New study a new material will change the solar cell manufacturing process

Polaris solar PV net news: an international team of researchers using a new composite material, simplifying the silicon solar cell manufacturing steps, doped Silicon-free photoelectric conversion efficiency to 19%.

Currently most of the primary materials are crystalline silicon for solar panels. Sedimentary layers are doped crystals or crystals in itself above other metal atoms, atoms can combine with silicon atoms electrons can optionally generate electron holes, two situations can enhance the conductivity of crystals. After doped crystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency can be over 20%, while doping cell efficiency has never been more than 14%.

Doping process can improve the efficiency of solar energy conversion, but will increase the complexity of Semiconductor components and degrade its performance, hampered the next manufacturing process. New research in a special mixture can be left off doping process, just a simple 7-step, new materials and simple coating process can be combined to improve efficiency. As the United States Department of energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, James ˙ Bullock as the first author’s identity will be published in nature ˙ on energy, he said: “we are manufacturing solar cell structure is very simple and can reduce costs. ”

In this study, the research team in the solar panels facing the Sun side of the silicon wafer, coated with a thin layer of molybdenum oxide, lithium fluoride is used in the back. Two coating only dozens of nanometers thick and transparent, with complementary electronic structure, ideal for use in solar cells.

Another Member of the research team Steve ˙ de ˙ Wolff says, the team discovered a few years ago the usefulness of molybdenum oxide, the Switzerland Lausanne Federal Institute of solar cell manufacturing platform, when combined with the Silicon layer of molybdenum oxide has outstanding performance, standard process for production of crystalline silicon solar cells have made surprising changes.

The team hopes to, you can continue to test more material to see if there are better materials to improve conversion efficiency.

Original title: new materials change the solar cell manufacturing process

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015 4940MW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to CSPPLAZA Research Center, in 2015, the global solar-thermal power generation capacity built to achieve steady growth in 2014 on the basis of the increased 421.1MWe, total operating capacity of about 4940.1MWe, a 9.3% increase.

Added capacity maximum of for Morocco, achieved 160MW added capacity, this thanks Yu its Yu 2015 built of NOOR1 slot type light hot power station, the project Yu 2015 second half of built, but needed note of is, project party original Yu December 27 held grid voted shipped ceremony, but temporary was stopped, official on this not give any explained, may reasons is the project failed to get owners of full acceptance. The statistics included in the 2015 new capacity.

Is followed by South Africa, South Africa markets significant progress achieved in 2015, installed capacity of 100MW KaXu Solar One trough commissioning of grid-connected solar-thermal power station on March 2, 2015, installed a 50MW Bokpoort trough solar thermal power station was formally put into operation in December 2015. Meanwhile, South Africa REIPPPP Khi Solar One Tower of the first-round winner 50MW power station is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2016, the first half; REIPPPP the third round of the winning project of 100MW Xina Solar One trough power plant and 100MW Ilanga CSP 1 tank power plants under construction; REIPPPP the third round b winner 100MW of Kathu CSP trough power plant and 100MW of Redstone Tower molten salt power station installed capacity of progress is more positive.

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Map: 2012-2015 built global CSP installed capacity (graphic: CSPPLAZA)

United States markets most respected 110MW Crescent dunes Tower of molten salt power station was built, although sources said the trial operation of grid-connected power plant in 2015 in the fourth quarter, but officials had not yet announced the commissioning of its official incorporation. The statistics can also be included in the 2015 new capacity.

2015 new installed capacity in China to Jiangsu Xin Chen 300kWth reflection demonstration project, no other major projects completed and put into operation. Including CAs 863 project solar slot type set hot power technology research and model project, Xinjiang Xinhua can 1.5MWth slot type model project, Marina light hot Gansu Aksai 800 meters melt salt slot type model loop, small test project, first light hot Dunhuang 10MW Tower type melt salt power station, and in the control delingha 10MW melt salt Tower type project transformation engineering, and Shenzhen China strong trillion Yang Zhangjiakou 15MWe improved Fresnel model project, and Fresnel molten salt power station 10MW in Dunhuang, Lanzhou and other large scale demonstration projects are in a State of construction.

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Map: 2012-2015 year total CSP national capacity built figure (graphic: CSPPLAZA)

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Photo: CSP built in 2015 new installed capacity of States (graphic: CSPPLAZA)

2015 attention to the China market for solar-thermal power generation demonstration project completed the reporting and assessment, demonstration projects electricity price policy is expected to be launched in early 2016, based on the expected added capacity will be built in the year 2016-2017 rapid growth, to achieve explosive growth by 2018.

2016, first light hot Dunhuang 10MW Tower type melt salt power station, and in the control delingha 10MW melt salt Tower type project transformation engineering, and Shenzhen China strong trillion Yang Zhangjiakou 15MWe (now has upgrade for 20MWe) improved Fresnel model project, and Lanzhou big into Dunhuang 10MW Fresnel melt salt power station are has larger may built, 2017, in the wide nuclear delingha 50MW slot type light hot power project, large commercial light hot power station is expected to voted shipped, 2018, About 1GW solar-thermal power generation demonstration project for most of the projects are expected to complete. At that time, in solar-thermal power China will become the world’s hottest emerging markets.

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Original title: global solar thermal power generation capacity built end of 2015-4940MW

Datong issued implementing rules of the photovoltaic power generation using

Arctic star solar PV network news: recently, Datong Government issued PV power using woodland reform pilot implementation rules, (following referred to rules), rules in the proposed PV power station construction of Qian reset conditions for: Lin Guang complementary PV power project array column using woodland, years rainfall 400mm following of regional cover degrees below 30% of shrubs woodland and years rainfall 400mm above regional cover degrees below 50% of shrubs woodland, and should be woodland and no State wood woodland, other to class ban using ; PV array bracket must use steel column or cylindrical cement block to ensure forest properties does not change; PV array supports the minimum height of not less than 1.5 m; PV array spacing at 6 meters.

Reads as follows:

The County (district) people’s Governments, all relevant units directly under:

For sound solid do I city PV power project using woodland reform pilot work, according to national forestry Council on PV power station construction using woodland about problem of notification (buying sent [2015]153,), and Shanxi province Forestry Office on carried out PV power project using woodland reform pilot of implementation views (jinlinzi sent [2015]90,) file spirit, municipal government research developed has Datong PV power project using woodland reform pilot of implementation rules, now issued to you, Please carefully follow.

Datong city people’s Government Office

The December 8, 2015 

Chapter I General provisions

First article for speed up Datong economic health development, advance city PV power project construction, reference “Datong mining subsidence District National advanced technology PV model base” first first try of mode, ensure woodland quality has upgrade, and foresters income has increased, and economic development has breakthrough, according to People’s Republic of China forest, and People’s Republic of China anti-sand sand method, and Shanxi province Forestry Office on carried out PV power project using woodland reform pilot of implementation views (jinlinzi sent [2015]90,) and National photovoltaic demonstration base of advanced technology in Datong coal mining subsidence area provisions such as the project management approach, combined with the practical, these rules are formulated, Datong city, and set up PV power generation projects to use forest land reform leading group (list attached).

PV power generation projects in Datong city mentioned in the second article of the rules of construction, means in the context of the jurisdiction of Datong city.

PV projects adhere to the basic principle of article III. “Lin Guang complementary integration” model, scientific planning, comprehensive protection, rational use, who hire who who develops protection compensation and who undermine the principle of who recovered. Biological measures such as by planting trees to restore and maintain the ecological balance, natural disaster prevention and mitigation, ensuring ecological safety.

The Fourth District and county administrative departments according to their respective functions and powers, responsible for accomplishment of photovoltaic power generation project management of regional ecological protection and municipal administrative authorities responsible for the supervision.

Fifth of municipal, district and county governments should strengthen ecological protection and management leadership, establish and perfect the responsibility system of protection.

Chapter two preconditions

Sixth Lin Guang complementary array PV projects use woodlands, annual rainfall regional coverage of less than 30% 400mm shrub and annual rainfall is more than 400mm regional coverage below the 50% shrub, forests and wood-free forest, other such prohibited use.

Seventh bracket PV array must use steel column-or cylinder-shaped cement block to ensure forest properties does not change;

Eighth PV array bracket minimum height of not less than 1.5 metres;

Nineth PV array spacing at 6 meters or more.

