Election nears new energy policies around the US presidential elections

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 19, 2015, the United States Republicans and Democrats reach agreement to extend tax credits for wind power and renewable power generation (PTC), and federal business for solar power energy investment tax credit (ITC). For the United States for new energy industry, these two policies extension is simply is the best Christmas present. Although, according to the New York Times article, the extension of these two policies, to cover the United States lifted crude oil export ban possible climate effects, because after crude oil export ban, may increase the production of crude oil, leading to more emissions of greenhouse gases.

Election nears new energy policies around the US presidential elections?

Although such of claims, looks like is denied has new energy interests related who by do of lobbying efforts, also ignored has two items policy for United States wind, and solar industry development of important meaning, but in United States, new energy industry itself is a political sex is strong of topic, and while also finalized has crude oil export legal, how see are is United States two party Zhijian mutual do compromise, that reached interests Exchange.

Generally speaking, United States Democratic Party were believed to be supporters of the solar and wind industries, and the Republicans, and more close to traditional energy sources such as coal, oil, at least in the eyes of global policy at the University of Southern California Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger is.

He and the other an entrepreneur named PerEspenStoknes on a joint publication in the CNN article says, as right-wing conservative party, comply with the Republican party’s conservative core is to promote free market competition, protect property rights, economic development and technological innovation, reduce taxes and unfair government subsidies, and provide consumers with more choice. It was supposed to allow Republicans to embrace new energy industries, but, unfortunately, because of “old world” to get too close, they committed a “confirmation bias” (Confirmation Bias): too much confidence the party they support, and see the other options.

So the question came, although the current United States President Barack Obama-HP’s new energy industry, but the 2016 election, except that he will be stepping down as President was beyond destiny, what is unknown. If in case, Republican candidates won out? United States will still face the threat of the new energy industry? Because, judging from the present presidential campaign debate, none of the Republican presidential candidates support Obama’s clean energy plan.

Currently, Republican internal for climate changes of views can divided for two a camp, like from Texas of TedCruz and from Detroit of BenCarson on completely not admitted climate changes of issues, think this topic is completely of lies; another camp is think climate changes is a problem, but absolute no big to need national developed or change any policy to should this problem, like from Florida of Marco Rubio and small Bush of brother Jeb Bush is in this camp.

DonaldTrump star of the Republican presidential candidate, is out to say Obama’s climate change policy to the United States as a great threat, he said in a recent TV debate, “(Obama’s climate policies) is that he listened to the most in the history of stupid policy, no one. ”

See these positions and statements, estimates concern United States new energy industry people there. So much so that on Friday local time (December 18), Obama in 2015 and finally at a routine press conference, he emphatically affirmed that United States domestic new energy development and United States efforts to tackle climate change will not change, even if Republicans won the 2016 election victory.

Obama said that even Republicans within the prevalent negative emotions to respond to carbon dioxide pollution, but they cannot ignore the wind and solar industry’s achievements on job creation. He said PTC and ITC extension is in the context of 190 countries signed the Treaty of Paris, which the “most ambitious climate change agreement in the history of endorsements, coupled with the already existing international and domestic market signals, the private sector will invest a lot of money in the new energy industry, this will affect the United States Congress on this type of problem in the future choices.

“As more and more people in the field of solar energy production and installation work, as more and more companies see the United States’s new energy industry innovation products can be sold in Asia, Europe and Africa, funding support will allow new energy industry development becomes unstoppable. “The President said.

He said that history every time United States enacted new environmental regulations when Gets a lot of obstacles, such as acid rain, climate, pollution, when setting fuel efficiency standards, every left-wing politicians are expected to have terrible economic consequences, but on the new regulatory purposes is “smooth and swift, the better. ”

But Obama also acknowledged, even in 2016 for the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, there will be many from Republicans “Bloop”. He described the United States Republican party is climate class on the “otherness”, even in the rest of the world of right-wing parties, also conceal his “otherness” characteristic.

Tea party widely seen display of anti-Obama sentiment, on energy issues and Obama stand on the same front. A Huffington Post article, said Debbie Dooley is the founder of green energy of the tea party supporters. The emphasis in the article is saying, when people always asking for new energy subsidies, should also see the United States Government on coal and nuclear power in decades of huge subsidies. She said that “direct or indirect subsidies on energy should be stopped. ”

Original title: election of new energy policy will be about the presidential election?

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