Renewable sources of energy were frequently awkward situation remain

Polaris solar PV net news: in recent years, with the rapid development of domestic economy and massive use of fossil energy, domestic environment also suffered from an unprecedented crisis. “China must adjust the energy structure”, which is the current consensus in the home from top to bottom, and development of renewable energy also have an irresistible opportunity.

According to “Twelve-Five”, new energy is developing rapidly. Wind power only, until the end of 2010, grid-connected wind turbine 41.827 million kilowatts in China, more than United States, and ranked first in the world. As of third quarter of 2015, China’s wind power installed capacity of 108.85 million-kilowatt, more than doubled in just 5 years. In 2014, the State grid area, new wind power installed capacity of 23.196 million kilowatts, an increase of up to 44.2%. Photovoltaic power generation, the end of 2010, PV installed capacity 893,000 kW; by the end of September 2015, the number has become 37.95 million-kilowatt, 5 years was more than six times. Only the first three quarters of this year, nationwide 9.9 million-kilowatt PV.

Under the feast, will lead the rush of capital, for a time, power giant, a large number of private enterprises in China have layout the renewable energy market.

Constantly embarrassed: Pate

However, behind the hot market, not a Royal.

Energy Department data shows that in January-September this year, Gansu and Xinjiang to abandon rate is 28% and 20%. Situation is even more serious in the four quarter. Shanghai Daily News reporter learned from the industry, PV power plant in Ningxia in October this year that brownouts, some power blackouts of up to 70%; Gansu November blackouts of about 60%; in Xinjiang in December of interim measures or even use the full power of new energy, power about 95%, some counties even power 100%.

As we all know, reverse distribution energy supply and energy demand in China, in terms of resources, “rich North and poor South-East West” on demand is just the opposite. It is worth mentioning that not only fossil fuels such as coal, oil and new energy sources such as wind, solar, too: more than 80% of wind energy resources in “three North” areas, solar energy is “plateau than the Plains, Western than eastern”, and 75% per cent of the energy demand is concentrated in the Eastern and central regions.

Industry sources say, on the one hand the “three North” regional economic development is lagging behind, small power demand, electricity markets, on the other hand it is fossil fuel and renewable energy are relatively affluent, this will inevitably lead to new energy to dissolve contradictions. Spanned out power channels if there is not enough, even in Gansu and Xinjiang stopped in thermal power plants, so has abandoned wind, abandoned.

Would abandon wind anyway, abandoning the “three North” area, to abandon less wind, abandoned, power grid enterprises racked his brain. Despite local efforts to eliminate new energy have never stopped, but power grid enterprises and new energy power generation enterprises know, the “three North” areas of new energy and power out of the area, is resolved to abandon the wind, abandoning the essential strategy.

Domestic new energy company official said that currently, Tacheng Prefecture, aletai region in Xinjiang, wind power development is beginning to take shape, has not reached the million-kilowatts into bottlenecks. Relying solely on the local absorptive, wind power is no way for large-scale development. In his view, the only reference Hami wind power base of UHV delivery experience, started delivery to dissolve patterns to develop huge amounts of wind power resources in Xinjiang.

Statistical data show that same surplus electric power, wind power is relatively close to the Gansu and Xinjiang, for UHV delivery channels, abandoned in this round in the wind, Xinjiang’s situation is better in Gansu province. By October 2015, Xinjiang wind power installed capacity 9.43 million-kilowatt, Gansu 12.02 million-kilowatt, January-October, the Xinjiang wind power utilization hours 1438 hours, power 12.534 billion kWh, and Gansu’s wind power utilization hours only 1051 hours, only power 11.068 billion kWh.

“Three North” new energy power generation local absorptive, spanned out of the difficult situation, sgcc has been reported to the relevant departments in various ways, early sent is an approved UHV power channel. For the power channel has approved, such as Jiuquan-UHV DC transmission project in Hunan province, the company is speeding up construction and strive for an early completion of commissioning. Company is also actively promoting East-Chengdu, East-East ± 1.1 million volts high voltage direct current transmission project approved. Both projects capacity amounted to 24 million-kilowatt, only East-East UHV projects to deliver Xinjiang wind power 5.2 million-kilowatt, PV 2.5 million-kilowatt.

