Wang Sicong 500 million being cheated? Grilled steak that he earned from Wuxi Guide 3 months 255 million

Polaris solar PV net news: (reporter Wang Shasha) Wang Sicong’s father Wang joked: 500 million to his son fall 20 times, good for Wanda went back to work. Netizens poke fun at this, Crestron funny response: 500 million have been deceived, next time you go.

The “national husband” said the King’s son, does not idle, stirring entertainment, captured the “Commission for discipline inspection in the entertainment” label, but appearances, the truth is more than that: Beijing thought controlled by Wang Sicong 100% investments limited, was holding 500 million worth of pocket money, in another “eat”.

Now, let us look at these 500 million this year, were cheated, what:

Terrible pretended to incentive behind the efforts of rich second generation: Wang Sicong 500 million has not only not been cheated out of the 5 listed companies, eSports, catering, video, social networking platforms, such as “eat” everything falls into, and a hot market for new energy sources.

Wang Sicong was called Wuxi new energy projects leading automation equipment company limited (pilot), intelligent equipment developers, focusing on PV of automation equipment have been listed on the gem on May 18, 2015.

Investment Wuxi pilot shares, completely meet Wang Sicong of investment thinking: investment Yu big Chinese area high growth small quality not listed Enterprise equity, to made minority equity of investment way mainly, through focus investment, and active management, and continued value-added service of investment philosophy get long-term capital returns; meet national industry policy, and can effective promoted social progress, and listed expected clear of high growth sex of not listed enterprise, or exists merger value and management upgrade space of SMEs.

Wang Sicong proved not so bad. Wang Sicong nor biwangsicong.

Leading shares annual report for August 11 released late 2015.5, achieved during the reporting period operating income of 192,322,652.39 Yuan, an increase of 88.47% and belong to the shareholders of listed companies ‘ net profits 46,228,842.39 Yuan, an increase of 103.6%.

Company’s half-year profit-sharing plan for 68000000 unit as the base, every 10 shares to distribute cash dividends to all shareholders of 2 Yuan (including tax), transfer to capital reserve to all shareholders every 10 Unit 10 shares.

According to insiders, Wuxi investment pilot (pilot), is one of Wang Sicong yourself proud hand.

The sources also revealed that ahead of the listing, buying leading shares Wang Sicong 1.7289 million shares 3.39% per cent prior to release. If you press on May 6 this year at the gem Guide listing purchase price of 21.21 Yuan terms, as of market close on August 6, the pilot shares trading at 169.71. Within 3 months, Wang Sicong pilot shares gains as high as 255 million yuan of investment.

So how Wang Sicong investment leading shares took it? Guide shares in Wang Sicong investments is a position in the layout, let us take a look at Wang Sicong holds several well-known investment funds of 500 million cases.

5 Wang Sicong investment covers 4 different areas of the company, ended up listing. Transport travel holdings and make games and gaming of the forces nouvelles, Fu shou garden is the leader in the funeral industry, pigeon control is the industry’s leading real-time interactive video platform. Compared with the previous four companies, leading shares was the only high-end equipment manufacturing companies.

As the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaic equipment, the pilot shares three high-end business layout, the main customer focus in the top five. Leading shares work with IBM to establish “pilot” and big data centers to start the “industrial 4.0”, became one of the first “fusion of two” model companies.

Meanwhile, the forerunner stakes intelligent equipment layout system began in the early go live. And both ends of the cloud combined with smart factory, the pilot shares became one of the first intelligent equipment manufacturer.

Particularly worth mentioning is, leading shares of lithium battery winding machine customers include Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, ATL, BYD lithium battery industry in the world’s top five high-end customers. With the continuous expansion of global new energy automobile industry, the demand for battery manufacturing equipment is constantly growing, first as a battery device concept stocks leading shares also continued to strengthen.

Contact first concept of cloud computing, smart, battery equipment and other keywords associated with the leading shares and its stock price continues to rise, it would appear that the “national husband” Wang Sicong if there is a reasonable investment horizon?

Precision resource investment holding 100% people, Wang Sicong 500 million, far from being deceived even the dregs are left, an estimated 500 million does not make any difference in his eyes and slag. Recently, precision resource investment into health care, voted arrail dental. Precision resource official words: medical is a sunrise industry, when not too late to enter. At this point, precision resource investment investment plans already stereotyped: the Internet, mobile Internet, health care, new energy, local life, hardware, education, finance, agriculture, e-commerce and even the funeral industry!

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