Chapter III Basic programs

The tenth enterprise applications. Photovoltaic power generation enterprise project registration certificate of the provincial development and Reform Commission and after obtaining the building site submissions, parties may apply to the pilot project to the county-level Government Department.

(A) be included in Datong coal mining district of the municipal development and Reform Commission approved the national advanced technology solar PV projects in the demonstration base, may make an application directly to the County Government forestry authorities, submitted to the municipal reform leading Group Office.

(B) the Datong coal mining subsidence, not included in national demonstration base of advanced technology solar PV power generation projects, enterprises must file an application to the county people’s Governments, by consent, county-level forestry administrative departments of first instance, qualify and raise, after municipal reform leading Group Office for approval and record.

After the 11th approved PV enterprises, to entrust qualified units as required to develop projects involving leases, the feasibility report of using forest lands, hiring record of the PV project leased forest land protection and enhance the quality of programme (hereinafter the programme). The report and approval by the local forestry authorities at the county level for examination and then submitted to the municipal reform leading Group Office (City Forestry Bureau, forest resources management section), the municipal Bureau of forestry organizations on the feasibility report, the programme review demonstration. Qualified, approved the record.

12th signing rental contracts, condominium-building accounts. Photovoltaic power generation enterprises in accordance with the relevant data of the feasibility report forest land-use, signed lease contracts of forest land and forest owners. And with the County Forestry Administration Department of forestry eco-restoration margin management account, deposit by deposit the full amount of 3000 Yuan/mu of ecological restoration.

13th signed the memorandum of ecological protection. Photovoltaic power generation after the program finished in the early, with the County Department of forestry administration signed the memorandum of ecological protection, a set of three copies, signed and each holding a copy, municipal reform leading Group Office archives for record copies.

14th for the administrative licensing procedures. Need handle temporary sex or permanent occupied woodland of PV power Enterprise delegate has qualification of units prepared project involved rental, and using woodland of site identification report, together with rental and using woodland of feasibility report, and assessment views, and project application file, and woodland using application table and rental contract, by permission law according to rules to district, and County, and city forestry administrative competent sector submitted material, handle project temporary, and permanent using woodland license procedures.

15th construction of photovoltaic power plant. Enterprises in the course of construction, strict construction in accordance with technical specification for construction, district and county administrative departments in charge of forestry conservation management in the project area, and hire qualified supervision company to regulate the enterprises construction process, as found during the construction of acts of destroying forest resources, as the case dealt with according to law, and reported to the Department of forestry administration.

16th the Organization and implementation of the programme. Photovoltaic power generation enterprises in the project after the project ended, commissioned a qualified unit project of replanting replant vegetation restoration project.

17th due restitution of forest land. PV enterprises temporary occupancy and PV array when the lease expires, requirements and standards of the enterprise in accordance with the contract, work on forest land-use and return to the forest owner.

Datong issued implementing rules of the photovoltaic power generation using forest land reform

Leading Group Office was set up Office in the Municipal Forestry Bureau, forest resources management section. Responsible for coordination of the pilot, a review of the project approval, forest protection and enhance the quality of programme audit record, supervision, report summary and so on.

Original title: Cosmos issued implementing rules of the photovoltaic power generation using forest land reform

Or a woman changing reasons for this cry can change the brain substance

  Wei Feng network, January 30, generally speaking, we believe that women are fickle. Of course, beyond the description, more often than most of the girls strange temper, also shows a lot of sister sentiment change. After all, many girls see a smash in the crying was rare in movies, however in General, boys are not like this. However, a recent study showed that cinema crying thin crash is not a bad thing, as it will in the subsequent period of time for your good mood. Disney case Disney iPad Mini Case

Disney case

Or a woman changing reasons for this: cry can change the brain substance

  Recently, the journal motivation and emotion reports published a study, study results showed that staff in a certain number of volunteers after playing two very moving film, nearly sobbing when the 60% of the people in the movie, most of which are women. But after watching for about 20 minutes, the cry of the mood quickly changed for the better, and get better. And those who do not cry mood swings are very small.

  The researchers concluded, this may be due to people crying brain chemicals that will change, and the impact of this change is to make people happy. This may also be the reason many people joy, anger, change. Also, this mood change generally less complex and heart, not so much. So, if you have a sister, please cherish her.

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Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection 1 25 to 1 29

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, the Ministry of finance concerning the Declaration of the sixth instalment of renewable electricity price list of additional financial aid notification

A few days ago, Treasury issued the Declaration of renewable electricity prices plus financial aid directory notifications, notification requirements, approved in 2006 and subsequent years (filing), conditions of grid connected projects can meet the declaration before the end of February 2015.

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2, renewable electricity will be imposed on industrial structural adjustment funds

On January 19, 2016, the National Treasury issued a document, in order to support China’s restructuring of industrial enterprises, industrial enterprises began to impose structural adjustment funds, levy goals, including a nationwide coal-fired and renewable generators electricity (market power) spontaneous own demand, coal-fired power plant and so on.

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3, action plan for innovation-driven development strategy in Fujian province

Recently, the Fujian Provincial Government issued notification of implementation of innovation-driven development strategy plan of action. Notice a clear work objectives, highlighting the focus of work. Which relates to the main content of new energy industry: perfect Silicon material (film), solar cells and modules to system integration, engineering general contracting the whole industry chain, supporting solar photovoltaic distributed generation systems, to create national PV industry base.

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4, Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province, distributed PV subsidies 0.82 Yuan/kWh

Recently, the town of Zhuji city, Zhejiang Province, the Government issued a circular on accelerating the implementation of distributed PV applications. Views pointed out that, Dian Kou Zhen residents family, and enterprise using roof, and space, and shortage slope, investment new distributed PV power project, and Yu 2016 end of Qian built grid power, and and made province, and Shaoxing NDRC PV power plans index of related enterprise (units) signed PV power project of, project built and through acceptance Hou, since power of day up can enjoy 0.82 Yuan/kWh subsidies.

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5, fengcheng city, Jiangxi province, people’s Governments on doing citywide PV power application notice of the

Recently, fengcheng city people’s Government issued the better job on the city of PV power application notice. The circular pointed out that supporting power users and investment the main building roof project of distributed generation and integration service providers under the same conditions to encourage qualified priority purchasing of enterprises in Jiangxi province high quality PV modules, frame, electrical equipment, energy storage systems and other products to ensure overall quality and efficient photovoltaic power station.

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6 issued, Datong the photovoltaic power generation using forest land reform pilot rules

A few days ago, issued, Datong city people’s Government of the photovoltaic pilot reform of forest land-use regulations. Rules in the PV power station construction of Qian reset conditions for, Lin Guang complementary PV power project array column using woodland, years rainfall 400mm following of regional cover degrees below 30% of shrubs woodland and years rainfall 400mm above regional cover degrees below 50% of shrubs woodland, and should be woodland and no State wood woodland, other to class ban using; PV array column bracket base must selection steel column type or cylindrical shaped cement Pier, guarantee woodland nature not change ; PV array supports the minimum height of not less than 1.5 m; PV array spacing at 6 meters.

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Market review

1, PV industry in China fire ice day: downstream “shine” upstream prices dip

After years of “winter” of the PV industry in support of national policy again “shines” in 2015, China PV installed capacity will reach 16. 5GW, cumulative installed capacity 43GW, ranking first in the world. However, in the downstream application market is hot at the same time, upstream polysilicon business days at the price of constant exploration more difficult, both ends of the chain can be described as ice fire days.

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2, the new energy subsidies, open declaration of new power plants within a year out of the directory

Declared by two years after the reopening of the new line under the list of energy subsidies. Multiple source told reporters that the only power station completed in February 2015 before, are eligible to enter the sixth instalment is being developed list of renewable energy price subsidies. This means that, for nearly a year to build new energy power generation projects will miss the subsidy list.

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3, South Korea imported aligned polycrystalline silicon total volume of imports is still high and price drop

According to the latest customs statistics, December 2015 China poly silicon imports is still broken, 10444 tonnes per cent increase 4.1%, 2015 polysilicon cumulative imports reached 116892 tons, an increase of 14.4%. Imports of long positions is the main reason Korea persistently high imports in December from Taiwan imports also hit a record high of 1464 tons of polysilicon.

