Tens of billions of power go Power grid unable to

Polaris solar PV net news: on one side are serious beyond the absorptive capacity of new energy “squeeze” Internet access, is to ensure a stable and reliable electricity safely, in the face of new energy to dissolve problems, industry experts said: “grid is a ‘ weak ‘”.

Tens of billions of power go? Power grid unable to

Massive new energy to dissolve into a worldwide problem

The wind finally came. The day before Christmas, Beijing was again from the new wave of haze crisis. Warning, severe pollution, color values are explosive, vehicle restrictions … … Back-to-back in North China since the beginning of winter and the smog to get people into a “wind” of anxiety, and make people aware of, and nothing is more important than a breath of fresh air. Most importantly, green and low-carbon development ideas are deeply rooted, is imperative.

“Fossil fuels”, the use of clean energy is an important part of low carbon green growth. In this connection, our country has been at the forefront of the world. According to current 24% of the total installed capacity of renewable energy world, installed the world’s increment of 42%, is energy saving and the use of new and renewable sources of energy in the world’s first superpower.

However, in the “Fame” behind the abandoned wind up as a serious problem in China. According to statistics, first half of the year, the national wind up wind power of 17.5 billion, an increase of 10.1 billion degrees; mean abandon wind, 15.2% rose 6.8%. Among them, the Gansu abandon wind energy of 3.1 billion, abandoning wind 31%, abandoned main in West Inner Mongolia wind power (abandoned wind 20%) and Gansu (abandoned wind rate, 31%) and other places. Photovoltaics, the first three quarters of this year, China PV power of 30.6 billion, leaving about 3 billion degrees of light, abandoned light was 10%, Xinjiang (Corps) abandoned the light power of 1.04 billion, abandon rates 20%.

Shocking figures, hidden is “massive new energy to dissolve” the worldwide problem. Wind turbine in the world using a high proportion of countries, such as Denmark, and Spain, there are varying degrees of abandoned the wind, while in the United States, and Germany in some areas, abandon the premise of the wind is the wind, leaving wind-related articles even included the incorporation agreement or purchase contract. International experts, the Finland international wind panel grid technology research center expert Hannele Holttinen has lamented the “wind power to dissolve is a world problem.” National Centre for strategic studies and international cooperation to address climate change Li junfeng, Director of the Center, said: “any power station, power is afraid of electricity from the full purchase, reasonable to abandon the wind is right. To plan rational abandon wind scale adjusted according to the load. ”

Growth spurt, power grid unable to

New energy industry itself, the actual growth rate greatly exceeds the advance planning. Today, China’s new energy development has come in the world, as the world’s largest wind turbine, the PV’s fastest-growing countries. 2012 grid-connected wind power cumulative capacity ranks first in the world in 2013, grid-connected PV cumulative volume ranked second in the world, the development of new energy utilization with advanced countries in Europe and America.

Industry experts said that only 5.5-year period for China to walk through the history of wind power development in Europe and the United States 15. “Catch The Wave, doubling every year, exponential growth is not a good thing, can scale, but can not exceed the capacity, in conjunction with national conditions, matching with market demand. “New energy industry for more than 30 years of China’s Energy Research Institute of new energy Chairman, former Vice Director of Hu Chengchun said.

New energy is intermittent and fluctuations, large-scale grid-connected renewable energy like a group of naughty children haunt the safe and stable operation of the grid. Is beyond the absorptive capacity of new energy “squeeze” Internet access is to ensure stable and reliable current safety sent to protect network security. New energy to dissolve difficult, industry experts said: “grid is a ‘ weak ‘”.

In addition, out of sync is the important issues facing new energy to dissolve. Use of new energy, grid is the most important way to eliminate, and to make the new energy sent out must rely on Smart grids. States have enacted “Twelve-Five” wind power, solar power and other special plans, but new energy base out of the channel were not implemented. National planning 9 qianwanqianwa wind power base, 7 of which are in “three North” areas, currently only in Hami, Jiuquan and West Inner Mongolia 3 bases, such as trans-regional power transmission project.

Media reports in the past of “Eleven-Five”, “Twelve-Five” for 10 years, planning has been in sync. The 10-year, fast-growing electricity demand high load on the one hand, on the one hand is the Southwest and “three North” area of surplus resources need to be delivered, effective mechanisms for the allocation of resources between the two appears unbalanced. Power grid project approval lags behind the new energy projects, new energy-rich regions in varying degrees across province and insufficient channel capacity problems, has become the rigid constraints of new energy to dissolve. Gansu Jiuquan wind power base of installed capacity has more than 12 million-kilowatt, solar 6 million-kilowatt, Jiuquan-Hunan construction of UHV DC approved projects until May 2015, 2017 is expected to put into production, underdeveloped delivery channels 2-3. This entailed a certain degree of up wind power.

New energy to dissolve, the future will spare no effort to

Power is the key to new energy transmission. New energy “squeeze” the Internet situation, sgcc has been tried, spare no efforts to eliminate new energy.

Today, the national grid is the largest grid in the current global access to new sources of energy. Up to November 2015, national dispatching scope of grid-connected renewable energy installed capacity totals 146.26 million-kilowatt trillion, accounting for 12.4% of the total installed capacity. In January-November, today new energy generating capacity of 231.7 billion, accounting for 5.6% of the total generating capacity. New energy in 15 provinces and has become the second-largest power, 11 of which are in the “three North” area, accounted for more than 10%. In January-November, spanned, across the province, delivered to the national grid wind turbine and photovoltaic power of 26 billion, an increase of 48%.

Circular economy in China renewable energy Association Chairman Peng Peng, Research Director of policy has publicly stated: “in the process of new grid-connected energy, national grid company under great pressure, reduction of costs. Frankly, the State grid Corporation has done a lot of work, and is very efficient. ”

State grid Corporation, held on December 18 “Thirteen-Five” power development planning Research Conference, the State grid Corporation said, will increase the intensity of new energy development, 2020 wind power, photovoltaic, 150 million kW of installed capacity of 240 million kW. In terms of installed capacity power supply arrangements, the “Thirteen-Five” period, the State power company will be more determination and adjustment of the power structure, optimization of power distribution, control total coal consumption, vigorously develop clean energy to ease growing pressure of resource constraints, environmental pollution and carbon emissions. 2020 national total power installed capacity is expected 2.07 billion kilowatt, compared with 2014 added 700 million kW, with an average annual increase of 120 million kW. Percentage of installed capacity of clean energy in 2020 to 2014 in 39.3%.

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