maintenance as a domestic enterprise, Huawei, stakeholders were of the view that new rules to deal with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the first and most important thing is to do real, comprehensive original data acquisition station. “There is no accurate data source, any analysis is meaningless. ”

“While the inverter as core equipment of PV power station, assume a data collection and monitoring role. Therefore, the inverter with high-accuracy data acquisition and intelligent control capabilities to effectively manage each string in order to string data more accurate sampling, monitoring, storage, and analysis. “He said.

This company also believes that outside concerns about the PV power plant generating capacity behind involves more professional is, by what means to achieve more accurate assessment for photovoltaic power plant, and further increase capacity.

In his view, the raw data that requires power plants to true and comprehensive, then were based on accurate data analysis and control, or Ying-dimension cloud Center functions.

According to introduced, currently Huawei has in love Kang, and investment new energy, and mountain, built FusionSolar intelligent camp-dimension cloud Center management system, through itself at of cloud computing, and big data analysis of advantage, fine to each group series of full volume data, and multidimensional built die analysis, and algorithm optimization, after depth mining, not only solution has electricity data real-time, and accurate, and transparent reported, with most simple, and directly of way rendering has group overall business index, and also can achieved power station business index analysis, and power station operation State diagnosis , Quickly identify optimal direction, help managers improve operating efficiency.

Researcher at the Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Wang Sicheng said at a Congress on operations: “PV power station to do intelligence OPS, means of information are very important, such as cloud computing, big data, Internet +, the use of techniques such as centralized management. As a result, intelligence operations on IT technology combined with the PV power plant put forward higher requirements. ”

For letter batch new rules covers range within of PV power station,, intelligent shipped dimension system at least can up to two a role, a is can through real-time of, and high precision of data acquisition, more accurate of assessment a PV power station of power capacity what in how of level, and for future more professional of response outside of questioned provides support; II is through big data, and real networking, technology, can on PV power station all component and whole system of equipment State, and power load, data for analysis mining and forecast, carried out precision of scheduling , Fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance, raise the level of the safe and stable operation of the power station, so as to enhance its capacity.

Said the industry believes that throughout the operating system, in addition to the existing environment, business models, constraints, sensors and other hardware devices is also a measure of a system’s core. After all, for intelligent operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, and more dynamic based on real-time data, rather than a simple static data. Therefore, the corresponding hardware technology can keep up with, is crucial.

He said that, in the context of the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued new rules on disclosure of information, along with some real-time monitoring, application of modern operational technology will undoubtedly promote PV industry more transparent.

“This increase in transparency, will help the outside world more rational measure of investment value of PV power plant, if the quality of the PV power plant, electricity and so on are no problem, then the industry as a whole is certainly positive. Therefore, the SSE approved the new rules to the letter, some impact on the PV industry, but more imply new opportunities, depends on enterprises to what kind of response. ”

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