Planning to declare as much PV leader plans to speed up the shuffle

Polaris solar PV net news: author from the industry was informed that the National Energy Board will be increased from this year of PV products standards, quality and threshold, to promote survival of the fittest, and is arranged every year in the manner of “leader”. At present, the program first awarded the flowers Cosmos, provinces were planning to declare otherwise, plan for at least three years in a row. “Because the participants were asked to have more advanced technology to obtain the appropriate financial and procurement support, is expected to gradually highlight leading enterprise advantage. “Experts in the industry say.

“Leader” promoting survival of the fittest

As domestic first a was batch “lead who” plans of project, “Shanxi Datong mining subsidence District National advanced technology PV model base” recently has announced has tender results, joint PV, and China China electric, and China can, and in the wide nuclear, and in the electric international, and three gorges, and Datong coal mine, 7 Home Enterprise picked have 100 MW “lead who plans project”, Sun power, and British Lee, and Crystal section power, and are Thai new energy, and Crystal o solar, 5 Home Enterprise bid 50 MW “lead who plans + technology, and new mode model project”.

“The ‘ leader ‘ is the Department of energy by the market’s behavior a way of China PV industry development, mainly in manufacturing the best technological advances in development. Plan on electro-optical conversion, battery modules, inverters and so on a series of provisions, can achieve efficiency standards are above average. Estimated upper-middle-level enterprises to have the opportunity to enjoy the policies, but must ensure that the efficiency can reach this level. “China renewable energy society and Vice Chairman, the photovoltaic branch Director Zhao Yuwen said yesterday in an interview with the author.

Author practitioners within master has a copies Shanxi Datong mining subsidence District National advanced technology PV model base 2015 years project investment file, which on PV base power station construction index has strictly of provides, as PV power station first years system efficiency not below 81%; polysilicon PV component conversion efficiency not below 16.5%; inverse variable device should has zero voltage through function, and highest conversion efficiency not below 99%, and China efficiency not below 98.2%,.

Datong “leader” one of the planned bid jinko global spokesman Qian Jing told the author, which is conducive to further raise awareness among relevant enterprises to establish technical advantages, will promote an industry-wide technology upgrade, eliminating bad and inefficient production capacity, technology and brand formed by natural barriers. Crystal main by virtue of our high efficiency, high reliability and competitively priced technology products have the opportunity to participate in this plan.

“Such a plan, so power replacing a lot of administrative processes that are running project approval, more focus on power plant construction and quality assurance. It is a valid attempt that can lead the industry and technology upgrades, support an industry leader, formed out of the market mechanism. “Qian Jing said.

Worthy of note is the National Energy Board, the Ministry and CNCA jointly issued a few days ago for the promotion of Advanced photovoltaic technology product applications and industrial upgrading of the opinion of clear references to the market on technology progress to play lead, strict implementation of photovoltaic product market access standards, implementation of the “leader” play a financial plan, and supporting the role of PV technology in government procurement.

To declare as many “runners”

“The ‘ leader ‘ plan explicitly requires advanced technology, if it meets standards of enterprises can apply for. To selected by experts, elected to be the country’s most outstanding enterprises. “Zhao Yuwen said.

In his view, is needs a coal mine in Shanxi province, the PV-just give them a chance, collapsed due to coal which can transform ecology, energy role and to promote structural changes in the energy.

“Our products has been very competitive at the international level, innovation never stops, it is necessary to encourage innovation. “According to Zhao Yuwen, said that” leader “also will be at least three years in a row, or even can continue well after. If other places are more typical of the region, Bureau of energy will also be considered.

A person familiar with the matter said, Xinyu and other PV industrial base better cities have been declared “leader”.

“The Department of energy has raised sharply by 2020 PV development plan, current manufacturing capacity is far less than the target, expansion must be updated constantly. Some advanced capacity expansion will be faster, and the early production technology upgrade needs. In this context, ‘ leader ‘ plan would have to improve. “Zhao Yuwen said.

In recent years, the domestic photovoltaic industry is continuing to eliminate backward production capacity, industry standards and threshold than before has been greatly improved. Liu Chang, founder SolarZoom told reporters, “the leader” plan some requirements, such as single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency of standard, many companies can do it.

In addition to participating in the “leaders” have plans, PV enterprises in the coded layout of PV power plant operation and capacity expansion. Just received 100 MW project in Datong combined PV, on July 30, a full acquisition of a company with total installed capacity of about 100 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power station of the target company. Rainbow refinement and merchants capital of 5 billion new PV industry in the layout of the new energy industry fund investment, and the company is under construction and acquisitions, such as photovoltaic power plant has more than 800MW,1GW of total installed capacity target is expected to be completed ahead of time.

First half of the year, performance was remarkable in the PV industry, part of the profit from the added contribution to new power plant capacity. According to statistics, solar power concepts plate 33 stocks, has released 10 companies that reported earnings, of which 9 increase in operating profit. Announcements published in 16 companies, more than half of the expected profit. Earnings compared with the first half of the Lutheran Church’s double energy mainly benefit from the company’s PV glass capacity, PV and the EPC new contributions.

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