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Polaris solar PV net news: the change-energy [2016]392

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and separately listed cities, Xinjiang production and construction Corps development and Reform Commission and the Department of energy, industry and information technology departments, the Central SOEs:

“The Internet +” smart energy (hereinafter referred to as the energy of the Internet) is an Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and the energy industry to develop new forms of energy market depth, intelligent, multifunctional, collaborative, information, demand dispersion, flat, trading and other main characteristics of the system. In the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution in the Internet philosophy, depth of integration of advanced information technology and energy industries, is promoting the energy Internet, new technologies, new patterns and the emergence of new formats. Energy is an important strategy for promoting the energy revolution in China to support the Internet, and to increase the proportion of renewable energy, promoting the clean and efficient use of fossil fuel, improving energy efficiency, promoting the opening of the energy market and industrial upgrading, new points of economic growth, enhance the level of international cooperation is very important. To promote energy development, according to the State Council on promoting the Internet “+” action guidelines (guofa [2015]40) requirements, the following opinion.

A, General requirements

(A) guidelines

Full implement party of 18 big and 18 session three in the, and four in the, and v plenary spirit, in-depth implement XI General Secretary series important speech spirit, according to central financial led group sixth times Conference and national energy Committee first times Conference major decision deployment requirements, adapted and led economic social development new normal, looks at energy industry global and long-term development needs, to reform innovation for core, to “Internet +” for means, to intelligent into based, tightly around building green low carbon, and security efficient of modern energy system, Promoting energy and depth of information integration, promote energy Internet, new technologies, new models and new business development, promote the supply side of structural reform in the energy field, support and promote the energy revolution, for China to realize the energy powers energy transition and economic quality and efficiency upgrades to lay a solid foundation.

(B) basic principles

Based on open, public participation. Use the Internet on the basis of changes in the energy industry, promote energy infrastructure, reasonable and open, promote the integration of energy production and consumption, increase public participation and speed up the formation of an open, shared energy industry as the main features of the development of new forms.

Exploration and innovation, demonstration in advance. Follow the “Internet +” application development, creating an open innovation environment, encouraging a wide range of technologies, innovation of mechanism and model, adapted to local conditions to promote Internet technology and pioneering a new model of energy, formed much innovation a good atmosphere.

Market-driven, scientific supervision. Play the decisive role of market forces in allocating resources, drive the formation of energy develop new formats on the Internet. Adapt to new formats and data application development requirements, improve energy and depth of integration of information security and market regulation mechanisms, guarantees information security and the legitimate rights and interests of the market participants.

Deepen the reform, promote the revolution. The energy Internet “three of technology, reforming of seven” development, deepening energy system reform and restore energy commodity property, build an effective competitive market structures and market systems, energy supply and consumption, technological revolution.

(C) development goals

Energy is a form of new energy industry development of the Internet and related technology, mode and format are in the exploratory stage of development. For the promotion of energy the healthy and orderly development of the Internet, short and medium term will be divided into two phases, and pilot demonstrations, and subsequent application to ensure effectiveness.

2016-2018, advancing energy Internet pilot project: build a batch of pilot demonstration projects of different types and different sizes. Overcome a number of significant key technology and key equipment, Internet technology has reached the international advanced level of energy. Establish energy market and market of the Internet System. Established energy Internet technical standards system, forming a number of key technical specifications and standards. Created a number of energy finance, third-party integrated energy services and other emerging industries. Cultivating a number of competitive emerging market players. Exploring the development of a sustainable, replicable model. Accumulation of a number of important reform experience.

2019-2025 to promote energy diversification, the development of the Internet: energy is made primarily of the Internet industry, becoming important drivers of economic growth. Energy Internet market mechanisms more perfect completion and market system. Formed a complete system of technology and standards and promote the internationalization, leading energy development in the world. Open sharing of energy Internet environment, improved energy efficiency, the proportion of renewable energy increased, positive progress in the clean and efficient use of fossil fuels, public participation has increased significantly, and powerful support for revolution in energy production and consumption.

Second, priorities

Strengthening the construction of energy infrastructure of the Internet, construction of energy production and consumption of energy for intelligent system, collaborative networks, and energy systems of information and communication infrastructure. Create an open share energy Internet ecosystem, established new energy trading system and business platform to develop distributed energy, energy storage and electric vehicle applications, intelligent use of energy and value-added services, flexible green energy trading, energy data service applications and other new patterns and new formats. Promote energy Internet key technology research, core equipment and standard system building, promote energy Internet technology and patterns of international cooperation.

(A) promoting the building of intelligent energy production and consumption infrastructure

1. promotion of renewable energy manufacturing intelligence.

Encouraged the construction of intelligent wind farm, smart PV power station and other facilities and run the wisdom of the Internet-based cloud platform to realize intelligent production of renewable energy. Encourages users to side of building combined cooling, heating and power, heat pumps, industrial waste heat and pressure by using integrated energy infrastructure, promoting distributed renewable energy and natural gas distributed energy cooperative development, raise the level of distributed renewable energy utilization. Promotion of renewable energy production in conjunction with fossil fuels, promote inefficient fossil fuel such as coal-cleaning alternatives. Building the renewable energy market measurement, trading and settlement of access facilities and support systems.

2. promoting the clean and efficient fossil energy production intelligence.

Encourage the coal, oil, gas exploitation, processing and use of intelligent improvement of chain-wide, realization of fossil energy greener, cleaner and more efficient production. Encourage and fossil energy, supporting the construction of regulating facilities such as electric heating, Chu Re, encourage the development of natural gas distributed energy, greater supply flexibility, flexibility to achieve depth peak and cascade use of fossil energy efficient. Speed up fossil energy production system for monitoring, managing, and scheduling of the network renovation, building market-oriented production planning and decision-making platform with intelligent information management system, improvement of fossil fuels emissions monitoring system, by means of Internet promotion of fossil energy efficient matching of supply and demand, operations intensive and efficient.

3. promote the development of cooperation between centralized and distributed storage.

Development storage, Chu Re, Chu Leng, clean fuel storage and other types, high capacity, low cost, high efficiency, long-life energy products and systems. Promote new centralized power base allocation of appropriate-scale energy storage power station, realization of energy storage systems and new energy, coordination and optimization of operation of power grids. Promoting community development, building, home application scenarios, distributed energy storage devices, achieving mixed configuration of storage equipment, efficient management, friendly grid.

4. speed up the intelligent energy consumption.

Encourage building intelligent terminals and flexible energy trading as the main features of smart home, intelligent building, intelligent community and intelligent plant, support smart city building. Enhance power demand side management and popularization of intelligent monitoring and diagnosis technology, accelerate the construction of energy management centers of industrial enterprises, construction information service platform based on the Internet. How can building integration, open sharing, bi-directional communication and intelligent control for characteristics, use Terminal flexible integration of micro-balance system. Building families, parks, regions can participating in the energy market for different levels of access facilities and information service platform.

(B) to strengthen collaborative integrated energy network construction

1. promoting the integrated energy network infrastructure.

Construction based on the smart grid, and heat pipelines, natural gas pipelines, transportation networks and other types of network interconnection, various energy forms collaborative transformation, centralized and distributed energy coordination integrated power network. Strengthening the overall planning, in new city, new lead in key areas of the severe air pollution in parks, as well as layout, ensure reasonable structure, efficient operation of integrated energy network. High flexibility of flexible energy networks to ensure flexible and controllable energy delivery and security and stability. Building accepted the high proportion of renewable energy sources, the promotion of flexible interaction with and support of distributed integrated energy micro-grid energy trading.

2. promotion of energy transfer and coordinate regulation of access infrastructure.

Promoting the standardization of different energy network interface equipment, modular construction, supports a variety of energy production and consumption facilities “plug and play” and “bi-directional” to boost renewable energy, distributed energy and diverse load capacity. Promote support, cold, heat, gas, hydrogen and various energy forms, such as flexible conversion, efficient storage, intelligent collaborative infrastructure. Covering grids and gas networks, cooperative control of intelligent network infrastructure such as heating network.

(C) promote energy integration with the depth of information and communication infrastructure

1. promote the popularization and application of intelligent Terminal and access facilities.

Development of intelligent energy Internet terminal high measuring systems and equipment, power, heat and cooling energy consumption in real-time measurement, information exchange and active control. Rich functions of intelligent Terminal high measuring system, water, gas, heat and electricity to the remote collection copy automatically sets, multiple tables in one. Specification of intelligent Terminal high measuring system set of network structure and information interfaces, implementation and safe, reliable and fast bi-directional communication between users.

2. strongly supports the energy information and communication infrastructure of the Internet.

Optimizing energy sensors in the network, information, communication, control element layout, network facilities and energy efficient configurations. Energy network and Internet connection information between facilities, and depth. Power, gas, heat and other energy networks the Internet and information architecture, storage units, such as cooperation in infrastructure construction, infrastructure sharing reuse and avoid duplication. Promote electric power fiber to the home project, improve the energy Internet information and communication systems. In making full use of existing information and communication facilities on the basis of promoting power communication net energy Internet information and communication infrastructure.

3. promote the effective integration of information systems and physical systems and intelligent control.

Advance information systems and physical systems in the measurement, calculation and control multifunctional aspect of efficient integration, achieve energy Internet time and feedback. Physical system integration of intelligent building information system and control system, with “concentrated control, autonomous, remote collaboration” features energy rapid response and accurate control of the Internet.

4. strengthening capacity-building in information and communication security.

Energy information and communication systems security infrastructure construction, according to the importance of information, means of communication and service objects of different scientific configured security policy. Relying on advanced password, authentication, encryption, communication technology, construction energy Internet users, data, equipment and information passes between the networks, save, distribute information and communication security system, ensure energy security and reliability. Energy Internet network and information security event monitoring, early warning and response capacity.

(D) create an open share energy Internet ecosystem

1. construct energy open sharing of the Internet System.

Take full advantage of rapid iteration and innovation capacity in the area of the Internet, established under various applications and service-oriented energy systems interconnection open interfaces, network protocols and application platform, large-scale and multiple forms of energy supply and energy-using equipment of quick and convenient access. From the local area, and promote energy network partition interconnect and global management of energy resources, support end user based on the Internet platform of equal participation and power sharing.

2. construction energy market of the Internet trading system.

Establishing participatory, equal and open, fully competitive energy market transaction system, restore energy properties. Foster business for sale, integrated energy operators and new market players, such as third-party value-added service providers. Gradually building to energy, ancillary services, new energy quotas, energy virtual currency for multiple transaction system of the subject matter. Layered construct energy wholesale market and retail markets, built on the Internet energy trading platform for e-commerce, encourages competition between trading platforms, anywhere, anytime, flexible and equitable sharing and trading of energy. Build balanced trading system based on Internet, encouraging individuals, families, distributed energy micro-user flexibility and power to participate in the energy market.

3. promotion of energy Internet business model innovation.

Building energy and energy derivatives value transfer system, support for energy resources, equipment, service, application of the capitalization and securitization, as based on “Internet +” ‘ B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C, O2O and other forms of business model innovation platform. Promotion of cross-sharing of information in the field of energy and business integration, fostering energy cloud services, new business models such as virtual energy currency. Encourage audience for distributed energy raising, PPP and other flexible financing tool, promoting the acquisition and efficient use of energy. Financial leasing business of the energy infrastructure of the Internet, established the lease and second-hand equipment market, development of sale and leaseback, profit-sharing and other new business models. Provides different energy commodities, flexible energy, ancillary services, energy efficiency and management, energy services and other new businesses to provide value-added services.

