PV joint organizations urge the British Government to continue to support small photovoltaic repurchase subsidies

Polaris solar PV net news: consists of 100 representatives of small business, retailers and local interest groups to form a solar Federation, to United Kingdom Prime Ministers issued a joint letter required by Government review of the year to enhance the FIT (feed-intariff, photovoltaic power buy back subsidies) protection.

Federation made up of 100 photovoltaic group, representative of United Kingdom small business, retailers, agricultural organizations and local governments, as well as tens of thousands of photovoltaic practitioners, to the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, David? Cameron issued a joint letter, urged the Government not to cancel the PV repurchase subsidies.

Before news that the United Kingdom Government will be reviewed to FIT this fall. In English and published on the Government proposal to eliminate ground solar subsidies, photovoltaic operators to FIT the end-result is worried: worried about suffering the same fate. Press the Sunday Times even predicting the lowest subsidies can be reduced to the original 50%.

In the United Kingdom, about 700,000 households in their roof-mounted photovoltaic facilities and benefits FIT. Federation called on the Government to protect the FIT to ensure that more individuals, organizations and small enterprises can receive subsidies from the rooftop PV.

In the joint letter, you can see a lot of familiar names: IKEA, Hanson, teachers National Association, the Electrical Contractors Association, renewable energy Association and theDioceseofLondon (Diocese of London), Julia Groves to raise platforms Trillion Fund also signed their names on this letter: ” Appeal letter signed by your organization’s diversity and difference can be seen, FIT for the masses and some associations have been more right. Rather than cancel FIT deprived of this right, the Government should do is support the FIT, after all, photovoltaic power generation costs are also being reduced. ”

More voice on demand FIT throughout the PV industry and clean energy industry one after another. Climate strategy Director of campaign group LeoMurray said this fall under the context of the United Nations climate change conference, held in Paris, the reduction or elimination of FIT is not good.

“If it’s not in the past six months in the United Kingdom do nothing in carbon reduction, even to combat it, we won’t think of voice at the December climate conference. “Murray said,” FIT all carbon reduction plans and measures are in the best sections. Keep FIT, get more people involved in the PV, renewable energy, to make people aware of Cameron in the very active about climate issues. “(Translator: JaneWang)

Original title: photovoltaic joint organizations urge the British Government to continue to support small photovoltaic repurchase subsidies

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