Anhui jieshou 2015 solar project implementation plan

Polaris solar PV net news: for the carrying out of the General Office of the Anhui provincial people’s Government on the implementation of PV poverty guidelines (WAN governance (2015), 34th), ATD, Fuyang city, in accordance with the orders of the PV task, combining city actual, these programmes are formulated.

First, objectives and tasks

In 2015, the city’s construction of photovoltaic power station 1860-kilowatt, achieve benefit poor families an average annual increase of around 3000 Yuan, benefiting poor village collective annual income of 60,000 yuan. Specific tasks: choose 6 poor villages, each village to build a 60-kilowatt village PV power plant, 360-kilowatt; select 500 households, build one per household 3-kilowatt household PV power station, a total of 1500-kilowatt.

II, scope of application and object

PV implementation for poverty alleviation in the range of the city’s 45 poor villages and filing State poor. Objects into two categories: one is no collective income, there is strong desire building, with construction conditions of poor villages; the second is no labor, no resources, no stable source of income for the poor (wubaohu).

2015 according to township Street and poverty village wishes, and location conditions and funds financing, situation, select in Lu village Guo Zhai Cun, and Bing set Xiang big dongcun, and Jiang Loucun, and stands South Street Rao Lvcun, and brick Town East Liu Cun, and Gu Town Li Cui village implementation village level PV power station project; according to poor voluntary, and family status, and village transformer capacity, situation, in each township Street built document state card poor in the, relative concentrated to select 30 households poor implementation households with PV power station project; the Township Street implementation of households with PV power station number, May apply according to specific reporting positive float.

Third, steps

(A) promote diagnostic stage (August 1, 2015-August 31)

Municipal Office for poverty alleviation and the Township streets wide publicity of the photovoltaic industry policy and industry characteristics, introduced village PV power plant and residential photovoltaic power plant characteristics, size, income and so on, home diagnostic survey carried out, on the poor conditions of participation, land, financing capacity of Mo Pai. Prior to August 31, 2015 full completion of village PV power plant and residential photovoltaic power station of Mo Pai.

(B) the application, audit and review phase (September 1, 2015-September 15)

1. application, assessment, primary. Poor household PV by farmers to voluntarily apply to the village and provides heads of ID card, residence booklet, copy of certificate of house property or land-use permits. Convening of the villager of the village Congress for review, determine the long list of project implementation, fill in the jieshou of poor implementation of residential photovoltaic project statistics (annex 2); village PV power station construction completed by a poor village to apply the jieshou poor villages to implement photovoltaic projects at the village level of statistical tables (annex 3), PV poverty reduction work group reviewed and posted in villages and towns, and accept supervision by the masses.

2. audit checks in villages and towns. By publicity no objections Hou, Township organization personnel into village by households audit checks, on primary object whether for built document state card poor, and whether has project implementation conditions, and whether has basic of equipment management capacity, seriously verified, and fill in jieshou PV poverty project statistics summary table (annex 4), ensure intends implementation households has project construction conditions, Township PV poverty work led group head signed and sealed Hou reported city poverty do record.

3. an application for review. Invited by the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation professionals which went to poor villages with a photovoltaic power station construction task check the implementation work; according to the relevant criteria to be implemented for each review to determine the final implementation of the object and be publicized.

4. the establishment of household reporting files. Poor villages to determine the intended shooting houses electronic photos to determine the installation location. Poor application and related information provided, after the seal of the town level, household archives, and submitted to the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation for the record. In every village, town, street September 15, 2015, verify to determine PV intended for poverty alleviation and household location.

(C) equipment purchase, installation, commissioning, grid-connected phase (September 16, 2015-November 15)

Project review, led by the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation, City Department of finance, development and Reform Commission, energy, financial Office and town streets to participate in the bidding, equipment supply and installation of enterprise by the successful bidder is responsible for installation and commissioning and project implementation of towns, villages and issued daily management training, installation and maintenance manual. Power companies and grid-connected households signing contracts, responsible for measuring meter installation, according to the relevant regulations of the State power grid, grid-connected power generation. November 15, 2015, completing projects on-grid power generation.

(D) to assess the stage of acceptance and transfer of property rights (November 16, 2015-December 31)

Relevant by the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation expert, carried out a comprehensive assessment, acceptance and provides assessment and inspection reports, and turned over the property to the poor and impoverished village.