4. establish international cooperation mechanism on energy Internet.

With the national “along the way”-building, establish and improve open sharing of energy Internet mechanisms for international cooperation, strengthening the interconnection of the energy infrastructure with its neighboring countries, boost domestic energy advanced technology, equipment, standards and models on the Internet “go”.

(E) development of new mode of energy storage and electric vehicle applications

1. the development of storage network management model.

Encourages integration community, and buildings, and family application scene Xia of storage electric, and Chu Re, and Chu Leng, and clean fuel storage, more type of distributed storage can equipment and the community other dispersed, and redundant, and performance by limited of storage can battery, and not continuous power, and electric charging and discharging pile, storage can facilities, construction storage can facilities database, will stock of distributed storage can equipment through Internet for tube control and operation. Promoting waste electric vehicle power battery energy storage power station energy storage systems such as Echelon. Building a storage cloud platform, enable storage device of modular design, standardized access, advanced use and network management, support the freedom and flexibility of energy trading. Facilitate energy storage rental, emergency standby, peak FM and other value-added services.

2. development of network collaborative mode of intelligent charging and discharging.

Encourage facilities operator, the electric vehicle business, and so on for charge, integrated network, car, traffic, weather, safety data, construction based on the power grid, energy storage, distributed power and other elements of the operational cloud platform for new energy vehicles. Promotion of electric vehicles and Smart grids two-way interaction between energy and information, applying battery power information and Internet technologies, exploring Wireless charging, mobile charging, intelligent guidance of charge and discharge the new operating mode. Actively developing electric vehicle smart charging and discharging operations, exploring electric vehicles use the Internet platform to participate in energy trading, demand response and other new models.

3. the development of new energy + electric cars to run a new pattern.

Full use of wind, solar and other renewable resources, urban, scenic, highway area according to local conditions, such as the construction of new energy infrastructure such as charging and discharging stations, providing electric vehicle charging and discharging, for businesses, and realization of collaborative optimization operation of electric vehicles and new energy.

(Vi) develop new models

1. the cultivation of new user wisdom energy mode.

Perfect wisdom based on the Internet energy trading platform. Construct a smart home and intelligent building, intelligent community, smart energy factory service center, smart customization, the initiative to push to achieve a variety of energy and resource optimization. Encourage enterprise, residential users and distributed resources, load resources, energy resources market through a balance between local autonomy deal by trading guide energy production and consumption behavior in real time, realize the integration of distributed energy production and consumption.

2. the new model of build-your-own energy services.

Gradually cultivate virtual power plants, load new market players, such as system integrators, increased flexibility of resource supply. Encourage users independent energy response, frequency modulation, flexible peak energy services, based on Internet platform for dynamic, real-time transactions. To improve the market mechanism, compatible with the user directly, indirect ownership of flexibility resources in several ways, such as marketing channels. Build flexibility into the reasonable compensation mechanism, ensure flexible resource return on investment with reasonable returns.

3. develop wisdom with a new model of value-added services.

To encourage the provision of more differentiated programmes for energy goods and services. Build user platforms and realizing energy efficiency monitoring data for Internet sharing, provide personalized energy efficiency management and energy conservation services. Based on the Internet platform to provide user-oriented energy managed, trade delegate of the terminal facilities and other value-added services. Develop third party credit evaluating, encourage energy companies or professional data services company to develop independence of energy data and information services.

(VII) to develop green energy, flexible market models

1. build green energy flexible trading platform based on the Internet.

Construction of green energy and flexible trading platform based on the Internet, support for wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower, green and low-carbon energy and electricity direct transactions between users. Tap the environmental benefits of green energy, create the corresponding energy derivatives, for different user groups with differentiated green energy plans. Foster third Fang Yunwei, point-by-point energy services, green energy production, consumption and trade to the new format.

2. to build renewable energy subsidy mechanism in real time.

Based on the Internet platform of distributed renewable energy subsidies in real time settlement scheme, realization of subsidy measures, certification and settlement linked to renewable sources to generate transactions in real time. Further explore the large-scale wind farms, photovoltaic power stations into the scope of real-time subsidies based on the Internet platform.

3. the development of green energy certificate trading systems.

Explore the establishment of green energy production and trading green certificates generated and linked to the real time authentication mechanisms, promote green certificate trading systems and integration of existing emissions trading system, and adopt reasonable mechanisms, green certificate trading as a useful complement to the carbon-emissions trading. Promoting the establishment of green energy production compulsory quota system, based on the Internet platform of green certificate trading and settlement. Driving a green certificate of securitization, financial transactions.

(VIII) development of energy data service applications

1. achieve energy integration and secure sharing of data.

Implement the strategy of national data in the field of energy, and actively expand the scope of energy data collection, gradually covering electricity, coal, oil, natural gas and other energy fields and meteorological, economic, transport and other areas. Realize energy integration and fusion of the data in the field. Construction of national energy data center, progressive realization and related market data integration and sharing. On the basis of safety, fairness, on the premise that effective supervision, to break down the data barriers between government departments, enterprises and institutions, promote the integration of various data resources, improve energy statistics, the timeliness and accuracy of analysis, forecasting, and other services.

2. innovative energy large business data service system.

Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship based on energy data, for energy production, circulation and consumption aspects of new business applications and value-added services. Encouraging energy production and service companies and third-party investment and construction of enterprise-oriented wind, photovoltaic energy data operation platform for energy resource assessments, site optimization services provide professional services. Encourages the development of information based on energy data mining and intelligent forecasting business, energy equipment management for precise scheduling, fault diagnosis and condition-based maintenance. Encourages the development of greenhouse gas emissions based on energy data-related professional services. Encouraging energy end-use energy data-oriented information services, using dynamic analysis of perception and behavior in real time, remote, friendly, interactive and intelligent control.

3. the establishment of industries based on energy data management and supervision system.

Exploring data based on energy technology, precise new mode of demand-oriented planning of energy, promote more collaborative integrated planning model, enhance critical infrastructure for energy planners, the decision-making level, to promote decentralization and institutional mechanisms for energy innovation. Promoting the supervision of energy innovation based on the energy Internet, energy data technology in the fundamental role of energy regulation, establishment of covering energy production, circulation and consumption chain, transparent and efficient modern energy regulatory system, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of energy regulation. Building Internet based, grading and layering of energy statistics, analyses and forecasts, early warning platform, supervise energy consumption control.

(IX) promote energy Internet key technology research

1. support the core research and development of the Internet.

Providing energy, flexible, accurate control, differential access to features such as new equipment, Internet facilities for energy autonomy from the bottom up networking, distributed networked cooperative control to provide hardware support. Support for DC power supply, advanced energy storage and energy conversion, demand side management, the development and application of key technologies, products and equipment. Promote port clean alternative technologies such as gasification, Harbor Bank. Strengthening cooperation in energy technology and equipment research and development internationalization of the Internet.

2. supporting key technology research and development of cyber-physical systems.

Study of low cost, high performance integrated communications technology. Study on Cyber-physical systems-oriented measurement, pricing, control, service and many other types of information, secure information coding, encryption, verification, and communication technologies. Study on Cyber-physical systems in the origin and flow of efficient integration of key technologies such as schedule management and synergy control. Research information-energy coupling Unified Modeling and security analysis of key technology.

3. support the operation transaction key technologies research and development.

Research on fusion energy system modeling, analysis and optimization techniques. Study on centralized and distributed computing, control, scheduling, and self-healing technologies. Research and development supporting multiple transaction parties and multiple energy commodities and complex type of energy electric business trading platform. Research support for distributed and concurrent interactive response in real time, Internet virtual currency of energy certification, Internet virtual currency of energy pricing, distribution, trading and settlement and other key technologies. Explore software-defined energy network technologies.

(J) the construction of the world’s leading Internet standards of energy systems

1. development of energy Internet common technical standards.

Study on building energy standard system of the Internet. Priority energy Internet standard, and smarter cities 2025 and made in China, such as cross-compatible common standards and important technical criteria, including energy Internet transformation class standards, equipment standards, information exchange standards, safety standards, energy trading standards, standards of measurement acquisition, regulatory standards, and so on. Promote the establishment of Internet related international standardization Technical Committee of energy, efforts towards the core standards to become international standards.

2. construction of energy quality certification system of the Internet.

The establishment of a comprehensive, advanced, covering relevant industry platform for product testing and quality certification. Establishment of national energy Internet platform for quality certification test data-sharing mechanism. Establishment of national energy product testing and quality certification of Internet platforms and networks. Encourage the construction of energy Internet company and product database, published test data on a regular basis. Establish and perfect testing methods and evaluation system, and guide the healthy development of the industry.

Third, implement

(A) strengthen organizational leadership

In the “Internet +” action to implement the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference mechanism, National Energy Board, in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and other relevant departments to set up “Internet +” intellectual energy specific coordination mechanisms, coordination to solve major problems, sum up successful experiences and good practices and promote the implementation of the action. Energy innovation platform of Internet technology, relying on enterprises, research institutions, universities, the formation of the State Key Laboratory of energy technology innovation Center and the Internet. Establishing Advisory Committee on interdisciplinary, cross-industry energy Internet professional, provides important support for Government decision-making. Throughout the development and reform (energy), industry and information technology departments should combine theory with practice, led to formulate energy Internet for local implementation of the programme of action, in line with local conditions, and manpower planning, implementation of scientific organizations, eliminate blind construction and duplication of investment and pragmatic action for orderly energy Internet.

(B) improve policies and regulations

Establish and improve relevant laws and regulations, ensure the energy the healthy and orderly development of the Internet. Are in the process of the revision of energy law, electric power and other energy Internet laws and regulations should be adapted to the new model and new business development needs. Strengthening the reform of electric power and oil and gas, other environmental pricing reform of resources and carbon trading, market mechanisms such as energy trading and energy collaboration in the development of the Internet and docking. Positive energy Internet innovation policy, get rid of quotas, local protection, interoperability, data sharing, policies on trade, barriers and to develop new energy Internet mode, new format development of prices, taxes, insurance and other related policies and regulations. Strengthening energy model of Internet technologies, products and intellectual property management and protection. Strengthening the energy Internet policies, regulations and standards for information security system construction.

(C) promoting market reform

Play the decisive role of market forces in allocating resources, promoting fair competition, open and orderly market system. Establish and improve the energy market access system, encouraging third-party capital, small and micro businesses in emerging markets such as participating in the market, promoting the development of various kinds of ownership equal, cooperative. Accelerating the construction of market system in electric power, oil and gas industry, establishing market mechanism of Exchange and price formation mechanism, price signals from the time and space to reflect the actual cost and supply and demand conditions, effective supply and demand. Allowing market main body independent consultations or through the trading platform centralized price bidding in a variety of ways, such as energy products service and flexibility of resources such as energy derivatives trading, maximize market dynamism.

(D) undertaking pilot demonstration

Around modern Internet technology and energy system of full depth fusion, encourages has conditions of area, and sector and enterprise, for to, and for industry business should be to carried out various energy Internet application pilot model, in technology innovation, and operation mode, and development industry State and system mechanism, aspects in-depth exploration, first first try, summary accumulated can promotion of success experience, for energy Internet of Health ordered development lay solid based.

