BNEF 2015 second half of global energy markets Outlook

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015-one to three quarters more than 1.1 GW of new energy projects announced, this is the highest level ever. While Germany and Japan’s subsidies are about to end, but did not affect the markets of small scale energy storage system vendor’s optimism, 2016 in the two markets are expected to keep growing. Globally, as project size grows, we see this in the financial, commercial and regulatory aspects in the field matures.

We expect more than 450 megawatts of energy storage project in 2015 and put into use in 2014, representing a sharp rise in about 160 MW:

• United States remains the most dynamic energy storage market, a variety of new business and financing mode in the stage floor to achieve.

– In September, the Kauai Island utility cooperative (Kaua’I Island Utility Cooperative) and SolarCity to regulators for approval of their 20 power purchase agreement (PPA). This will be the United States’s first set of photovoltaic power generation and storage service in one of the power purchase agreement.

– American renewable energy Ltd (RES Americas) completed the storage area’s first non-recourse financing, for a total of 40 MW/16 MW of projects supported.

– Aggregate several uses for personal use (behind-the-meter) storage systems involved in the wholesale energy market and a pilot project is underway to provide grid services.

-FM owned by the PJM market assessment for the future deployment of storage in this attractive market risk.

• Europe markets: some quarters before the late news breaking the silence.

– Germany STEAG power Enterprise agreed to purchase 90 megawatts from Nidec Asi/140 MW of energy storage system. The € 70 million project for the biggest deal since 1978, the much-needed impetus for the region.

– Germany in 2015 will be terminated at the end of its photovoltaic and energy subsidy program. Since the scheme was launched in May 2013, has sold about 27,000 systems. However, the termination of subsidies did not affect the country’s optimism of many storage system vendor.

– Italy transmission system operator Terna production in 2015 of 47 MW/264 MW energy storage system. The company also is planned for 2016/17 flow batteries and supercapacitors pilot projects put into use.

– United Kingdom TSO national grid has already called for “enhanced frequency response” (EFR) intention of scheduling service sought bids for new balance. Project in December 2015, opening February 2016 bids, and starting from the summer of 2017 to provide the service. TSO expects its price to United Kingdom twice times higher frequency response of other markets.

• The Asia-Pacific region: markets converging and energy storage markets and frequent activities.

– Japan economy, trade and industry (METI) had not applied for the first time since the 2012 Fund used to subsidize their own use (behind-the-meter) storage systems. However, price declines accelerated and retail electricity market opening control rapid heating and other factors may lead to a campaign.

-In Korea, Government support continues to drive market activity. To achieve the goals of 2020 to reach 1.7 GW, State-owned power generation enterprise Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) signed 200 megawatts of energy contract in August 2015.

– China is steadily advancing the energy storage industry layout, however, some important issues are still unresolved, many of these problems are expected to get answers in the forthcoming reform of electric power market in China.

– At the same time, Australia is the growth of the storage-especially for personal use (behind-the-meter) storage-the market leader in this mainly stems from its rooftop PV systems rapid development and maturity of the energy market.

Original title: late 2015 the global storage market Outlook

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