Energy structure into the photovoltaic industry in times of change and growth

Polaris solar PV net news: under the influence of factors such as overcapacity in China’s energy structure is entering an era of profound change. New energy and industrial development, both to accelerate international cooperation capacity, should accelerate industry transformation.

In such traditional energy sources as coal, oil prices are depressed at the same time, the new energy market is on the rise. Latest data showed that output of new energy vehicles in China in January grew 144%, photovoltaic PV cumulative installed capacity last year, the industry has also become a priority.

The industry believes that overcapacity and the Paris Conference on climate change and other factors, will continue to accelerate the pace of structural changes in the energy, energy structure, China entered the era of profound change. Meanwhile, new energy represented by PV will face more fierce competition and “double reverse” challenges, therefore, China should seize the opportunity to accelerate industry transformation and upgrading.

Development of new energy is the general trend

“The Paris agreement forced us into a new era of low-carbon, green. “Wang Wenbiao, Chairman of yili resources group late last year in” Paris back on “local and foreign media, said that China should bid farewell to wild growth, say goodbye to extensive, say goodbye to overdraft of ecological capital, on the road to green, low-carbon, high quality development.

Xie Zhenhua, China’s Special Representative for climate change at the same occasion, stressed the profound adjustment of energy structure in China by 2030, non-fossil energy and renewable energy share of primary energy will reach 20%, now this number is 11.4%.

Pang Lei, Chairman of technology-rich international said in an interview with the business daily, the current rapid development of new energy vehicles, this trend is important for promoting the adjustment of energy structure. Data released by the Ministry showed that in January this year, 16100 more cars for new energy vehicles in China, up 144%.

Beijing Dong Runhuan Technology Corporation marketing director Han Dongsheng said that in the era of energy revolution, companies should have an international perspective, through exchanges and cooperation and international institutions, the introduction of new technology to promote their products and technological innovation. Taking on the green energy development, improve the Green financial services.

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