(E) innovative industrial support

The energy Internet into major projects, increase capital investment in the Central and local budget and guide more social capital, step by step implement energy Internet of major demonstration projects. National Science and technology plan and special effect into full play, support energy Internet Basic, common and key technologies research and development. Rely on financial innovation of corporate and project finance, income distribution and compensation mechanisms, reduce energy barriers and risks of Internet development. Energy Internet support eligible project proponents by issuing bonds, equity trading, raising finance, PPP, etc. Active advantage funds, lease financing, guarantees and other financial institutions, and encourage more social capital in energy industry.

(F) sharing data resources

Energy pilot reform of public data use, develop energy data management and trading share specifications. Information security from national security, system security and user needs, promote the energy sources of information classification. Energy data collection, transmission, storage, processing and sharing the whole process of safety supervision. Strengthening Internet information infrastructure construction and energy sharing, established throughout the entire value chain of energy public service networks and databases of information, strengthening of upstream and downstream enterprises butt, sharing and trading of energy information services. Encourage Internet companies in cooperation with energy companies mining energy data of commercial value, promotion of energy applications of Internet innovation.

(VII) strengthen innovation Foundation

Promote the establishment of energy Internet Innovation Alliance and cooperate with related government departments have energy access to Internet product management, standards, testing and certification-related work. Introduction and cultivate a group of lead type, complex type, professional talents, formed to support energy intelligence security system in the construction of the Internet. Attract international energy Internet talent in innovative and engaging in teaching and research activities. Training mode of creative talents, establishing and perfecting the multi-level, multidisciplinary energy personnel training system of the Internet. Explore in colleges and universities to set up an energy professional or training in Internet-related projects, developing transboundary talents.

(VIII) strengthen advocacy guide

The about sector, and enterprise and news media to through variety form strengthening on energy Internet policy mechanism, and development dynamic, and advanced technology, and model project, and emerging industry State, of publicity, let social from all walks of life full understand energy Internet, expanded model led effect, attract more social capital participation energy Internet of research construction and innovation development, formed widely, and active, and continued of energy Internet development atmosphere, for energy Internet technology, and new commercial mode and new industry State gave birth to rise provides good of opinion environment.

The national development and Reform Commission

National Energy Board

Ministry of industry and information technology

Original title: promoting Internet “+” smart energy development guidance

Sharp with Hon Hai announced the extension of a deadline for the negotiations

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 29, sharp announced on 29th, related to Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry company acquisition negotiations “did not set a deadline, but will try to sign the final agreement as soon as possible.” Scheduled for 29th term will be extended.

According to the Japan Economic News reported on February 26, Hon Hai precision industry 25th said, would hold off signing agreements to buy sharp. Reason is 24th in the morning from sharp received the contents of the file must be made clear. Said, “signed an agreement likely to take several days.” This file is considered about 350 billion yen for the information on financial risk, seems to include gratuity and the breach of a contract with other companies and the return of government subsidies, and so on.

According to related sources, presumably for consultation requirement for risk information, but sharp in the case did not respond to the “Board of Directors decided to accept a takeover.” Hon Hai also has not yet decided to investment Board meeting was held. Risk information for consultations on how to deal with the problem, sharp has sent executives to visit Hon Hai.

Original title: sharp with Hon Hai announced the extension of a deadline for the negotiations to stay signed acquisition agreement

Songshantai HO drive PV industry reforms that reduced the price d

Polaris solar PV net news: adding “disclosure” provisions

The second focus adjustment is “had been running projects, mechanisms to ensure career run a reasonable” excuse me what are the specific contents?

Matsuyama: adjust, certification system certification “equipment” certification “business plan”. For certification has been made of “business plan”, is put into operation, we will also carry out checks. If there is no proper inspection and maintenance, it will order its rectification. This can roughly estimate by looking at the output. Once the capacity decreased to conduct inspections, corrective, and you can also cancel the certification.

On the relationship with the local government, we will share with local governments to apply for information. Local governments in order to prevent disputes with local residents, work being carried out to develop regulations, once certification is achieved, to ask the operators for rectification, have limited effectiveness. And if the local government prior to the certification application stage of mastering information, you can call in advance. To this end, the need to have provisions of the information disclosure.

Current legal information was not made public yet?

Pine Mountain: this is because it is the “device authentication”. Similar to forming property of a system of subsidies, after the certification, and in some sense is left, not on the formation of power supervision. Information is also restricted. Through legal amendments, adding related articles “information disclosure” will become possible. Because using the national pay taxes, so people can see the station information, under the supervision of the national health service.

That contribute to the advancement of the front when it comes to the three obstacles (cost, systems infrastructure, national identity and co) in the last line, the “national understanding”, “planet”.

Price reduced drive PV industry reform

The third priority, “cost-efficient pricing” will have a tremendous impact on the willingness of enterprises to get involved in new projects.

Matsuyama: mentioned two points, is advancing the cause of short project health and operation of health and so on. So far, we are in a “better” called for operators to invest, and the future system is to attract long-term power operators.

On this basis, we will pass the 3rd “cost efficient pricing”, to the operators involved in the renewable energy business of the future to seek reform of the cost structure.

This is important for long-term maintenance of renewable energy. Goal by 2030, 2040, renewable energy independence from the FIT, and grow into sustainable power generation industry. This depends not only on panels, and design and construction. To this goal, and now the cost is too high.

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Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three obstacles

Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three obstacles (ii)

Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three hurdles (c)

Germany FIT price has dropped 13 yen per kWh. Japan is 27 yen, is Germany twice.

Matsuyama: people often think Germany prices compared, in fact, in many countries than Germany. For example, China’s prices have fallen below 10 trillion yen. Around the world, generally is about 7-9 Yuan per kWh.

Why did Japan offer high? This is because the price of solar panels, especially construction fees and service charges. How to reduce these costs? Germany in the process of reducing the purchase price, in the photovoltaic industry has been reformed. 1 to shorten the duration to 4 per cent, reduction through mechanized labor, began a competition to reduce costs.

Japan also needs to maintain the same field, last strong enterprises, operators of high added value industries will become refined. For 2030, this competition will become increasingly fierce. To achieve the goal, as it is now by adding the actual cost of the purchase price is limited. We need to set target prices, stimulate competition and strong win and increase the share of operators, increased efficiency in the country.

Renewable energy investment in the next round before the start, we need to cultivate such a powerful industry, ready to invest the carrier. So the adjusted purchase price pricing method.

Solar power can be used 3 ways

FIT adjusting the report mainly refers to the 3 kinds of pricing method of photovoltaic power generation, namely, competitive bidding, price schedules, leader by the purchase price.

Matsuyama: we make photovoltaic power generation according to the different sizes, with different pricing.

Mass like a million photovoltaic plant power plant, costs vary for each item. Is basically the bigger cost is lower. Because the capital strength of large enterprises, so by competing, is also more prone to innovation. Therefore, can be used up to the competitive price “bidding”. Applicable output size of, as appropriate, at a later date. If “over 2MW”, a large number of 1.9MW, slightly less than 2MW project will be excluded, to how to draw this line, we will carefully discuss and take a decision.

But large-scale projects do not have to use competitive bidding, but envisages the case may reduce the purchase price consideration. In some regions, this situation may also occur. If new businesses is not active, no hope of lower purchase price, would not be used.

The other hand, are really not meant for the use of competitive bidding for residential use. PV power installed on the House, and House construction by the Housing Corporation. Solar panels with the same lighting, wall materials and other, is one component of a House cannot be individually cut out photovoltaic power generation. Views were expressed, “the purchase price can be reduced, but it is best to give long-term expectations, it is easier to develop goods.” In this case, the “range” approach should be effective, which is looking a few years later, set a price schedule.

Moreover, with the passage of time, new houses equipped with solar panels will become commonplace, domestic enterprises could be equipped at the cut of profits. With photovoltaic power generation in the future become ZEH (zero-energy housing) part of the innovations will also become easier, we hope that leads up to the trend.

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Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three obstacles (ii)

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They could bid for large-scale projects and projects for residential use, medium PV projects be?

Matsuyama: for medium projects, if the use of competitive bidding, operator of power may not be enough. First of all will be the same as before, the yearly price. But compared with the past, policy constraints on pricing should be more stringent.

Energy optimization is the key to solar power

Photovoltaic renewable energy seems to be setting other than the purchasing price for several years.

Matsuyama: geothermal, long development cycle, such as wind, small hydro power, is also effective in set the purchasing price for several years. In fact, the yearly pricing only Japan, overseas is generally used FIT range adjustments.

PV popularization of bias will be corrected?

Matsuyama: photovoltaic power generation other than wind, geothermal, small hydro and biomass power generation, promote slow, in large part, that is because the three mentioned disorders, two factors besides cost constraints. Costs by setting annual prices, to some extent, however, restricting the development of wind power system infrastructure, prone in the geothermal and regional relations, and slowly took the time to address.

Energy mix made by 2030 the share of renewable energy (22~24%) to achieve it?

Matsuyama: when deciding on the energy mix, and also determines the distribution of renewable energy: photovoltaic power is 64GW, 7%. It’s not hard “poles”, competing with all kinds of power, this number can be changed. Over a three-block of renewable power will increase.

But other than photovoltaic power is greatly influenced by factors other than cost, estimated in the future is difficult to rapid promotion. Photovoltaic power generation holds the key to energy optimization, will no doubt become the core of renewable energy. (Full end)

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Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three obstacles

Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three obstacles (ii)

Songshantai-HO: PV power generation from new energy becomes true energy need to cross three hurdles (c)

Original title: an interview with METI (iv): the drive that reduced the price of photovoltaic industry reform

Solar power can make it through the solar eclipse on March 9 see chapter

Polaris solar PV net news: intermittent generation of solar will ever make it through the Eclipse? Germany in 2015, there have been success stories. On March 9 of this year, including Indonesia, Borneo, Sulawesi and other places will be under the influence of Eclipse, Panasonic plan through the webcast real observed erecting thenardier in Indonesia island of off-grid solar power systems Power Apply whether Container could survive.

Solar power can make it through the solar eclipse on March 9, see chapter

PowerApply Container for the entire set of off-grid solar power system, consisting of 12 rooftop HIT-240 solar modules, set capacity of 3kW; group match 3kW inverter and battery 17.2kWh (contains 24 groups multiple charge and discharge of 12V lead-acid batteries), as well as Panasonic power supply control device. The system designed for Panasonic for areas without electricity one-stop system, easy to Setup and moderate volume (total 4.78 metres long, wide 3.452 meters high, 3.486 m, weight 3 tonnes), easy to handle. Carries HIT battery for Panasonic focused on the development of efficient products, paired with batteries can supply electricity a day.

Due to the nature of solar power generation, solar eclipses tend to cause the system to stop functioning and this affects the stability of the network. For this reason, Panasonic seizing the upcoming total eclipse of the Sun occurred in Indonesia on March 9, during the solar eclipse period of field testing system stability, and through the network of the global broadcast.

The Eclipse is expected to be the next day starting from Indonesia at 8:36 local time on March 9, 9:50 corrosion and corrosion 9:53. 9:56 back to Eclipse, and finally at the end of 11:20. Panasonic is expected to be 5:00 to live, and in 12:0 days, all done at the end.

