NASA developed VR Mars Rover game experience Mars

NASA developed VR Mars Rover game: experience Mars

  December 23, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the United States Fusion media company, Massachusetts Institute of technology as well as the United States Space Agency (NASA) are working together to develop a virtual reality research projects, implementation of the project is to get users to real human astronauts on the surface of Mars early before walking the planet’s true feelings. According to expected human astronauts likely will be in the 30 ‘s landing on Mars. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  Therefore, even though the United States Space Agency had to wait more than 20 years to be implemented on a crewed Mars mission, but no one as long as you have a virtual reality helmet, as early as next year will be able to experience the feel of Mars in person in advance.

  This program is called “Mars 2030 experience” (Mars 2030 Experience), organized by the United States Space Agency, Fusion company and United States joint MIT space systems laboratory research and development, is expected to be launched in March next year.

  Software will be fully involved in this project for users to download free, Cardboard,Facebook Oculus Rift or users can Google Samsung Gear VR equipment for use on compatible PlayStation VR even further in the future and related devices such as HTC Vive.

  United States advanced exploration at NASA supervisor jiesen·kelusen (Jason Crusan) said the Agency had already in astronaut training simulation using virtual reality technology and spacecraft, so applying this successful experience to promote, to educate and inspire the next generation of space explorers and the scientific community is well deserved. He said: “we see this as is the use of today’s advanced virtual reality technology, and good opportunities to share our idea manned landing on Mars. ”

  Irrational Games technical designer Justin suoneikabu (Justin Sonnekalb) is currently involved in the research and development projects, he said the project will allow users to walk on the surface of Mars, or driving a Rover prototypes exploring locations throughout several square kilometers in the region and through a series of scientific exploration of the specified target. You have experienced and observed all around the terrain and environment is based on a true construction of scientific data on Mars.

  One thing is for sure, it is a virtual reality version of the Mars Rover and Mars is not the same under the Hollywood interpretation. Suoneikabu said that when people use “Mars 2030 experience”, they will feel the entire project development team make every effort to develop, realistic simulation as possible when you are standing on the surface of Mars will be seen in a real environment.

  He said: “we are very careful, put in great effort to ensure that simulate real-world Martian environment, we use real Martian terrain data and true color data. ”

  Project development team uses Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 technology provided by the company, the technology and the latest games like Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 and Chair Entertainment’s Spyjinx uses the same technology. Experts will use the professional development tools reproduce the Martian surface environment, giving users the most authentic “immersive”-in the Middle, you will see Mars in the sky is red, and late in the afternoon, the sky turned blue – simulates the real-world Martian environment.

  As part of the development process, suoneikabu group specifically called on the United States at NASA’s Johnson Space Center NASA Simulator team members exchange and United States astronauts jointly test future Manned Mars Rover prototypes.

  Kelusen said: “in addition to the astronaut training beyond the practical, virtual reality technology will also allow us to share to the public in a sustainable manned exploration of the work done and to inspire the next generation of space explorers. ”

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  He pointed out that previous simulation system based on physical principles have been widely adopted, helped United States NASA mission planners to develop Mars exploration plans, providing realistic environmental conditions to test the Mars and other space systems are able to adapt to the space environment.

  Fusion’s virtual reality producer zhulian·laiyesi (Julian Reyes) want the Mars 2030 experience “project will be the beginning of many similar projects for the future. Fusion is a multi-platform media company, the company and the United States signed an agreement at the Agency, making cross-media content.

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