Hong Wei: distributed PV financing there is no Savior

Polaris solar PV net news: ever since trying to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, “CSI raised platform” to fund research of distributed PV after losing on the road, old red P2P last hope in him. Regulatory policies, such as its funding costs down, although the old red know it takes a long time. Also rarely participate in the matter of distributed PV financing debate, because he felt that it was not white do not say, said White said.

However, as long as PV, distributed PV financing problems will get you nowhere. This is not, old red paper written here, where “old red PV – solar Hall of Fame” friends bicker on this issue: “you charlatan, helped the brothers did solve the financing problems? “” Let alone financing, are wide of the mark, on their own. “” In fact, we are looking for cooperation, this is not the original world of industry “,” resources to integrate in our group “,” I need the money, others do not need “. Peng Xiaofeng is the topic “is” “Lai”, keeping the game what is the effect of the SPI, can be unwittingly financing problem, emotions become more intense, language and flashes of wisdom, but chatting with and without sound, because it is a topic of no solution.

For two days this weekend, old red participated in the two meetings, is trying to avoid is not immune to distributed PV financing.

Saturday’s meeting was held in the Auditorium of the CPPCC’s PV workshop on the preparation work of the agricultural standards. Normally distributed PV friends gathered in Beijing at this time, inevitably greeting lively. After the third sentence, topic back financing, said a friend, found a way to replicate in the Township building roof PV power plant model, arouse the enthusiasm of farmers and arouse the enthusiasm of the Government, but no money. Old red says to look for Bank of Jiangsu, friend: Bank of Jiangsu said it would station built to provide loans. The Jiangsu Bank loans photovoltaic projects guidelines introduction provides information that is not the case, do not know where is the problem. Five minutes before, it is the old red of distributed PV financing the light of hope.

Sunday’s meeting was held at Beijing University’s Internet Forum on inclusive financial. This “loan” that “treasure”, know and do not know all the Internet financial bigwigs. In order to increase confidence in the Internet to distributed PV financing of financial and information, old red arrive at the venue. Because the meeting professional, a group of Internet financial services companies to promote personnel exchange business cards: we can do it, we can do that. Old red was carefully, can not help but ask: don’t introduce so much, since you’re a representative of the Shanxi government enterprise, Zhangjiakou, I only ask you to hold the winter Olympic Games, protecting the environment to build the roof PV power plant, in which you can provide financing? Each time, people had to tramp to exchange business cards. Old red and find the head of the Summit’s organizers, asking him for advice financial instruments via the Internet services of distributed PV financing methods. After listening to the old red introduced the demand for distributed PV financing market, after the official eye glasses eyes full of understanding and regret: still can’t find the right way.

Outsiders see the Internet no matter how fantastic, more Internet financial leaders at the meeting is very clear: do not think that Internet banking is a panacea, subversion of traditional finance is still too early. Internet banking do just one thing: by breaking the information asymmetry and high financing costs become less high.

Everything has its own law of development and in different periods of limitation, Internet banking, too, for current hunger for distributed PV financing, not a bowl of steaming hot Braised beef noodle, but a new way of thinking and a hard practice. Just as friends in the letter said: “I don’t believe, on our own.” Like PV friends through letters and old red pioneering business model, that of distributed PV “pain points” are two: money and public awareness. Old red, “pain points” is the same for all entrepreneurs, and the solution may be different, and unique business models arose. Find the right business model, only by continuously trying to. Let old red pride was in the photovoltaic industry, in terms of distributed PV financing, green treasure trying PV billion trying Hui Bao intelligence seemed to try.

Then the old red thought the lyrics: there has never been any Messiah is not a fairy King, to create human happiness depend on our own.


The August 31, 2015

Original title: distributed PV financing there is no Savior

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