Uphold the ABetterLife,ABetterWorld concept, Panasonic continued community action, including free 100,000 solar lanterns to areas without electricity, as well as in areas without electricity set ApplyPowerContainer of Indonesia and other countries, helping to improve local electricity, education, and water environment. July 2014, the Panasonic ApplyPowerContainer set up a primary school in Indonesia for the first group, and in July 2015, set up the second group.

Original title: Panasonic launched solar eclipse observation on March 9, see chapter

Ivanpah and Solana solar thermal power plants monthly electricity comparison

Polaris solar PV net news: yesterday, the CSPPLAZA issued on the world’s largest slot Solana and Tower solar thermal power station and the Ivanpah plant quarterly and annual generating capacity through the power station’s output on the rise, given large commercial power plant from grid-connected electricity generation to achieve design output transition time required a preliminary judgment. Can see from the article on, Solana plant “climbing” Ivanpah plant is shorter, trough explains why technology is relatively mature, equipment operation and actual operation and maintenance of the required break-in period is shorter.

January 2011 to start building the Solana plant Ivanpah plant built and opened in October 2010 ‘s total investment is 2 billion dollars and 2.2 billion dollars, investment approach, construction time and the running time is close to Solana power station installed capacity 280MW, relatively less 392MW Ivanpah about 1/3, but its 6 hour of thermal energy storage systems and to some extent, increased its annual power hour. Ivanpah and Solana designed generating capacity of 1079232MWh and 944000MWh respectively, Solana power station design used to 3,371 the number of hours hours of age, about 9.2 hours a day, this data should be normal, and the Ivanpah plant 2,753 hour, in fact, no thermal power station on water quality, such as annual utilization hours can be achieved more than 2,500 hours, is not easy.

But attention is required, the Ivanpah plant design capacity, such data may not be NREL’s PPA data agreement, sources say, Ivanpah plant actually promised electricity offtakers in PPA agreement (Pacific gas and electric and Southern California Edison power company) net capacity is 975000MWh. United States Department of energy gives the data display is 1065000MWh,BrightSource has explained that this data is not a net generation, PPA protocol data is the net power supply. From this point of view, we accepted 975000MWh’s annual output would be more accurate, and calculated, the annual utilization hours of 2,487 hours, daily average utilization hours reached 6.9 hours.

Ivanpah and Solana solar-thermal power plants monthly electricity comparison

Table: Solana and the Ivanpah months of two major power stations, wind power generation statistics

Ivanpah and Solana solar-thermal power plants monthly electricity comparison

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Solar-thermal power plant generating capacity comparison: tank VS Tower

In order to more clearly show the generating capacity of the two power stations, statistically the CSPPLAZA the month electricity, pictured, from January 2014 to November 2015, 23 months, Solana 91475MWh,Ivanpah of power station generating maximum months of August 2015 the monthly maximum capacity of power station in June 2015, 77534MWh. Calculate, Solana over 327 hours power in this month’s power hour day for about 11 hours, Ivanpah plant in this month’s power hours up to 198 hours, average about 6.6 hours. Breakdown of two months in power plant generating capacity more than 60000MWh of the month, Solana plant amounts to 10 months, Ivanpah plant amounts to 7 months.

But it is in need of attention, according to EIA data, September 2015 to November 2015, these three months, Ivanpah’s contribution includes gas-fired generation in the power station’s output power, its electricity gas contribution three months were 2708MWh,1074MWh and 2305MWh respectively. Solana power stations without gas supply.

In addition, the price level, Solana/kWh,PPA power station contract price for 14 cents for 30 years. Ivanpah plant contract tariffs average about 18 cents a kilowatt-hour (seat of the Ivanpah plant TOU price in California electricity prices to floating electricity prices), the PPA a 25-year period. Combination of two major power stations with a total investment and annual energy production, a rough estimate the financial cost of its operations, or of two major power stations can be roughly estimated payback period. Of course, the 2 prices above preconditions is United States 30% of ITC investment tax credits and United States Department of energy loan guarantees support, Solana plant also received a $ 1.45 billion DOE loan guarantee support.

Overall, from the power of two large power stations in the 23-month performance, combining of various circumstances, we can consider the performance of two major power stations are worthy of recognition. Opinion debatable Ivanpah plant as a large representative samples of DSG-Tower power station, its actual operation period later than the Solana plant for about 4 months, its performance should be relatively normal. If it actually said in the power generation capacity, as the project design value within 4 years, we can be sure that the power station is a great success.

Tower DSG without energy storage power station after the Ivanpah project achieved commercial operation, currently in Israel are 121MW Ashalim1 in the construction of power stations is shaping the second commercial cases. But must face up to the fact that energy storage is the competitiveness of solar-thermal power, in view of this, we should pay more attention to energy storage-type solar thermal power plant performance and economy, especially in the Chinese market, it has become consensus. Even water quality, energy storage is also indispensable. We now study the Ivanpah plant should pay more attention to should be on its large field of design and control practice.

Tower of molten salt technology is highly respected, is currently the largest market in the technical route selection of dispute is to select regular trough or tower of molten salt. But unfortunately it is not through actual operation data to compare this, but recently official incorporation of Crescent dune plant will give a preliminary result within the next year, then we should be able to see the massive Tower of molten salt solar-thermal power station operation.

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Original title: Ivanpah and Solana solar-thermal power plants monthly electricity comparison

Hon Hai s commitment to maintain employment of solar energy to the complicated

Polaris solar PV net news: was in a period of sharp Corporation announced on 25th, will accept Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry company injected 489 billion yen (about 28.5 billion yuan), to Hon Hai subsidiary. Hon Hai will receive sharp about 66% of the voting shares, as its parent company. Plenary session unanimously decided to accept the interim Board of Directors, held the same day Hon Hai’s assistance programmes. Sharp explained that Hon Hai’s commitment in principle to maintain employment.

Sharp will rely on sales revenue of 15 trillion yen of foreign giants of the strong financial strength to accelerate technology research and development to improve their competitiveness. Sharp will provide next-generation OLED panels (also known as the organic EL Panel) investment of 200 billion yen, and with Hon Hai produced United States iPhone Apple products such as the advantage of using its market, and strive to comeback in the global market.

Sharp said in documents released after the Board of Directors, on the maintenance of staff employment, the business’s overall operations and prevent technology leaks won Hon Hai’s “strong commitment”. However, Hon Hai Chairman Terry GOU has indicated will be over the age of 40 employees laid off and peel the solar panel business, the future remains uncertain.

New investments in Kameyama factory (located in Mie Kameyama City) built a new OLED Panel production equipment. In Tablet-oriented medium LCD to invest 100 billion yen. Also in the field of new appliances to invest 45 billion yen.

Gaoqiaoxingsan 25th, President of sharp afternoon appearance before the media, but almost did not answer a reporter’s question on the bus to leave.

If shareholders were approved by the General Assembly in June, Hon Hai will be sharp directional add-issuance of new shares. Payment deadline is September 5. Hon Hai will pay a 100 billion yen deposit at the time of signing the contract. Without the capital increase, the money will go to sharp.

In addition, Hon Hai from Mizuho Bank and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ bought sharp 100 billion yen in preferred shares. , Including the acquisition of land owned by sharp, scale of supporting a total of 660 billion yen. Expect Hon Hai will buy preferred shares held by the investment fund.

Original title: Hon Hai shares will receive sharp 66% promises to keep job

Concerns standard for photovoltaic power stations evaluation publication

Polaris solar PV net news: from 2013 since the PV industry in China to pick up, rising contradiction between installed capacity and financing problems more prominent. High financing costs and a single channel, quality assessment system is not perfect, risk control and other problems has been the shackles of PV industry development, banking, insurance and other financial institutions and investors are generally cautious.

Reporter learned new, industry pain points prepared by the “photovoltaic power stations evaluation norms” (hereinafter “norm”) is relatively mature, after broader discussions and amendments, the implementation is expected to be released in the near future. The whole organization and the value involved in the preparation of this specification and Certification Center Director Qin Haiyan said in an interview, after the implementation of norms would fill a PV power plant in rating methods, technology assessment, online data gaps in the supervision, through the PV power plant assets of closed-loop evaluation and financing transactions.

Project “bad money” funding lack of quality evaluation system

With the increase of PV installed capacity in China, in particular preliminary elaboration of 150 million kW “Thirteen-Five” installed capacity goal, PV industry needs more capital. 2015 according to the global new energy development report data show that in 2014, the global photovoltaic facility amounting to us $ 134.7 billion, to $ 89.5 billion in China in the world. PV industry made great contributions, 48.3% per cent of new energy finance.

“Growth of the photovoltaic industry collateral has lagged far behind the financing needs for growth. “Circular economy in China renewable energy Association Chairman Peng Peng, Research Director of policy, told reporters that Chinese banks do not give PV projects itself as a mortgage, only some joint-stock banks, or State CDB loan related to the policy Bank will do, but interest rates higher.

This reporter has learned, also build a photovoltaic power station, the financing rate below 3% in Europe, while China is as high as 8% or 10%.

In this regard, industry experts and industry associations have been calling for, it is necessary to introduce a third-party assessment body, establish a solid power ratings and quality evaluation system. Meanwhile, with the technical means to establish process data monitoring platform, effectively control investment risks.

It is reported that the upcoming implementation of the “standard for photovoltaic power stations evaluation”, by Kam Heng certification center and the League of China PV power investment and financing organizations in the preparation, in this process of hydropower development in upstream and downstream enterprises broad participation and financial and insurance institutions.

Qin Haiyan told reporters that apart from other similar standards, the elaboration of the code is modular in design and application of ideas, reserves sufficient for knowledge module, used “write, edge, edge, changing” mode of operation. As of now, the core module of the specification has been in Hami, Xinjiang, Shandong plain, Jiangsu sihong 9 different regions, such as size and type of power station during the testing and evaluation of applications, testing and evaluation of needs covered by the Organization of investment and financing due diligence and acceptance of power station, power station, power station construction quality evaluation quality of forensic and other.

“From feedback received, which achieves the desired effect. “Kam Heng Ji Zhenshuang Certification Center Deputy Director told reporters, after the construction of a power station as an example, operating unit under test and evaluation results, one is the transformation to the power subsystem for problems; the second is adjustment, full station status monitoring indicators; third, perfect the construction of power station systems.

Forced power station construction and operation/maintenance of the fine management

2013, the domestic photovoltaic industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Overall, compared with the traditional industry, photovoltaic power generation project construction management is extensive, power station construction techniques and standards, including testing techniques and methods, still cannot meet the needs of industry.

Ji Zhenshuang said, for guarantee evaluation work play its due of role, intends released of specification in the, a is on evaluation according to of standard in the lacks, and operation sex not strong of content, for has added, and refinement; II is to out has benchmark sex of evaluation benchmark, and used quantitative evaluation of way, to through power station this a Terminal products of evaluation, formed pour forced mechanism, promote power station construction of Shang, and downstream Enterprise fine of management, and common improve.

From the perspective of PV power plant developers and investors, is primarily concerned with plant production capacity.

Expectations for a technical evaluation, but also how to more accurately assess or predict plant capacity and result in excessive derogation from or some stroke of risk.

Reporter note to, around related party of demands and the current power station construction and the detection and evaluation work in the exists of problem, specification in the to electricity of precision forecast for total target, to electricity effect factors of detection, and analysis and trend forecast for mainline, used site measured data and experience and run data, and design results mutual check, and than on analysis of way, points module, and system to provides has electricity forecast, and power efficiency and effect factors of detection and evaluation method.

