Take the first step First homemade large passenger jet C919 final assembly line

  On November 2, the first Jumbo Jet C919, China officially declared final assembly line. This is expected and controversy surrounding the aircraft, it is destined to become the focus of discussion in Chinese.

Take the first step! First homemade large passenger jet C919 final assembly line

  The C919 as medium-haul airliner, the maximum capacity for 190 people, the standard range of 4075 km and increasing to 5555 km. It has a cruising speed of Mach 0.785, a maximum flight altitude of 12100 m. C919 paper data very well, using a variety of advanced design, there are low cost, low fuel consumption benefits.

  C919 was born destined to accompany questioned the reason for this lies in the establishment and development the percentage participation of foreign partners, so irony as “assembled goods” a lot of people. But we need to see is that throughout the process in the aircraft industry and aircraft participated in every major system and development of large, aerodynamic parts are done by people independent of them. Economic globalization and the globalization of production and development today, perhaps we should not be “purely domestic” have too much obsession, after all, the most important thing now is the accumulation of practical experience.

  In addition, China’s bitter history is also on the research and development of the C919 large aircraft development needs advanced foreign technologies as important factors in power. In contrast, research games-20 West fly over the military’s orders, on the accumulated technology superior to many.

  Anyway, in large passenger aircraft which we finally was his first step. As many people have criticized the engine is not “Chinese heart” problem, now have plans in 2020 will change Chinese Yangtze 1000A engine. Success can not only make commercial use of the C919, it can also be converted into a special aircraft in the military field, compared with the huge transport-20 is more appropriate. INCIPIO iPhone 6 Case

  It is understood that the C919 has to date received order from 517 at home and abroad.

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