Situation analysis of distributed solar and energy storage

Polaris solar PV net news: • Japan and Germany is the pioneers of development of distributed solar and energy storage technology

Japan and Germany electricity prices higher and have more regulatory support, thus establishing a combination of solar and energy storage technology early market and resulting innovations will benefit the world. Japan has huge battery manufacturing industry, and the industry will continue to develop along with the expansion of the domestic market. Germany appears the combination solar energy storage technology innovation of business model, for example, consumers can rent part of the electric energy storage facilities for grid operators, and StromBank and other power companies to establish community energy projects to support development of rooftop solar. As a forerunner, also some negative effects of these two countries, their lessons learned that could eventually allow other countries to gain benefits.

• United States market more fragmented, but the long term solar and energy storage technology may dominate

California and Hawaii now has the world’s highest penetration of solar energy, but the United States solar and energy storage technology directly facing obstacles to continued low natural gas prices, which is low cost of power generation. Nevertheless, the United States startups have embarked on the development of complex distributed solar and energy storage technology mechanism, companies such as Tesla also links between the use of electric vehicles and energy storage technology, recently launched PowerWall House battery system.

• China is giving priority to developing plant-scale solar projects, but distributed solar and energy storage technology still has room for development

China is currently drafting its “Thirteen-Five” plans, according to new guidance documents, although the State supports the development of distributed solar energy facilities, but storage technology remained focused on ensuring reliability of large-scale energy storage. If roof and community solar and energy storage technology for further development in China, will start in the top of the commercial and industrial areas.

• India is ready to be the leader, but still faces potential obstacles

India has a growing number of companies committed to addressing lead-acid batteries power supply instability and to good local experience to foreign markets. However, with the development of the power industry and the regulatory, Central Government and State Governments need to implement strong policies from State-owned enterprises and the private sector to build a profitable, sustainable business models, it is essential. Quality standards and quality assurance will also help to support distributed solar energy investment and energy storage technology.

• Industry and policy makers need to start now to address future problems that may arise

Combining solar and energy storage of the most pressing issues currently facing, is the high cost of energy storage technologies, and regulatory obstacles, but other issues after the formation of scale, may also influence the development of markets, particularly in the case of we did not anticipate and prepare in advance. At this stage can pre see of problem including: for installation quality low and effect reputation (recommends through established industry unified of standard, and implemented certification system solution problem), grid integrated poor and led to of regulatory policy repeatedly (recommends through continued investment pilot project, and widely share best practice knowledge to should), lack technology skilled of Labor (recommends for installation personnel and engineers training plans), and network attack, threat (recommends and IT industry established Union, strengthening grid integrated aspects of cooperation). Barriers to trade and supply chain discontinuity may also hinder the development of this area, needed to reduce the material-dependent, and to promote research on alternative chemicals to ensure that technology costs continue to decline.

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