“Based on previous experience and data accumulated in power station detection, specification was first proposed the ‘ operating conditions components relative efficiency ‘, ‘ vulnerable derogation rate of increase ‘2 maximum power of the component indicators. “Ji Zhenshuang says, first, in order to more accurately assess and forecast the generating capacity of the power plant now and in the future; second is to guide the industry focusing more on components of environmental suitability and performance reliability.

In addition, the existing design standards focus on the flat topography of the ground station, considerations of distributed roofing and mountain station is not sufficient and appropriate. From a financial perspective, some plant irradiation in disadvantaged areas, corresponding to part of the investment is greater than the output of the entire operation.

To solve the problem, Ji Zhenshuang introduction and standard “design process capability evaluation” increases the utility partition for complex terrain in comparative analysis of solar resource requirements, in the “detection and evaluation of factors influencing the efficiency of” clear light resource location differences in detection and evaluation of requirements, is designed to guide the design of hydropower development enterprises and units of fine assessment and design.

Original title: “standard for photovoltaic power stations evaluation” publication

NASA first on Titan s surface temperature accurate measurement

  Weifeng Web on February 27, according to the latest news out of foreign media, United States space agency NASA on Saturn’s moon Titan for the precise measurement of the surface temperature. Results show that in the past 12 years, South of Titan showing cooling, warming trend in the North. NASA to do this is through the Casinha on the composite infrared spectrometer (CIRS), measurement of thermal infrared radiation technology.

NASA first on Titan's surface temperature accurate measurement

  Titan was chosen rather than other satellites, this is because Titan is the only known in the solar system with a thick atmosphere of satellite and, therefore, this work harder much higher than many people imagine. Complete the significance of this matter is that this will help NASA in exploring unknown regions of the universe, to obtain more accurate and relevant information in advance have a positive effect. iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy Givenchy iPhone 6 plus cover

  It is learnt that the Casinha come 2004 Saturn orbit. At the time, Titan’s southern hemisphere is in summer of relative. But even so, due to sun exposure to the top has become very weak, so it’s radius of maximum temperature is only-179.6 degrees Celsius, Poles only a 3.5 degrees Celsius.

  However due to the Saturn orbital cycle is equivalent to 30 Earth years, Casinha in that 12-year period, equal to the Titan only completed less than two seasons of observation. And now, due to lack of fuel has, it will change and finally in September 2017, crashed into Saturn’s atmosphere and end their mission.

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iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy

Polaris solar PV February 25 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV, February 25 news summary, “market analysis” national policy to support the photovoltaic industry continues to rebound, sharp accepted Hon Hai’s $ 6.2 billion acquisition offer “hung-summer love” airness, third party fund solutions hairun and combined PV Cinda figure looming behind the dispute, as follows:

“Market analysis” national policy to support the photovoltaic industry continues to rebound

Sharp accepted Hon Hai’s $ 6.2 billion acquisition offer “hung-summer love” airness

Hairun third party Fund solution and combined PV Cinda figure behind the dispute looms

Energy supply side reform roadmap early capacity to resolve the “three abandoned” problem

“Show” us anti-dumping cases against China PV journey

List of the Central Commission for discipline inspection inspected or will delay solar thermal demonstration project and price advertising time

Solar-thermal power plant generating capacity comparison: tank VS Tower

China Sea proposed letter of intent for purchase of photovoltaic business failure

First Solar downgrade 2016 sales targets

Department of energy on a 2016 photovoltaic power plant in the province, Hubei Province, variant Declaration and registration work notice

Guide to PV project development and construction of Qinghai province

WTO ruled India national solar energy plan some violations

Japan METI released “energy innovation strategy” will rebuild the renewable energy industry


Polaris solar PV NET week hot selection 2 22 2 26

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1, development and Reform Commission on the part of the photovoltaic power generation enterprises in Gansu price notification

According to national development reform Board on play price lever role promote PV industry health development of notification, Gansu province within 3 a power project of Internet electric price by solar PV power benchmark Internet electric price each kWh 0.95 Yuan (containing tax) implementation; Gansu province within 8 a power project of Internet electric price by solar PV power benchmark Internet electric price each kWh 0.9 Yuan (containing tax) implementation.

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2, Anhui Province four ministries on a perfect “first build-first” management of distributed PV power station construction notice

A few days ago, Anhui Province, Department of energy, national energy Administration Bureau of East China, Anhui provincial price Bureau, State grid power company of Anhui Province four ministries issued a complete “build” construction management of distributed PV power station, on the “build” scope of eight made clear.

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3, Department of energy on a 2016 photovoltaic power plant in the province, Hubei Province, variant Declaration and registration work notice

For do 2016 Hubei Province PV power station (containing distributed PV power station) alternative project declared and record work, further perfect PV power station record and construction scale management, specification PV power station development order, guarantee has strength, and has integrity of enterprise investment of PV power station and construction good of PV power station can priority included 2016 scale index, completed PV power station construction task, Hubei Province Energy Council for declared alternative project of conditions, and declared alternative project of program, and project record, and Relevant requirements of four specific notice.

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4, Liaoning: new PV benchmark price performed as 0.88 Yuan per kilowatt hour

According to the national development and Reform Commission on the role of price leverage to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry notice and the national development and Reform Commission on the improvement of onshore wind energy photovoltaic Internet benchmark pricing policy of the provisions of the January 1, 2016, Liaoning province, after filing and before 2016 filing but before June 30, 2016 is not fully put into operation of photovoltaic power plants, electricity price performed as 0.88 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

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5, panan in Zhejiang Province development and reform Bureau on further accelerating the implementation of PV industry development

Zhejiang Province panan sent modified Council drafting has on further speed up I County PV application industry health development of implementation views notification, stressed to “Thirteen-Five” final, County PV power project total capacity reached 50 MW above, which construction residents PV 2000 households above, capacity 4 MW above; enterprise distributed PV 10 MW above, agricultural (fishing) light complementary, and ground power station 25 MW above, further improve can renewable energy consumption share, enhanced low carbide, and clean of, and can continued of energy supply capacity.

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6, Yongkang city, Zhejiang Province, to accelerate distributed PV applications for the implementation of the healthy development of the industry (provisional)

According to Zhejiang Province Government on further speed up PV Application promote industry health development of implementation views, and Zhejiang Province prices Council, and Zhejiang Province economic and information Committee, and Zhejiang Province Energy Council on forward national development reform Board play price lever role promote PV industry health development of notification spirit, Yongkang proposed speed up distributed PV power application promote industry health development of implementation views, which including do encourages PV application, and promoted PV countryside, main work, and strengthening publicity, guarantees sex measures.

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Market review

1, 20,164 “leader” planning of photovoltaic base exposure!

20,164 “leader” planning of photovoltaic base exposure, including: Shandong Jining coal mining subsidence area of photovoltaic power generation demonstration base construction of 9, photovoltaic power plant, total installed power is 1000MW; PV planning 185400 acres in baotou, Inner Mongolia, planning capacity 1000MW; total planned installed capacity of photovoltaic base 2200MW in yangquan city Anhui Huaibei areas planned surface of photovoltaic power generation installed capacity 3.2GW.

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2, parts of Northwest abandon rates 30% national energy Board push 9 programmes

For improved PV and can renewable energy by faced of dilemma, National Energy Council released has on do “three North” area can renewable energy elimination na work of notification, proposed will through do can renewable energy power directly trading work, and do wind electric, can renewable energy clean heating work, and do deepening auxiliary service compensation mechanism related work, and established owned power plant power replacement mechanism, and strengthening on thermoelectric cogeneration unit adjustable peak performance regulatory, and by regional and manpower arrangements generator group rotating alternate, and full mining equipment potential, and Renewable energy delivery work, strengthen the management of self-provided power plant 9 aspects, to promote the North, Northeast and northwest wind power, solar power and other renewables to dissolve.

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3, PV manufacturing “financing, financing your” questions need to be cracked

For nearly two years, photovoltaic manufacturers in China faced serious “financing, financing your” problem. To solve these problems, China Banking Regulatory Commission in 2014, released at the end of the promotion of Bank support the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry: notice of, and guide financial institutions to support the development of the photovoltaic industry. Ministry of industry and information technology in February 2015 United Nations Development Bank, PV technology development, transformation, merger and reorganization, distributed PV systems and other key projects to be funded. But policy implementation results are unsatisfactory, what are the factors affecting the decisions of financial institutions? PV manufacturing “financing, financing your” what negative effect? What measures? This article will give you answers.

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4, 2016 solar industry cash flow a key: increase the suspense

For current PV investors, many of them in the a-share listed companies is becoming absolute key, which includes both PV as the main business of the company, including those new companies entering the field. Generally, in the context of investment in PV power plant sources of funding, these companies are private placement as a primary means of raising funds.

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5, AQSIQ: 2015 photovoltaic grid-connected inverter spot rate of less than 80%

In early February, the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine on its website published 2015 national supervision and spot check product quality bulletin, details of daily and textiles, electronic appliances, light industrial products, agricultural inputs, machinery and security products, electrical and materials, construction and decoration materials and food-related products in 8 categories, such as product quality supervision and inspection results. 2015 photovoltaic grid-connected inverter spot rate of less than 80%.

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6 January imports of polysilicon Gao Hantai is still the main driving force of innovation

According to the latest customs statistics, in January 2016, China imports hit an all-time high of polysilicon, 12388 tons, increased 18.6% per cent, is still very much from the Korea and Taiwan import polysilicon remain high. Among them, the January import price of polysilicon rebounded slightly to $ 16.04 per kg, per cent 4.3% per cent, mainly due to January from the United States imported polysilicon sharply increased to 43.67 dollars/kg 105%, record, and hand, import prices have reached a new low.

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7, “market analysis” national policy to support the photovoltaic industry continues to rebound

Along with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and the volatility of fossil fuel prices, China issued a series of policies to support development of the photovoltaic industry, provides policy backing for PV growth spurt. Under the Administration’s all-out support, 2015 China PV industry downturn in the energy markets, “resurrection”, against the rise. In 2016, with the photovoltaic market continued to expand at home and abroad, the gradual improvement of the international trade environment, China PV industry development environment continued to improve, business fundamentals continue to improve, but faces problems such as corporate profits are not strong.

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Enterprise version

1, 2015, PV module manufacturers in the world ranking released

According to United Kingdom research consultants GlobalData’s analysis of the data shows that Trina solar continues to win in 2015, the world’s largest producer of solar PV modules, crystalline silicon solar module production capacity of up to 4.55GW. Canadian solar was second, capacity of 3.9GW. 2015 third largest PV manufacturer jinkosolar, capacity up to 3.79GW. JA Solar’s fourth capacity is 3.38GW, hanwha QCELLS fifth capacity is 3.2GW, and Yingli from second to seventh place in the global list.

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2, Yingli loss: debt restructuring behind expansion of the lost

Yingli brilliant-but the reason for the decline, has become a focus of attention in the industry. It is understood that Miao Liansheng, founder-led under the strong expansion, Yingli industrial areas upstream polysilicon, and its partners in the Group’s holding in the early battles and suffered large losses since Yingli setback in his huge investment in PV power plant, resulting in large losses and liabilities. Authorities said ruoyingli due to debt restructuring has been renewed, back to PV module manufacturing, focus on PV technology development, is the only way out.

