Hon Hai in the acquisition with the sharp temperature difference is still on

Polaris solar PV net news: Taiwan’s Hon Hai precision industry Chairman Terry Gou on February 5, about the acquisition of Sharpe, and up to 8 hours of consultations were held with the company. Allegedly, GOU thinks photovoltaic cell in the consultation results pull a sharp overall leg, revealing its split idea. But at the same time, in addition to the business not to split the sharp, brand name will be retained. On employment issues of acquisition, he said, employees under 40 years old should not be dismissed.

Hon Hai in the acquisition with the sharp temperature difference is still on Terry Gou revealed shed photovoltaic cell business ideas

Presented to the media after the talks to continue consultations agreement, Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou (5th, Osaka City abeno)

Fear layoffs on the sharp split and business problems, he show some regard, hoping to speed up the negotiations.

Gou for negotiation with the sharp show confidence, said 90% had been completed, the remaining 10% is a legal question. Believe the deal is no problem. Intent on sharp’s main contribution, he stressed that it is their experience, as in sharp again and make it to be reborn.

In the future profit serious LCD panel business, Mr GOU has said will be introduced as soon as possible (latest) with equipment, technology investment, in terms of technology back to back first. The other hand, referring to the home appliance business, said Hon Hai does not hold brand, strengthen the development of sharp appliances, to increase market share.

Within the sharp there is looking forward to voice that, if Hon Hai’s acquisitions to achieve, “due to financial instability and become the subject of investment in equipment will make progress.”

Sharp plans to accept joint venture fund for officer Japan Industrial Innovation Agency funded, but tends to increase Hon Hai programme support amounts. Sharp at its Board meeting on February 4, consultation of Hon Hai’s bid. Identified priority approach to advance the negotiations.

However, the idea of the two companies is not entirely consistent. Gou said 5th signed priority agreement the right to negotiation, while sharp said in a statement, “the content of the agreement does not grant the right of first negotiation” Gou was diverted to eager to reach an agreement. Gou returned Taiwan zhiqian, in Japan, told reporters at Kansai International Airport, even after being rejected once or twice doesn’t mind. Had not changed its confident attitude.

Original title: Hon Hai on the acquisition was still with the sharp temperature difference

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