Heilongjiang province published Internet energy action plan

Arctic star solar PV network news: recently, reporter in Heilongjiang province interview Shi understand to, for in-depth implement implementation State on active advance “Internet +” action of guide views, put Internet of innovation results and energy field depth fusion, promoted energy technology progress, and efficiency upgrade, formed more widely of to Internet for based facilities and innovation elements of energy development new form, Heilongjiang province introduced has “Internet +” energy action plans.

Development goals

By 2018, the fusion of the Internet and energy development in Heilongjiang province further deepened. One is the Internet achieved positive results in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry, speed up industrial development, enhancing innovation capacity in the energy sector, establishing public service network covering the whole province of key energy companies information.

Second, Internet in the promotion of new energy power generation forecasting, scheduling and other applications to be strengthened to achieve accurate scheduling and efficient use of new energy, new energy and renewable energy electricity total generating capacity reached 15%.

Three is the Internet and promoting energy conservation plays an active role. Intelligent peak user levels, increasing percentage of smart meters is above 80%. New residential parking spaces and large public buildings, public car park charging infrastructure is improved.

Four is to further accelerate the process of building the smart grid, energy micro-grid demonstration projects to bear fruit.

By 2025, covering electricity, coal, oil, gas and energy industries public information service network, energy industry networking, intelligent, service and collaboration.

Key tasks

Comprehensive promotion intelligent level of energy production. Strengthening routine power and new energy power generation plants stand-level intelligent building, gradually power parameter measurement, power and an efficient network of information exchange, to further enhance the ability of various types of power sources and network development level. Promoting the coal, oil, natural gas and other energy production real-time monitoring data, scheduling, and management information systems, improve the level of safety and production dispatch and command capabilities and management.

Continue to refine the new energy power generation grid monitoring and scheduling. New energy based prediction system of data collection and analysis, achieving new energy runs full coverage of information. Grid dispatching operation carried out research on real-time data-sharing programme, comprehensive new energy information sharing among multiple units. Using Internet technology, through price leverage changing consumer patterns, establish risk control model of power grid, grid hosting and greater capability.

Promoting the construction of distributed energy network. Select new energy resources such as wind energy, solar energy well, industrial parks have a certain scale, the industry is more concentrated area, distributed energy network pilot. Explore Internet communication and intelligent control techniques for efficient interaction of demand-side management, and gradually opened to share new energy network.

Explore new energy micro-grid construction. In accordance with the national unified arrangements, taking advantage of Internet remote control, in conditional units or Park, wind energy, solar energy, natural gas cchp microgrid demonstration. In remote rural areas, forests, tourism, setting up capacity of renewable energy such as wind, solar, small hydro transmission (with) reserved local power system integration, research and innovation technology support system, management system and operation mode.

Clean and intelligent energy consumption. To promote electric vehicle applications, reasonable planning of urban layout, to speed up construction of charging, filling the city for power station, InterCity fast charge stations and other facilities, encourage civil capital as a sole proprietorship, PPP, such as in the charging infrastructure.

Encourage the development of new business such as intelligent home energy management. Actively developing smart power technology, two-way interactive services platform demonstration projects and gradually improve the information collection system for users of electricity, intelligent community formation in the central city of.

Heilongjiang province construction energy public service of Internet information network. Building energy management and focused energy company Internet information services network, and interconnection between national energy management system of monitoring and early warning and planning, energy industry chain downstream information on docking.

Strengthening the construction of the smart grid. Integration of information technology, control technology, energy technology and other new technologies, accelerate the construction of the smart grid, improving safety, economy, flexibility and interactivity, realization of hydro, wind, solar and other alternative energy and intelligent integration and efficient use of conventional power.

Explore the depth of power grids and communication networks. Promote electric power fiber to the home project, power grid and depth of communication network technology research and demonstration projects, progressive realization of cable transmission, sharing.

Safeguard measures

Strengthening organizational coordination and service. Establishment of a coordination mechanism and optimizing service to create a good environment for development. Further deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system, give full play to the decisive role of market forces in allocating resources, stimulate market development.

Expanding financing channels. Encourage and guide social capital to participate in the “Internet +” energy action. Development of green credits, encouraging qualified enterprises through the issuance of corporate bonds, small and medium enterprises direct financing by way of private bonds.

Strengthen technological innovation support. Support the “Internet +” Energy Science and technology plan of action project. Support for universities, research institutes and Enterprise jointly set up strategic alliances and technology into industrial innovation application service platform. Increase the intensity of talent introduction, actively building the intellectual superiority of technology innovation and talent.

Fostering market players. Through market open tender to determine energy Internet information services across the province network, solar power plants, wind power and other investors, to encourage investment is strong, the market experienced, understands the business of good management of enterprises to participate in “Internet +” energy action, improving the innovation capacity and competitiveness of the market.

Increase the intensity of training. Full use of the Internet, television, newspapers and other media, multi-form, multi-channel campaigns typical projects, cases, strengthen energy management services and energy enterprises at all levels on “Internet +” energy operations knowledge, technical training.

Original title: Heilongjiang province published “Internet +” energy action plan

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