Hareon solar opens protective shell recent streamlining of assets

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, hareon continuous announcements related to asset sales, business development, personnel changes and other aspects, suggesting that investment and introduce Windows or around.

Hareon solar today announced that company a wholly owned subsidiary of hairun of Inner Mongolia electric power Investment Corporation will establish a giant sea of Inner Mongolia electric power in Inner Mongolia alone investments limited, with registered capital of 10 million Yuan, while the proposed company will invest in Inner Mongolia’s new run solar company, with registered capital of 5 million Yuan.

Notice that the foreign investment in the company is mainly engaged in the ground power plant investment, construction and management services. Help to further enhance the company’s overall profitability, in line with the company’s long-term plans. This is the second company in Switzerland, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Yunnan and other photovoltaic resources inside and outside together after the project development of continuous action.

Not long after, hareon begins transfer of a series of asset sales to revenue initiatives. According to understand, sea run PV sold has is located in taixing of sea run Yang child new energy limited 100% equity, is expected to get 14.07 million Yuan Yuan returns, sold has is located in Taicang of aotesiwei photoelectric power (Taicang) limited 100% equity, is expected to get 12.11 million Yuan Yuan returns, while full funding subsidiary sea run Hong Kong through transfer holds of related equity get 8500 Yuan HK, full funding subsidiary sea run energy Japan Corporation transfer related equity get 10 million yen.

Markets interpret this series of moves as hareon began to gradually Peel PV industry and accurate distributed in photovoltaic business development resource-rich region.

Hareon Chairman Yang Huaijin believes that in areas rich in solar resources for investment and cooperation, expanding the lower station layout on the business side. This can market opportunities, to seize the business markets and raw materials, on the other hand you can also dissolve its capacity, balance supply and demand.

In addition, hareon, forestry, ecological and other aspects involved, the company said wholly-owned subsidiary hareon (Shanghai) co plan establishment of zhenyuan County in qingyang city, Gansu province, zhenyuan County-owned Grand view ecosystems Ltd, registered capital of 1 million people. The company is mainly engaged in agriculture and forestry development, construction and operation of facilities will further enhance the company’s overall profitability. It is reported that, through a series of business and strategic planning, hareon operating costs decreasing.

People’s Bank of China said in a statement supporting the recent financial institutions issuance of green bonds, PV as a clean energy source are included in the catalog of green bonds support projects. It is considered would ease PV enterprises ‘ financing difficulties. As the larger domestic PV manufacturers, hareon after performance loss, and high transfer after the incident, warming would like to provide ease of space became one of the topics of investor interest. Yang Huaijin recently resigned as President and Chief Executive of the company, brought or will introduce more outside investment and imagination.

Original title: hareon on “shell” recent streamlining of assets

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