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4, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank successfully issued bonds first green finance in the territory

On January 27, successful bookkeeping issue internally first green of Pu FA bank financial bonds, financial bonds from institutional framework to achieve national green product of the official floor. It is reported that Shanghai Pudong Development Bank financial bonds to the Green, the Department approved by the people’s Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission, on the inter-bank bond market issued in book-keeping documentation open, issued 20 billion yuan, bond 3-year period, the annual interest rate for fixed-rate 2.95%, more than twice times oversubscribed.

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5, story time: a talk with Taiwan solar years

It is understood that in 2009 after the release of the energy Ordinance, Taiwan renewable energy market is developing rapidly. Statistics for the first half of 2015, PV Taiwan has more than 630 MW, growing fast, increase of 600 megawatts within five years. Just a few years time, Taiwan photovoltaic industry has moved towards a peak, with the shortest time to complete the Grand transformation of the thick product sends thinly.

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6, searching development path: distribution and industrial roofs “about marriage for marriage”

Due to the large scale photovoltaic power plant in China is mainly concentrated in Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces in the West, combined with the abandoned light barriers such as blackouts, widely seen in the industry, future direction should be to fully tap the roof of resources, developing distributed PV. Government, businesses, commercial properties, tenants can be through a third party, such as investments or build their own way to build distributed power station to obtain a return on investment.

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Enterprise version

1, the joint *ST Hai run PV to be withdrawing charges exemption from HK $ 200 million in liquidated damages

*ST has attracted industry interest hairun with integrated photovoltaic power stations about the trade dispute, there has been recent progress. On January 28, *ST hairun announcement, combined PV will be paid on receipt of the third party of HK $ 250 million within 5 working days after the withdrawal of the arbitration application.

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2, PV bosses Yingli Cinda capital or debt restructuring as a new strategic investor

Once PV giant fame, Yingli Green energy after five consecutive years of losses, on the road to the assets restructuring. It is understood that the arrival of China Cinda asset management Corporation may Ying Li.

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3, bowei alloy 1.5 billion yuan to acquire solar assets to create double-main

Policy East wind blowing and broad market prospects of temptation, bowei alloy to be cut into the PV industry, creating new material + energy dual main mode. Bowei alloy on January 28 due to increased plan intended to 19.08 Yuan/non-public offering of 31.4465 million shares and pay 900 million yuan in cash, total value of 1.5 billion yuan to buy black group 6 Ningbo Kang Naite 100% owned by shareholders.

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4, Baoding tianwei intention to enter bankruptcy

According to Baoding tianwei publishing financial announcements, Baoding tianwei PV manufacturing subsidiary will start insolvency proceedings of the Tribunal. Xinjin County, Sichuan province people’s Court has accepted tianwei Sichuan silicon industry limited company liquidation.

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5, integration to expand solar upstream and downstream business Comtec raised HK $ 600 million business structure

A few days ago, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange one of Comtec solar monocrystalline silicon production enterprises in announcements to the League of Nations control, Chairman of the Henan wanzhong Li Wanbin directed new share issue 673 million and 255 million shares issued price of HK $ 0.66. The total funding of about HK $ 610 million, will be used for downstream solar business development, integrated solar upstream and operating funds.

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Character articles

1, Meng Xiangan: development of distributed renewable energy

Recently, a reporter on coal burning, energy-saving emission reduction and new energy development interviews Vice President of the China renewable energy society Meng Xiangan. Turning to renewable energy to dissolve the problem, and Meng Xiangan told reporters that the “special mention this change to clean energy, particularly wind and solar affordable acquisition in full, so I believe that this is a direction of change, is to accept renewable energy, developing renewable energy. Renewable energy itself should be how to do? Is distributed. ”

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2, Hung Wei: the stock price dropped from $ 33 to $ 3 SunEdison tells PV enterprises?

The past three years, SunEdison sudden force, had been progressing by leaps and bounds in a high profile, but just in the past six months, investors its comments by leaps and bounds is the stock price dropped 90%. On what grounds? What is this high dive show wants to tell the Chinese PV industry?

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Finance on the Declaration of the sixth batch of renewable electricity price

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, Treasury issued the Declaration of renewable electricity prices plus financial aid directory notifications, notification requirements, approved in 2006 and subsequent years (filing), conditions of grid connected projects can meet the declaration before the end of February 2015.

Reads as follows:

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the financial offices (bureaus), development and Reform Commission and the Department of energy, the price Bureau and financial Bureau of Xinjiang production and construction Corps, development and Reform Commission and the Energy Department, the State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid company:

Under the Ministry of national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board on issuing < additional renewable electricity price subsidy fund interim measures for administration of >

Situation analysis of distributed solar and energy storage

Polaris solar PV net news: • Japan and Germany is the pioneers of development of distributed solar and energy storage technology

Japan and Germany electricity prices higher and have more regulatory support, thus establishing a combination of solar and energy storage technology early market and resulting innovations will benefit the world. Japan has huge battery manufacturing industry, and the industry will continue to develop along with the expansion of the domestic market. Germany appears the combination solar energy storage technology innovation of business model, for example, consumers can rent part of the electric energy storage facilities for grid operators, and StromBank and other power companies to establish community energy projects to support development of rooftop solar. As a forerunner, also some negative effects of these two countries, their lessons learned that could eventually allow other countries to gain benefits.

• United States market more fragmented, but the long term solar and energy storage technology may dominate

California and Hawaii now has the world’s highest penetration of solar energy, but the United States solar and energy storage technology directly facing obstacles to continued low natural gas prices, which is low cost of power generation. Nevertheless, the United States startups have embarked on the development of complex distributed solar and energy storage technology mechanism, companies such as Tesla also links between the use of electric vehicles and energy storage technology, recently launched PowerWall House battery system.

• China is giving priority to developing plant-scale solar projects, but distributed solar and energy storage technology still has room for development

China is currently drafting its “Thirteen-Five” plans, according to new guidance documents, although the State supports the development of distributed solar energy facilities, but storage technology remained focused on ensuring reliability of large-scale energy storage. If roof and community solar and energy storage technology for further development in China, will start in the top of the commercial and industrial areas.

• India is ready to be the leader, but still faces potential obstacles

India has a growing number of companies committed to addressing lead-acid batteries power supply instability and to good local experience to foreign markets. However, with the development of the power industry and the regulatory, Central Government and State Governments need to implement strong policies from State-owned enterprises and the private sector to build a profitable, sustainable business models, it is essential. Quality standards and quality assurance will also help to support distributed solar energy investment and energy storage technology.

• Industry and policy makers need to start now to address future problems that may arise

Combining solar and energy storage of the most pressing issues currently facing, is the high cost of energy storage technologies, and regulatory obstacles, but other issues after the formation of scale, may also influence the development of markets, particularly in the case of we did not anticipate and prepare in advance. At this stage can pre see of problem including: for installation quality low and effect reputation (recommends through established industry unified of standard, and implemented certification system solution problem), grid integrated poor and led to of regulatory policy repeatedly (recommends through continued investment pilot project, and widely share best practice knowledge to should), lack technology skilled of Labor (recommends for installation personnel and engineers training plans), and network attack, threat (recommends and IT industry established Union, strengthening grid integrated aspects of cooperation). Barriers to trade and supply chain discontinuity may also hinder the development of this area, needed to reduce the material-dependent, and to promote research on alternative chemicals to ensure that technology costs continue to decline.

Related news:

Perfect combination of distributed solar and energy storage technology?

Original title: distributed solar and energy storage (part two)

Election nears new energy policies around the US presidential elections

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 19, 2015, the United States Republicans and Democrats reach agreement to extend tax credits for wind power and renewable power generation (PTC), and federal business for solar power energy investment tax credit (ITC). For the United States for new energy industry, these two policies extension is simply is the best Christmas present. Although, according to the New York Times article, the extension of these two policies, to cover the United States lifted crude oil export ban possible climate effects, because after crude oil export ban, may increase the production of crude oil, leading to more emissions of greenhouse gases.

Election nears new energy policies around the US presidential elections?

Although such of claims, looks like is denied has new energy interests related who by do of lobbying efforts, also ignored has two items policy for United States wind, and solar industry development of important meaning, but in United States, new energy industry itself is a political sex is strong of topic, and while also finalized has crude oil export legal, how see are is United States two party Zhijian mutual do compromise, that reached interests Exchange.

Generally speaking, United States Democratic Party were believed to be supporters of the solar and wind industries, and the Republicans, and more close to traditional energy sources such as coal, oil, at least in the eyes of global policy at the University of Southern California Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger is.

