Japan solar energy integration Sharp reorganization attracted many participants

Arctic star solar PV network news: Hon Hai Chairman GOU and Japan industry innovation institutions (INCJ) cadres has in January 30 rushed to the sharp (Sharp) headquarters, to sharp business team description reconstruction programme content, and Gou is confidence full, said Hung sea of proposal is expected to WINS, but reportedly for sharp business team on Hon Hai not is trust, so sharp may will accept INCJ of reconstruction proposal; and once sharp accept INCJ reconstruction proposal, In addition to the LCD panel business will be spun off and JapanDisplayInc (JDI) merge, outside the home appliance business with Toshiba’s home appliance business integration, and its solar cell business may also be Japan Showa Shell Oil (Showa Shell SekiyuK.K.) its solar subsidiary to merge.

Nikkei News January 31 reported, INCJ is to upgrade Japan industry competitiveness for premise making sharp of reconstruction programme, which sharp solar career and LCD Panel career as, profit downturn, and is drag sharp performance weak of a p for, so INCJ by mention of reconstruction programme in the, consider will sharp solar career and Showa Shell subsidiary SolarFrontier for merged, and will the merged considered growth countermeasures of important a ring.

Reported pointed out that, sharp for Japan solar leading factory, but its solar career performance miserable Dan, and Solar Frontier also for Japan industry with (mass solar power factory with) needs downturn, led to returns environment severe, but both are holds high photoelectric conversion rate technology, and sharp solar career main residential with market, and Solar Frontier is main industry with market, so both career for merged, will produced complementary effect, And estimate Showa Shell will call sharp’s radical streamlining measures as conditions and sharp merger consultations.

According to the report, the sharp and Showa Shell companies inquire about possibilities of cooperation in solar cell business, but has not yet formally launched consultations and estimate Showa Shell will avoid residual surplus equipment to merge.

According to the Castrol XQ global winner system quote, as Taipei time on 1st 8:55 A.M., sharp-1.44%, Showa Shell-0.92%.

In addition, according to the Sankei Shimbun reported that Japan’s 2nd-largest solar cell factory, Kyocera (Kyocera) Yamaguchi Wu-lang said on January 29, President, Kyocera and sharp business forms similar to solar cells, cell phone, business machines, for example, is interested in cooperation and sharp in career.

Nikkei News January 18 reported, Japan economic industry province consider continuous 4th years adjustable drop solar power acquisition price, and the will adjustable drop of object for output in 10kW above of industry with mass solar power, estimates 2016 degrees of acquisition price (refers to each kWh of price, and not containing tax; to with) will from 2015 degrees of 27 Yen adjustable fell to 25 Yen following (20-25 yen) standard.

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