Polaris solar network on August 27, 2015 highlights review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary August 27 news, shares 22 photovoltaic company revenue in the first half rose 17%, “58th article” reducing polysilicon processing trade imports total imports are still high, the solar chill out depth adjustment will take some time, as follows:

Shares 22 photovoltaic company revenues rose in the first half of 17%

“58th article” reducing polysilicon processing trade imports total imports remain high

Solar chill out of the depth adjustment takes time

Dark horse died suddenly in groups GCL integration between the two cities worst loss of complex rate evaporation 28 billion

6 expansion destroyed Taiwan “semiconductor” Godfather Chang PV dream hit

Photovoltaic plant data farewell “lamp black”

Anhui yingdong district solar project implementation plan

Ten new booster PV application of Jiangxi’s total installed capacity at the end of this year will exceed 1 million-kilowatt

First half of 2015 India PV market review

Study on the effect of heat generation on photovoltaic power capacity

Germany opened the veil renewable energy auction (part two)

Australia Victorian Government renewable energy plan

Second half of 2015 analysis of PV market in China

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