PV future issues of four would need to know

Polaris solar PV net news: 1. the revolution on energy production and consumption revolution as well as the role of PV

Humans now experiences twice the energy change is after more efficient energy, replaces the previous energy development. Now basically formed the coexistence of oil and gas, coal development pattern. The golden age of coal is over, but also a certain proportion. Oil has become the world’s main source of energy, the development trend of natural gas continues to grow over the next ten years could become the first big energy.

At present, the energy change we begin at the third stage of development, and the third features two very different energy changes, the energy change is force-driven change, because it is based on ecological and environmental protection, climate change, energy resources and sustainable supply of external constraints or requirements, is a “passive” changes. In such cases, to change is made up of high density energy transfer to the low density of energy, by the use of energy resources to energy transfer of resources is not, therefore, invariably lead to a rise in the cost of the transfer direction and by the resource dependency to technology dependent before. Technology dependent on the characteristics of the new energy industry become new. Economic growth, which is the third energy change is more complex, and some even call it the artificial energy change. Therefore, the future reconstruction of the energy supply system is needed, characterized by the following features.

First, the energy industry structure will change, will merge more consumption of energy supply system, and there will be more investment. Second, it changes the energy and electricity consumption, energy system is to be decided, because the availability of renewable energy is not the same, consumers will respond to the supply side of demands in the future. The future, demand-side response may be more by policy or economic means to boot. Third, it will change the role of consumers. Prior Division of roles is very clear, the consumer is the consumer, producer is a producer. Everyone is a possible production and sales in the future, both consumers and producers. Finally, in this pattern, the next step in the energy industry’s rules of the game will change. It can be said that distributed photovoltaic is most reflected the concept of this form of energy, is the ordinary “energy dream” forms of energy. Which is why the current distributed PV has received attention and focus one of the reasons.

2. must attach importance to adapt and implement electric power system and docking

The third power-oriented energy change highlighting feature. Because, in the supply source will escape from fossil fuel dependence, 90% per cent of non-fossil fuels into electricity; on the consumption side, new power technologies and facilities, such as the large-scale use of electric vehicles.

Therefore, new energy developments and adaptation of power system and docking is especially important. We see that energy Green, greatly increase the proportion of renewable energy such as solar, is the common choice of strategic adjustment of energy all over the world. Accepted in large proportion of renewable energy power generation at the same time ensuring power system security and stability operation and control costs, is the world’s common problems of power development. On grid-connected renewable energy generation and elimination, at home and abroad have reached the basic consensus is that a given power system (grid) accepted the variability of renewable capacity, depending on the power supplies of the system can be adjusted. Scale of development of renewable energy resources in a particular area, depending on his network’s coverage.

Renewable energy development brings to the balance of power system one of the challenges is the focus of both at home and abroad. Such as wind power, solar energy does not have scheduled extensive access and change a great deal of power, allows instantaneous balance of power system in ensuring that the minute the system balanced and reliable operation faces great challenges. Meeting such challenges requires comprehensive coordination of the entire power system and optimizing the allocation of resources. In the power structure, optimize the structure of power, improve the operational flexibility of the generating equipment, in particular the need to consider building a certain amount of peak-load regulation power source. In terms of grid based, accelerate upgrading grid infrastructure, strengthen the power grid structure, accelerate the construction of trans-regional power grid, improve regional interconnectivity, meet the need of new energy a large network and sends out. In terms of operation, raise the level of intelligent dispatching, optimizing dispatching scheduling, intraday and real-time scheduling, improve ability to accept massive new energy grid. In terms of demand-side response, requires power system to change the traditional operating model, through policies and measures to improve demand-side response capacity, improved load characteristics, and fully mobilize the participation of all types of demand-side resources system.

In addition, you also need to adapt to new energy sources such as photovoltaic grid-connected power systems operation and management system. In terms of grid connection standards, introduction of compulsory incorporation of binding national level technical specifications. In the management of power prediction, new power is the new energy sources into the power generation planning, real-time basis. Requires new energy power generation, dispatching agencies should establish power prediction system. Operation monitoring and management, should be in line with local conditions to choose new construction model of real-time monitoring system for energy. New energy monitor and control system of the basic functions, improve information access of new energy. In terms of schedule management, with the requirement that energy-efficient scheduling means dispatching new energy, developing scientific dispatching rules, and will be included in the annual means such as wind power, solar energy and Manpower, into monthly and balance a few days ago.