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Hairun 3, third party Fund solution and combined PV Cinda figure behind the dispute looms

The evening of February 22, hareon solar technology Corporation (*ST hairun) said in a statement, joint withdrawal of the photovoltaic *ST hairun Trade Arbitration requests, while the global independent portfolio series fund companies in high growth industry is the effective solution to the sea-run with integrated PV key party to the dispute.

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4, bowei alloy asset acquisition move

Suspended less than two months, bowei alloy unveiled a restructuring plan, along with the restructuring of the oven, the company’s main business is from copper alloys of non-ferrous metal cross-boundary to the new energy photovoltaic industry. Bowei alloy upper and lower market value of more than 5 billion yuan before the suspension, and the purchase price of up to 1.5 billion yuan, is big. Overestimate the value of result is that most of the real money was taken by major shareholder black group, even finished the performance pledge, the company received hundreds of millions of Yuan in cash in advance is sufficient to cover possible future compensation.

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5, plot reversal! Foxconn’s moratorium on the acquisition of sharp edge in 20 billion yuan of “contingent liabilities”

25th Japan sharp Corporation agreed to China’s Taiwan, Hon Hai’s takeover offer. Sharp accepted the assistance, including direct investment of 700 billion yen, into Foxconn subsidiary. But acquiring Foxconn said in a statement, until we have reached, postpones signing. Reasons leading to Foxconn delayed signing, sharp has revealed some new information, especially about 20 billion yuan of “contingent liabilities”.

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Taiwan first depends on the power of administrative legislation moving in unison

Polaris solar PV net news: February 22 in solar industry Summit Forum, officials and industry representatives presented the new Government solar energy policies in economic, employment, land planning, contribution, said Lin Jianhan, TrendForce’s new energy business unit EnergyTrend analyst, current encountered difficulties still need to rely on energy transformation and development Executive, led the legislature to solve and avoid falling into the plight of the intent of the policy is good but the implementation is not easy. Among them, the demand for land, legislation to improve and fund environmental issues as a priority.

To protect farmers ‘ rights and interests on the premise, the dominant land release

Taiwan rural aging population, and due to lack of cultivation of human waste up to 100,000 hectares of arable land per year is required for NT $ 9 billion yuan subsidizing fallow land. Lin Jianhan said, agriculture will on solar system with to of finds, not should depending on land species electric and agricultural to using for opposite and makes audit too rigorous, regardless of waste arable land rental or agricultural big shed (agricultural can one) of mode, as long as for land and agricultural conditions of application Shang, for locations, and climate conditions meet and open species electric, will more can effective using Taiwan land. Leases due to older farmers still do not trust nor understand the electrical industry, implementation will not be easy, the Government shall be deemed to be held under the farmers ‘ interests and qualifications, to leading manufacturers and farmers reached a consensus.

EnergyTrend estimates, assuming the Government’s annual release of 1,000 hectares of fallow land, fallow land switched to 10 a total installed capacity of 10GW, can contribute to 550 billion yuan in output value, reduce Taiwan fallow land subsidies spending of around 900 million. Agricultural land uses and consumes only on fallow land 10%, 1.25% of the total arable land, will make 6.75 times times more output per hectare, even more because of the Taiwan agricultural self-sufficiency.

Taiwan: first depends on the power of administrative legislation moving in unison to promote solar energy environmentally sound, efficient land use

Accelerate through the relevant provisions, improve the Taiwan environment

In order to improve Taiwan system environment, renewable energy development Bill and method of electrical workers cross the border without delay. Amendment of the renewable energy development Bill in addition to deleting the maximum development objectives, shall include amounts not included in the development of additional, avoid the development of network environment, costs recognized lack of financial aid. Renewable energy development Bill should be expressly excluded from the existing low bid approach, planning, efficient power plant lines, would promote competition among manufacturers upgrade their technology rather than cut costs, encourage the installation of efficient products, enhance the value of land use of an area.

Electrical provisions of law revisions through the addition of Taiwan industry liberalization, electricity prices and other price changes needed public discussion, avoid the wholesale purchase price declines hit the market too quickly, to improve investor confidence. Taiwan Typhoon and Typhoon structure stronger than ever on climate change in recent years, construction inspection system operators will be crucial. To clarify law specifications shall comply with the obligations of conduct, slowing wind damage and possible risks. In addition, it should provide a specific type of solar power generation system, the incorporation of long time buffering period, improve the water particularly type systems, such as the investment willingness to install.

Leading policy will expand its solar energy demand, as a result of the financial impact of supporting measures to develop depends on. Lin Jianhan should pull the high/peak electricity prices and dividing users and industrial users of expenditures, take this to induce industrial energy consumer to purchase green electricity, plentiful renewable energy development fund and affordable wholesale purchase of NT $ 200 billion expenditure incurred in the future. Also relaxed standards, large-scale solar industry may identified as public works, take this relaxed restrictions holding the highest rates of 45% the life insurance industry, which is responsible for the management of large-scale solar industry, and their willingness to invest.

Original title: administrative legislation moving in unison to promote solar power depends on the electrical environment of sound, efficient land use

Teach you how to find solar panels bus line failed

Polaris solar PV net news: solar panels during manufacture, transport, set up as a result of aging, various faults can occur. Author will detect the fault method introduced Chemitox (OTA-Ku, Tokyo) in evaluations of services case in and accumulation of knowledge.

This paper introduces solar cell unit (Ege) is a kind of typical fault-the bus (the metal wiring in unit) broken case. This fault is in the process of manufacture, forming solder leads of the bus wiring bad.

Bad soldering and soldering material itself is the cause of the problem.

After the solar panel settings and start generating electricity, because the set temperature in the environment will change significantly over time, bad solder contacts will become more and more serious, leading to unit with increased contact resistance between the bus, even if power, by many current will be converted into heat and drain.

Due to continuous flow during the day, and will continue to heat. If this State continues, wires carbonization occurs, it may burst into flames.

Teach you how to find solar panels

Temperature changes in the natural environment, solder bolt will gradually increase. Summary of the bus line (source: Chemitox)

Resin film on the back will be burned in protection of the surface of glass may be damaged.

Bus line to trigger such failures can be found in advance. Because in the early break, the power output will present a unique change.

Buses begin to break early, when there is much capacity, temperature will rise even higher output power will be greatly reduced. Instead, the less electricity when temperatures will reduce output power tend to be about normal.

For example, in the string (units of solar panels in series) for the monitor when the power from the trend of output power with other groups of different, you can find a bus line initial specific power output changes panels where the string.

Troubleshooting this symptom of solar panels, can view thermal imaging image features, EL (Electroluminescent) check or detection I-V (current-voltage) characteristics of methods, can verify that the break was caused by bad soldering.

Original title: so that you can find “bus line” failed!

First Solar CdTe solar cell efficiency record for 22 1

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, lead cadmium telluride (CdTe) film producer FirstSolar break the cell conversion efficiency of a new record of 22.1%. Get LIBO company (Newport Corporation) technical applications Center (TAC) PV laboratory certification.

First Solar CdTe solar cell efficiency record for 22.1%

First Solar said that since 2011, this is the Nineth substantially refreshed the efficiency of CdTe on record. Has this new battery recording was also recorded in the United States Department of energy national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) “best cell efficiency” reference diagram.

FirstSolar, Chief Technology Officer Rafi ˙ Garabedian (RaffiGarabedian), said: “we first introduced in 2013 and raise to closely track the technology roadmap in March 2014. We said at that time, by the end of 2015, to achieve the 22% cell efficiency milestones. Now to honor this commitment. ”

First Solar CdTe solar cell efficiency record for 22.1%

It is said that this new battery located in Perrysburg, Ohio production plant for production, research and development center used by the process and the materials are suitable for commercial production.

First Solar said that in 2015 the fourth quarter 16.4% of their leading line is production efficiency for PV modules.

Original title: First Solar CdTe solar cell efficiency record for 22.1%

United Kingdom all PV projects cancelled after April 2016 RO support

Polaris solar PV net news: December 17, 2015, the United Kingdom Government announced that from April 1, 2016, the Renewables Obligation (RO) all of the contents in the PV power plant (including roof and floor) SAY NO.

RO is a long-term project to support large-scale clean energy projects, but also for offshore wind, hydro and biomass energy technology-open, valid until the year 2017. It is gradually being replaced the Contracts for Difference of the bid system.

RO support for PV at present mainly in average per household per year on capital expenditure of € 3. In the expenditure budget of the PO, PV expenditures accounted for 6%.

Last year, the Government has made to the RO on PV policy change: size RO welfare activities in 5MW’s photovoltaic power station is not available.

The Government has made a decision, that in July the “termination date” after completion of the PV power station will no longer receive “Grandfathering”. The so-called “Grandfathering” was once the photovoltaic plant built in the operating lifetime fixed level enjoy the benefits of its subsidies.

This attracted the attention of investors. Investors see it as a “danger” signal that could shake their confidence in the energy infrastructure. Solar trade association CEO Paul Barwell commented: “cancel RO support for PV power station, not in accordance with the interests of taxpayers. PV will soon become the cheapest low-carbon energy, along with the climate conference held in Paris, the Government should really think about. ”

Original title: United Kingdom: all PV projects cancelled after April 16 RO support!

Polaris solar network on February 22 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV, February 22 news summary, abandon rate in parts of Northwest 30% national energy Board push 9 programmes, sharp deal finalized Thursday, Hon Hai pay 5.79 billion yuan deposit, Yingli losses: lost behind the expansion of debt restructuring, as follows:

Abandon rate in parts of Northwest 30% national energy Board push 9 programmes

Sharp deal finalized Thursday, Hon Hai pay 5.79 billion yuan deposit

Yingli loss: debt restructuring behind expansion of the lost

Bowei alloy asset purchase move

PV 2016: “dagankuaishang” and “mixed”

Spring of the photovoltaic industry? Article read family and five trends

PV agricultural development should pay attention to key issues such as agricultural coordination

“New perspective” how renewable energy grid-connected “problem”?

Bullish market over plant financing for expansion

Japan million PV indicted for reflective it is illegal?

Clean electricity plan United States ruptured the Paris agreement is thrown it?

Brazil November auction of solar energy projects almost all approved

Throughout the latest photovoltaic subsidy data


Taiwan Economic Affairs to complete photovoltaic capacity target would tie release

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan PV industry forum on February 22, stage, industry, Government, academia, research, banking units are well represented. Tsai policy long lacked any corresponding social Office Executive said, the new Government will be through the three steps to build new energy industry cluster, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Rongjin said it would work with the Government to release land, set up a solar energy system.

Long lacked any corresponding social: three steps to the new energy industry

Long lacked any corresponding social forum pointed out that Taiwan energy expenditure of as much as NT $ 2 trillion a year, energy self-sufficiency rate of less than 3% if able to improve energy self-sufficiency rate to 25%, you will generate output value of NT $ 500 billion, and further developed into Taiwan another “trillion”.

For specific guidelines, long lacked any corresponding social, said the new Government will be “nuclear-free homeland,” as the goal, active import renewable energy development through three steps to establish a new energy technology and innovation industry ecosystems: integration across research and development resources, forming settlements; to build new energy industry ecosystem, to foster domestic demand industry finally moving into the world market.

