Photovoltaic plant three development trend in the future

Polaris solar PV net news: energy structure adjustment is the choice of national strategy, environmental protection become a social problem, countries promoting new and renewable sources of energy in the future construction of an irreversible trend, future trends for PV power station:

1, PV applications and industry convergence trends

With the huge expansion of PV power station, high quality power station building appear scarce land resources, power station comprehensive income needs to improve, fused with the first industry trend in photovoltaic power plant. For example, the artificial Sun multi-layer high density non-soil planting plants, the use of new energy-saving light plant photosynthesis, using multi-layer stereo plant to improve land use efficiency. Agricultural technology such as photovoltaic canopy, canopy installed photovoltaic cells or solar collectors, flexible light, suitable for the growth of some crops and economic crops, but also industrialization and land and efficient output. Photovoltaic and tailings management, abandoned mining subsidence area in circular economy construction or combination of ecological management and makes the ecological environment restoration of abandoned land can be achieved. Combining solar and conventional water treatment facilities, through photovoltaic water mode, can effectively reduce the cost of water treatment and for treatment of carbon emissions.

2, energy micro-grid of interconnected and complementary trends

Energy of the future the Internet will be based on the existing power grid, through advanced power electronics and information technology, energy and electricity interconnection of the two-way flow of information-sharing networks. Internet with solar energy and other renewable sources of energy as the primary energy sources of supply characteristics of distributed energy collection and storage characteristics of distributed generation, energy storage device and load characteristics of micro-energy network interconnection. Photovoltaic power ratio increased volatility, and require a power supply side with greater ability, distributed energy storage to be universal, active distribution networks will come into being. Solar power and other renewable energy sources, energy storage hybrid power generation, and formed with the load can grid and isolated network operation of micro-grid, will be a new application form for solar power, applies to both remote pastoral areas, Island power, but also for networking running as network controlled power unit.

3, distributed energy trends

Compared with the other clean energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation and commercial and industrial electricity consumption peak matches, so PV compared to other renewable energy sources is more suitable for a distributed application. Development of distributed PV systems have the advantage of their economic, environmental, and to improve the reliability of electricity supply security and the settlement of electricity in remote areas. Of distributed PV installed capacity are usually small, late initial investment and low operation and maintenance costs, short construction period, to achieve power, good for power, remote power supply form of complementary and alternative, future development to a certain percentage can promote micro-grid construction and development. With reform in power distribution points, such as direct-purchasing electricity, electricity sales license issuance, will usher in an unprecedented opportunity for development of distributed energy power station.

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