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Polaris solar PV net news: 2015 global renewable energy generation installed capacity size among innovation higher growth and more recent 30%, 64GW wind power, photovoltaic 57GW

Beijing, January 14, 2016-in 2015, China, Africa, the United States, Latin America and India’s clean energy investments have surged. Thanks to this, global total investments reached a record high of $ 328.9 billion in 2014, $ 315.9 billion revised data for 4%, 3% more than the historical peak of 2011.

Bloomberg new energy finance, according to new data released today, China has once again become the world’s biggest investor in clean energy industry 2015 investment grew by 17%, to 110.5 billion dollars, consolidated China’s leading position in the industry. Investing in the main drivers of growth were: Chinese advocates of renewable energy development, and actively continued policy to clear the bottleneck of development of wind power and photovoltaic. International commitment to the future of the key goals of the Chinese Government: more away from high-polluting power plants rely on, and increase the proportion of renewable energy use.

Data also showed that the 2015 global new investment in dollar terms is a 2004 historical levels of nearly six times as much. Even though objectively in the world, there is downward pressure on the four tried to suppress the development of clean energy, but further to the trillion-dollar total investment scale is still around.

Under pressure: PV costs continue to fall, meaning that the same scale of the reduced funding; strong gains against the US and non-US dollar investment project value was written down; the original stronghold renewable energy investment-European market continues to be weak economy dragged down; however, the most significant pressure on fossil fuel commodities prices tumbled.

18 months before the end of 2015, the global energy industry has seen crude oil prices dropped from $ 112.36 a barrel to 37.28 dollars, dropped as much as 67%; international thermal coal shipped to Northwest Europe prices fell from us $ 73.70 per ton to $ 47.60, or 35%. Natural gas prices in the United States, Henry price indices in Hong Kong, for example, per million British thermal $ 4.42 to $ 2.31, or 48%.

Bloomberg new energy finance, said Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board, “these data has become a counterattack that falling oil and gas prices as an important basis for argument and put clean energy industry. According to clearly present photovoltaic and wind strong cost competitiveness, and reverse power bid is being widely used in place of the fixed subsidy mechanism in the past, both zero marginal cost power depressed overall price levels more successfully. ”

“In addition, wind power and PV are increasingly developing natural and sustainable sources of power: their prices are often lower than the publicly traded price; second, expanding the share of renewable energy could help to protect against fluctuations in fossil fuel prices; their advantage to quickly put into operation the added load will also meet the most urgent needs. In December last year under the impact of climate change conference held in Paris, these clean energy development upward trend is irreversible. ”

From the breakdown of the total investment, in 2015 years amounted to $ 329.3 billion clean energy investment, is the largest proportion of financing major utility grid-connected projects, such as wind farms, photovoltaic, biomass and waste to energy power generation facilities, as well as small hydro projects. Total project financing US $ 199 billion, higher than the 2014 6%[1].

Largest project financing last year, including North Sea and large offshore wind farm in the waters off China coast. They include: the United Kingdom 580-megawatt RaceBank project the Galloper and 336 MW project, cost estimates will reach $ 2.9 billion and $ 2.3 billion respectively; Germany 402-megawatt VejaMate project financing US $ 2.1 billion; China Longyuan Hai Jiang Jia Sha project, as well as Tang Guo Xin, Jiangsu coastal projects, two projects can be up to 300 MW installed capacity, financing for $ 850 million.

Financing the largest onshore wind project as a 1.6GW of Mexico Nafin project financing amount is expected to reach 2.2 billion dollars. Financing the largest PV project for 294 MW SilverStateSouth projects, raise about $ 744 million. Financing the largest solar thermal or CSP project Morocco NOORo project, 350 MW, total financing of $ 1.8 billion. Brazil financed KlabinOrtiguera 330-megawatt electric power plant is the largest biomass power generation project, a total amount of about $ 921 million. Capacity of 170 MW of Turkey has the largest geothermal energy project financing GurisEfeler projects, is expected to total US $ 717 million.

After following the project financing clean energy investment ranking second is rooftop PV projects and other small solar power projects. Of the fields with a total investment of US $ 67.4 billion in 2015, up 12% from 2014. Currently, Japan is the largest market in this area, United States and China to follow.

