21 components companies exempted from EU solar anti circumvention duties

Polaris solar PV net news: the European Commission announced on 22nd files, announced after investigations there are 21 Taiwan battery, component plants were exempted from the limits of EU anti-circumvention duties. The remaining 7 vendors that are not exempt or do not fill in the questionnaire, there are 64.9% of anti-tax evasion.

EUProSun solar energy industries Association in Europe in March this year a complaint to the European Commission, requiring a new inventory of County violated the European solar panel price limit agreements (MIP) and China’s Taiwan, and Malaysia to help Chinese companies avoid trade agreements. The European Commission launched in May to investigate, in addition to gradually eliminate part of being found in violation of MIP China manufacturers, and announced the extension outside the MIP Protocol to embark on the next stage of the investigation, also in October to anti-circumvention investigation factory directly, and provides for 28 to fill out the questionnaire, to understand the situation.

64.9% of the European Commission anti-tax-evasion (contains the 11.5% of the 53.4% of the anti-dumping duty and countervailing duty) to restrict, horse manufacturers to help the County to avoid the Central European Trade Agreement Act. According to the European Union published on 22nd “reveal file” (General Disclosure Document), the EU identified China’s Taiwan has 21 factories are the real producers are not violations, were exempted from the anti-tax evasion. The other seven companies have failed, listing is as follows:

21 components companies exempted from EU solar anti-circumvention duties

High visibility in the market vendors are included in the exemption, be free to export products to Europe. This opinion shall be sent in until January 6 next year, relevant evidence for the evaluation of the European Commission, final verdict will notice before the end of February next year.

In addition, the bulletin exempt Malaysia manufacturer: AUO-SunPower Sdn.Bhd, and Flextronics Shah AlamSDN,Bhd, and Hanwha QCELLS Malaysia Sdn.Bhd., Panasonic Energy Malaysia Sdn.Bhd, and TS Solartech Sdn.Bhd.

5th this month the European Commission has announced the extension of the existing countervailing measures in China (includes MIP) 15 months, EnergyTrend that the EU during this period also will continue to pursue and eliminate violations of the MIP to the Chinese mainland manufacturers and the average 47.7% of the anti-dumping duty to limit exports. This limit, Trina solar has announced its withdrawal from the MIP Protocol changed to overseas production capacity to cover the needs of the European market.

EnergyTrend estimates that market of about 7GW of euro 2016, more plain than this year. But even so, the production capacity is still insufficient to cover the demand in Europe, and through foreign imports to fill you want.

On the Mainland firms, capacity in 2015, the second half began with third place, so even if you are excluded from MIP Protocol can still demand through overseas production capacity to supply the European market. The other hand, the plant in 2015, less than 30% exports to Europe, with major manufacturers exporting to Europe was not limited by anti-circumvention duties, exports should not be much change in the future. But if a plant is really to help the mainland manufacturers transit avoidance behavior to make a profit, the future may be affected by anti-circumvention restrictions even anti-fraud operations in Europe.

Original title: EU solar anti-circumvention investigations 21 plants waived

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