Taiwan manufacturers one out solar business

Polaris solar PV net news: recent Taiwan manufacturers often choose to fade out solar business, TSMC had previously owned Taiwan solar energy trading at the end of August 2015, then reduce Motech solar plant one-third holding, apart from TSMC, recently AUO and UMC are respectively out of the solar business, the former production polysilicon products, while the latter is a director resignation Motech.

Polycrystalline silicon is no longer competitive, AUO subsidiary production polysilicon

Friends up Yu January 8 announcement, its holding 99.9% of subsidiary Japan Solar polysilicon factory M.Setek Board, resolution exit polysilicon manufacturing, on production polysilicon of plant and the equipment full for once sex assets derogation mention column, recognize column related assets derogation amount up to 24.65 billion day currency (about collection NT 6.75 billion yuan), and mention column Yu 2015 4th quarter, is expected to erosion friends up Shang quarter each unit after-tax surplus about 0.7 Yuan.

AUO was founded in 2009 M.Setek, planned polysilicon capacity up to 7,000 tons, but as polysilicon market changed dramatically in recent years, supply and demand imbalances, M.Setek manufacturing polycrystalline silicon is no longer competitive, nearly 2 years accounting for revenue is less than 10%, M.Setek stopped production of the resolution of the Board, and in accordance with the accounting principles for asset impairment testing, after careful assessment, According to the prudence principle polysilicon manufacturing related asset impairments recognized 24.65 billion yen, focus on more competitive advantage in the future of silicon ingots (Ingot) products.

AUO plans, the impairment of assets will be recognized in the 2015 4th quarter, AUO is expected last quarter earnings after tax effect of 0.7 yuan per share, and 2016 consolidated depreciation amount estimated about 1.1 billion yuan. In addition, AUO said the non-cash asset impairments and therefore has had no effect on the company’s operating cash flow. However, the Corporation believes that 2015 Panel poor market conditions in the 4th quarter, AUO recognition related assets losses, will make the previous quarter profitability as a whole into the red.

After the tide to no competitive advantage in business, AUO is expected to substantially improve the quality of solar business assets, reducing operational burden and strengthening the long-term operating performance, fight solar business by turning it.

Mission completed, UMC resignation Motech directors

UMC under UMC new investments on January 11 resigned directorships of Motech solar plant, and has no plans to dispose of Motech ownership within short time, as to whether the subsequent further sell, UMC said announcement will prevail.

Owned by UMC with Motech solar cell factory, witsview in July 2015 after the merger, the UMC new investments will, through a share swap to acquire Motech 1 Director with 9% shares. Message to resign directorships, UMC said, had sold the King seeks to phase out solar business, resigned from the Board in planning step.

In this regard, Motech said the King into Motech has synergy, and UMC resigned directors to shareholders of policy considerations. Vacant Board seats in 2016, shareholders in the election

Original title: large series out of the solar business, AUO exit Motech polysilicon manufacturing, UMC resignation of Directors

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