Preliminary analysis shows that as the scale of the plants and small scale power generation facilities built, 2015 years wind power and photovoltaic projects, global capacity was 30% higher than in 2014. Last year’s total wind power installed capacity of about 64GW, total PV installed capacity is about 57GW. The installed capacity of wind power and PV total of 121GW, likely accounted for by 2015 the global power generation technologies (including thermal power, nuclear power and new energy) half of net new capacity.

Last year, the clean energy company’s financing amounted to us $ 14.4 billion on the open market than 2014, down 27%, but instead of the last 10 years the average flat. Turnover the largest projects include electric car maker Tesla issuing $ 750 million in secondary stocks and global industrial company (TerraFormGlobal) initial public offering, circulation of 688 million dollars. The company is headquartered in the United States, the “yieldco” business model, with many renewable energy projects in emerging markets.

In 2015, the venture capital (VC) and private equity (EP) for clean energy companies raised $ 5.6 billion, 27% higher than in 2014, but still far below the 2008 peak of $ 12.2 billion. Last year’s biggest VC/private equity transactions including China and became the car’s $ 500 million in financing.

Last year, the energy smart technologies (such as smart grid, power plant scale battery storage) raised a total of $ 20 billion, 11% more than 2014, implemented since 2006 continued to grow steadily. Clean-energy investment last categories of Government and enterprise in research and development, 2015 years amounted to $ 28.3 billion, an increase of 1%. Long term trends, during COP21 BillGates and MarkZuckerberg jointly launched by Government and private investors Union ensured that the r input only to the amounts indicated above for the rapid development of benchmarks.

Country-specific data

United States territory of clean energy in 2015, the total investment of us $ 56 billion, up 8% from 2014, the 2011 “green incentives” (greenstimulus) investment maximum of one year after the commencement of a project. Financing with “yieldco” model, solar and wind power strong growth in investment in new projects, the United States total investment remained at a high level.

2015 investment in Europe amounted to $ 58.5 billion in 2014, down 18%, which is the lowest value since 2006. Now in the new energy sector, United Kingdom is the largest market in Europe, a total investment of $ 23.4 billion, an increase of 24%. Germany amounted to 10.6 billion dollars, down 42% because Germany reduced support for PV projects and onshore wind development prospects uncertain new bidding rules in force is planned for 2017 and unable to judge. France investment plunged 53%, amounted to $ 2.9 billion.

Brazil’s 2015 year clean energy investment fell 10%, amounted to $ 7.5 billion. India grew by 23%, amounted to $ 10.9 billion, since 2011, which is the maximum, but this growth is far from achieving the Modi Government’s optimistic goals as planned. Japan photovoltaic industry in the ascendant, clean-energy industry investment growth 3%, amounted to $ 43.6 billion. Canada’s clean energy investments fell by 43%, amounted to $ 4.1 billion, while Australia’s investment growth 16%, amounted to $ 2.9 billion.

Many of the “emerging market” last year for billions of dollars of investment in clean energy industries, including Mexico (US $ 4.2 billion, an increase of 114%), Chile (US $ 3.5 billion, an increase of 157%), South Africa (US $ 4.5 billion, an increase of 329%), and Morocco (US $ 2 billion in 2014 and almost achieved an enormous growth with zero investment).

Worthy of note also in Africa and the Middle East are the two major advantages of emerging clean energy markets, mainly because of their faster population growth, natural resource endowment, and many African countries coupled with the overall lower power rates. In the year 2015, total clean-energy investment of 13.4 billion US dollars in these regions, 54% over the period.

Note: in order to reflect more information, we have the historical annual total investment was amended as appropriate. Bloomberg new energy finance, the latest global clean energy investment history data as shown below: 2004 US $ 61.9 billion in 2005 US $ 88 billion; 2006 US $ 128.3 billion in 2007 to $ 174.9 billion; in 2008, $ 205.6 billion 2009 $ 207.3 billion in 2010 and $ 273.7 billion in 2011 and $ 318.3 billion in 2012 and $ 297 billion in 2013 and $ 271.9 billion In 2014, $ 315.9 billion in 2015, $ 328.9 billion.

Global clean energy investment 2004-2015,$BN

Without the fear of the international collapse in prices of fossil fuels, China leads the world in clean energy investments hit record highs

[1] large hydroelectric projects (50MW or more) are not included in the total project financing amount and even clean energy investment. But Bloomberg new energy investment for the world’s new large hydropower investment and financing should be estimated as US $ 43 billion (only in 2015).

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