Australian Government investment in photovoltaic power generation and foreign

Polaris solar PV net news: in order to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, Australia Government plans to invest in large-scale solar projects, primary project was released on 14th. The next local energy company Origin, Infigen, APA, as well as China’s goldwind, Germany Juwi and Spain FRV, overseas companies will be fighting over a $ 100 million Government grant money.

Australian Government investment in photovoltaic power generation and foreign funded projects compete for highly subsidized

ACB News the Australia China business online reported, Australia renewable energy Council (ARENA) selected 22 projects from 77 bid intentions in the final bidding stage, and ARENA and the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt announced the list of finalist projects. Finalists include Origin energy company hundreds of megawatt large projects in Queensland, as well as China’s goldwind, Germany Juwi group and Spain FRV companies and overseas enterprises to invest in smaller projects.

O Government may invest in 4 to 10 projects, ARENA investment limits for each winning project is a $ 30 million, Australia’s clean energy financing company (CEFC) supplementary financing of a $ through a totalled 250 million plan to provide debt financing to the winning project.

ARENA Ivor Frischknecht, the Secretary said the investment plan reflects the Government’s focus on large-scale solar projects, rich solar energy resources of Australia, should be fully utilized. It is learnt that the finalists of the 22 project total was 776 MW of generating capacity, construction project required a total investment of 1.68 billion Australian dollars for subsidy funding gap for a $ 332 million. Shortlisted items are located in the Australia mainland, Queensland 10 projects, New Hampshire 8, two Victoria, the other two are located in Western Australia and South Australia.

2013 AGL energy companies received government subsidies this year project finalists. AGL has two utility-scale solar PV power plant in Australia, Nyngan and Broken Hills are located in New Hampshire.

O the Ministry of environment said Government hopes that a large-scale solar projects will lead to upgrade 200 MW generating capacity, the photovoltaic power generation capacity of 440 MW, which will be sufficient to supply 120,000 homes. The investment program is designed to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, the Government hopes that by 2020, photovoltaic power generation costs can get wind power cost level (80-90 AUD/MWh). To achieve this goal, subsidies and financial assistance from the Government, solar project costs are expected to be reduced to 135 AUD/MWh.

Frischknecht, selected upon completion of the solar project financing cost estimates can be “significantly lower” than $ 135/MWh. He pointed out that compared with rooftop solar, large-scale solar power generation in Australia is still in the initial phase of the project, overall level of development is also lagging behind other countries. Government investment program will promote innovation and reduce the cost of solar photovoltaic supply chain in Australia.

Origin Energy companies prepared to sell Australia and transferred to the international wind power business portfolio of renewable energy assets, but try to move large solar fields, Managing Director Grant King said the large-scale solar power generation potential, Origin are confident that lower the production cost to wind power levels. Queensland in Darling Downs, the company plans the construction of photovoltaic power station, said that the project is approved by the City Council.

Frischknecht said Australia large solar power is not yet mature, to catch up with other countries, the level is still required a lot of effort, but he believes local photovoltaic industry has hope in 2020 will cost reduced to less than 100 AUD/MWh.

Original title: o foreign government investment of PV power generation projects compete for highly subsidized

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