He and the other an entrepreneur named PerEspenStoknes on a joint publication in the CNN article says, as right-wing conservative party, comply with the Republican party’s conservative core is to promote free market competition, protect property rights, economic development and technological innovation, reduce taxes and unfair government subsidies, and provide consumers with more choice. It was supposed to allow Republicans to embrace new energy industries, but, unfortunately, because of “old world” to get too close, they committed a “confirmation bias” (Confirmation Bias): too much confidence the party they support, and see the other options.

So the question came, although the current United States President Barack Obama-HP’s new energy industry, but the 2016 election, except that he will be stepping down as President was beyond destiny, what is unknown. If in case, Republican candidates won out? United States will still face the threat of the new energy industry? Because, judging from the present presidential campaign debate, none of the Republican presidential candidates support Obama’s clean energy plan.

Currently, Republican internal for climate changes of views can divided for two a camp, like from Texas of TedCruz and from Detroit of BenCarson on completely not admitted climate changes of issues, think this topic is completely of lies; another camp is think climate changes is a problem, but absolute no big to need national developed or change any policy to should this problem, like from Florida of Marco Rubio and small Bush of brother Jeb Bush is in this camp.

DonaldTrump star of the Republican presidential candidate, is out to say Obama’s climate change policy to the United States as a great threat, he said in a recent TV debate, “(Obama’s climate policies) is that he listened to the most in the history of stupid policy, no one. ”

See these positions and statements, estimates concern United States new energy industry people there. So much so that on Friday local time (December 18), Obama in 2015 and finally at a routine press conference, he emphatically affirmed that United States domestic new energy development and United States efforts to tackle climate change will not change, even if Republicans won the 2016 election victory.

Obama said that even Republicans within the prevalent negative emotions to respond to carbon dioxide pollution, but they cannot ignore the wind and solar industry’s achievements on job creation. He said PTC and ITC extension is in the context of 190 countries signed the Treaty of Paris, which the “most ambitious climate change agreement in the history of endorsements, coupled with the already existing international and domestic market signals, the private sector will invest a lot of money in the new energy industry, this will affect the United States Congress on this type of problem in the future choices.

“As more and more people in the field of solar energy production and installation work, as more and more companies see the United States’s new energy industry innovation products can be sold in Asia, Europe and Africa, funding support will allow new energy industry development becomes unstoppable. “The President said.

He said that history every time United States enacted new environmental regulations when Gets a lot of obstacles, such as acid rain, climate, pollution, when setting fuel efficiency standards, every left-wing politicians are expected to have terrible economic consequences, but on the new regulatory purposes is “smooth and swift, the better. ”

But Obama also acknowledged, even in 2016 for the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, there will be many from Republicans “Bloop”. He described the United States Republican party is climate class on the “otherness”, even in the rest of the world of right-wing parties, also conceal his “otherness” characteristic.

Tea party widely seen display of anti-Obama sentiment, on energy issues and Obama stand on the same front. A Huffington Post article, said Debbie Dooley is the founder of green energy of the tea party supporters. The emphasis in the article is saying, when people always asking for new energy subsidies, should also see the United States Government on coal and nuclear power in decades of huge subsidies. She said that “direct or indirect subsidies on energy should be stopped. ”

Original title: election of new energy policy will be about the presidential election?

Misfit launched the second generation of Shine fitness Tracker

  For Apple, and talented people is not just Steve and Tim Cooke, one of Apple’s co-founder, John Sculley, too. After leaving Apple, he also introduced some innovative new products, such as fitness Tracker Misfit Shine. And now, the second generation of this product is coming soon.

Misfit launched the second generation of Shine fitness Tracker

  Original Misfit Shine posted on a special day, October 8, 2011, and the day was another big event–the great Steve died of illness in this day. However, the pace of technological development has not stopped. Seems a bit irrelevant, however, as a powder, both associated with forced also to pay tribute to Steve.

Misfit launched the second generation of Shine fitness Tracker

  Second generation of Misfit Shine is still made of aircraft-grade aluminum material, also has no buttons or visible display, without charge, waterproof, with 12 small LED light bulbs. Connect with the IOS APP on your system, you can track the status of your daily exercise and sleep. Of course, compared with the first, the second generation of Misfit Shine increases the time of the advisory connection, mainly by way of light and vibration. Received an email, SMS or phone when it beeps and obvious shock, let you know that you need to check your phone.

Misfit launched the second generation of Shine fitness Tracker

  Meanwhile, it also adds a magnetometer and accelerometer, to better track the State of your campaign. As for the battery life, and is still used button cell batteries, each battery’s service life is about half a year.

  It is reported that it will start in November officially for sale, priced at around $ 100, and prior to remain essentially the same. Can be worn as jewelry, can supervise the movement, but it is still very good.

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Hong Wei the stock price dropped from 33 to 3 SunEdison tells PV enterprises

Polaris solar PV net news: talking about 2015 solar stocks high platform diving champion, people would have thought that Han could one day plunge 47% because it has not resumed trading, so the Championship is among the SunEdison. Its stock price fell from the highest $ 33.45 on July 20 last year to its lowest $ 2.65 on January 14 this year.

Hong Wei: the stock price dropped from $ 33 to $ 3 SunEdison tells PV enterprises?

Hotel reviews China PV companies, industry will inevitably talk reviews United States famous PV companies, old red really special someone. In addition to language barriers, but because SunEdison impression in the trade, is the world’s first scale, was continued merger and acquisition cases, is using Yildco and other financial means of the superb financial management techniques to all Chinese PV industry, the classic joke.

SunEdison now has a new classic, and that’s why 2009 MEMC $ 200 million acquisition was North America’s largest solar energy services provider SunEdison company, in 2013, just after muyizigui changed its name to SunEdison, the past three years, SunEdison sudden force, had been progressing by leaps and bounds in a high profile, but just in the past six months, investors its comments by leaps and bounds is the stock price dropped 90%.

On what grounds? What is this high dive show wants to tell the Chinese PV industry?

For the reason, SunEdison’s former Chief Strategy Officer considered: “capital markets stock PV value and associated with traditional fossil energy market downturn.” But this is clearly wrong, because Chinese PV companies Canadian solar, jinko’s stock price at the same time trend, is denied any such conclusion. Discussion of SunEdison’s slump in share prices, or to look for problems of their own.

SunEdison did over the past few years?

The past few years, SunEison in the full flowering of the market, made several influential, classic:

Large-scale photovoltaic power plant. MEMC company with more than 40 years of history, its Silicon business to 2008 has been developing weakness and sluggish stock prices, 2009 following the acquisition of SunEdison start solar power plant investment business, sending its shares finally began to rise from $ 1.44. SunEdison through capital by means of yieldco, in the rest of the world through direct investment and mergers and acquisitions, including expanding the holdings of large photovoltaic power plant. July 2014, for example to buy United States scale 336MW photovoltaic power generation enterprise, June 2015 in South Africa have made 457MW plans, become sub-Saharan zone developed one of the leading manufacturers of solar energy. August 2015 said “SunEdison now has 8.1 gigawatts total projects and growing business. “What’s interesting is, SunEdison’s earnings analysis more often than other similar enterprises to introduce PV power plant growth.

Actively into wind power generation, energy storage market. In addition to investing in photovoltaic power plant in the past three years, SunEdison’s expansion in new energy direction is also fast and broad in scope. November 2014 and its subsidiary TerraFormPoweryieldco invested $ 2.4 billion acquisition of United States wind energy developer FirstWind, Hawaii, New England, and some small high price the market has built more than 1 gigawatt of wind power assets. This acquisition makes TerraForm in becoming the world’s second-largest yieldco company at the same time, also makes the SunEdison became the world’s largest renewable energy developers. March 2015 SunEdison company providing energy storage photovoltaic integrated systems of the United States SolarGridStorage acquired the business and assets of the company, “became the world’s first provides photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and energy storage of three business enterprise.”

