Xian issued technical code for solar PV LED street lighting

Arctic star solar PV network news: yesterday reporter was informed that, by city construction, and city municipal public Council Joint editor of Shaanxi Province engineering construction standard Xian City Town Road solar PV LED street lighting technology specification, recently by province live built Office and province quality prison Council organization about sector and experts validation through, has released for Shaanxi Province place standard, and will Yu this year February 12 up implementation.

It is reported that the regulation covers technical terminology, specification for road lighting energy-saving, energy-saving targets, measures, LED lamps, photovoltaic power generation system design, construction, installation and commissioning, project acceptance and other aspects. The norms in a leading position not only in the country, and similar technical specifications first in Western China, the promulgation and implementation of the specification will promote the city’s construction to high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, health and “green lighting” development process, and will “reduce pollution haze” make a positive contribution.

Original title: City enacted PV LED street lighting technical specifications issued

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