PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

Polaris solar PV net news: generating capacity rose 4 times more than doubled the previous 11 months, broad prospects for photovoltaic applications.

PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

On December 21, tianchang city power company employees in horse Lake “Yue Kwong mutual complements” power stations to assist the engineering and technical personnel in inspection before delivery. Li Bingwang Zong Yaoyao photography

PV technology innovation hedging cost pressure

Recently, the xinyiguang company workers in mining subsidence area in Huainan xiejiaji district installing solar PV panels on the surface. Chen Bin Zhu Peiguo newspaper correspondents contributing photography photography

Welding machine hand hard cell, workers were busy testing the components … … On December 18, ja solar energy technology workshop in Hefei, a busy.

“We only opened two of the workshop in the first half, all 3 workshops now running at full capacity, staff from more than 1500 people to now more than 2000 people, there are still 900 MW orders pick up. “Ja solar in Hefei science and technology limited company official Liu Lei introduced PV industry accelerated warming, corporate order full, both production and marketing. 1 to September this year, the companies cumulative shipments of 1549 MW, an increase of 67%, output of 5.66 billion yuan, an increase of 42%.

In addition to the upstream manufacturers, downstream photovoltaic applications enterprise production and marketing the same fire. Hefei micro/Nano-electrical engineering limited company is a specialized manufacturer of photovoltaic components used in construction enterprises, distinct from regular photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic components used in construction of the enterprise research and production, can directly replace the exterior walls and roof, and achieve the perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and construction applications. Corporate Vice President William l. Rowe introduction, put into operation since last year, influx of orders, product demand. National logistics and warehousing Association entered into a collaboration and Hefei city grain Bureau and a number of units, grain depot in Hefei area nearly total installed capacity MW rooftop PV projects.

This year, the rally of the photovoltaic industry. At the end of November, PV cumulative installed capacity in the province 750,000-kilowatt. Among them, the new installed capacity 250,000-kilowatt. From January to November, cumulative PV power capacity of about 360 million kWh, an increase of 428%.

“Photovoltaic power generation only 0.74% in energy structure in China, while in some developed countries in Europe and America accounted for more than 30%, photovoltaic application has great potential in the future. “Photovoltaic industry expert Zhang Xiaoan, Hefei University of technology Professor pointed out that as the ecological and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and increased emphasis on development and utilization of new energy sources,” Thirteen-Five “at the end, non-fossil energy share of primary energy consumption will reach 15%, photovoltaic industry will have rare opportunities for development.

Investment financing, application is still “stumbling blocks”

Industry Outlook is bright, but business did not mean plain sailing. “Now dare not blind expansion of production capacity, after all, too many uncertainties of the photovoltaic industry. “Liu Lei think, PV industry to achieve substantial development at the present stage, still faces a lot of” stumbling blocks “.

Construction site constraints, and is the innate disadvantage of PV application. “The scarcity of urban land, rural land properties limited, future trends in photovoltaic power station will shift from centralized to distributed. “Wan Changqing, Deputy Director of Hefei city view, differs from the Northwest has a large number of barren hills and desert resources, the province land resources are scarce, the future should focus on distributed power plant construction. Building distributed power also faces a number of challenges, such as many large industrial plants design load does not meet the requirements of power station 13 kg the roof are shown, wasted a lot of roofs; some businesses out of safety concerns, PV power generation projects were not on the agenda.

Large initial investment, the return period long, is also an important reason for restricting the PV application. According to Zhang Xiaoan introduction, photovoltaic power plant is a one-time investment, are generally not required to input the next twenty or thirty years, 1 3000 Watts of photovoltaic power plant, for example, cost about 26,000 yuan, annual profit rate of about 8%~10%,10 years to recoup their costs. Hefei, in accordance with current subsidies, rural residents can enjoy the 12,000 yuan subsidies, own only 14,000 yuan. Meanwhile power plant can produce more than 3,000 a year more, sell power grid annual revenue of about 3000 Yuan, 45, will be able to recover the cost. Even so, farmers ‘ enthusiasm for voluntary installation is not high, the key is the PV of the Government poverty alleviation projects.

Besides issuance of timely issues such as financing and subsidies, are also important factors hindering the development of PV industry. Photovoltaic industry is funding capital intensive industries, large amount of funds, lack of collateral, it is difficult to gain recognition of the financial institutions, is a major cause of financing. Subsidies timely issuance also increased the capital difficult. In the interview, Hefei company disclosed in full, except for municipal subsidies in place, a supplement has not been won. It is understood that gets subsidy from local finance, pricing, Energy Department begin trial, finally, finance and the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board for approval approval after the entering directory, then allocated in the central budget to local finance, enterprises could get subsidies for more than 1.5 years.

Reduced cost upgrades, expected to enter “ordinary family”

The energy development strategy plan of Action released in 2014 (2014-2020) proposed that “by 2020 PV prices comparable with grid sales price.” Wan Changqing believes that future to get PV into the homes of ordinary people, and also to strengthen technological innovation, through technological progress, improve conversion rates, reduce costs, achieve parity as soon as possible, get rid of to rely on subsidies.

In fact, with the upgrading of technology, has continued to reduce the cost of PV products, photoelectric conversion rate is also rising. “Used to have more than 10 Yuan 1 watt solar cell, now just 4 cents. “Liu Lei introduced ja company developed poly battery with an average conversion rate of 18.9%, single crystal component battery with an average conversion rate of 20.8%, reached the international advanced level.

“In the long run, price of photovoltaic electricity prices not only equalled thermal power, lower power prices in the future. “Zhang Xiaoan said, at this stage still to maintain the stability of subsidies to support industry bigger and stronger. While improving the optimal subsidy mechanism, improve the management and efficiency in the use of subsidy funds, ensure that the subsidy Fund in full and on time.

Also, to speed up the PV applications and promotion, through technical innovations broaden the field of application and realization of photovoltaic power generation in situ digestion. Hefei for build “China PV application first city”, active promotion PV building integration, will PV power and building application combined up, development production out directly alternative building roof or wall body of decorative material, and insulation material, and waterproof material and peripheral nursing structure material, while meet building and PV of function requirements and security performance requirements, products application prospects is broad, widely application Yu civilian and public building, and industrial plant, and high-speed rail, and highway,.

Zhang Xiaoan believes that PV industry development is a systematic project, should step up market supervision and overall planning, to the current installed capacity of thermal, which should prevent rushing headlong into mass action, guide enterprises to the development of high level and low cost. While improving power grids, transmission lines and other infrastructure projects and services, open up the last mile for photovoltaic power station.

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This year, the steady development of PV manufacturing in the province. Provincial PV cell and module production capacity of about 4 million-kilowatt, 10% per cent of national output. Representatives of major enterprises in Hefei ja, Tong Wei, hareon, etc. Meanwhile, photovoltaic applications continue to grow. PV 530,000-kilowatt built in the province, including centralized PV 250,000-kilowatt, distributed PV 280,000-kilowatt, annual utilization hours to 1200 hours. Lutheran Church in jinzhai County, East 150 megawatts of photovoltaic power station is the largest concentrated photovoltaic power plant. 2015 years 600,000-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation capacity in our province has been selected by public tender 12 projects, together with the 2014 carry-over projects have been reported to the National Energy Board. Furthermore, model-building boom. Hefei national economic development zone, Wuhu distributed development of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area plan 2015 years 230,000-kilowatt, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.

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