Zaozhuang city create a solar energy model city implementation plan

Arctic star solar PV network news:, zaozhuang city, by letter Board, and city NDRC, and city Technology Council, and city finance, and city land resources Council, and City Planning Council, and city live built Council, and city EPA, and city energy-saving do, nine sector joint issued on issued <, zaozhuang city, on created solar application model city of implementation programme > of notification, further increased solar application industry guide support efforts, towards to “Thirteen-Five” late, put, zaozhuang city, construction became domestic important of solar application model city and industry development Highland.

In recent years, the solar industry is booming in zaozhuang city, the city a total of solar thermal and photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprises 25, annual output of vacuum tube solar water heater 40.9 million, machine 2.2 million units, with PV module production capacity of 800 MW; completed solar photovoltaic generation capacity of 59.5 MW, years when the power 60 million-kilowatt.

In order to further promote large-scale applications of solar technology in the city, defined the objectives and tasks of the programme, by 2015, use of solar energy capacity of 3% per cent of total energy consumption in the city, 2020 at 8% about in 2015, the new scale of solar thermal utilization area of 1 million square meters in 2020 to reach 3 million square meters in 2015, solar PV cumulative installed capacity of 200 megawatts in 2020 and 600 MW. Following is the notification text:

Original title:, zaozhuang city, the Commission issued to create solar application model city implementation plan

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