Has industry people said, if in new energy rapid development of “Twelve-Five” of early, national about sector on can realized that new energy power, and grid engineering coordination development of importance, and urgency, ahead approved a “three North” area power outside sent channel project, so, “three North” area abandoned wind, and abandoned light on not has now so serious, new energy development situation will than now better have more.

Coincidentally, the Northwest is yet to ease, in the West of the country, wind power in Yunnan province, also welcomed the “awkward” situation.

It is understood that the Commission issued on November 20, 2015, Yunnan province, Yunnan province, industry and information technology issued November 2015 and December wind turbine power plant clean-energy of the work programme of the replacement notice (“2015” document No. 314) proposed wind power industry compensate for thermal power enterprises, wind some of the proceeds paid to thermal power plants. Reply of the State power company, dry season price for charging standard, wind power companies will charge a standard 60% paid to thermal power plants.

Industry analysts said, according to the price “2015” 36th, new benchmark coal price in Yunnan power grid 0.3563 Yuan per kWh, wind turbine per kilowatt hour will be compensated according to the requirements for thermal power 0.21378 Yuan (0.3563/*60%). Wind power in the province in November and December when the electricity is about 1.8 billion-kilowatt, according to this calculation, Yunnan wind power companies will free supply thermal power enterprises of 380 million Yuan, it will be 15 50,000-kilowatt farm income profit of the year.

New energy company also said that although rich in wind power resources in Yunnan province, but belongs to the Highlands region, construction affected by mountains, the rainy season is difficult, high unit cost of revenue cycle length; and after the completion of the project also needs to invest a lot of money to restore ecology.

Most of the wind power business is done through bank loans to fund construction, obtained through the power tariff revenue and subsidy income to repay Bank loans and interest, but the current subsidy income lag, which is equivalent to one side owes subsidies still need to pay the bank interest, more pressure in the wind turbine companies.

It is understood that the wind and fire policy taken Yunnan greater impact on wind power companies, some wind power companies say the policy would affect further investment in Yunnan.

In this regard, most of the experts surveyed said they could not understand.

Zhongguancun Xinhua new energy Institute Vice President Lin Yu believes that this procedure is not according to the laws and policies of Yunnan. Serious violations of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further deepening the reform of electric power several opinions (hereinafter “[2015]9”) and the national development and Reform Commission on electric power system reform of supporting documents.

Lin Yu pointed out that, in the sent [2015]9, paper pointed out that, “speed up amendment and perfect access grid of technology standard, and engineering specification and related management approach, support new energy, and can renewable energy, and energy-saving consumption and resources utilization Unit Internet, active advance new energy and can renewable energy power and other movie, and grid of effective convergence, in accordance with planning seriously implementation can renewable energy power supportability acquisition system, solution good no discrimination, and no obstacles Internet problem. “Since then, the country explicitly and repeatedly puts” green power priority “principle. National wind power price, there are clearly defined. The Yunnan province of the wind companies imposed punitive “Exchange transaction” fees is not fair for wind turbine manufacturers. Not conducive to energy saving and emission reduction, green development in Yunnan province.

Meanwhile, Lin Yu also said the plight of thermal power enterprises, essentially renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic, and gradually grow, fossil energy such as thermal power “crowding out” effect. As the energy industry restructuring efforts to increase national thermal power enterprise’s predicament is not hard to predict.

The finale

Alternative is a good stopgap replacement, power generation right, and scheduling support system to ensure new energy is a good on line “even-keeled.”

Spanned out power channels rarely or are being planned, under construction in case, of course, cannot sit back and new energy to dissolve hard. New energy locally to dissolve hard, but also to find ways to do it. In this context, balance between efficiency and fairness, become an inevitable choice of power grid enterprises and new energy.