By strategically India PV market in the world. January 2015 SunEdison announced the injection of 4 billion US dollars in India building’s largest photovoltaic manufacturing plant. Yieldco TerraFormGlobal, Chief Executive of the company said: “the SunEdison is India’s major players. This strategy has been a foregone conclusion. We have been to India’s Prime Minister promised, starting from February 2015 in span of seven years, 15.2GW. ”

Take advantage of Yiedco financial instruments. Any rapid expansion of enterprises must be combination of constant capital and, in addition to known outside the capital means, SunEdison most major capital of the stories associated with the Yieldco of innovative financial products. In early 2014, SunEdison to United States Securities and Exchange Commission registration statement transmitted to the create yieldco. On July 18, the start of the subsidiary TerraFormPower yieldco in Nasdaq trading, initial public offering of 20 million shares, shares of $ 25 per share, with a total turnover of US $ 500 million, SunEdison holding TerraForm64% shares. Born from the Yieldco that day, it frequently appears in almost all SunEdison’s expansion, becoming one of its major development strategies.

Centralized, distributed PV market full flowering. SunEdison is a successful utility investors, but it does not meet, said as early as July 2014, SunEdison will dabble in smaller projects, “and is expected to double size distributed solar projects this year and next.” July 2015 it was announced to us $ 2.2 billion in cash, stock and convertible bonds to buy United States largest household PV developer VivintSolar company. This enables SunEddison 4,000 new employees, 523MW rooftop PV projects portfolio, was attacked by SunEddison distributed market. On the SunEdison’s Chief Strategy Officer, has said “we want to build the future of the world’s largest energy companies. ”

No matter how SunEdison’s future results, the above facts are sufficient proof, it is a human law for renewable energy development, has a clear means to become the industry leader, with the largest capital enterprises. Just for this strategic model, evaluation of the trade, what are the financial results?

Evaluation of SunEdison and financial data

In the PV industry, if there is no systematic and thorough tracking and research, SunEdison is distinguished look.

In the PV industry abroad, commented: SunEdison Solar module production, large-scale photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, distributed wind a lot, even for relatively new business such as microgrids are involved, it is obviously trying to cover every aspects of renewable energy. Comments: Although comments SunEdison business model in the long-term success too early, but this way the risks should not be overlooked.

In any case they say, since the choice of continuing expansion strategy, how to balance size, debt, the financial result is that each choice the same enterprise development strategy must be to answer the question. SunEdison faced roughly the past three years the business and liabilities

Hong Wei: the stock price dropped from $ 33 to $ 3 SunEdison tells PV enterprises?

Curing on funding. Buy assets such as wind energy, energy storage to not speak, only relevant information about 8 GW held SunEdison photovoltaic plant assets, according to a recent “2014 World’s largest photovoltaic power plant units of kilowatt cost of RMB 9644~26660 Yuan/kW” take the middle number, this part about curing the funds of at least 140 billion yuan of assets, that is, more than 20 billion dollars.

On the debt. 2015 second-quarter financial statement analysis said that SunEdison has tens of billions of dollars of debt (with information about 11 billion), and that its cash and cash equivalents of approximately $ 1.3 billion. Its financing costs more than 10% also said, although as high as SunEdison’s friends say there is no, but old red know United States financing costs are closely related to the enterprise’s credit level.

Enterprise must make up a story, but capital markets need is one thing, how to tell a story, how to listen to the story of the capital market is another emotion. Story to happy, the story is not to have the opposite effect, in this regard, the Chinese share prices “5.20” crash 47% is a description. SunEdison’s photovoltaic industry is probably a good story, to capital markets as if it’s not a good story, when human it acquired China PV VivintSolar respect for eye look when the United States capital markets people cast a vote against, its result is a rapid fall in share prices after July 20. In contrast, the plunge in Chinese share prices seems to be a cause, its earnings still look good after all, SunEdison is less unjust, because its earnings are not good.

SunEdison wants to tell the Chinese PV industry

SunEdison will happen tomorrow? SunEdison’s friends said they will try to get out of trouble. Understanding United States PV market friends said may go bankrupt. Old red said: only on the current shares of SunEdison and Yieldco slump, will inevitably lead to financing difficulty of it for some time, just as they lose the hematopoietic function inevitably into a kind of virtuous circle. SunEdison with confidence, at least in the short term, we must hear the SunEdison new, ever-expanding, one exciting story.

The old saying: look for lively, adept road. For people in the PV, SunEdison trying to chop out all the stories in the past, and not care about the result, but on what the reason for results. Especially for those who are facing too many development opportunities, being confused in the PV industry in China, even if the moment should speed development of reason cannot be found, if you can find a reason to not be speeding development is also important.

Old saying says: happy family happy reason is always the same, unhappy families are unhappy for reasons that are not the same. In the photovoltaic industry, may not seem like it, unhappy for reasons that seem the same. This is the reason why SunEdison is not so happy now, PV enterprises, China will inevitably see some not-so-happy in the past for similar reasons: high asset liability ratio! Over the past more than 10 years China PV industry development process, you’ll be amazed: large scale PV companies died because of bad market without, debt to asset ratio is too high because of market prosperity and dead people.

PV industry, especially the end markets are capital intensive industries, is the powerful pull of policy, is a space full of imagination, the future market opportunities and rapidly growing industry. In this industry, there is no financial sense no, there are no financial awareness financial mobilization ability not there doesn’t mean the financial ability to mobilize the financial control also. Financial control lies in financing capacity and enterprise scale, ability to balance development strategy, speed, also in a higher ratio of assets and liabilities of positive and non-positive.

From industry thought capital thinking, are each to entrepreneurs in the PV industry achieve the required courses. But capital is a double-edged sword, in the PV industry in China today, happy was: continue to hold the photovoltaic power station, will the assets into listed companies, rolling development through refinancing has become solar entrepreneurs pattern thinking. Worry is: expanding PV market opportunities, and build the future of the Internet, asset-light, large data energy service providers, it makes too much solar entrepreneurs flap ripples, thirst for capital to stop. Solar products is always a stop in which, writing PV enterprises capital story is live or die.

People with high ideals, but realize the lofty ideal, it must be with this person realize the lofty ideal of combining ability, doing business as well. Not, reality and vision are separate. Now, SunEdison current fall is falling here.

“We to build Earth Shang maximum of future energy company”, SunEdison is a has great ideal of company, can last year July, dang it completed has let industry amazing and applauded of on VivintSolar acquisition of when, dang it judge: “acquisition VivintSolar will makes we of value turned 3 times times” of when, it of shares is select has from 33.45 dollars to 2.65 dollars of way fell.

“We want to build the future of the world’s largest energy company,” SunEdison’s Chief Strategy Officer could ever dream of, and not every country’s solar entrepreneurs dream? SunEdison’s trajectory, licencing is not the track some Chinese PV companies have. It warned PV is: once the overextended, the result is not their own. In this way, sinovideo has passed, Yingli is walking, SunEdison will not be the last. Especially in the current China PV industry, another would drive people crazy is when.

Where do all want first, especially in the Internet economy. Economies of scale of the PV industry, financial awareness, financial mobilization capacities also became the first of the necessary means. Unfortunately SunEdison financial means are successful, industry first was unsuccessful. It was not successful, does not deny the existence of success. How to make capital means success, industry’s first successful, must be the SunEdison wants to tell all PV companies looking to make great a tragic story is taking place.


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The SunEdison photovoltaic sector revenues surged in the second quarter 168% solar energy reserves of up to 3.4GW

Transformation of the business model of the United States SunEdison2013 year Q4 PV project hits new high

Analysis report on China new energy: solar electricity cost five years of 50%


The January 18, 2016

Original title: SunEdison shares dropped from 33 to 3 dollars to tell what PV enterprises?

PV bosses Yingli Cinda capital or debt restructuring as a new strategic investor

Polaris solar PV net news: once PV giant fame, Yingli Green Energy (YGE.NYSE, hereafter “the Ying Li”) has experienced five consecutive years of losses, on the road to the assets restructuring. It is understood that China Cinda assets management Corporation (hereinafter “Cinda assets”) may be white Yingli.

Cinda a surging insider told press, “current progress we don’t talk”. However, the source said, Cinda is doing bad assets disposition of company Yingli this itself is non-performing assets and, in addition, Xinda for the PV industry is very interested in, had also focused on Suntech, sinovideo disposal of bad assets problem. Yingli Wang Zhixin, head of public relations, said in a formal announcement before the disclosure of the news will be a lot of, but specific information according to the requirements of foreign publications.

In the context of overall positive development of the photovoltaic industry, Yingli was mired in heavy debt, and what a shame. A surging on the news of the photovoltaic industry analysis, sinovideo and Yingli, Suntech is the same. The most fundamental problem is that the errors of their own investment strategy, such as large investments upstream Silicon business.

