China Patent Reexamination Board Heraeus conductive paste patents effective

Polaris solar PV net news: the “step” competition in the market, with technology does not mean that enterprise can travel all over the world, also have the patent to protect. Back in 2015, millet VS Ericsson, Baidu and sogou input method dispute between Apple and Samsung’s patented running … … A field stop patent case, is even more businesses realize the importance of intellectual property.

A few days ago, is especially valued for intellectual property of Heraeus ushered in the good news. China’s State intellectual property office the patent reexamination Board (the “Review Committee”) confirms Heraeus have Chinese patent 201010529562.7 patent validity and rejected in June 2015, patent invalidation appeals initiated by the third party.

According to mainland China on patent-related regulations of the conductive silver paste, conductive paste has a lower firing temperature dependence on precise control of firing temperature is not necessary. Just a simple burn (fire-through) control, even without the presence of lead oxide, but also to achieve stable ohmic contact. This process can be more simple, more environmentally-friendly production of solar cells.

Global photovoltaic business unit, Senior Vice President of Dr Zhang Weiming said: “effective intellectual property ruling could promote the company continues to move forward, our goal is to develop high quality products, combined with intellectual property will obviously bring differentiated products to our customers. Through this review the Committee’s decision, we can advance toward their objective. ”

PV global Heraeus business unit head Li Haide (Andreas Liebheit) said “we are very satisfied with the decision of the patent reexamination Board. “At the same time, Mr Li Haide further stated that” the Heraeus has been constantly innovative products and technologies, provides more room for the new generation of innovative products, we will continue to strengthen patent protection, continue to strongly defend independent intellectual property rights, to fight against various acts of patent infringement. ”

It is understood that on June 10, 2015, Heraeus to Taiwan IP Court of Cassation Giga limited infringement of Heraeus company patent number I432539. The case is still pending.

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