Long lacked any corresponding social said the new Government will bring together industry, integration of research and development, technology and talent, to solar photovoltaic, offshore wind energy development to support new energy industries, to enter the international market. Preliminary selection of new energy Science Park in Tainan and Sharon, will include: energy, energy, energy storage, smart systems integration of four spindles.

In terms of wind power, made long lacked any corresponding social, planning in electricity, steel, ship-oriented developers, combined with private funds to set up a “wind energy development company”, promoting the development of offshore wind power, including docks, ready, work boats, fishing rights, cable laying, as well as international business, farm management and profit-sharing, and other services. In addition, ocean energy and biomass and other renewable energy sources, a new Government will strengthen research and development.

Response to Forum participants who long lacked any corresponding social, Political Commissar of the future will be responsible for the energy policy of the Executive Yuan, promoting the development of related, driving up domestic energy policy decision-making and implementation levels.

Ministry of economy: this year is expected to grow 15~20%, will complement the released land

Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Rongjin, attended the Forum. He said, since the new Government higher solar capacity goal, and declare to actively promote new energy industry, coupled with recent EU immunity 21 anti-circumvention duties, such as positive news, this year Taiwan solar industrial output growth was expected to come to 15~20%.

Government plan 2025 13GW solar to install devices, reaching 20 billion annual energy output. To assist workers in obtaining land in order to build a solar energy system, Shen Rongjin said the economic Ministry planned to release more pollution, salinization of adverse farming or land subsidence. The COA has released 1,253 hectares, but not the current 5.7GW ground system planned required 8,550 hectares of land, economic Ministry will acquire more land space through interagency consultation, to accelerate solar energy development.

Original title: Taiwan Economic Affairs: to complete photovoltaic capacity target would tie release land

Why new energy cannot replace oil in the near future

Polaris solar PV net news: to say that the main environmental issues of the past 10 years, is simple-climate warming has been unchanged. So, is reduce or limit CO2 emissions around the world.

CO2 emissions will continue to grow, because industrial development will consume more energy, is more specific hydrocarbons such as coal, oil and natural gas. Many of the idealistic environmentalists and policy makers argue that we should stop using carbon based fuels, turning to a renewable energy global economy. However, we have to accept that reality is that hydrocarbons can never be replaced.

Hydrocarbons will continue to dominate the global energy mix for decades for three reasons: cost, size of the slow pace of energy conversion and energy calculations.

Renewable energy costs high

The first explanation is relatively simple. The global energy industry is by far the largest industry in the world, spent a year looking for, improving and funding of various forms of energy available to consumers more than $ 5 trillion. Renewable energy such as wind and solar power have their advantages, but economically it is not compared with hydrocarbons.

According to the United States energy information administration, a recent analysis estimates that onshore wind turbines for wind power generation, the cost is $ 97/MWh, around gas to produce the same power consumption costs (EIA estimated US $ 63/MWh) 1.5 times more than double. Offshore wind power is more expensive, the cost is $ 243/MWh. Cheaper solar power – PV panels generate electricity, costs $ 210, than burning gas costing 3 times more than doubled.

Community energy is a long-term process

Renewable energy if you really can do it much cheaper than hydrocarbons, then maybe we can also account for a large proportion in the global energy mix in the future remain optimistic. But even so, the overall changes in the structure of our energy needs for a long time. On energy problems in writing University of Manitoba Professor Vaclav ˙ Smeall wrote in 2008: “all energy conversion have one thing in common: they all took decades long process. ”

Indeed, in the 109 years of the signing of the Declaration of independence in the United States has been the main source of energy is wood until 1885, when overtaken by coal. King of coal was maintained until 1950, and was replaced by oil. Current energy use bigger bigger, alternative energy conversion and replacement time will be longer. “Smeall believes that although the” ideal society does not burn fossil fuels, but a step into that, it takes a very high cost, need plenty of patience: future energy transition will span decades, not just within a few years. ”

The powerful advantages of hydrocarbons

Smeall views can be more oil in the United States’s share in primary energy consumption to find proof. According to EIA estimates, back in 1949, oil in the United States the proportion of total energy demand is 37%. In 2009, this figure remained unchanged. In other words, the past 60 years, in order to reduce our dependence on oil, we throw billions of dollars, but still. Of course, conspiracy theorists will certainly targeting the oil oligarch. But in fact there is no conspiracy, the physical properties of oil. Oil is a kind of matter: whether you love it or hate it, we all like oil has brought us something, even if it has been also thinking about the hate the oil companies.

If there were no such thing as oil, sooner or later, we have to make it out. To study on energy density, easy to use, suitable, easy transport, low cost, abundant, and nothing could be better than oil. Is a topic of focus electric vehicle, but now the battery is a little stronger than of Edison. Best lithium-ion batteries, the energy density of only gasoline 1/80.

Then add one more point. Believe it or not, in 2009, renewable energy in the United States compared to the proportion of primary energy supply in 1949, also declined. Wind and solar power does have a substantial growth in recent years, but in 1949, renewable energy provides energy demand across the United States, 9.3%. In 2009, renewable energy (for the most part still is a hydro-electric power) for the national energy supply 8.2%.

Oil: global harmonization of energy consumption measurement

Third problem – energy – very few people discussed. For many people, this may be the most difficult thing to understand. So said does not not strange, see we common of those calculation energy scale of units’s: oil on the barrels, and tons, and gallons and rose sold; gas by cubic metres, and cubic feet, and British hot units (BTU) and the other units to measurement and sales; coal points long tons and short tons (1 tons [t]=1000 kg [kg]=1.102 short tons [sh.ton]=0.934 long tons [long.ton]), but its price depends on a big heap other factors, including hot content, and ash, and sulfur content, And most important: the distance between coal mines and power plant; sales of electric power (kW/h), involved in wider terms, including the volts, amperes, ohms, and joules, Watts, the Loya Jirga, calorie and BTU, things become more complicated.

We need a more convenient way to measure global energy consumption – currently about 241 million barrels a day of crude oil. The equivalent of Saudi Arabia’s total daily crude oil output 29 times. Among them, there are 25 (equivalent to about 210 million barrels of oil) is provided by hydrocarbons.

In addition, over the past 10 years, global energy consumption has increased by approximately 27%, or 6 Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production. Almost all of these increased energy consumption is provided by hydrocarbons.

Saudi Arabia gaoual oilfields, estimated oil reserves of about 85 billion barrels of crude oil

Scientists and policy makers can say that CO2 is not good. Can we talk about wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, as well as many other forms of energy production. But few were willing to ask is: where we’re at, what methods are used to find the equivalent of 25 Saudi Arabia’s energy output, and carbon-free one at that?

The harsh reality is that we don’t need. The last few decades, Saudi investment of more than hundreds of millions of dollars on drilling and the construction of infrastructure in order to ensure their place as the world’s number one oil exporter. Don’t forget, all of which put the dollar also made their demands for energy, is a Saudi Arabia of daily energy, 3.4% per cent of global energy demand.

Smeall views on current energy conversion speed and scale also has an impact. In the United States, renewable subject to is none other than the greatest challenges, from cheap gas prices continued to fall. Natural gas is the most direct competitor of wind and solar. Over the past 3 years, United States the shale gas revolution has made the national oil and gas market improved significantly.

In fact, United States now under their feet on his endless and low cost shale gas (natural gas). In April 2011, according to the United States estimated the potential gas Committee, United States approximately 2170 trillion cubic feet of natural gas resources. Calculated at current rates of consumption, United States there is enough natural gas to last 90 years or more.

All in all, in the next few years, renewable energy sources in the global energy mix proportion will remain in a very small part. In the foreseeable future, hydrocarbons will continue to maintain its current leading position. Natural gas, the cleanest form of hydrocarbons, are seeking bigger and in the short term, and, ultimately, global energy a larger share of the cake.

Original title: why oil is likely to be replaced by new energy in the near future?

The National Energy Board actively promote the energy supply side structural

Polaris solar PV net news: February 18, deepen reform work leading group meeting of the National Energy Board, the national development and Reform Commission Deputy Director, national energy Administration Director Noor ˙ bekri attended and spoke, Zheng Zhajie, Vice Chair of the National Energy Council. The main task of the meeting is to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on supply side decisions and arrangements of the structural reform, implementation of the national energy work Conference on energy system deployment. The meeting reviewed and adopted the work points of the reform of the National Energy Board in 2016.

Noor ˙ bekri said that advancing the supply side structural reform is the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, is to adapt and lead economic development the major innovation of the new normal. Gear shift, structural optimization of energy consumption growth pace, development dynamics began converting to the new normal, doing energy work, thought to be adjusted to change the center of gravity. Energy development to change from extensive development to improve quality and efficiency, energy work from approval of the project to promote reform and technical innovation. The new normal, energy reform, without delay. Cracking the new normal, traditional energy development energy excess capacity, renewable energy development bottleneck run inefficiency problems, energy system as a whole, must be innovative institutional mechanisms promoting energy supply side structural reform.

Noor ˙ bekri stressed, to unify thinking and action to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the supply side structural reform of policies, strengthen confidence, resolute action, pay close attention to grasp and practice, practical results. Boost energy supply side structural reform should focus on the following seven tasks:

One is to resolve the overcapacity in the coal industry. Implementation of the coal industry under the State Council opinion to resolve the bail out excess capacity to achieve development, strive to 3-5 years, exit capacity about 500 million tons, subtract restructuring around 500 million tons. Strictly control new capacity of coal, from 2016, 3 years stop approving new coal mine project in principle. Accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity, 2016 aims to shut down backward coal mine more than 1000, total production capacity of 60 million tons. To promote mergers in the coal industry.

Second, resolve excess coal capacity. Strictly control the scale of coal started, on the existence of power redundancy area according to the actual situation, canceled a number of items that do not have approved conditions, to withhold approval of a number of coal-fired power projects, postponed a number of approved projects. Using the market mechanism force, speeding up the reform of electric power market, newly approved generators participating in power market trading in principle.

Third, addressing water, abandoning wind, abandon light problem. Optimal control of incremental, according to plan an effective pace of grasping the development of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic, biomass energy, geothermal energy close to dissolve. Resolve to dissolve the stock and optimize system operation and encourage the development of pumped-storage power peaking, increase across the province, trans-regional power transmission channel use efficiency. Vigorously promoting the development of distributed energy.

Four landing on accelerating change. Promoting the reform of electric power market and reduce electricity prices. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm around, speed up the establishment of power market, direct trade, opening price and sale price, tightly regulated utilities transmission and distribution prices, reforms such as full price reduction, promoting development dividends.

Five is steadily promoting the reform of oil and natural gas. Introduced in the central consideration after some opinions on deepening the reform of the petroleum and natural gas, and promptly formulating special reform programme and related documents, integrated oil and gas reforms in some provinces and cities pilot or special pilot.

Six is the strengthening of energy poverty. Implementation of accurate, precise requirements for poverty eradication for poverty alleviation Central, PV for poverty alleviation. Implementation of the new round of rural power grid upgrading project. Promote poverty alleviation and support.

Seven is to improve the efficiency of energy systems as a whole. To improve the energy efficiency of the system, as new energy development under the normal quality and high efficiency of an important work. Optimizing distribution of high energy-consuming industries and energy development and reduce dependence on long-distance energy transmission. Promoting the coordinated development of energy and complementary use, improve intelligence and operational efficiency of the energy systems.

