Exploring equity raising model of solar-thermal power generation industry to build solar power plant model

Polaris solar PV net news: at present, the pilot project of solar-thermal power industry as a whole is still in the initial stage, completed projects to mainly small and medium project, controlled in delingha, Qinghai project is currently only running million-kilowatt solar-thermal power plants. At present, domestic industries such as industrial policies, such as policies in the “vicious circle”. Smooth commercialization of the first step, which is light and heat need to deal with a very real problem in the area.

“Do? we have ‘ raised power station ‘, which is in the process of photo-thermal development with Chinese characteristics have to generate ideas. “National solar thermal industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary General Liu Xiaobing said in an interview, waiting for real light on the local thermal power station, to find out the cost, and given the right price. Solar thermal products plant in the industry to verify. Now get out of the “vicious circle” seems to be the only superior. In addition, solar thermal industry has formed a nearly 90% localization rate of solar-thermal power generation field key equipment and components, as well as the annual supply capacity of 800 megawatts, “raise utility” basis.

August 19, by national solar light hot industry technology innovation strategy Union (following referred to “Union”), and China can renewable energy learned, and China engineering hot physics will and China Motor Engineering learned joint hosted, Gansu province Dunhuang Government, and, Chinese Academy of Sciences electrical Institute hosted of first China solar hot power Assembly in Gansu province Dunhuang opened Sheng scene, continued three days of Conference in the has a behind closed doors Conference, is about all raised power station of content, New energy investment and consulting Beijing that day, Yang was commissioned by the League for the first time publicly, General Manager of the general idea of raising power station construction (hereinafter called “ideas”), solar-thermal power generation, China tried to find way of development.

“Raising power station” construction from the oven

According to the idea, proposed to build a 10-megawatt of solar thermal trough power plant model, with a total investment of about 700 million Yuan, completed April 2017, power plant construction, plant to begin debugging. Before the end of April 2018, overall acceptance of comprehensive engineering, design power indicator. In terms of major economic and technical indicators, method to direct solar radiation site requirements not less than 1800-kilowatt per square metre. Power 4,500-5,000 hours for the year, the annual power generation 4500~5000 million kWh. Collector area of 300,000 square meters, heat storage capacity of 15 hours, providing a 24-hour electricity. It covers an area of approximately 1 hectare.

Yang said, in all raised power station project total investment in the, Union members enterprise production of products has accounted for total investment 35% of set hot field equipment acquisition fee, and accounted for total investment 15% of storage hot system equipment material fee, and accounted for total investment 10% of thermal conductivity oil system equipment and the material, above three items total about accounted for total investment of 60%, is this times into all raised investment of main real assets. Raise shareholder of the station are the main external responsibility, its ultimate aim is to generate electricity, Internet access, benefits. Small shareholders by thermal power generation market access for full project implementation.

So, equity raising pattern of building a solar power plant model what significance? Liu Xiaobing said: “‘ raising power station ‘ is a combination that our energy system and the development of the solar thermal power industry realities into account, is the choice of self-help, industry hold together for warmth. Reasons in addition to the above reasons, there is a very harsh reality to face, namely domestic key device is not in use, not because of technical reasons, but is ‘ practical experience ‘ out of the hydropower projects at home and abroad on the grounds outside. “Yang believes that this pattern of innovation in promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, to transfer from the Government to the positive factors to push the development of the solar thermal industry is beneficial to digestion and excess capacity in many traditional industries, to pry open State-sponsored solar thermal industry doors and accelerate industrial upgrading.

Industry to “raise utility” mixed reviews

As “chip power station” major players, they have the idea of how? if “chip power station” is feasible, are areas in which the need to prepare, even breaking what trouble? visited the journalists.

“‘ Raising power station ‘ is difficult, because solar-thermal power station is a capital-and technology-intensive projects, project development, implementation, operation and maintenance and capital operation team’s requirements are very high, involving all aspects of the more responsible party, and it is difficult to ‘ raise ‘ mode controls. Have the ability to invest in solar thermal power station of the power generation groups and large private enterprises tend to wholly-owned or joint venture investment in power stations, to ensure that the responsibilities, clearly defined. “The first energy saving solar thermal technology General Manager Yao Zhihao said to the reporter.

Zhejiang supcon Chairman of solar technology, Jin Jianxiang believes that solar thermal power plant is a high degree of professional investment projects, farther away from the general public, cannot simply use the Internet all the raised platform of the concept of “raising power station”.

So, more suitable for light and heat to raise enterprises ‘ participation in the links is, but has a high management requirements, must have the integrated ability of led technology.

Sun Bao Yin Jianping, Chairman of new energy in Jiangsu, “said chip power station” must have a leader, national focal points can be supported. But we must first find out the industry’s ability, including the ability to provide the technical scope and financial capacity. “Raising power station” in our country there is no case, so prepare to do well.

Shanghai Crystal electric new energy limited Chief Engineer You Siliang said, all raised just to solution light hot power station early investment larger of a primary of financial mode, but as long as project technology reliable, and economic sex model clear, so meaning far-reaching of stable investment standard of also fear no funds input did? Jiangsu Sun treasure new energy limited Chairman Yin Jianping think, international Shang as Australia has had light hot power station all raised financing of case, since can all raised financing, so also can all raised power station, At least to inform potential investors about the domestic solar thermal products. Collector, heat-conducting oil, molten salt, mirror and other enterprises a lot, and the technology is relatively mature, public building solar thermal power plants are possible.

Sweden Colin Ou Ruilong, General Manager of greater China clean energy company told the newspaper, we try different innovation should be encouraged. But the “chips” in China has become almost synonymous with both directions. Are raising investor pay you a certain amount of investment products available to varying degrees after the late concessions, developed into the “buy mode”. Second is “donated” mode that investment be free for technical or product support.

Yokogawa electric (China) limited market Qiao Jingyu, Minister believes that usually raised into equity raised and raised products. Light “chip power station” is a category of equity raised, in-kind or product characteristics at its own expense. Physical capital relative to cash, share the natural difficulties of accounting difficulties, so fraught with difficulties. Recommendation is to separate funding and delivery, or bid and other standard business mode of supply, investor products have priority under the same conditions, even a certain degree of tilt, but the premise is the rule to be transparent.

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