NASA first on Titan s surface temperature accurate measurement

  Weifeng Web on February 27, according to the latest news out of foreign media, United States space agency NASA on Saturn’s moon Titan for the precise measurement of the surface temperature. Results show that in the past 12 years, South of Titan showing cooling, warming trend in the North. NASA to do this is through the Casinha on the composite infrared spectrometer (CIRS), measurement of thermal infrared radiation technology.

NASA first on Titan's surface temperature accurate measurement

  Titan was chosen rather than other satellites, this is because Titan is the only known in the solar system with a thick atmosphere of satellite and, therefore, this work harder much higher than many people imagine. Complete the significance of this matter is that this will help NASA in exploring unknown regions of the universe, to obtain more accurate and relevant information in advance have a positive effect. iPhone 6 plus case Givenchy Givenchy iPhone 6 plus cover

  It is learnt that the Casinha come 2004 Saturn orbit. At the time, Titan’s southern hemisphere is in summer of relative. But even so, due to sun exposure to the top has become very weak, so it’s radius of maximum temperature is only-179.6 degrees Celsius, Poles only a 3.5 degrees Celsius.

  However due to the Saturn orbital cycle is equivalent to 30 Earth years, Casinha in that 12-year period, equal to the Titan only completed less than two seasons of observation. And now, due to lack of fuel has, it will change and finally in September 2017, crashed into Saturn’s atmosphere and end their mission.

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