Small power India Solar market Darling

Polaris solar PV net news: power shortage is a long-standing India issue and India coal is the main source of electricity supply. Due to the weak growth in domestic coal production, India had to rely on more coal imports to ensure power supply. However, this will not only increase the financial burden of the Government, nor to emission reduction. Therefore, the development of renewable energy has become a spectacular programme to solve the problem.

Small power plants springing up

In India a rural area, a small solar power station is providing power for signal towers on the ground. Today, the small power stations also shoulder responsibility for power supply to local residents. Power shortage in India economic backwardness in rural areas even worse. And solar power can help alleviate the problem in these areas.

In order to catch up with India’s mobile revolution, many India small dealers started buying more electricity to supply traffic to remote areas. Most of these power from small solar, wind or biomass power station.

Due to the long distance electric power transmission is not only costly, there is still a risk, so some firms like Omnigrid Micropower began to experiment with new models, namely in signal tower built near some small solar power station. In this way, under the premise of safeguarding the interests of the company can also provide electricity to local residents, birds.

Local residents are gradually accepted by solar power. 34 years, Kamlesh Kumar is a grocer. See local small solar power stations could provide reliable power for his store to open in the evening, and the prices are acceptable then started buying solar power. “In the past because of lack of electricity, my shop only closes very early, because at night it will become dark. Now have electricity, we can open till very late. ”

Omnigrid building small power plants for example is India a microcosm of vigorously promoting the development of renewable energy. In order to enable electricity to remote rural areas, India small renewable energy power producers have an indispensable role. Goldman Sachs Group reported that some 40 companies have begun in India doing business in rural areas, through the construction of small renewable energy power station to provide electricity for the local population, for more than 100,000 families bring light. India renewable energy industry continues to develop, the number will be expanded to millions more.

The electric companies want replicated through solar power India’s mobile revolution. For those in remote areas, renewable energy may indeed can bring about similar effects. Because it implements a “sold, without long distance power transmission, so there is no need to power transmission towers and infrastructure for up to hundreds of kilometres of wire to avoid India power infrastructure problems.

Potential popularity

Communications company has become a potential customer in this business, especially those small and emerging businesses. With the popularity of mobile phones, telecommunications companies need to create a large number of signal towers, covers the entire India. In order to make the 24-hour operation of the signal Tower, they need a stable supply of electricity. However relying on fossil fuel power generation is not only costly and would cause environmental pollution.

Omnigrid company has decided to close to the signal tower built their own small solar power station, size 50-kilowatt. This scale has been enough to guarantee the normal operation of local signal Tower, there is spare capacity to provide electricity for around your home or business.

Omnigrid AnilRaj President says: “India electricity demand growth soon, especially in remote areas. Our mini solar power stations not only for communications services, but also to provide electricity to local residents. ”

At present, Omnigrid company has to power 70 towers, and help local residents to improve the power shortage problem. They want the future to be in India spread in rural areas, which can greatly alleviate India’s power shortage problem. Earlier this year, Omnigrid announced United States SunEdison plans to set up a joint venture, in India building more than 5,000 small power stations in remote areas, investment will reach $ 500 million.

In addition to the communications company providing reliable power, Omnigrid mini solar power stations in India State power company does not supply a few hours a day to provide consumers with electric power, bringing great convenience to the local population. Omnigrid also has a separate transmission lines, to safeguard power supply to the home. According to users in charge monthly fees ranging from $ 2 to $ 11. Users are usually cheaper to buy kerosene lamps or candles used for light, and most importantly more convenient and reliable.

India Solar ambitions can be fulfilled

For the seniors who live in remote areas, they almost all his life and “dark” to accompany him, never even enjoyed the light from light. Although the Government has these areas with wiring, but I can’t provide electricity. Residents of these areas, their day jobs, life is going to end with the coming of the night, almost back to the primitive times of Sunrise, sunset and rest.

With the promotion of small solar power station, a great change in their lives. Even at night, the village can lights. India has an ambitious plan for solar energy development plan the Government hopes development of solar energy industry to reduce its dependence on energy imports. India hopes to achieve 100 gigawatts by 2022 solar power.

The plan has received positive response from many power companies, they want to be in Government with the help of the production and distribution of renewable power to resolve the troubled India power shortage problem. In addition to-Omnigrid company, SunEdison plans to invest 15 billion dollars in India to build scale up to 15 gigawatts of solar and wind energy power plants. India BhartiEnterprises company, Japan SOFTBANK Group will jointly invest US $ 20 billion, for India Solar market growth. Goldman Sachs Group’s private-equity arm are already India solar and wind energy power generation company ReNewPower invest more than $ 400 million.

Smart Power India is India an organization carry out the power grid. The Organization has come up with more than $ 75 million Fund to help the development of small enterprises of the power station would like Omnigrid, because they believe that the development of small power stations is the India solution best way to disadvantage in remote areas. Smart Power Jaideep Mukherji, Chief Executive, said: “this is a great action, countless India people rescued from the darkness, to economic development in rural areas has also been a great help. ”

However, although small solar power stations have a rising trend, has been favored by many businesses, but the problems still exist. First is business promotion has some difficulty, this makes the business’s prospects became unclear.

In addition, subject to government regulation, India imported solar panels is also more difficult. In addition, as a competitor of solar power, coal price advantages are still evident. Thus, if India continues to expand the scale of coal-fired power, then it will squeeze the living space of the solar power generation business.

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