Xu Ning: U.A.E. Haller Park BIPV

Polaris solar PV net news: Sunny in the Middle East, with the development of solar energy advantages. As some countries in the region to develop sustainable energy gradually began to pay attention to, in recent years, an increasing number of experienced solar manufacturers are attracted to the Middle East.

U.A.E. Haller Park roof BIPV desert Learning Center project, completed in 2013, is the more well-known a BIPV project in the Middle East.

Ertex CEO visit Alai desert Learning Center

Alai is the U.A.E. a city, located in the East of Abu Dhabi, 150 kilometers, neighboring Oman border, is the birthplace of Abu Dhabi’s ancestry. Alai Zoo is a paradise for more than 4,000 species of animals in the desert, attracts large numbers of tourists every year. Austria Chalabi2013 years extension of the desert Studies Center, a jewel known as the Haller Park. Desert Learning Center allows visitors an interactive experience about the desert and wildlife knowledge, the Centre has also taken a number of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection measures into the 2013 world sustainable building shortlist, and Estidama 5 pearls at the highest level certification system. (Estidama green building certification system is the Persian Gulf)

Alai desert Learning Center

Desert Studies Center solar panels are made of the same from the top of Austria’s large company Ertex design and installation. The company is an international company in the United Kingdom, the Sudan, Turkmenistan has success stories. Desert Learning Centre Ertex is the first project in the Middle East, Ertex solar panels installed desert learning centre and customer service the many difficulties encountered, also demonstrated the company’s confidence and determination to expand global markets.

Irregular structures like a desert study center of the Moebius ring, like a snake in the desert BOA, roofs are winding down like a sand dune. How combining rectangular panels and undulating roof, is one of the challenges Ertex. Ertex 121 was customized for this project a total of 1030 PV panels, and specially designed solar panel and installed the imitating normal Panel to ensure the appearance of beauty and harmony. Panel 2mm with 2 layers of glass, and can resist the weight of 400kg.

In addition, the heat, the roof of a large amount of dust is also difficult issues. Plus you don’t know the local language and culture, and also makes the project progresses smoothly enough.

Eventually in the knowledge and understanding of the local culture with the help of consultants, successful completion of the project. BIPV can now output 149kWp power.

Unlike other parts of the world, began to pay attention to BIPV projects and sustainable energy in the Middle East, but due to the lack of strong support of the State in economic development is slightly slower. There remains to be developed in the world.

Project engineer in the Alai desert Learning Center front

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