New energy capacity by 2015 than the ever increasing power generation equipment

Polaris solar PV net news: on January 29, the National Energy Board releases the 2015 national 6,000-kilowatt and above average utilization hours of power plant equipment. 2015 national average utilization hours of 3,969 hour power generation equipment, compared with 349 lower hours, lowest level since 1978. Among them, 4,329 thermal power hour, up by 410 hours, also the lowest since 1978.

According to the CEC electric power industry Express data, in 2015, China power equipment utilization hours per cent overall decline. Among them, the average utilization hours of 3,621 hydropower equipment hours, up by 48 hours; power 990 million kW in installed capacity, equipment average utilization hours of 4,329 hour, up by 410 hours; nuclear power installed capacity of 26.08 million-kilowatt, equipment average utilization hours of 7,350 hours fell 437 hours; grid-connected wind turbine at 1728 hours, fell 172 hours. According to statistics of China PV industry association, photovoltaic power generation is 1200 hours, fell 35 per hour.

According to press reports, the power generation equipment utilization hours fell sharply, mainly due to the increase in electricity demand slowed, new energy capacity accounts for the ever-increasing factors.

On the demand side, sharp drop in power demand growth in China in recent years, there has been a power surplus situation. National Energy Council slightly earlier released of statistics data displayed, 2015 society electricity volume for 5.55 trillion kWh, compared only growth 0.5%, and in “Twelve-Five” early, China electricity volume growth had once up to near 12%; in power supply capacity aspects, last year national power total capacity increased to 1.5 billion-kilowatt, power added production capacity (official production) 129.74 million-kilowatt, increases up to 10.4%, still maintained in high growth level. Both increases contrast disparity between supply and demand the important cause of collapse in equipment utilization hours.

The other hand, the substantial increase in installed capacity of new energy in our country, percentage increase year by year, which diluted the power equipment utilization hours. According to the reporter, 2015 new clean energy installed capacity up to 66 million-kilowatt over the year, including grid-connected wind turbine capacity 33 million-kilowatt new, record, national grid-connected wind power capacity nearly 130 million kW; new hydropower installed capacity 16.08 million-kilowatt, total installed capacity reached 320 million kilowatts. According to statistics of China PV industry association 2015 PV capacity 15.28 million-kilowatt, also reached record levels, new installed capacity exceeds 10 million-kilowatt for three consecutive years, cumulative grid-connected capacity reached 41.58 million-kilowatt, an increase of 67.3%, become the world’s first photovoltaic power. In aggregate, hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power reached 490 million kilowatts of capacity, has reached 32.7% per cent.

Specifically, water and electricity, and half the provinces average utilization hours of hydropower equipment fell last year, including Guangdong, Hainan, and dropped more than 1000 hours of Inner Mongolia. Hydropower generates over 5 million-kilowatt in the 13 provinces, fell in 6 provinces, Guangdong fell 1885 hours.

Power, Hainan, Jiangsu, Ningxia and average utilization hours of thermal power equipment for more than 5,000 hours of Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and other 9 provinces, more than 4,500 hours; 6 provinces such as Hunan, Jilin below 3,500, of which only 1879 and 74 hours of Yunnan and Tibet respectively. In addition to Jiangxi provinces has decreased, including Yunnan and Chongqing dropped by more than 1000 hours.

Wind power, Fujian, Yunnan 2,573 and average utilization hours of wind power respectively, 2658 hours. Wind power installed capacity of more than 3 million-kilowatt in the 13 provinces, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces exceeded the national average, in which high 845 hours; in addition, Yunnan, Liaoning and Shandong increased foreign and 10 other provinces fell.

Original title: 2015 year power equipment hours a 38-year low (interest)

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