National Energy Board Chief Economist, divisions, directly under the Agency of the institution and principal responsible comrades concerned to participate in the meeting.

Original title: Nur bekri: actively promote the energy supply side structural reform

Bowei alloy asset purchase move

Polaris solar PV net news: suspended less than two months, bowei alloy (601137. SH) on the launch of a restructuring plan, along with the restructuring of the oven, the company’s main business is from copper alloys of non-ferrous metal cross-boundary to the new energy photovoltaic industry.

Broadway is the acquisition of the alloy Ningbo Kang Naite International Limited (hereinafter “Ningbo Kang Naite”), boweierte solar energy science and Technology Limited (hereinafter “Viet Nam boweierte”) is the main production base of the latter. Bowei alloy upper and lower market value of more than 5 billion yuan before the suspension, and the purchase price of up to 1.5 billion yuan, is big.

Shots while big spenders, but overestimate the value of result is that most of the gold and Silver were major shareholders Bo Group Ltd (hereinafter “Bo Wei group”) away and even finished the performance pledge, the company received hundreds of millions of Yuan in cash in advance is sufficient to cover possible future compensation.

Major shareholders exclusive of 900 million yuan in cash

On January 29, bowei alloy releases restructuring plan, to be sold 31.4465 million shares to 19.08 Yuan per unit, and pay 900 million yuan in cash, total value of 1.5 billion yuan to buy from big shareholders black group 6 Ningbo Kang Naite 100% owned by shareholders.

Meanwhile, bowei alloy to be not less than 22.46 Yuan per unit, no more than 10 to one particular object a non-public offering of no more than 1.5 billion yuan to raise matching funds, for a cash consideration and repay bowei alloy, Bank of Ningbo Kang Naite loans and liquidity required for related-party loans, supplementary Ningbo Kang Naite.

Before the acquisition, black alloy’s main products are copper alloy bars, wires and strip, acquisition, the company has one foot into the new energy photovoltaic fields.

Bowei alloy said Ningbo Kang Naite’s main business is energy, after the transaction is completed, the company’s main business will be “new business” Advanced “new business + new energy business” to form a two-wheel-drive industry and diversified business platform.

Ningbo Kang Naite and the black alloy acquisitions were not “outsiders”, its major shareholder bowei bowei alloy large shareholders of the group. With this acquisition, bowei group will take 900 million worth of gold and silver.

Ningbo Kang Naite January 2015 just by black groups formed, in December of that year and by the end of January 2016, bowei alloy son Xie Chaochun and actual control of four employees (and their close relatives) the partnership became the new shareholder of the company, while the black alloy has been suspended for several days.

According to the proposal, in a total of 1.5 billion yuan of “stock + cash” acquisitions, apart from the Bo group, major shareholder of shares of the other shareholders will receive 600 million Yuan on price, accounted for 60% value of 900 million yuan in cash from black groups alone, remaining shareholders would not share.

For reasons of large shareholders enjoyed a cash consideration, bowei alloy explains that due to optimization of equity concerns, as at the end of the third quarter of 2015, bowei bowei alloy rate groups and their concerted action near 70%, according to preliminary estimates, in accordance with the established price, after the deal black ownership group and the total number of people acting in concert more than 51%.

If black group also accepts payment of consideration, on the premise of supporting and financing was not successful, may result in the issuer does not meet listing requirements.

In addition, bowei alloy said, bowei group gets cash, without prejudice to the premise of competition, actively identifying suitable investment opportunities on a global scale, early cultivation of the hatch, and, in due course, through compliance with the deal into listed companies.

According to the announcement, the reorganization of the 1.5 billion yuan in supporting and financing, 900 million Yuan will be used to pay black group’s current trading price.

By the end of third quarter of 2015, Broadway book money of the alloy, but 124 million Yuan, company’s short-term borrowings of up to 485 million Yuan, the company’s own capital strength is obviously difficult to meet large shareholders paid the price.

If matching funding failed, bowei alloy smooth is going to be a question of the restructuring, the company need not worry about ownership concentration problems, but through equity issues, bowei alloy big shareholders are likely to hold 900 million yuan in cash in his arms.

In the acquisition, while Ningbo Kang Naite is the subject of takeover, but the company’s main assets are located in Viet Nam a subsidiary of Viet Nam boweierte, through a series of asset operations, Viet Nam boweierte one’s stock rose.

Assets move

Ningbo Kang Naite main business for solar cell, development, production and sale of components, main products of polycrystalline cells and modules, Ningbo Kang Naite do not themselves engaged in the production of polycrystalline silicon solar cell, the company produced mainly by Viet Nam boweierte.

Acquisition plans displayed, Ningbo Kang Naite subordinates Viet Nam boweierte, and Hong Kong nice international new energy limited and boweierte solar (United States) limited three home full funding subsidiary, which Ningbo Kang Naite is responsible for for Viet Nam boweierte in China territory procurement wafer, raw materials, Viet Nam boweierte is responsible for solar tablets and the component of development, and production and sales, and United States market of sales main by Hong Kong nice of full funding subsidiary United States Bo Wiltshire is responsible for.

As the main asset of this acquisition Ningbo Kang Naite, Viet Nam boweierte completion until July 2014.

Viet Nam boweierte, founded on September 11, 2013, registered capital of us $ 50 million, currently Viet Nam boweierte has an annual output of about 280MW production capacity of solar cells and modules, June 2016 Viet Nam phase II production line is completed, will have an annual output of about 660MW production capacity of solar cells and modules.

End of December 2015, bowei group and Ningbo Kang Naite on boweierte solar energy science and technology limited, signed share transfer agreement, bowei group will hold Viet Nam boweierte 100% transfer to Ningbo Kang Naite, transfer pricing reference Viet Nam boweierte as at November 30, 2015 book net assets identified as 311 million Yuan.

Less than two months later, bowei alloy acquired Ningbo Kang Naite when company estimates has reached 1.5 billion yuan, the estimated value is approximately 392.74%, while Ningbo Kang Naite’s main asset is the subsidiary of Viet Nam boweierte. Dozens of days, Ningbo Kang Naite acquired assets worth around 300 million Yuan rolled over several times.

In fact, bowei alloy before it, Kang Naite bowei alloy and Ningbo and its subsidiary employees (or their close relatives) are at the same price stake in Ningbo Kang Naite. End of January 2016, including Cheng Shibo partnership enterprise in Ningbo Meishan bonded Harbor area (limited partnership), four employees (or their close relatives) shareholding enterprises to gain a stake in Ningbo Kang Naite 18.04%.

Due to these four employees (or their close relatives) shareholding enterprises and companies restricted share incentive plans intended to incentive objects overlap, hence companies are also announcing the end of August 2015 plan at the same time, the implementation of incentive scheme. Equity incentive object does not exceed the total number of 175 people, with four employee-owned companies totaling 174 people almost unanimously.

According to the value of 1.5 billion yuan, consisting of 174 people four employees (or their close relatives) reached 271 million yuan of investment holding company. After the acquisition is completed, four employee-owned companies will get black alloy price of total payment of 14.1756 million shares, bowei alloy’s small shareholders.

According to bowei alloy suspension front prices, four employees (or their close relatives) market value of the holding company has reached 352 million Yuan, profit is close to 30%.

Not only that, buying plans disclosed on the same day, bowei alloy notice bonus programmes, plans for every 10 shares of the company be converted into 10 shares, as well as to 2015 to achieve the net profit available for distribution 30% distribution of cash dividends to the shareholders.

Listed in five years, bowei alloy cash bonus scheme will be introduced every year, but there has been no dividend or be converted into share capital, and at the time of the firm’s first major acquisition, the company “timely” implemented a market high and transfer. If plan completed by the dividends, the new shareholders will reap dividends dividends.

As a response a high premium, Ningbo Kang Naite performance commitments also made a lot of money, is also the performance commitments the company sent to the regulators ‘ concern list.

Commitment to performance information

Just set up the second half of 2013 Viet Nam boweierte, 2014 is completed and put into operation in the second half. Therefore, Ningbo Kang Naite performance on track. Purchase report shows that from 2014 to 2015, Ningbo Kang Naite revenues were 89.3177 million Yuan, 356 million Yuan net profit-21.9847 million Yuan and 15.1021 million Yuan respectively.

Meanwhile, Ningbo Kang Naite Xie Chaochun and two major shareholders before black groups commitment to 2016 to 2018, Ningbo Kang Naite net profit of not less than 100 million and 117 million Yuan and 134 million Yuan.

If the transaction completed in 2017-, profits adjust commitment period to 2017 to 2019, Ningbo Kang Naite annual net profit of no less than 117 million Yuan, 134 million Yuan, 150 million Yuan. Worth noting is that group made performance commitments are only black and Xie Chaochun, four assault shareholder employees (or their close relatives) holding companies are not involved in the performance pledges.

Ningbo Kang Naite 2015 but more than 15 million yuan in net profit, 2016 commitments performance is as high as 100 million Yuan, but the promised earnings growth after 2016 but quickly fell back to less than 20%, so “roller-coaster” type of performance commitment naturally attracted market attention. Meanwhile, regulators have focused on black alloy acquisition performance commitments.

Bowei alloy disclosure letter of inquiry in the SSE shows, calculated according to the Ningbo Kang Naite 2015 15.1 million yuan in net profit, the company’s price-earnings ratio of 99 times, much higher than the comparable listed companies in the same industry, Shanghai Stock Exchange requires companies to make 1.5 billion valuation of reasonable explanation.

Commitment to performance net profit of hyper growth, Shanghai Stock Exchange requirements bowei alloy combined with Viet Nam boweierte current and phase II production line after the completion of the whole production, sales, 2016 quantitative analysis company to a net profit of not less than 100 million Yuan, and in 2015, an increase of nearly six times the reason and rationality, and the subsequent commitment period, cause of growth in net profit to decline rapidly.

Original title: bowei alloy asset purchase move

Writing projector reads released Tablet ZTE SPro Plus

  Portable intelligent projector still not particularly fresh stuff, and ZTE in the MWC, however the SPro Plus posted by 2016 is surprising: don’t say “intelligence”, which is a tablet. Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

Writing projector reads released Tablet ZTE SPro Plus

  Zhongxing product SPro on 2 popular, SPro Plus based on Starsky and Hutch. Its 8.4-inch AMLOED screen coupled with 2560×1600 resolution, you do not believe it is the projector.

  SPro Plus carrying 625 802 or mycophenolate mofetil mycophenolate mofetil Dragon Dragon processor, running Android 6.0 system stress. Its built-in microphones, cameras or tune after JBL speakers to facilitate meetings.

  Although SPro Plus tablet is very strong, but after customization of the interface allow you to quickly start the projector function, so you don’t have too tangled to go directly to a movie. 500 lumen projector using lamp brightness, twice times the SPro is the previous generation 2. Even with so many advances, SPro SPro compared Plus 2 still slim a lot.

Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

  SPro Plus carry 12100 mAh battery, adequate to support the 4 hours of playback time. Givenchy iPhone 6 cover

  ZTE is not open new sale, we only know that it will go on sale later this year.

Writing projector reads released Tablet ZTE SPro Plus
Writing projector reads released Tablet ZTE SPro Plus
Writing projector reads released Tablet ZTE SPro Plus

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