Sino US double reverse and then reviewed part of the photovoltaic rate or lower

Polaris solar PV net news: China and the double reverse reconsideration, land tax rates cut will enable Motech advantages

2012 China and double reverse review just in July this year, for the first time ended, the second retrial and menacing, may be found in early results will be published in the near future, eventually found to be settled in the year 2016. EnergyTrend observation of the TrendForce’s new energy business Department, which is currently in early progress only in anti-dumping some of the preliminary findings, such as according to estimates about 5% tax rates drop, Trina solar will be the big winner, stability in the United States market share, Motech lose tax advantages, Mau di indirect impact United States the quantity and price of the order. As regards anti-subsidy portion are likely to remain flat.

Sino-US double reverse and then reviewed part of the photovoltaic rate or lower

Trina native and third estate can supply United States

EnergyTrend Lin Yanrong, an analyst pointed out, if only to observe the anti-dumping tax rate reduction, manufacturers generally 2.4%, is unlikely to decline. Direct domestic shipments from the mainland United States is most Trina, this review is the biggest winner, only anti-dumping margin fell 5.14%.

If this estimated rate drop of around 5%, Trina local supply capacity are still around 9% of gross profit and Thailand buy their new production capacity in the successful mass production can continue to supply United States. Other Chinese manufacturers to cut the tax rate advantage is not clear, but manufacturers in the near future in a third layout of capacity has matured and will gradually narrow the tax, the tax review as a whole have little effect on Chinese manufacturers.

In contrast, Taiwan, rates for shipments to the US would not be cost-effective for most manufacturers, only Motech orders this year sharply to indirect exports to United States orders lean. If this review rates cut come true, Motech will be the most affected manufacturers, original because of the tax advantages enjoyed high prices will instantly appear oppressive, return to the same starting point as the other competitors.

Double rates edged lower, Motech tax advantage lost

Watch Trina solar, solar manufacturers over the past year, is divided into three shipments to the us. 1) local capacity to China to pay tariffs of about 30%, 2) purchased Taiwan Motech cells with the lowest tax rates, to the third component, Motech 11.45% tax rate applicable, 3) buy a third battery, and encapsulated into a component in the third, three ways need not pay the tariffs.

Due to the land tax rate is too high, and the third battery capacity of scarce, 2015 many manufacturers to Motech solar cell to the third-generation factories into components, Motech so eat plenty of benefits of tax advantages, benefit from annual shipments. Motech indirectly to the United States order price is higher than the remaining plant at least US$0.1/W above, especially the second half of the United States orders a hot, Motech more United States highest orders over US$0.355/W, amounting to about 15% of gross margins.

Lin Yan Rong said the anti-dumping tax rate cut, a countervailing duty rate unchanged as the estimated cost figure, although this rate cut is small, but has major US manufacturers from China direct supplier costs less than using Motech increase has large cells, enough to impact Motech indirect United States the quantity and price of the order.

Sino-US double reverse and then reviewed part of the photovoltaic rate or lower

Original title: Sino-American double reverse review duty down Trina winners

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