Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection (8.3-8.7)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Changsha on speeding up the implementation of distributed PV applications

For implement implementation State on promote PV industry health development of several views (country sent (2013) 24th,) and Hunan Province Government Office on advance distributed PV power development of implementation views (Hunan political do sent (2014) 118th,), spirit, further speed up I city distributed PV power application, promote PV industry Health ordered development, by City Government agreed, now proposed following implementation views. �

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2. about creating solar energy application, zaozhuang city model city implementation plan

A few days ago, zaozhuang City Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission, issued jointly by the municipal science and Technology Bureau and nine departments on printing <, zaozhuang city, about creating a solar energy model city implementation plan > notice, further increase the solar energy industry leading support, seeking to “Thirteen-Five” at the end, solar energy demonstration building in zaozhuang city became an important urban and industrial development. In recent years, the solar industry is booming in zaozhuang city, the city a total of solar thermal and photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprises 25, annual output of vacuum tube solar water heater 40.9 million, machine 2.2 million units, with PV module production capacity of 800 MW; completed solar photovoltaic generation capacity of 59.5 MW, years when the power 60 million-kilowatt.

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Market review

1. photovoltaic industry asset-light financial trader can become copied template?

From 2013, to get involved in photovoltaic power plant investment, operation by 2014 PV power station installed capacity reached 572 megawatts, photovoltaic power station installed capacity in July this year to break through 1952 MW, joint owned by PV power station lineup was expanded. Reporters found that differs from the traditional photovoltaic companies, combined PV focus on acquisition and operation of photovoltaic power plant, the model for “acquisitions–– to buy” the financial cycle. In the photovoltaic industry facing excess capacity, the background of international trade protectionism, the PV power station financial model can be copied template?

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2. the guide will expire polycrystalline silicon processing trade policy selection dilemma

Last August, for the protection of domestic polysilicon industry healthy competition and the smooth development of trade considered vulnerability and further sealing China’s trade relief measures, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued a “58th of the text” (a moratorium on solar-grade polysilicon processing trade imports notice) and polysilicon manufacturers one-year reflection period of processing trade.

Recently, part of upstream calls for the complete closure of processing trade in China while at the same time, many have called for the middle and lower reaches of enterprises continue to delay the processing trade policy. Side is the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise in order to reduce the cost of calls for continuation of processing trade; foreign enterprises through processing trade export to China’s foreign trade and processing of polysilicon companies, increasing competition on the domestic polysilicon, faced with this dilemma, processing trade policy and how to choose?

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3. renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou: “herd daily” study new road

The State Council recently approved the demonstration zone of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, China renewable energy development plan, agreed to set up renewable energy demonstration area in Zhangjiakou, marking China’s first comprehensive renewable energy demonstration project approved by the State Council official landing. Experts say there are a number of institutional obstacles for renewable energy development, the urgent need by pioneering and innovation in local region, exploring new models and mechanisms to expedite renewable energy development.

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4. the PV allocation and management of resources “, Jiangsu sample”

Jiangsu is China’s economic province in the East, and also the load one of the larger provinces. Over the years, the adjustment of energy structure in Jiangsu Province quality of renewable energy development and lead the country for a long time. At present, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council, our decentralized renewable energy projects to the local implementation of the file system. File system is difficult, how in the course of operation, make rational allocation of limited scenery resources, science has always been decentralized government and PV industry pays attention to issues around. This year, Jiangsu innovation, establish a science of photovoltaic resource configuration evaluation system, was considered a major PV management innovation, can be used by other provinces and territories to learn from.

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5. “Thirteen-Five” solar PV targets raised a few final am still controversial

Authors from a number of sources informed that the “Thirteen-Five” plan new energy targets raised confirmed, widely expected, related industries objective than “Twelve-Five” planning perspectives (by 2020 wind power 200 million-kilowatt, solar 100 million-kilowatt) numerical growth, solar power is expected to reach 150 million kW, 250 million to 280 million kilowatts of wind power, but increase is controversial.

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Enterprise version

1. Yingli sells photovoltaic power plant to sell overseas assets to solve the debt crisis

After selling idle land, Yingli resold overseas photovoltaic power plant. Yingli Green energy holding company limited yesterday announced that the company has been located in the United Kingdom a 18.8 MW power project sold to NextEnergySolarFund company. The industry believes that is debt Yingli over 90%, coupled with continuing losses, finance, debt service burden, selling idle land, United Kingdom PV can relieve debt pressures.

