Clean energy: the United States needs China

Polaris solar PV net news: the early 21st century, energy is a key area of strategic mutual doubts between China and America. However, with the development of the clean energy revolution, everything began to change. Clean energy strategic cooperation in important areas, which China does not reach United States interests to protect its own energy security, United States exports to China for its clean-energy technologies, equipment and services, both to achieve a win-win situation.

United States representative of the new think tank–United States progress Center found that in recent years, a new trend is more and more obvious: China’s clean-energy companies are no longer limited to United States importing clean energy technology, but actively “go” in the United States direct investments in the clean energy sector. Director of the China policy program at the think tank Melanie ˙ Hart in the recently released report of the existing patterns and future opportunities–United States energy economy in China’s direct investment in China direct investment has become the United States many States and cities to seek objects, Chinese direct investment to support green energy projects, to the United States brought a lot of new jobs and tax revenue. Melanie ˙ Hart recommends that the Federal Government should increase its support of China’s direct investment.

Worth mentioning is that the United States progress Center is a United States democratic leadership Council advisory body core strength is can directly affect the United States Democratic Party Government’s decision, in the Clinton and Obama campaigns, play an important role in the ruling.

Chinese direct investment favoured United States

By the end of 2014, the Chinese company has been in the United States invested more than 12 billion dollars in the energy field. These investments make some United States companies from going bankrupt, and to build new wind power and solar power stations, building a new clean energy manufacturing equipment. Analysts estimate that by 2020, the accumulated amount of direct investment in China (including in the energy sector and other areas) can be more than 200 billion dollars. United States Enterprise Research Institute of China overseas investment tracking index shows that by the end of 2014, Chinese enterprises ‘ overseas investment has reached over $ 1 trillion, United States is the first destination of Chinese direct investment, amounting to 17 billion dollars. According to the advisory firm rhodium Group estimates, direct investment from China to the United States to create 80,000 jobs, most of which is in the area of clean energy.

United States progress Center found that Chinese companies in the United States are two forms of investment in clean energy. A new local projects, such as solar-powered factories, power plants and so on. This new project is the Governor, mayors and local officials argued, because such investments can generate considerable employment and income. Another acquisition United States domestic clean energy companies or investing in expanding its research and development. These two forms are United States clean energy industry can help.

Melanie ˙ Hart think, integrated geographic and other factors view, China in United States energy field investment can is divided into three a cluster: fossil fuel investment cluster, main concentrated in oil and gas store rich of area, as Texas, and Oklah load from Maryland and,; clean energy investment cluster, main concentrated in New Jersey, and California and Texas, State; third species investment cluster main by contacts, depends on local company and local economic development Office whether and potential China investors has good contact.

United States how to attract Chinese investment

United States progress Center, wants to attract Chinese investment in United States local government, the path is simple and clear: strengthening of local clean energy stimulus; strengthening of networking contacts and potential Chinese investors.

United States clean energy sector to attract Chinese investment in most areas, often because RPS (renewable portfolio standard) attractive. In the past century, United States Federal Government for the fossil fuel industry has over 1 billion dollars in subsidies, funds, tax incentives, infrastructure construction and to reduce production costs. When you clean energy on stage, the arena was unfair. Clean energy than fossil-fuel projects in the investment cost of the project. Thus, each State RPS policies, stimulate investment in clean energy.

To attract Chinese direct investment in clean energy projects in competition, stand out in some States, California is one of them. California’s RPS policies is that the new energy power generation by 2020 must be public utility electricity of 1/3. So, California is the United States largest solar installed capacity of States, the forefront of the use of electric vehicles in the State. California’s policies are attractive to foreign investment. China’s investment in solar projects in California more than $ 100 million, the famous brand electric vehicle BYD also opened a factory in California.

In New Jersey the same outstanding performance in terms of attracting investment in solar energy. The RPS policy requires grid companies to incorporate a minimum of new energy power generation. The State has issued special policies to attract investors in landfills and other plots set up solar power plants. These policies have enabled New Jersey solar industry is flourishing, its solar installations throughout the United States third. China has a lot of company in New Jersey solar investments, such as Jiangsu zongyi group in New Jersey built a 19-megawatt solar power plant, xinao Group built on a landfill in New Jersey 4.3 megawatts generating capacity of solar power plants, and so on.

Network is the United States Government to attract Chinese direct investment in another key, California is at the forefront in this regard. California cities pay special attention to the development of commercial and cultural exchanges with China. For example, Los Angeles dedicated LAEDC (Los Angeles economic development Corporation), whose main business is to attract Chinese investment, San Francisco in 2008, set up a company dedicated to promoting Sino-US trade and investment cooperation between the companies–China SF (Foreign Office), until the end of 2014 has successfully introduced 50 Chinese enterprises to come to invest. In addition, the California City also introduced between resources. For example, after getting the investment in BYD’s Los Angeles County, Sheriff Michael ˙ Antonovich Lancaster long Rex ˙ introduced Harris to BYD, which Lancaster got a BYD electric car manufacturing project.

The Federal Government should play a greater role

Melanie ˙ Hart’s report found that while the United States at the State, city level investment play a good role in the network, but the Federal Government could play a greater role in this regard, because the Federal Government in the mobilization of the resources, manpower and experience are strong in local government. Therefore, the think tank suggested that the Federal Government should take the following three measures in the near future, China the United States direct investment in clean energy:

In the United States in attracting foreign investment project–“choose United States” (Select USA) established under the special clean-energy projects, specifically for clean energy investment needs. This project will be operated by the Department of energy, because only the Energy Department both clean energy technologies, and learn about Chinese energy market.

“Select the United States” should be credible, specific investment recommendations to local governments to help local governments make informed decisions, will take full advantage of the limited resources.

Should the Obama administration put China in the United States direct investment projects in the energy sector, as the focus of Sino-US diplomatic relations. The Federal Government should solve Chinese enterprises to invest in United States clean energy concerns, expressed support. United States should regard China’s United States direct investment in the energy sector as part of the China-us strategic economic dialogue, or as a subject of meeting leaders of China in September.

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