Current and future period, substantial growth in electricity demand is at a stage in our country, so for my country, especially attach great importance to and strengthening the planning and co-ordination of development. One is to attach great importance to the coordination of the planning and construction, including power projects development and coordination between power grid planning and construction, as well as changes in power (such as wind, solar, etc) and general power supply (especially with adjustable power capacity) coordination between. Second, we must attach great importance to construction of power grids. Accepted the change of power system power supply capacity is dependent on the system’s power structure, load characteristic and power grid coverage. Increase the proportion of wind power and other changes to accept the four ways are: improving the ability of traditional power, increased peak power, electricity grid interconnection, improve the demand side response capacity. Power grid is to decide whether four kinds of flexible resources key factors involved in the system. Blocking important transmission lines are important factors contributing to system resources cannot be shared; wind power and other unstable power supply in areas remote from the load Center power is relatively weak. Large-scale grid-connected wave power grid structure must be strengthened, enhancing power system interconnection. In China, strengthen its network role grid interconnection, is the most realistic and effective measures in the future.

Long term, large-scale renewable energy development and utilization, technically there are no insurmountable obstacles, but for each specific stage of development and system without the necessary technical measures and means, it will bring many practical problems and contradictions. Therefore, the renewable energy development in the future on the idea of promoting the development of PV, you must establish a two-way concept of promotion, to improve operational flexibility and adjustment capacity of the power supply can be adjusted, expanded/trans-regional power grid coverage exchange capacity, changing traditional patterns of power supply and system operating modes, profit model of the different stakeholders.

3. Professional, innovation is the key to promote the sustainable development of photovoltaic

To meet the technical requirements of the electric power system management, which is the photovoltaic power generation to achieve a healthy and orderly development of “compulsory” and also as PV will become “small is beautiful” emerging energy supply, as an important prerequisite for future main power supply. Germany early on small distributed PV power not take any monitoring measures, grid run of technology requirements also relative lower, with PV power mass increased, 50.2Hz problem, and voltage exceeded problem, and line transformer overload problem, one by one exposed, its results is, only grid transformation a items on needed input tens of billions of euro, this also not including will 100kW following distributed PV power into monitoring need owners investment of supporting equipment cost. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to strengthen technological innovation and management innovation. For PV, and especially in the areas of industry and business model innovation demands have become more prominent.

All of this is based on the development of a common energy objectives. Energy is always to meet the needs of economic and social development, which is the basic task of the target. Now in order to meet these objectives, also needs to reach the Green, low-carbon, environment-friendly, and so on. Future energy needs in environmentally friendly, clean and efficient condition to provide economic and social technologies available, the economic sustainability of an adequate energy supply, which is our development goals. Distributed PV to play appropriate roles in sustainable development costs, not just lower our costs, including access systems supporting and we should try to reduce. Germany studies have shown that reach 52 million kW of PV development scale can basically tell when electricity prices were flat, at this time, the policy does not provide subsidies to distributed PV. Size of 52 million kW in 2020 is expected to achieve. These policies are based on acceptable development train of thought for adjustment.

4. new energy has become the new variable definition mechanism in electricity market

China is now in a critical period of electricity market reform, had been talking of reform programmes of the community. Electricity market reform is the right direction. But relative to the environment of electricity market reform several years ago, with the emergence of a new element, is new energy, it will redefine the basis of electricity market. Electricity market reform in the world, there are two concerns. Is the target market and how to consider elements of the renewable energy development. Second, how to build, including the renewable energy market mechanism. In the new renewable energies into the future, the commodity nature of power is not the power and frequency can be defined, and may be reflected in smaller sessions, at the minute, minute level to support the system.

Renewable energy can participate in the market, how to participate in the market, this is both at home and abroad have been discussing the issue. United States, California is moving toward renewable energy into marketing steps. By 2012, in California and other States, are exempt from the steady supply of wind power, solar energy and other renewable energy responsibility. Renewable energies priority clearing mechanism in California have dropped out. After 2012, the new construction of wind power plants with other plant smooth output responsibility, or a steady supply responsibility, which is typical of California. Giving priority to continued to make wind power in New York State. Which system is better, there is no consensus view. Germany, too, the “negative” mechanism has been adjusted in the near future, now put into operation prior to the year 2015 they wind power plant, able to provide system services to 0.48 cents per kWh of additional price incentives. There is no doubt that this is the existing policy subsidies on the basis of the system of values. The future after government subsidies were removed, means the value of such a system service through the market. United Kingdom study also accordingly. United Kingdom ready to begin to build the capacity of the market by the end of this year, auction volume of the system, in this way ensuring the market value of the traditional power.

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