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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the “policy of the original” national development and Reform Commission on the improvement of onshore wind energy photovoltaic Internet benchmark pricing policy of the

Recently, the State development and Reform Commission issued wind solar power on improving land benchmark price policy notice, due to lower benchmark for new onshore wind and photovoltaic power generation Internet pricing. New benchmark for photovoltaic power tariff, 2016 class, the second class resources dropped 10 cents, 7 cents, three types of resources reduced by 2 cents.

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2, datian, Fujian development and reform Bureau submitted to the PV power station construction plan for 2016

By geographic location, topography, climate and other factors influence domestic energy resources are abundant, datian, area number of PV power projects may be developed. To adjust and optimize the energy structure, speed up the development of clean and low-carbon energy, urge datian County, sanming city development and Reform Commission prioritized 110MW 2016 size indicators.

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Market review

1, PV is the Central Bank for inclusion in the list of green bonds support projects

Central Bank (2015) 39th notice on issuance of green bonds in the inter-bank bond market related issues are explained. Green bonds support projects directory, clean energy such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal projects were included.

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2, 7 PV enterprises in Jiangsu was dragged 800 million subsidizing the industry appeals to congenital heart disease

About PV electricity price next year will be expected to lower benchmark in the industry has been formed. Is PV manufacturing in Jiangsu Province. Reporters found, where a number of PV industry reacted calmer, in contrast, is sensitive is the photovoltaic subsidy payment delays and other issues.

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3, new energy saved! Arrears of subsidies is expected to a recent settlement

Drag on too long or renewable energy subsidies will be resolved in the near future. National development and Reform Commission raised additional renewable electricity price standards, or up to 2 cents per kilowatt hour, or more.

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4, the EU “double reverse” extended PV enterprises still want to argue

Just a few months, several solar companies have been removed from the MIP Protocol, the combating of PV industry in China is self-evident. Industry forecasts, as the Central MIP protocol extension, more enterprises will be struck off or choose to actively withdraw from.

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5, not full purchase of renewable energy will power compensate for the losses?

National Energy Board recently issued to the local Office of the National Energy Board authority and responsibility list (for trial implementation), and the penalty provisions for disseminating large amounts of information through new media channels, and the industry of renewable energy power generation new round of acquisitions. Well, this is new not new? Can play an important role? In fact, this provision only to the local Office of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities clearly, associated with the execution of penalties and without too much.

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Enterprise version

1, 13 companies by 2015-PV “leader” business excellence

International Clean Energy Forum (Macau) held jointly with the China quality certification center in 2015 China PV “leader” Excellence Enterprise award, total of 5 photovoltaic module manufacturer, 5 photovoltaic grid-connected inverter business, 3 material suppliers by 2015-PV “leader” Business Excellence Awards.

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2 photovoltaic business seeking a turn on, the power ring off solar winter has not in the past?

The night of December 21, State-owned electricity company power ring’s announcement, saying the company needs to make about 4 billion yuan of losses. According to press reports, power ring’s annual profits but also a few billion, and last year was a loss of 393 million Yuan, the provision for losses of 4 billion yuan for the company is even worse.

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3, Tong Wei m of shares conditionally through

Tongwei shares December 23 announcement said the company received on December 23, the CSRC notice, companies issuing shares to buy assets and to raise the matching funds and the related-party transaction subject to conditions. Tongwei shares issued in May of this year restructuring plan, the company intends to pay 2.05 billion yuan to buy from related stake He Yongxiang tongwei new energy 100% 99.9999% equity shares and raised no more than 2 billion yuan to promote “catch one” and “complementary”, “farmer roofing plant” and other projects.

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4, 21 components companies exempted from EU solar anti-circumvention duties

The European Commission announced on 22nd file, announced after investigations there are 21 Taiwan battery, component plants were exempted from the limits of EU anti-circumvention duties. The remaining 7 vendors that are not exempt or do not fill in the questionnaire, there are 64.9% of anti-tax evasion.

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5, SolarCity, please? Its own trouble

When most people think about when SolarCity, how the mind must present their innovation, how to change the energy industry. Almost every mention of SolarCity, journalists don’t forget to add one more sentence: they gave people the right to control energy. But it really was it? Small series read BusinessInsider today a different story, which questions the models of the SolarCity.

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Comment article

Prospect 1, new energy has no “money scene”?

Energy needs restructuring, capital is one of the core. Funds needed to achieve the global transition to a low carbon economy trillions of dollars, including investment in renewable energy, subsidies for new energy investors is particularly critical to the attainment of objectives. China’s new energy industry is on the rise, the new energy investment is still dominated by Government, business investment in new energy sectors still have worries.

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2, Hong-Wei: solar financing market require four changes

Prime Minister Li keqiang on October 16, said at a financial Forum: continue to promote financial reforms, effective services to the real economy. Financing, higher financing costs has become weakened an important factor of international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. Financing status of PV industry, is not only the best portrayal of financial needs reform, and will be a tipping point for financial reform.

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3, the energy transformation of what is difficult? Where the anterior?

In recent years, in response to global climate change issues under the background of the international mainstream, and to vigorously develop renewable alternative to fossil fuels as the main source of energy has become an important part of energy policy in many countries in transition. However, the ambitious development goals fail to cover up the energy restructuring process difficult.

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4 and who should pay for clean development?

Recent sentencing by the intermediate people’s Court in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, in one case, a trial court defendant, a chemical company to pay to the plaintiff, a company (defendant photovoltaic plant on the roof of the investor) electricity and overdue penalty more than 100,000 yuan. In this alleged “national first distributed photovoltaic roof tariff dispute” behind the small case, but hides the clean development mechanism design problem, one of the most prominent, is required for clean money, exactly who will pay?

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5, the Energy Council to abandon the strong wind up under light phenomena can lead

Department of energy released on December 16, the local Office of the National Energy Board powers and responsibilities list (for trial implementation), again referring to “not full purchase of renewable energy” administrative penalty provisions of the Act. If this Department of energy policy in a new change and six supporting documents seen, this policy is the embodiment of the new implementation of the change programme, is in order to give priority to the development of renewable energy, guaranteed renewable distributed energy generation of priority measures. Seemingly charm policy, how effective is still worth considering.

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Character articles

1, the hero is late: out of hairun Yang Huaijin farewell PV

Bad news barrage. First is on December 10 outgoing hareon facing high compensation of 500 million to 800 million Yuan, Hai run which may result in losses for the third year in a row, “exit a foregone conclusion”. 17th hairun bulletin disclosure of company’s Board of directors a list of candidates for general election, as Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer of Huai Yang’s name does not appear. Hairun behind what really happened?

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