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2. China Merchants brewing industry within five years IV impact of new energy industry leader

At present, China Merchants group has three main business, finance, transportation and real estate sectors, respectively. China Merchants group is very concerned about new energy business, support is also very big wants to cultivate it as a fourth business in the future. The evening of August 3, new energy investment group limited’s joint PV Group Limited announced that the bid “national advanced technology in mining subsidence area in Datong, Shanxi solar demonstration base” 100 MW unit PV power plant project, this also means that PV industry in China’s first “leader” official landing.

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3. PV companies collectively in the first half, “stand up”

Under the policy guidance and market pull, PV enterprises gradually bottom out in the first half of this year the collective “roll over”, shipments increased, profitability is greatly improved, most of the profit is realized. The industry is expected to demand strong technical lead, global PV market will continue to grow rapidly in the second half, merger and reorganization of enterprises to accelerate at the same time, industry concentration will rise.

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4. Dragon photoelectric by thousands of large contracts party insolvency concerns

Dragon photoelectric recently announced, the company signed an agreement on July 31, intends to Sheng-Crystal furnace Nagy PV sales in Inner Mongolia, the contract amount of 18.15 million Yuan. Worth noting is that Sheng Nagy, business situation is grim in Inner Mongolia, is now insolvent. In addition, the relationship between the company and Dragon optical links, in fact, accused Zhou Jian to actual controllers of listed companies Zhou Rongsheng, Gu Yizhen son.

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5. the commercialization of new energy micro-grid Eve ATP first to test the waters

On July 22, issued by the National Energy Board’s guidance on promoting the construction of new energy micro-grid demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as the opinion pointed out that new energy micro-grid energy represents the future development trend is the Internet “+” innovative applications in the energy sector. Qian Jing jinko global spokesman, new energy micro-grid grid let go of a specific way of placing the lateral social subjects, in line with the direction of thrust of the electric power system reform in China, especially for new energy distribution energy creating huge development space.

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Comment article

1. the solar agricultural problems

PV agricultural projects in the past two years have been developing broad, concrete forms are varied, in a broad sense agriculture includes agricultural greenhouses, open PV photovoltaic PV agriculture, complementary, animal husbandry and fisheries complementation, energy-saving photovoltaic PV agriculture, ecological agriculture, get the PV industry and agriculture both in the field of attention and support. However, the must see that the PV agricultural development so far, policy environment, on the edge of non-uniform construction standards, individual PV-enclosure which has faced more questioning, resulting in many problems, even a dissenting voice.

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2. the energy Internet ≠ “Internet + energy”

Since the “Internet +” concept, the “energy Internet” suddenly a fashionable Buzzword. Many people have begun “energy Internet” hype of the concept. In the hype, most people confuse a concept, that is “energy Internet” or “Internet + energy” equivalent. In fact, energy and now the Internet “Internet + energy,” not only is not the same thing, and 108,000 miles between the two.

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3. brag PV companies to “pay taxes”

Everyone knows that, bragging is taxed. However, for listed companies for the PV industry, from now on, the old principle may not apply. Here’s the thing, a few days ago, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a stock exchange second Board in Shenzhen 3rd–guidelines on information disclosure of listed company in the PV industry chain related business. This specification for dedicated solar enterprise information disclosure document, of solar or photovoltaic business of the listed company’s listed companies–including upstream manufacturing and power plant investment and raw materials–information disclosure requirements, is detailed.

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4. How do I look at renewable energy subsidies were removed, problems?

United Kingdom the Government has announced further cuts in subsidies for renewable, in the United Kingdom domestic caused quite a stir. In fact, in April 2014, the European Commission has issued new rules phasing in solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy industries of State subsidies, and beginning in 2017, all EU Member States are forced to restrict subsidies to the renewable energy industry. United Kingdom the initiative can also be seen as a response to new EU rules.

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5. cool looking at oil giant “abandoned” renewable energy

Back down on the oil giant in the world of renewable energy development, not enough to shake China’s determination to develop renewable sources of energy, diversification of energy structure, remind us in renewable energy development must be both positive and safe. China not as international as big oil and energy companies, driven by capital profit, investing in renewable energy back down on, for this we must have a sober understanding.

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Character articles

1. Wang Bohua: photovoltaic power generation costs can be lowered after five years of 50%

PV industry in 2015, significant positive development, but over the years, photovoltaic excess production capacity, product quality is uneven, high cost of power generation such as public attention to the problem and question. China PV Industry Association Secretary General Wang Bohua has told the media that, with technological advances in PV industry chain link, by 2020 PV prices decline 50% and thus to achieve parity is possible.

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