Photovoltaic industry a good trend, Yingli has been mired in debt

Yingli group, founded in 1987, in 1998 into the solar photovoltaic industry, at the time, was one of the earliest large company entering the PV industry in China. In June 2007, the British interest in United States listed on the New York Stock Exchange, had over a period of time thereafter, Yingli’s shipments of PV modules in maintaining the world’s first.

In 2015, the PV manufacturing industry fully warmed up, the output value of more than 200 billion yuan. About 105,000 tons polysilicon production, an increase of 20%; wafer yield is about 6.8 billion, cell production is about 28GW, an increase of over 10%; module production is about 31GW, an increase of 26.4%.

Now development of the photovoltaic industry a good trend, most enterprises out of the red in the peer, but Yingli is mired in huge debt.

A news analysis said the surging PV industry, in fact, Yingli appear today the situation and keeping the game like Suntech, winter, international trade barriers and other reasons, eventually led to their decline, but its own investment mistakes is the most fundamental reason. For example, in polysilicon prices high when Yingli, Suntech and sinovideo is not reason to PV industry upstream, and upstream of the Silicon material enterprises signed a long-term agreement. But Silicon is the most expensive, 400 or 500 USD/kg, cheaper when more than 10 dollars a kilogram, so the big price difference, coupled with high levels of long-term agreements, these enterprises at the upstream end of the supply chain pressures can be assessed.

Yingli in order to pass their own building polysilicon plants to solve the problem of raw materials, set up a “69 Silicon” polysilicon production projects. 2011 polysilicon prices tumbling, running nearly a year of “69 Silicon” has become a long-term impairment of the project. According to the 2011 Yingli quarterly, 69 Silicon 2.275 billion yuan loss, impairment of goodwill of 270 million Yuan.

In fact, that is, from the end of June 2011 after quarterly profit earned, Yingli has never been profitable.

Yingli three quarter released in 2015, 2015 years ago third-quarter net loss of 363.2 million respectively, 598.1 million Yuan, 3.2 billion yuan. 2015 third-quarter sales to 2.234 billion yuan over the same period, namely, 2015, lost money in the third quarter far exceeded the corresponding revenues.

Results also showed that Yingli, total assets amounted to 20.777 billion yuan, in which liquidity was 11.09 billion yuan company total liabilities 23.943 billion yuan, current liabilities of 18.4 billion yuan, asset-liability ratio of more than 100%.

On December 28, 2015, Yingli Announces “10 to 1” programme and share each ADS will represent ten ordinary shares. In this way, the Yingli Green energy within a short period of time to avoid delisting because the stock price less than $ 1 for a long time. Apart from the shares, Yingli is no more ways to pull in the short term share price back above $ 1.

Cinda capital or Yingli new strategic investor

Yingli, now almost unable to rely on their own after the next battle.

After a widespread “on issuing the Yingli asset restructuring Forum meeting notes notice” file is also confirmed by the British group. In the file shows that in December 2015, the CBRC and regulations Department, in conjunction with the National Energy Board new energy and renewable energy Division of the China Banking Regulatory Commission held a symposium on Yingli asset restructuring, Baoding, Hebei Bureau of energy, the Government, as well as major banks attended the meeting. Conference, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the National Energy Board supports the asset restructuring of Yingli, active introduction of strategic investors as soon as possible develop restructuring plan, submitted to the State Council.

Set up at the Yingli financial bond Committee, chaired by the CDB, Import Bank, ICBC, Bank of China and Bank of communications as Vice President, Yingli production management and the balance sheet as soon as possible investigations, with Yingli proposed operational asset restructuring programmes, realization of Bank and Enterprise win-win situation.

In the view of the industry, the Government-led restructuring, buyers may be some powerful new energy enterprises.

Wang Zhixin surging on the news said more enterprises in contact now and Yingli, everyone interested in may for the Yingli brand and size. Yingli willing cooperation enterprise will be more powerful, approval of Yingli brand Yingli and can bring good development of the enterprise.

It is understood that, as a core business for bad assets management of financial assets management companies, Xinda assets may also become the Yingli new strategic investor.

Cinda a surging told news, Cinda is doing the bad assets, Yingli in today’s situation is a non-performing assets. In addition, Cinda is optimistic about the development of the photovoltaic industry, also very interested in the PV industry, and previously had focused on Suntech, LDK’s bad asset disposal problems.

Original title: debt-restructuring former PV bosses Yingli, Cinda assets into the

Move longi 3 06 billion shares to build continuously 3GW Crystal slicing project

Polaris solar PV net news: on January 27, 2016, longi shares 3GW Silicon Rod sections project foundation stone laying ceremony was held in yinchuan of Ningxia. This is the second after the signing of contract orders 9.7 billion yuan, longi shares in another big move.

Move longi 3.06 billion shares to build continuously 3GW Crystal slicing project

Move longi 3.06 billion shares to build continuously 3GW Crystal slicing project

It is understood that the 3GW project investment of some 3.06 billion yuan construction period of 1.5 years, estimated to average annual operation revenue 3.432 billion yuan and a net profit of 431 million Yuan.

Past 2015 can be called the Crystal market in years. According to statistics, around 2014, global market share of single crystal 20%-25%, 2015 single crystal 30%. As far as the domestic market, 2014 Crystal’s market share is about 5%, by 2015 the market share of more than 15%.

Move longi 3.06 billion shares to build continuously 3GW Crystal slicing project

Improvement of single crystal in the photovoltaic market share, thanks to its costs gradually declined. Polysilicon price difference is shrinking, drew investment of single crystal on the system side of the premise, Crystal has become higher-yielding products, can bring greater benefits and value to customers. Previously, longi said in an interview the shares, will lead the component cost of single crystal 25%.

Along with the positive response from local governments ‘ policies, 2016 electricity prices and possible bidding policies in the future, investors are more rational and long-term return, efficiency has become the consensus of industry development. Characteristics of single crystal of high reliability, high yield, favored by more power plant investors. It is learnt that the zhongmin, medium shots, Huaneng, Huadian, China Guangdong nuclear, Datang, China Merchants energy, TBEA, ZTE North control, energy, building materials, Solarfun power as the representative of the main power station in the country, such as investors, both large single crystal component throws.

Longi shares official said “we will invest more in single crystal factory, and strive to provide 12GW wafer capacity in 2017 for the market to fully guarantee customer demands for efficient and cheap Silicon. ”

Find road to development distribution and industrial roofs about marriage for

Polaris solar PV net news: “the combination of distributed PV technology and machinery industry, with broad space for development. “On January 15, the China machinery industry Federation Executive Vice President Zhang Kelin in organized by the China Federation of machinery industry” backbone enterprises in the machinery industry in promoting the construction of distributed PV power plant “Forum said.

Industrial roof main force will be distributed

Due to the large scale photovoltaic power plant in China is mainly concentrated in Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces in the West, combined with the abandoned light barriers such as blackouts, widely seen in the industry, future direction should be to fully tap the roof of resources, developing distributed PV. Government, businesses, commercial properties, tenants can be through a third party, such as investments or build their own way to build distributed power station to obtain a return on investment.

“Distributed photovoltaic boom in recent years, but in reality the construction process has encountered a series of obstacles, building resources, project mode of distributed PV, yields flexibility, technical difficulties, resulting in hard, especially the ‘ spontaneous use, power ‘ projects can not be widely promoted. “China Federation of machinery industry official said.

Roof implementation difficult, tariff recovery difficult and difficult financing is restricting the development of distributed PV important reasons. In addition, the Director of the China Center for energy economic research at Xiamen University Lin boqiang also told the newspaper that distributed development in China lags behind Europe and the other reason is the low level of electricity price in China. In accordance with the “spontaneous use, more than power” mode, in theory, higher electricity costs, greater the relative benefit of distributed. Europe and the price level is higher than in China, so more power of distributed generation.

This reporter has learned, in front of the PV and cheap Internet access in China, the new power stations will still be dominated by ground station. Due to China’s industrial electricity prices higher than the residential, new primary distributed power plants on roofs. After 2020, with the gradual saturation of the power station in Northwest China, as well as photovoltaic and cheap Internet access terms, distributed PV will usher in the development stages, combined with energy storage technology is mature, distributed power station will be built in Eastern and southern area of boom.

Building conflict revealed

It is understood that the pressure of industrial enterprises in recent years, “energy saving, quality and innovation” is the focus of many companies. Large scale, high production value of machinery industry, is an important demonstration and energy applications.

