Shuaibaofu aerospace electromechanical proposed transfer of 132 million yuan in Xinzhou too section

Polaris solar PV net news: announcement of the Shanghai United assets and equity exchange, aerospace electromechanical Xinzhou too solar power to be transferred all the shares, the transfer price of 132 million Yuan. In addition, the intended transferee Xinzhou too liquidation of commitments required no less than 345 million yuan in debt.

Operation of Xinzhou 50MW photovoltaic power plant

According to the listing notice, Xinzhou too solar power company limited was established on May 19, 2014, located in Xinzhou city, Shanxi province, registered capital of 99.5 million Yuan. The company’s main solar PV power plant project development, investment, construction and management, and photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic materials technical advisory services, equipment procurement, and so on. Spaceflight machine currently holds 100% shares in the company.

Xinzhou too for spaceflight machine wholly-owned subsidiaries, bear 50MW, xinfu district, Xinzhou city, Shanxi province, PV power plant project development and construction and operations management, the Shanxi provincial development and Reform Commission in September 2014 and projects for record, in June 2015, grid-connected power generation. Financial data show that in 2014, Xinzhou too achieved operating income of 300,000 yuan, and net income of $ 87,300; revenues 9000 Yuan in the first half of this year, net profit 3452. According to the evaluation report to March 31, 2015 as the reference date, the book value of the net assets of the company is 99.6021 million to assess the value of 117 million Yuan.

Spaceflight machine said the intended transferee Xinzhou too liquidation of commitments required no less than 345 million yuan in debt. Spaceflight machine said proceeds from the transfer of shares will be used for PV power plant project rolling investment, more efficient use of funds.

Spaceflight machine withdrawal of funds

As the parent company of Xinzhou too, spaceflight machine shuaibaofu the equity transfer was intended. Spaceflight machine previously notice through public listing transfer of the property right Exchange Lanzhou too solar power company limited, Ningxia ningdong Shenzhou photovoltaic power and Yiwu too solar power company limited 100% equity and increase jinchangtaike PV power, PV power differs greatly too limited, Yan Shan too Shenzhou PV photovoltaic power and Zhangye, Gansu province power company.

Spaceflight machine 2015.5 annual report, 2015 first-half operating income of 1.355 billion yuan, down 10.28%; a loss of 18.0341 million yuan in net profit. Spaceflight machine said losses mainly due to falling sales led to margin reduction and finance charges rose.

Spaceflight machine in a statement said that Lanzhou too, ningdong Shenzhou and yiwutaike are PV companies established aerospace electromechanical wholly, yiwutaike in December 2013, grid-connected, and Lanzhou too ningdong Shenzhou v is expected in September and the end of grid-connected power generation. Three companies as successful transfers, not only for the listed companies ‘ pretax investment gains of about 67 million Yuan, and the cumulative PV power station transfer to reach 219.5MW. Meanwhile, subsidiary of spaceflight machine for Lanzhou too, ningdong Shenzhou and Yiwu too section provides component and EPC services, and the company will be listed in condition set conditions for debt settlement, you can ensure timely recovery of industrial chain company project.

Original title: spaceflight machine to be 132 million transfer of Xinzhou too

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