Find road to development distribution and industrial roofs about marriage for

Polaris solar PV net news: “the combination of distributed PV technology and machinery industry, with broad space for development. “On January 15, the China machinery industry Federation Executive Vice President Zhang Kelin in organized by the China Federation of machinery industry” backbone enterprises in the machinery industry in promoting the construction of distributed PV power plant “Forum said.

Industrial roof main force will be distributed

Due to the large scale photovoltaic power plant in China is mainly concentrated in Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces in the West, combined with the abandoned light barriers such as blackouts, widely seen in the industry, future direction should be to fully tap the roof of resources, developing distributed PV. Government, businesses, commercial properties, tenants can be through a third party, such as investments or build their own way to build distributed power station to obtain a return on investment.

“Distributed photovoltaic boom in recent years, but in reality the construction process has encountered a series of obstacles, building resources, project mode of distributed PV, yields flexibility, technical difficulties, resulting in hard, especially the ‘ spontaneous use, power ‘ projects can not be widely promoted. “China Federation of machinery industry official said.

Roof implementation difficult, tariff recovery difficult and difficult financing is restricting the development of distributed PV important reasons. In addition, the Director of the China Center for energy economic research at Xiamen University Lin boqiang also told the newspaper that distributed development in China lags behind Europe and the other reason is the low level of electricity price in China. In accordance with the “spontaneous use, more than power” mode, in theory, higher electricity costs, greater the relative benefit of distributed. Europe and the price level is higher than in China, so more power of distributed generation.

This reporter has learned, in front of the PV and cheap Internet access in China, the new power stations will still be dominated by ground station. Due to China’s industrial electricity prices higher than the residential, new primary distributed power plants on roofs. After 2020, with the gradual saturation of the power station in Northwest China, as well as photovoltaic and cheap Internet access terms, distributed PV will usher in the development stages, combined with energy storage technology is mature, distributed power station will be built in Eastern and southern area of boom.

Building conflict revealed

It is understood that the pressure of industrial enterprises in recent years, “energy saving, quality and innovation” is the focus of many companies. Large scale, high production value of machinery industry, is an important demonstration and energy applications.

“Distributed solar power stations and industrial enterprises, including the combination of mechanical industrial enterprises, for the two industries are very useful. “Zhang Kelin said.

This reporter has learned, as distributed in photovoltaic field in front of the industrial enterprises, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation in “Twelve-Five” was completed by the end of the Shanghai Municipal Government required 15% drop goal on energy consumption, including photovoltaic contribution 1.9%. An energy-saving, General Manager of Hyatt, SAIC said at the meeting, the venue and power to dissolve can make the company maintain a high percentage of spontaneous use of PV systems. According to local conditions of photovoltaic carport Automobile Group has become one of the highlights of the development of distributed PV.

“Through investigation, construction machinery industry enterprise distributed PV will be strong. “Zhang Kelin added,” but, there are contradictions between the two in the combination. Ability to on the one hand, but on the other hand really can build distributed PV companies have very few, large amounts of plant resources are idle. The contradiction between the two, lies mainly in the industrial plant facilities, production, demand, investment and other aspects of their identity. ”

Needs to find a suitable combination solution

“Industrial enterprise with distributed PV power plant combined with the need to explore a adapt to the characteristics of industrial enterprises through cooperation of distributed PV technology and solutions. “Zhang Kelin said.

A distributed power plant development in the telecommunications industry, told this reporter, wants to promote a combination of speed, requires application of innovation. He added, “should establish communication between the two platforms, such as seminars, Internet communication platform, which industrial enterprises introduced the flat roof resources, investment, and construction difficulties, and so on, and let the PV industry are targeted to provide various types of advanced technology products and solutions. ”

In addition, industrial plants and the integration of distributed PV design construction technology research and development, and the ground is also crucial.

Original title: distributed and industrial roofs “about marriage for marriage”

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