Solar lighted the night the storm hit Black Swan lamp

Polaris solar PV net news: early 2016, turmoil in global financial markets, how to find theme of medium-and long-term investment, into an important topic under a storm of Black Swan! American brokerages Oppenheimer securities (Oppen heimer) suggested that Government policy looking for bright spots, on the initiative of global economic growth and clean energy, the solar industry is a beacon in the night, Oppenheimer securities believes that the share price performance of the solar industry this year is expected to outperform.

According to Oppenheimer securities pointed out that global solar power continues to grow, demand in 2015 than 51.3GW, and this year will exceed the value 60.9GW. Main installations will be Japan and India. Looking forward to 2017-2018, or install a high growth, including the United States, new markets, and India.

In terms of production and sales, Oppenheimer securities noted that the recent performance of solar module prices held steady, under forecasts this year because of strong demand and a decline in the average cost, module price is expected to be more populist, while production costs also have the opportunity to develop greater economies of scale.

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