PV “leader” plan: upgrade Accelerator

Polaris solar PV net news: mighty PV industry program of technical upgrading, first set up the Shanxi Datong. This also means that with lots of Datong in coal mining areas, implementation of PV industry in China “leader” plan first approved demonstration bases.

At the base of the bidding, including international, cgnpc, China Huadian, combined PV 12 photovoltaic businesses amounted to a 950-megawatt project development rights. Experts said that as PV “champions” has become the industry benchmark, will lead other companies to improve product quality and efficiency, thus contributing to the PV industry to upgrade and promote healthy competition across the sector.

In June this year, the national energy Bureau of industry and information technology Ministry, CNCA introduced for the promotion of Advanced photovoltaic technology product applications and industrial upgrading of the opinion (hereinafter referred to as views) that China will improve photovoltaic product market access, implementation of the “leader”.

The so-called photovoltaic “leader” scheme, which is the national energy Bureau plans to begin this year, annual photovoltaic support special programmes, the “leader” program through the construction of photovoltaic power generation demonstration of advanced technology base, new technologies application and demonstration project implementation. Meanwhile, government financial support and procurement in the future, will also give priority to the use of “leader” enterprise development technologies and products.

To this end, the National Energy Board Secretary Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director, new and renewable sources of energy, the next step will be summed up demonstration base in Datong construction and management on the basis of experience, continues to explore and promote photovoltaic development and photovoltaic industry work together to promote a new model, a new path, “Thirteen-Five” and more long-term PV industry quality efficiency and achieve “good manufacturing” provide market protection.

“Big but not strong” forcing effect

According to statistics from the National Energy Board, first half of 2015, photovoltaic industry bucked up, new installed capacity of about 7.5 million-kilowatt, which distributed new about 1 million-kilowatt, China has become the world’s largest photovoltaic market. Solar energy industry will be the future of leading industries, “Thirteen-Five” period PV-20 million-kilowatt about 30 million-kilowatt/year of the development scale.

Though the size of the domestic photovoltaic industry and technology have been developing rapidly, but it also brings a number of problems. For example, can appear backward out of the market, advanced technology products from entering markets, photovoltaic industry overall technical upgrading slow, photovoltaic power generation engineering quality problems and other issues. Particularly with regard to technology, does not play a leading role.

According to an anonymous industry source, single component of power efficiency and battery, if countries lack of guidance, as investors are more concerned with immediate return on investment. “If the 250-watt solar panel, now crystal is generally has been upgraded to a 275-Watt, and if there is no such driver may be stuck at the stage of 250 Watts, or technical progress is slow. “The source said.

In fact, reduce the investment and the cost of PV electricity, key depends on the conversion efficiency of the battery. For investors, the two components of prices are basically the same, but from the perspective of long-term investment, increase the efficiency of the battery saving glass, back plate, aluminum frame and other packaging material costs, productivity will be split to reduce these costs. Of course, cement pile in the power plant installation, installation and labor costs will decline because of the split.

On the efficiency of current from the battery, domestic enterprises to some extent, has lagged behind the United States, Japan, South Korea and other overseas competitors. Prior to that, Suntech master “Pluto’s plan” is fairly advanced, but after all these years there was no promotion. In Japan, Matsushita battery efficiency had reached 25.6%, and multi crystalline cells is around 18%, single crystal about 19.8%. Korea 20% to 21%. United States SunPower cell conversion efficiency in 23% through 24%, and pressure on domestic enterprises on overseas markets, but Panasonic and SunPower do efficient battery business has not been affected. So, overall domestic technological progress has been slow.

From the national point of view, still hope that by “leaders” the demonstration effect of the plan, raise it a year threshold, drive the technological upgrading of industry.

Avoid “bad money” expulsion “good money”

In an interview, there are entrepreneurs expressed concern to reporters that “national policy is good, but if the implementation is not in place, will the phenomenon of bad money drives out good money. ”

For now, those low prices, low conversion efficiency of components also have a certain market. Because the entire market for high prices, high quality and lack of true identity. Although owners bid for your component has developed a high level of quality requirements, but some companies tend to bid with the lowest price. Such a result is that some smaller businesses do not meet quality requirements, but that claim to meet, and the low bid.

In fact, for the country’s “leader” targets set in the plan, excellent domestic enterprises can do it, because it is seeking the views of a lot of enterprises. Did some enterprises did not do so. The reason is that power station multi crystalline cells require 270 Watts, requested 275 Watts of single crystal, but designed to 255 Watts at design time, itself can do so high.

In this regard, the entrepreneur said, we have to go through civil and Government forces, the quality of products listed on the agenda. By companies investigation of photovoltaic products to third parties, including product quality, specifications, power efficiency, and so on, rating and ranking, ranking too poor not to play. Meanwhile, photovoltaic product sold services to follow up.

Judging from the demonstration project in Datong, Shanxi, and companies have realized that the Government cannot make the same mistakes in the past only the immediate interests to the neglect of long-term development of the industry’s mistakes. Has been involved in the selection of experts said that enterprises in the application submission and evaluation process, in accordance with the requirements of fairness and justice, using video and special supervision, ensure that the environment of excellence, all experts have signed a commitment letter.

Eventually recommended 12 enterprises in terms of investment ability, experience, performance, professional attitudes was the advancement of technology, are more convincing. Combined PV Executive Director Lu Zhenwei, China Merchants capital Managing Director said, “and this time get Cosmos 100-megawatt project development rights is an affirmation of joint integrated photovoltaic power, because this can break into the rich set of domestic photovoltaic power plant operating experience and management capabilities of enterprises. ”

Future joint PV photovoltaic large world’s first intelligent power management systems and real-time monitoring of PV cell phone APP to this project, and with the world’s leading certification body TÜV Germany TÜV Rheinland Group cooperation, the introduction of PV product testing and certification system of the whole industrial chain, into green energy photovoltaic demonstration base in Datong China card.

Meanwhile, China will enlarge the photovoltaic power generation engineering quality inspection and test standard will further improve. As the future more banks, insurance and other financial capital into the photovoltaic field, will have more stakeholders and monitoring power quality issues of common concern. Therefore, an increasing number of photovoltaic manufacturing companies will build quality inspection center, attach great importance to quality.

Industry insiders said, as the leader of the future plans of promoting Chinese market demands for high performance components will quickly upgrade. Datong 950MW floor leader demonstration projects will directly change “good money” competition.

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