Under the plight of PV industry leading growth

Arctic star solar PV network news: “current of world economic recovery slow, cannot support China foreign trade of high-speed growth, now we import and export of situation I personal think than 08, and 09 of financial crisis also to bad some, and this situation to continued to 2015 end of, this with global of main economic body recently a two years used of currency policy has is big relationship” China electromechanical products import and export Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Sun Guangbin in tenth session Asia solar PV innovation and cooperation forum Shang is worries to pointed out that. “The next 18 months will slow global economic growth, economic growth until the end of 2016 to near pre-crisis levels. ”

Along with China’s foreign trade comparative advantage of low-cost of weakening drop in investment curbed imports and exports of China’s manufacturing industry in developed countries. Meanwhile, the rapid decline of commodity prices in the international market, pulling down the growth of China’s imports. Therefore, the current situation at home and abroad of China’s foreign trade development was more severe than expected, more complex, and faces a lot of uncertainty.

“As far as the situation in the first half, I think China PV industry development prospects and opportunities are much more than the problems and difficulties. “China’s PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua sentence confirmed the presence of hundreds of PV professionals more confidence.

The end of June this year, the Chinese Government formulated the “China’s national climate change independent contribution file” and submitted by the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. By 2020, China’s renewable energy development goals, 100GW PV, solar thermal power 1-3GW, due to hydroelectric and nuclear power might be difficult to achieve a predetermined goal, through solar and wind power to make up for, at least 100-200GW. Visible, rapid development of PV industry in fulfilling this commitment, promote the development of related industries, creating jobs and tax aspects play an important role.

Development of PV industry in the first half of the data confirms this: the first half of the PV manufacturing industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan in China. Polysilicon production is about 74,000 tons, an increase of 15.6%, module production is about 19.6GW, an increase of 26.4%, wafer and cell production were 4.5 billion tablets and 18.2GW wafers, cells, components, mainly photovoltaic products exports reached US $ 7.759 billion PV installed capacity is about 7.73GW, an increase of 134%. PV enterprises profitability improved markedly, top ten component companies average gross margin over 15%, profitability improved, SMEs are still close to the breakeven line, most firms into the black … …

Overall, a number of PV industry in first half of remarkable: one is the power plant investment enthusiasm; the second is capacity utilization Division, downstream developers increasingly favored brand of big business; third enterprises “going out” the pace; four are in emerging markets rise, the market will gradually diversified and finally the key technical levels continued to improve. These factors are of industrial economic improvement has a positive influence.

In the second half, the global photovoltaic market will continue to grow rapidly, China’s PV market will demand in the second half: National Energy Board scale 17.8GW 2015 solar construction, plus the leader programme, installed capacity this year is expected to be more than 20GW. According to the latest Department of energy statistics, the domestic grid-connected PV capacity in the first half of 7.73GW, so more than likely 10GW capacity in the second half.

Industry supply and demand tighter manufacturing profit margins to improve. Demand growing faster than supply growth expected PV module prices likely rose in the four quarter, manufacturers may slightly improve profit margins.

Internal and external environment to promote PV technology upgrades. “Photovoltaic leader plans” to further raise awareness among relevant enterprises to establish technical advantages, will promote an industry-wide technology upgrade. Second half of the year will have more than one PV “leader” demonstration bases being awarded; industry environment continues to improve, power quality is expected to improve … …

Although the leap-forward development of the industry is still in trade barriers, subsidies in arrears as well as the introduction of a land tax in some areas under difficulties, there are by most companies built factories overseas, strengthen its technological research and development in an effort to lower production costs and other measures to save themselves, the largest to minimize the impact on the. Market prospects are rather optimistic.

As Sun Guangbin concluding the analysis, said: “the world is so big, so many countries all the way along, and in the case of economic downturn, our products export trade volume reached as much as $ 15 billion, who can say that PV industry does not market? ”

Original title: PV industry difficulties in leading economic growth

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