Spell “political legacy” Obama announced United States the most stringent emissions reduction plans

Polaris solar PV net news: while not much time left during his second term, but United States President Barack Obama’s initiative was all the more “ambitious”. Local time on August 3, Obama unveiled what he called a history of the fight against climate change “the most ambitious and important” step–the plan of clean energy (CleanPowerPlan), the final version would reduce United States dependent on coal, and the further development of renewable energy such as wind and solar. This is last November during Obama’s visit to China, Sino-US jointly published climate commitment in a statement. Media estimate that in order to achieve this goal, hundreds of coal-fired power station is to be closed.

December United Nations climate change conference to be held in Paris this year. Obama announces new initiatives during the meeting, would make him more likely to compete for a concerted global effort to reduce emissions.

But analysts believe that Obama’s real problem is at the door. According to United States politics in General play, controlling Congressional Republican backlash and raised a question to support thermal power of interest groups intend to go to court to stop emissions, several Governors have said that new rules being ignored.

Emission reduction efforts unprecedented

The Obama administration announced in June last year of the clean energy program of the proposal, for the first time imposed restrictions on power plant emissions, requires power plants to carbon emissions by 2030 in 2005 on the basis of 30%. The final version of the clean-energy projects that target increased to 32%.

White House officials said that after the implementation of the new programme will enable United States renewable energy generating capacity increased to total capacity of 28%.

Under the clean energy plan State power plants must reduce carbon emissions goals, but allowed States to set plans, first editions of the State plan must be made in 2016, 2018 final version.

Emphasis on the States to set their own plans, but the new legislation clearly encourages States to use State-by-State between “cap-and-trade” (Cap-and-trade) system, which is to create a carbon trading market.

In Obama’s first term pushing “cap-and-trade” Bill, but was not successful. But if he’s clean energy plan can be carried out, many States target the easiest and cheapest way is through carbon trading.

Obama said in a speech at the 2nd video, power plant is the United States largest source of carbon dioxide emissions, while the Federal Government has so far not taken any restrictive measures.

According to what Obama said, addressing climate change, not to leave the problem to the next generation. “For our children, for the health and safety of all Americans, have to make a change. ”

He also said United States “led the world in saving the Earth” and therefore should be in action before the December United Nations climate change conference in Paris this year.

Carbon dioxide emissions from power plants accounts for United States total emissions of approximately 40%, while carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas blamed for climate change.

United States Department of energy data showed, in 2014, the coal-fired power stations account for United States around 39% of electricity. Director of environmental protection is Gina ˙, McCarthy said, if the clean-energy projects were implemented, the proportion of coal-fired power generation in 2030 will be reduced to 27%, the share of renewable energy will increase.

McCarthy said that State-building plant will receive financial support. Current nuclear power generation accounts for United States around 20% of electricity. The Obama administration estimates that to achieve the emission reduction targets, requires an investment of 8.4 billion dollars a year.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Obama plans to praise, and 4th in Washington meeting with Obama. Ban Ki-moon said the demonstration effect of Obama’s leadership, which is also involved in other major countries, ensure the December climate conference in Paris this year reached broad, lasting and meaningful agreement is critical.

Encounter multiple resistance

Reducing carbon emissions is a United States political sensitive issue, many Republican politicians did not accept the theory of global warming, others don’t think warming is due to human factors, the new regulations will lead to a wide range of legal, legislative and political backlash, many proposed by the State, companies and business groups for telling.

Coal enterprise and its Republican allies accused the Obama administration of “declared war on coal”, is accused of making them more weight, the Obama administration requiring greenhouse gas reductions will be greater than last year’s proposal, is likely to lead to more coal-fired power plant was shut down.

Republicans say the clean energy plan, “gone”, “too harsh”, will give the United States economy “devastating consequences”.

Republican presidential candidates, former Florida Governor Jeb ˙ Bush said Obama’s emissions cuts lead to higher electricity prices, “throw thousands of people out of work.”

Another Republican presidential candidate, Florida Senator Marco ˙ Marco Rubio said that in addition to higher electricity prices, plans of measures for power plants was “catastrophic”.

In the Senate, the Republican majority leader Mitch ˙ McConnell instigated by some Republican Governors said, Obama plans to cut emissions is not performed. More than 10 State Attorneys General have proposed to tell, experts estimate that there are 25 state lawsuit, ultimately will be decided by the Supreme Court. Cheaper economy depended on mines and coal States, such as Wyoming and West Virginia took the lead.

EPA Director McCarthy, emissions reduction plan “reasonable” and “complete”, States according to their respective circumstances and gradually implemented.

It is understood that if States refuse to report the State’s cuts will have the right to enforce the Environmental Protection Department EPD’s version of the programme. McCarthy said that the Environmental Protection Department will be published for all States of the example program.

United States National Mining Association, said in Federal Court to block implementation of the emission reduction schemes. Association President Hal ˙ Quinn said, Americans will pay higher electricity costs and reduced reliability of the power supply network.

2nd in his video address, Obama said, in the long run, his plans would allow Americans to enjoy low prices, new regulations will allow United States average family expenditure reduction of $ 85 a year. New regulations in the field of renewable energy to create jobs and provide more reliable energy services will also reduce air pollution can cause asthma, lung disease.

Spell “political legacy”

Tackling climate change is Obama wants to stay, “legacy”. When he pays a State visit to China in November last year, both the publication of the Sino-US Joint Declaration on climate change, where the United States by 2025 was first proposed in 2005, based on the emission reduction from 26% to 28%.

Climate change is one of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign promise that, but he soon abandoned this approach. Generally agreed that the greatest achievements in domestic affairs after he took office was health-care reform bill.

The end of this year, the United Nations climate change conference will be held in Paris, at that time, the international community will strive to 2020 global climate action after reaching a new agreement. The Kyoto Protocol will expire in a year.

Due to opposition to the Obama administration to cut greenhouse gases promised the Republicans now in control of Congress, any bill on greenhouse gas emissions is difficult to pass, Mr Obama has had to use administrative powers to bypass Congress to implement emission reduction.

In March, Obama signed an executive order that requires federal government agencies to 2025 in 2008 based on the emission reduction 40%, including an increase of zero-emission and hybrid cars in the “bus” ratio.

It is understood that the United States has also been submitted to the United Nations in accordance with the Sino-US joint statement on climate change to develop emission reduction plans, such as greenhouse-gas emissions in the energy sector, such as 30%, enhancement of medium and heavy duty truck fuel and emission standards through energy-saving measures in the construction areas, to achieve cumulative carbon dioxide emissions of 3 billion tons by 2030.

United Kingdom broadcaster said, Obama hoped that new initiatives will be the climate change aspects of his “heritage”. Obama’s choice of face book published, apparently also to attract United States young.

A senior White House official said: “for the President, few issues are more important than this. He would take action on climate change as a moral, economic and national security obligations. ”

In addition, Obama’s term nears its end, the clean energy plan implementation and submit emissions reduction in all States all have years “in transition”, the emissions cuts will be the main party for the start of the next President.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton ˙ Clinton has backed Obama’s plans, saying it was “an important step forward.” She also criticized the Republicans cannot come up with viable alternatives.

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