“Distributed solar power stations and industrial enterprises, including the combination of mechanical industrial enterprises, for the two industries are very useful. “Zhang Kelin said.

This reporter has learned, as distributed in photovoltaic field in front of the industrial enterprises, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation in “Twelve-Five” was completed by the end of the Shanghai Municipal Government required 15% drop goal on energy consumption, including photovoltaic contribution 1.9%. An energy-saving, General Manager of Hyatt, SAIC said at the meeting, the venue and power to dissolve can make the company maintain a high percentage of spontaneous use of PV systems. According to local conditions of photovoltaic carport Automobile Group has become one of the highlights of the development of distributed PV.

“Through investigation, construction machinery industry enterprise distributed PV will be strong. “Zhang Kelin added,” but, there are contradictions between the two in the combination. Ability to on the one hand, but on the other hand really can build distributed PV companies have very few, large amounts of plant resources are idle. The contradiction between the two, lies mainly in the industrial plant facilities, production, demand, investment and other aspects of their identity. ”

Needs to find a suitable combination solution

“Industrial enterprise with distributed PV power plant combined with the need to explore a adapt to the characteristics of industrial enterprises through cooperation of distributed PV technology and solutions. “Zhang Kelin said.

A distributed power plant development in the telecommunications industry, told this reporter, wants to promote a combination of speed, requires application of innovation. He added, “should establish communication between the two platforms, such as seminars, Internet communication platform, which industrial enterprises introduced the flat roof resources, investment, and construction difficulties, and so on, and let the PV industry are targeted to provide various types of advanced technology products and solutions. ”

In addition, industrial plants and the integration of distributed PV design construction technology research and development, and the ground is also crucial.

Original title: distributed and industrial roofs “about marriage for marriage”

Spain s Supreme Court dismissed the PV business to subsidize the proposal

Polaris solar PV net news: Spain’s Supreme Court dismissed the PV companies to subsidize five action proposals. 2010 Spain Government cuts solar subsidies by Royal Decree, understates the amount of time which can receive solar subsidies, photovoltaic operators and access to the courts and asked related departments to compensation for their losses. This decision will also apply to other 150 PV manufacturers made a similar application to the Court.

Spain national PV energy producers Association ((ANPIER) harshly criticized the High Court’s decision, calling it “unjust” and even given “Spain were going through the darkest moments of democracy” such comments.

Photovoltaic industry has high hopes on the Supreme Court’s decision and hope the Court can recognize the Government of PV power plant owner losses due to cuts in subsidies. In a statement, the Supreme Court gives its own interpretation. Whether they cut losses has been good after policy cancellation, these policies are provided each year for power station 8%, a 30-year study looked at compensation, advice and consulted the experts.

Experts according to the Royal Decree413 that the reduction has been offset by 2014. The Royal Decree413 by Spain Government, the Bill introduces new compensation scheme to replace the subsidies.

ANPIER is against the expert opinion. “The Court only 62000 station four did not go to the heart of the estimation results, we do not recognize. ”

Original title: Spain’s Supreme Court dismissed the PV business to subsidize the proposal

Dell don t mind Microsoft Surface Book good

Dell: don't mind Microsoft Surface Book good

  There have been rumors that software giant Microsoft is heavily involved in the hardware sector in recent years, many partners are very angry, especially several manufacturers in the Asian region, including ASUS, Acer and Lenovo.

  Among them, Chief Operating Officer Gianfranco Lanci said at a recent meeting, Surface and Surface Book Pro has a lot of competition, will not help Microsoft had anything good to say. Acer has seen as early as three years ago Microsoft was upset, as a member of software companies should do what the hardware to the partners, “Microsoft is killing the entire eco-system, they may kill all of us here.”

  But it turns out, there are some manufacturers ‘ attitudes are changing, and sincerely said, “Microsoft’s new hardware design is very exciting. “This is the truth. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

  Weifeng Web on October 22, a few days ago, Dell’s CEO Michael Dell (Michael Dell) publish tables of official views of Microsoft’s investment in the hardware business, claiming that Microsoft’s hardware is quite interesting, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer SADI ya·Nade (Satya Nadella) did continue the hardware as well as software industry development.

  ”We are definitely friends. “Dell said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. “We have been one of the biggest advocates of the ecosystem, and understand your customer’s choice is very important. ”

  ”When we see that Microsoft is to Windows 10 and Surface products work, they really are pushing for Windows 10 into a new field and lead the forward direction of the platform. In fact, I feel excited. I’m happy for this reason is, which helps promote the development of Windows 10 ecology system faster. ”

Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Dell: don't mind Microsoft Surface Book good

  Microsoft is to sell a small amount of hardware Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

  Dell continues to evaluate the way Microsoft’s entry into the hardware market, he acknowledged that Nader did help to create a “very good product”, but such a high number is also able to sell.

  Surface Book pricing in PC hardware in the field belongs to the category top products, powered by Core I7 processor, 16GB, and 1TB Hat version, priced at up to $ 3199.

  ”I want to know what they are doing, why he did that. But when we understand, found that its intent was to drive the development of the entire platform, I call it ‘ break the ice ‘ strategies through high prices of products into new areas, expand the PC market as a whole, and we can do more affordable values similar to those of a good product and then sell 100 times more than the number of times. Very good, really. “Dell added.

  Microsoft should be blamed?

  Some analysts believe, should not blame Microsoft OEM manufacturers to create a sophisticated and attractive equipment instead of reflection, why didn’t they first built the same high-end products. “These OEM vendors can only blame themselves, compared with laptops Microsoft never had too much experience in the field, but can produce more computers to attract attention, which has decades of experience in OEM vendors do for me? ”。

  Unfortunately, not all of Microsoft’s little buddy has the same mentality. After Surface Book debut, it marks Microsoft’s sudden high profile into the laptop market, but also long-term presence in the area, will update in the future, who can really guarantee that Microsoft does not have a new product out, and further erosion of market share? If Microsoft can really shake the PC ecosystem, the target has only one, to become the leader in the field.

  To be honest, Microsoft partners for sensibilities are not excessively in public comments, but over time this awkward relationship, how to maintain it?

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New Sun closed Taiwan assembly plant could continue to move

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan solar cell, module plant (NSP) is shocked by the news without warning off Miaoli components factory, part original employees transferred to battery production line. According to the EnergyTrend database, the capacity may be affected up to 200MW; the new sunlight also is likely to keep out of Taiwan’s Assembly line.

According to the Apple daily report of the 23rd, the new Sun employee broke the company suddenly without warning off Miaoli components factory and relocated overseas. Bid staff pointed out that provisions most of the employees were transferred to Hsinchu, class time and place out of tune with only “Please leave.”

In this regard, the new Sun CEO Hong Chuanxian said Miaoli plant shut down this season is because the component needs reduced, increased demand for batteries, only manpower to battery factory, is not, as is rumored to want to move away. In addition, the battery factory workers would also receive 2-3 week’s early training, and then depending on the classes on line production. Cannot be combined with consultations with the company, no resignation.

New solar module capacity allocation of Taiwan will continue to decrease?

According to EnergyTrend, by the end of 2015, there were about 460MW of new solar module capacity containing Taiwan new daylight and Aeon. New solar components with an annual output of about 200MW, Aeon is approximately around 60MW. Remaining production capacity of 200MW in Wujiang city, China. New solar plan in 2016 to 1GW global capacity expansion and expansion plan is mainly look to the Southeast.

The Miaoli plant mainly came from the plant affect the new sunlight itself in Taiwan 200MW of capacity. New solar says it was to capacity allocation, Miaoli assembly plant can restart, but currently not known. New solar cell layout mode, the component production line expansion should be dominated by overseas production capacity. Miaoli plant chose emigration, the new Sun in Taiwan’s capacity will be only held by Aeon’s production line.

At present, the new Sun has about 2.2GW battery capacity around the world, most of them in Taiwan; 2016 is expected to expand to 2.5GW. In addition to batteries, components, new Sun is also active in the power plant and raw materials for overseas development, expanded from existing 100MW is expected this year to 500~600MW overseas hydropower development plan, may also be components production line is mainly related to overseas expansion.

