PV power station construction cost estimation and cost basis

Polaris solar PV net news: photovoltaic power station with the adjustment of electricity prices, the investment Center will be gradually shifted from the Northwest to the Southwest and Southeast areas. As a basis for construction of photovoltaic power stations, land and its price. Now investors are still confused. In this paper, the implementation of a project in Yunnan, for example, gives access to land and the corresponding price and method of calculation.

Macro through the sites, site after site, complete the selected sites of land land, woodland property query. After land acquisition costs of the query is as follows:

Calculated on the basis of: ① the current unified annual production measuring of land expropriation standard second force turned over to the Central Government, provincial, prefectural (City)-related costs.

All projects involving land fees and charges based on can be obtained from the local land sector in accordance with policy requirements.

For this project, a permanent standard of land requisition compensation and fees are as follows:

① the land compensation fees x governance [200X]XX requirements: 25000 Yuan/mu of arable land; unused land 400 Yuan/Mu;

II the young athletes and the ground attached to compensation: 5000 Yuan/Mu;

③ 10500 RMB/acre farmland reclamation fee (comprehensive [2010]150);

④ 24 Yuan/square meters of farmland occupation tax, 16000 RMB/acre (Yunnan Provincial Government, the 149th)

⑤ living benefits peasants 20000 Yuan/Mu (cloud governance [2008]226);

⑥ dam area quality compensation 187000 Yuan/mu of arable land;

⑦ occupancy fee of 4000 Yuan/mu of forest land;

⑧ land management fees and survey fees, assessment fee is 10000 Yuan/MU.

Like query results based on the site of land and land properties such as arable land, its cost per acre:


As the query results based on the site of land and land properties as unused land, its cost per acre as follows: (unused) + II + II + ⑦ + h;

Temporary land price includes:

① the land compensation fees in accordance with x-governance [200X]XX, measured, including:

Arable land: 25000 Yuan/Mu;

Area: 24000 Yuan/Mu;

Woodland: 25000 Yuan/Mu;

Grassland and other land: 400 Yuan/Mu;

II the young athletes and the ground attached to compensation, including:

Economic crops: 800 Yuan/Mu;

Grapes: 23000 Yuan/Mu;


Orchards: 5000 Yuan/Mu;

Forest land: 2500 Yuan/Mu;

Similarly, its combined query cost per acre of land property, land status report to calculate crop.

Above cost for the land Department land after the property query, rent prices. According to the existing policy and the status quo, due to differences in database in the forestry sector, these “forest land and unused land” woodland properties and prices are subject to re-query and total columns.

Qualification in forestry investigation and design units completed sites within woodland property survey, involving various types of woodland, relates to conclusions such as tree species, wood storage, and then calculated the compensation for forest land, finalizing the forest harvesting to prove.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant construction cost estimation and cost basis

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