It is understood, some businesses in the current up wind, abandoned power constantly’s case, had to start selling its power station, began to take the asset-light route.

The latest case is, once wanted to enter the domestic photovoltaic power plant holdings of the first echelon of the downwind 17th clean energy bulletin, to be equivalent to total 1.2 billion yuan to sell its Jiangxi shunfeng photovoltaic investment held by the subsidiary company 9 180MW ground station. Media, public relations Director of the company, said Zhang ruimin, which is proactive initiatives to respond to market changes.

The so-called “market”, industry analysts say, but is the most serious local blackouts, power prices low, subsidies long delay time, the financial situation is not optimistic. Holding power plant costs are too high in the current situation, the future asset-light route.

Analysis of the industry, mainly due to a decline in market demand and rapid growth of thermal power installed capacity and wind power but make way for a power plant. Under the tide of global carbon reduction, China’s wind power industry could be to put on a thermal power to fight back.

In this regard, China Wind Energy Association, Jian Heng Qin Haiyan, Certification Center Director wrote that, although in recent years maintained a relatively high growth rate of wind power, but to satisfy countries to cope with climate change and the urgent needs of severe environmental pollution problems, still have to pick up the pace, take on more responsibility. In Paris, shortly before the climate conference, China pledged that by 2030 China’s primary energy consumption proportion of non-fossil energy around 20%, by 2020 up to 15%. As promised, in the “Thirteen-Five” period, China’s grid-connected wind power cumulative installed capacity should be at least 250 million kW. In order to ensure the achievement of this objective, must solve the prominent problems that beset wind power development, and avoid the influence of wind power is the biggest obstacle to industrial development. Data show that since the beginning of winter, Gansu, Ningxia, Heilongjiang and other areas of abandoned some wind projects wind up to 60%. Judging from the current situation, the problem has become worse, and even some local government departments issued a wind compensation of thermal power and simply ordered wind power suspension for violation of the provisions of the renewable energy law, severely disrupted the industrial order and market rules. If this momentum is not unchecked, abandon wind problems cannot be effectively addressed, not only “Thirteen-Five” development goals cannot be achieved, the entire wind power industry will be at risk.

Solve abandoned wind power, should start with a strategic common understanding. Is prone to serious smog make our country truly experience the use of fossil energy costs also taught us that the environment has reached the unsustainable situation, energy revolution is inevitable.

Let can renewable energy enterprise see line dawn of is, recently, for further implementation CPC Central Committee State on further deepening power reform of several views (in the sent [2015]9, paper) and the related supporting file of about requirements, National Energy Council drafting has can renewable energy power full supportability acquisition management approach (sought meaning draft) (Xia said approach), and to society widely sought views.

The approach clearly guaranteeing the purchasing renewable power generation in full definition, scope of liability, security and compensation methods. Approach provides, can renewable energy grid power project years electricity is divided into supportability acquisition power part and market trading power part, “supportability acquisition power part through priority arrangements annual power plans, and and grid company signed priority power contract (real contract or post contract) guarantees full acquisition”, and “market trading power part by can renewable energy enterprise through participation market competition way get power contract, and through priority scheduling implementation power contract”. This provision serves to protect the basic benefits of renewable energy projects, and full play to the advantages of lower marginal costs of renewable power, so their rights to giving priority to power generation by means of market competition.

In recent years, the abandoned wind up light is always healthy and sustainable development of China’s renewable energy industry’s biggest constraint. The way is our country’s energy authorities in the context of a new electric power system reform and further strengthen their efforts, the implementation of the renewable energy Act and other laws and regulations for renewable energy in full provisions guaranteeing the purchasing, ensure non-fossil energy consumption goals, an important measure to promote revolution in energy production and consumption. After the publication and implementation of the measures, it will be resolved to abandon wind up light problem and promoting effective development of renewable energy such as wind power, photovoltaic industry the main driving force.

This is the benign development of renewables is one bright spot.

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