Simplify the photovoltaic process in Jiangxi exploring ecological construction

Polaris solar PV net news: on August 27, the reporter learned from the Jiangxi provincial government website, Office of the Jiangxi provincial people’s Government recently issued on further PV power application notice, clearly and vigorously explore new models for ecological construction and joint development of clean energy, optimize the process of photovoltaic power generation for the record, speed up power grid construction, ensure that the power measurement is accurate, timely and full payment of subsidies.

Exploration of ecological construction and the development of clean-energy cooperation

In terms of innovative photovoltaic utilization, the notice clearly, give full play to advantage of grid access and market to dissolve and use waste hills and unreclaimed lands, beaches, water and other waste land and mining wasteland, exploring more flexible ways of land supply, actively and steadily promoting the construction of comprehensive utilization of various types of PV power plant. Not to occupy basic farmland, not logging, do not change the agricultural land use, under the premise of not affecting the safety, vigorously exploring new model of coordinated development of ecological construction and clean energy.

Notification requirements, encourages in new building roof installed PV power system, meet conditions of roof PV power project, are by distributed PV power project simplified grid access procedures, constantly expand distributed PV power in industrial park, and business enterprise, and town of and new rural construction in the of application; continues to advance distributed PV power model district construction, encourages carried out new energy intelligent micro-grid pilot project construction.

Advance residential PV power system construction, guide enterprise or personal investment residential roof PV power system construction, priority enjoy national and provincial related subsidies; perfect distributed PV project Internet policy, using building roof and the subsidiary site construction of distributed PV power project, project record Shi can select “spontaneous use, and more than electric Internet” or “full Internet” mode; has by “spontaneous use, and more than electric Internet” mode implementation of, can to project record sector application change for “full Internet” mode.

Construction and operation information platform to speed up power grid construction

The notice makes it clear that encourage suppliers, service providers rely on electricity subsidies photovoltaic business, actively developing emerging services such as consulting, design and engineering contract in power plant; encourage enterprises to develop their technical superiority, photovoltaic power station operation information platform construction, provision of operation and maintenance of social services.

In terms of PV on-grid services, the notification requirements of power grid enterprises in accordance with relevant national and provincial policies and regulations, actively developing the project access system service, speed up power grid construction, ensure that the power measurement is accurate, timely and full payment of subsidies. While, promoting the construction of standardization and certification system, and actively guide and encourage businesses to build photovoltaic testing and certification service platform, participation in the preparation and revision of the relevant standard.

Grid-connected power generation business licenses and parallel clearance

To further strengthen photovoltaic applications, the circular asked local overall development planning and grid layout, research to develop photovoltaic power generation planning, filtered light resources, reserve a number of lands and resources and grid access conditions of the roof project to continuously improve development efficiency and overall efficiency of the project.

On unused land of photovoltaic power generation project, after the request for land approval procedures in accordance with law, you can allocate for taking up arable land other than land and unused land, can be used by the photovoltaic power generation enterprises to collective economic organizations shall lease; lease land use collective economic organizations according to law, leasing agreement shall apply to the local land and resources departments at and above the county level for the record.

The notice clearly, all localities should optimize the project registration process, not without basis sets the pre condition. Photovoltaic business permit and grid parallel clearance, condition may be each other’s front; distributed PV projects to apply for Internet access patterns of change, for the Department to issue change record documents in a timely manner, the electricity sector in time for a new grid protocol and power purchase contracts, and adjust the list of subsidy applications.

Original title: simplify the photovoltaic process in Jiangxi exploring ecological construction

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