Four, building model

(A) financing

By measuring, each village level PV power project construction input funds about 480,000 yuan, City this level financial input 200,000 yuan, remaining 280,000 yuan used helping units support and poverty village raised funds, way solution; each households with PV power project construction funds about for 24,000 yuan, provincial financial grants 8,000 yuan,, Fuyang city, financial grants 2000 Yuan, I City this level financial input 6,000 yuan, poor raised 8,000 yuan. Poor villages and poor households could not afford self-financing, social support, successful enterprise can be taken early advances and solutions such as small concessive loans.

(B) building management

Poor village village PV power plant site selection to choose Heath, idle land or construction of photovoltaic greenhouses, which can save farmland and improve efficiency; the poor household PV power plant site selection in principle at the poor roof or garden construction. On roof or patio is not suitable for the construction of residential photovoltaic power station, you can follow the condition of village PV power plant siting concentrated lianhu, village households, such as construction and household income.

PV projects selected through bidding qualifications, socially responsible implementation of PV equipment supplier and installation companies. Operation services provided by the construction Enterprise basic training as well as manuals, install an enterprise established supplier and service outlets providing equipment maintenance. Within the warranty period, non-artificial damage, made by the company free maintenance; outside the warranty period, by the construction of the enterprise’s obligation to repair, village, and farmers pay material costs.

(C) subsidies and benefits settlement

Municipal power supply company in accordance with national, provincial and municipal solar power subsidies, according to the billing cycle (one quarter) to implement projects in poor villages and poor pay for spontaneous use electricity and power policy of subsidies. Poor villages all scored collective accounts by villagers Oversight Panel monitoring use; poor households in the local financial sector for a debit card, a one card, and proceeds to enter the card; mortgages, according to the agreement, repayment amounts directly deducted from the proceeds by the financial sector, remaining into the village collective accounts or poor cards.

Five, safeguard measures

(A) strengthen organizational leadership

Set up PV work leading group on poverty reduction (annex 1), chaired by the municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Liu Bo, in charge of and is responsible for was appointed Deputy Head of municipal office, the Office for poverty alleviation, development and Reform Commission, the Finance Bureau, the financial, energy, electricity company and other units as members, to guide PV poverty alleviation, coordination, supervision and inspection.

(B) clear Department responsibilities

Poverty do is responsible for publicity launched, and select poverty village and poor, and developed annual plans, and prepared PV poverty implementation programme, and led organization project implementation; financial sector is responsible for funds raised and regulatory; sent modified and energy sector is responsible for PV power index of towards and distribution, technology guide, and user manual, and PV poverty tender standard contract; financial management sector is responsible for coordination financial institutions, and insurance institutions support PV poverty; power enterprise to hold implementation rural grid transformation upgrade, ensure meet PV power Internet needs, And was responsible for commissioning and installation, meter grid-connected electricity subsidies, timely funding. Township Street is responsible for the coordination of village PV power plant project to build and the poor household PV power station selection, financing, object identification, measures, coordination of construction work.

(C) strengthening the assessment evaluation

Photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation as poverty alleviation to the 2015 poverty relief and development work industry and promoting the important content into towns and municipal support units in 2015, poverty relief and development work.

Annex 1. jieshou PV membership of the leading group for poverty alleviation

Team leader: Liu Bo municipal Standing Committee, Vice Mayor of the city

Deputy team leader: Hong Lin, Vice Mayor

Yuan, Vice Mayor of glory

Ye Shanyong, Vice Mayor (hanging)

Members: Liu junfeng City Office discipline inspection team leader

Vice Minister Zhao Shengqin municipal organization Department

Li Jianhua, Secretary for the supervisory assessment

Director of the national development and Reform Commission, Zhang Linqing city

Wang Jiangong, Director of the Council of

, By letter, Li Jie, Director

Shen Huiliang Municipal Finance Bureau

Liu Jinbin municipal auditing Bureau

Luisin city environmental protection Bureau

Shang Chengde municipal science and Technology Bureau

Wang Juliang Civil Affairs Bureau Director

Wang Jinquan municipal land and resources Bureau

Wang Lixin, Secretary for transport

Petition Zhao Liang city Secretary

Zhang Yafei signs commercial Director

MCA Municipal Forestry Bureau

Zhang Ruijin City Bureau

Li Hanxuan, Chairman of the Federation of the disabled

Zhang Rui, Director of the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation

Yang Jiankun, Deputy Director of the Finance Office

Li Shibin Jie shou, Chairman of rural commercial bank

Yuan Lei Jie Shou the power company General Manager

Bai Fang Jie Shou Branch Manager of China life insurance company

Set up under the Office of the leading group, with offices located at the Municipal Office for poverty alleviation, Director of the Office of Comrade Zhang Rui also.

Original title: on issuing of the 2015 photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation programmes, jieshou notification

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