Original title: new solar-closure of the Assembly plant capacity could continue to move

Focus on billions in Ningxia sunshine project

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the reply of the Government of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region of Ningxia in 2015-2020 PV Park plan. Under the plan, the next five years, photovoltaic industry will amount to billions of Ningxia Hui autonomous region. Such a large investment, and how? This will bring what changes to socio-economic development of the area? On January 19, the reporter interviewed the staff of the State development and Reform Commission, interpretation of the plan.

Focus on billions in Ningxia

The next five years, photovoltaic industry will exceed “two 1000”

According to planning, Ningxia will in national first build new energy project “Park of, and intensive, and scale” development model, through concentrated planning construction 10 a large PV Park and related supporting industry, to 2020, full district PV installed scale over 10 million-kilowatt, PV power station supporting industry investment over 100 billion yuan, and will foster 7 to 8 home total assets super billion yuan of new energy leading enterprise. Through a series of planning, 2020 Ningxia non-water proportion of renewable electricity consumption is above 20%; new energy consumption as a percentage of primary energy consumption is above 15%; renewable energy generation capacity in the new 50% increase in proportion of generation capacity from 2015 to 2025, close to 100% in carbon dioxide emissions peak before 2025, five years earlier than national. “This means that by 2020, every 100 kWh of electricity in Ningxia, 20 degrees is provided by the new energy. After 10 years, the autonomous region all new electricity installed capacity for renewable energy. “The Department of State development and Reform Commission’s energy industry staff.

Superior natural endowment of national policy support

The breakthrough “two 1000” goals, sound is huge, as the small Western provinces, Ningxia why such plans and goals?

According to reports, the Ningxia high altitude terrain and long hours of sunshine, high intensity, which belongs to the solar radiation high energy region, theoretical development of up to 20 million-kilowatt. This is the unique sunshine resources in Ningxia and the unique benefits of the development of photovoltaic industry in the area. Meanwhile, in recent years, the strong support of the national energy administration, Ningxia based on reality, adjusting the energy structure and new energy development as transformation of development mode, spur economic growth, promote energy-saving emission reduction, an important starting point, develop new energy industries. By the end of 2015, the region built scale grid-connected PV power station 3.06 million-kilowatt, ranking sixth in the country.

Last February, the National Energy Board issued a circular on Ningxia reply energy creates new demonstration zones programme, encouraged Ningxia in new energy breakthrough system and mechanism, be innovative, to the Northwest and the country’s new energy development model. On November 2, 2015, the energy Bureau of the national Government of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, speed up comprehensive national demonstration area for new energy cooperation memorandum signed, the National Energy Council by the end of 2020, wind power installed capacity exceeding 11 million-kilowatt in Ningxia, solar installed capacity exceeds 10 million-kilowatt, complete the construction of demonstration zone of comprehensive national renewable energy goals and tasks. “The establishment of comprehensive national renewable energy demonstration zones, marking new energy construction in Ningxia have risen to a national strategy, making Ningxia to PV industry as an important component of the new energy development leveraging ‘ East wind ‘, on the road to more rapid development” Department of State development and Reform Commission’s energy industry staff.

Top ten parks to explore the layout of “pattern in Ningxia”

“As the first national demonstration zone of comprehensive new energy, photovoltaic industrial park location, we according to the autonomous regional spatial development strategy planning, and land, forest, water conservancy and other related departments in close communication, use of wasteland and desert, is not suited to agriculture, ecological projects, industrial land, not occupancy and supplement of arable land reserve resources of cultivated land area. Through ten photovoltaic industrial park, PV power plant project into a park. “The staff, planning to achieve PV industry Park, clear parks industry in Ningxia project (subject to excess energy and project) required to reach more than 3 billion yuan of investment. This means that, with the successful implementation of photovoltaic industry zone development and construction, new industry in the area, infrastructure, travel services and other supporting industries will work with park development upgrades, a new impetus to the development of the upcoming.

According to the staff, clear criteria for supporting industrial investment and construction, is Ningxia according to national requirements, in light of its own actual PV industrial development and industrial transformation and upgrading, modern agriculture accurate aspects of poverty, livelihood improvement, combining common development is embodied. Through joint development, realize the PV industry to improve ecology, power the comprehensive role of the economic and social development, it became “Thirteen-Five” during steady growth, structure, transfer mode, and an important way to improve people’s livelihood and the hand, will also explore the development of a new energy pattern in Ningxia.

Reporters noted that the ten parks, baofeng integrated photovoltaic industry demonstration zone will make full use of idle land resources, build a collection of eco-PV, ground development, PV photovoltaic Park in one of the characteristics of tourism. Zhongmin investment new energy demonstration region of yanchi will create “photovoltaic power generation, agriculture, livestock farming, eco-living, travel and leisure, logistics processing” six features.

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Taiwan solar energy product exports to be furnished to

Polaris solar PV net news: February 1, all Taiwan exports of solar cells, modules and other products, either from the bonded warehouses, logistics centres or factory workers exporter, Taiwan explicitly prohibited by the Treasury be required to fill in country of production, avoid fake card issue disputes.

In recent years, some Taiwan companies through fake certificate means helping mainland resells solar cells, components, products, Taiwan tariffs on exports to the European Union, thereby enabling Taiwan manufacturers involved in the European Union on China’s countervailing measures. In 2015, the EU Taiwan solar manufacturers initiate anti-circumvention investigations by the EU after the field visits, 21 factories in December have been declared out of the anti-circumvention range, is not affected.

To avoid such problems continue, together with the Board of foreign trade of the Ministry of economy control measures, the Treasury scheduled from February this year, all from the Taiwan goods exported to abroad, includes four categories of goods, such as solar cells and modules, will be required to fill in native habitats. If storage or logistics center transit of goods from the bonded warehouse, or processing operations, needed to raise the original production message Re.

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Henan province four PV projects price 1 Yuan per kWh

Polaris solar PV net news: Yu development tube (2016) 69th

Luoyang, sanmenxia city, jiaozuo, pingdingshan city, national development and Reform Commission and the national development and Reform Commission and the development and Reform Commission, national development and Reform Commission, the provincial power company, related to power plant:

Yiyang hongju four photovoltaic companies such as photovoltaic power tariff applications received. According to PV electricity price policy are hereby notified as follows:

Yiyang macro poly PV power limited (led sheep slope 20MW, and Tiger temple mountain 20MW), and in the people new can (Lushan) power limited (beam WA 20MW, and gun Zi camp 20MW, and horse floor 20MW), and BOAI Heng Yu power limited (100MW), and shaan all collection new energy limited (Goddess Hall Ma Tau mountain 19.8MW), PV project, June 30, 2016 Qian law collection rules built grid, and by program declared into can renewable energy subsidies directory Hou, From the date the unit grid electricity price per kWh 1 implementation.

Original title: on yiyang hongju PV photovoltaic and power companies price notification

The first commercial near the trough solar thermal projects bid opening industry

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal project substantive promoting industry near the inflection point: cgnpc delingha 50MW items has been slow, mainly due to the benchmark price is not clear, project unprofitable. And now the Department of energy to promote the development of solar thermal industry willingness, 1GW pricing demonstration project is expected to clear, profitability of the project step by step clear. Three dimensional works of listed company received a notice of delingha item 260 million bid, which means light and heat into substantive advance stages of development.

Indeed the winning bidder: cgnpc expressly requires the tender of petrochemical design qualification, as well as meet the requirements of Department of energy on the localization rate, owners in favor of the home have a certain credibility and influence in the company. Three-dimensional engineering of petrochemical design qualification, is a core technology and design capabilities of petrochemical general contractor. Core products of the company, sulfur recovery system very high market share, and the system with slotted heat transfer system is similar in principle, it occupies a certain advantage in technology, the successful tenderer should be deserved to.

Needs Blowout: Department of energy Thirteen-Five of 10GW capacity planning is expected, the industrial chain ranging from 0 to 1, 2020 total investments amounting to 300 billion years ago, compound annual growth rates of up to 200% per cent. Even though 1GW of capacity planning, also will carry 30 billion investment.

Domestic industrial chain is expected to usher in major development: the Department of energy to support the domestic industry chain, in the demonstration project had hoped to raise the domestic rate of 70% as project reporting requirements. But domestic enterprises lack of project experience, quality and reliability have not gone far enough, owners in order to reduce costs and meet energy requirement intends to favor and support domestic enterprises, small and medium enterprises are expected to achieve rapid development.

Original title: solar thermal industry: the first commercial tank type solar thermal projects bid opening, near the inflection point